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Britney Spears Loses Visitation Rights

Britney Spears Loses Visitation Rights

Britney Spears has had her visitation rights with her kids revoked, according to TMZ.

The pop princess hasn’t been complying with all court orders!!!

During yesterday’s emergency hearing, K-Fed‘s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan got L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon to give this order: “Petitioner’s (Britney‘s) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner’s compliance with the court orders.”

Brit, 25, can try to get her kids back next Friday, October 26. This is the last video of Brit visiting Sunset Tan and McDonalds on Tuesday.

Come on Brit, get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ha!

    Will not be surprised if she does something tragic. This girl needs some help! So sad.

  • MMM

    She cares more about her Starbucks than her responsibilities.

  • saima

    Britney if u love ur kids that much pleaseeeeeeeeeeee just do something to get them back!!!!
    Don’t let kevin win!!
    Be strong!!!

  • Tugba

    she is bestter then kevin..
    I wish her the best, hope everything will be ok

  • Grace

    So Shocking!!! Not.

  • rity

    hope she does get the rights again to visit her kids.. well.. jared any zanessa news??

  • b

    this whole thing is so stupid. people get away with murder, and people get away with actually abusing their children. but britney spears can see her own children. pretty pathetic.oooh shes so dangerous.

    britney watever is goin on with u stay strong and get it together. u’ll be ok. team britney.

    judge must have been one of the 16 people that bought kfeds cd.

  • Miapocca

    I dont think she is getting her rights revokes because she is a bad mother, ITS BECAUSE SHE IS DISRESPECTFUL TO THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM…………….

    Frankly who wants a bloody judge to tell you what to do every waking hour..without kfed trying to get money by NOV none of this would have happened….how many mothers can stand to be scrutinized for every little thing..KFED is reporting on very teensy issue so as to get more MONEY….

    I say Britney just chill and relax..the childrne will find out soon enough waht an arse they have for a father…who will put himself first before considereing thehell of dragging hjis kids thorugh court INSTEAD of looking for a JOB

    Ever heard of the words piece of celebrity fucking arse…

  • Mike

    What a pathetic bitch. She thinks she’s sticking it to the judge by not following his orders but she’s really hurting her kids!

  • Didi

    I hope this b*tch dies of an overdose and does those kids a favor. Think about your kids for once in your life brit and kill yourself. They’ll at least inherit your money which they can use for psychiatrist bills when they are older.

  • jim

    Unreal. I wonder sometimes if she’s doing this stuff on purpose.

  • she don’t care

    Britney it’s all up to her. Evidently she has done something to get that order revoked. Also it’s not about winning,okay. Just a matter of who is complying and doing what’s right, whatever you need to do ,for the kids. How hard is it, if you really want your children. Apparently Kevin is complying, no matter what’s said of him.

    Does she see past her me, me, me persona, to even see/hear what the judge is telling her. Realize Britney is a flashing her cooch, self absorbed, alcoholic/drug addict. Those tests she passed, whether it was her pee or someone’s elses, is a sham, to stick it to Kevin,or who knows. This wreck is just that, a self absorbed wreck. Next we will see her cooch again or someone holding her hand to help her walk, after abuse of drugs/alcohol.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    now what?

  • j

    i’m sorry but i would think that she had enough love for her kids to do what the court says to do. as a mom myself, i have a hard time understanding what is so difficult that you don’t give your contact information so that you can get tested and spend as much time with your kids as possible. get it together britney.

  • ginny

    you need to get it together girl!!

  • Ugh!

    J: Agree… I cannot for the LIFE of me understand how a mother can have her kids taken away from her and now have her visitation stripped, and still be acting as if everything is ok in their world. I would absolutely die if my children were ever taken away… not only that, but I would fight tooth and nail and do anything I could to get them back… she does NOTHING and expects EVERYTHING in return… she thought she wanted those babies and I truly believe that when she found out how truly HARD it is to be a parent… she was all too willing to give them up to KFed and get back to her un-responsibility ways…. so sad, especially since those boys’ are sooo young- they probably think Mummy abandoned them, since she can’t even see them now… what an absolute DISGRACE she is!

  • Kitty

    She doesn’t want those kids. It’s obvious !

  • BBperfume

    What new inspirations or clarity has her mother Lynn brought into Brit’s life those past weeks after after she flew over to L.A to mend their relationship? And where has her mom been the past weeks? Bcoz as far as Brit’s relationship with the paparazzi is concerned, nothing was changed. She’s all over the place like usual.Still walking over court orders…I think her relationship with her mother will again be strained, bcoz homegirl is still listening to her mentally deranged,stupid brain. I don’t think her own mother could knock any sense into her..It’s the same shit different dayz..

  • kat

    oh god. i dont know weather i should cry or laugh now..
    what the f*ck is wrong with her??
    i highly recomend she goes to therapy or a psychologist soon! she needs help!
    and where is her dear family right now, ha??

  • vany

    I’m sorry for her, she really needs help. She should get it together, it’s sad to see those kids taken away from her mother… cause yes, if she wasn’t famous and there was money involved, this wolud have ended a long time ago

  • Michelle

    She shows not an ounce of remorse for anything. I would be a distraught mess, willing to do anything for my children, wanting to comply with the law and walk the line 100%. But she just choses to be oblivious to real life, the consequences of her actions and what the term “take responsibility for yourself” really means. It is very disturbing and interesting to witness all of this. I’m sure a psychiatrist has a medical term for it, but I call it “above the law syndrome”!!! It took a few weeks in jail for Paris to learn she wasn’t above the law, maybe Britney needs some slammer-time too…or a month in psycho-analysis. She acts like a child. 25 is not THAT young. Plus, you don’t have the luxury of being a selfish brat when you are a mother. It’s a shame for her kids that they aren’t surrounded by more mature role models. This whole thing just makes me sad.

  • Stefanie

    I feel so sorry for her! Kfed is an idiot!!

  • Mia


    She is just an ordinary TRASH! Ask the Judge!

  • [~Famous~]


    Only a fcuuuuuking idiot would think she could pull it together. Its over! Hell the only friends the stupid bish has are the paps. LMAOO

  • me

    There is something very strange going on with this whole mess. Why isn’t Britney’s lawyers fighting back? Whenever there is a bitter divorce each side drags the other side through the mud. Kevin isn’t being questioned about anything. There is video on Youtube of Shar Jackson confessing to Perez Hilton that Kevin smokes pot but Britney’s lawyers don’t request Kevin has a drug test? There was a lot said right after the divorce that Kevin was threatening to take the kids if Britney didn’t pay him money yet nothing is said? This whole thing is to one sided. I can’t believe the judge isn’t even questioning it.

  • Ha!

    If it’s true that she has problems with drugs and alcohol, beyond just casual use, then how would she be able to get herself straightened out on her own? She has alienated or isolated herself from anyone who ever tried to look out for her. This woman reached a huge level of fame at a fairly young age and you can tell that’s where her maturing process stopped. Hopefully she’s able to realize that the only way out of this hole she’s dug is to ask for help.

  • troy

    At this point why does anyone feel one once of sympathy for her? She won’t even TRY to get her act together. It’s obvious she doesn’t want her career, she doesn’t want her kids, she dosen’t want her family. She wants only to destroy herself, and I’ve got to hand it her she is doing a magnificent job of it. Let’s be honest, this woman has been in self-destruct mode for YEARS even before K-Fed. I hate to say this but I’ll be extremely suprised if she makes it to thirty.

  • Miapocca

    The judege is a piece of shit on a powertrip, he is more suited to putitng Paris Hilton in Jail..Kfed is a gold digging piece of diarrhea shit ..and Britney needs to get a dozen more lawyers to fight instead of layig back and think things will sort themselves out…perhaps she knows that Kevein really doesnt want the kids fulltime and thats what keeps her grounded..Kevein is probably begging for handouts from her once in a while..

    I have always seen a lot of emotional blackmail in how Britney reacts ,..Kevin says I am goign to make your life miserable and have your hair tested for drugs…dumb Britney run quickly to go shave her head….Britney Britney Britney…too bad you had kids with teh loser, but you needs to wake up and stop playing the happy woman on prozac and kick kevinns arse without a DIME of course…

    Shat Jackson has a lot to say that will gt kfed outted, but she keeps quiet all the time and say cryptic one liners about how everybody is gtting alone…he never asked for his klids from Shar, nor does nayone see the arsehole with any of his kids regualaly….

    SOMEONE needs to get rid of kfed..he is contributing NOTHING to soci=ety

  • Cynthia

    She lost visitation rights, oh boohoo!!!! Not!

  • ?

    U might think kfed is a idiot, but he is a idiot who has his kids, the judge gave it to him. I think she does have remorse 21-remorse she didnt win, to show us all she is the queen bee. Thats all. Remorse for loosing her kids youre right not a ounce,a drop of remorse. And maybe at this time the way she’s acting, the kids are better off not being in full her full custody. I cringe whenever I saw those kids in the car with her, knowing she just had some assistant or person walk her to the car,Im thinking shes high. She shouldnt get those kids til she recognizes she needs help. JMO. ITA 12.

  • Rexi

    #16 Uhg!
    ITA. If she loved her kids that much she would do everything in her power to make sure that she get them back. It’s hard for a mother to loose her kids. A few years ago I went through a depression and took an over dose, because of my actions lost custody of my two kids. My husband got custody, but I got my sh!T together and fought with everything I had to get my kids back and I got them back. We all make stupid mistakes, but at some point you have to learn and move on. If she truly wants her kids back she should comply with the judge’s wishes.

  • Evelyn loves the Pitts

    I feel sooo sorry for her.something is not right with her.The media laughing and joking with her is not going to help.Please if someone really loves this girl Get her HELP before it is too late.I do not think she really wants those kids.She should let KFed take them & pay child support.Then get the mental help she needs to at least be human again.

  • Ugh!

    Rexi #31: So sorry to hear about what you had to go through. You are sooo right- we all have trials and tribulations in this life and we all certainly do make our share of mistakes- the point is in learning from them and not repeating them. I’m glad to hear that you are stronger now and obviously you fought back for yourself as well as your children. That’s what you need to do- fight back, get strong and re-build relationships… children need the love and support of both parents’, but there is something about that maternal pull/bond-(maybe because they grow inside our bodies and we actually have to birth them, I don’t know) that makes us moms realize that we would absolutely kill for our children if need be… I know that you don’t know me from Adam- but truly, I am happy that you and your children are together. :)

  • kat

    she doesn’t want the custody of her children, it’s OBVIOUS. she just wants to party and be free of any responsabilities.

  • kat

    piapocca, of you don’t respect the law you are a but citicen and a bad example for your CHILDREN!!DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

  • kat

    piapocca, if you don’t respect the law you are a bad citicen and a bad example for your CHILDREN!!DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I am tired of you stupid ass Britney fans always bashing K Fed. Well at least he has the sense to follow the judge’s order and do everything that has been required of him. Britney can’t even do that. I mean how hard is it, all she has to do is follow the judge’s order and she would be allowed to see her kids, but no Britney wants to do what Britney wants to do. It’s always about her selfish ass.

    The kids are better off with K Fed!

  • rexi

    Thank you Ugh, it was hell, but I learn alot and I truly believe that if Britney wants her kids back she can make it happen. It’s hard for anyone to be separated from their children, especially a mother because that bond starts from inside the womb. Brit just needs to get herself together and start thinking about her kids and stop acting selfish. Again Thank you Ugh!

  • Nicole

    This is getting ridiculous now. How hard is it to comply with a court’s order? Are her kids just not important to her at all? I don’t understand how all this can be happening and she’s still just going out to Starbucks and staying in hotels – it’s insane! She needs help badly, and until she gets it, those boys are better off with their dad, who looks like he’s at least a little more equipped to handle them. With the way Britney is now, there’s no way she can focus on the boys like they need.

    And as for “getting more lawyers” – it won’t help. Britney is digging herself in deeper, and no amount of “spinning” by lawyers is going to make her look good. Kevin’s doing the smart thing – staying home, out of sight, taking things seriously – that’s why he’s got those kids. Is he a good dad? I don’t know. But he’s handling things so he at least LOOKS like one, which is what Brit should be doing – not driving around California all day long and shopping after she finds out that she can’t see her kids without court supervision.

  • sinna

    Amen to you Nicole


    Little Doggie might get taken next

  • de Cosmos

    Britney should go to the ashram for, say, 5 years.

  • Miapocca

    In way its true that if she cares enough abotu the kids she will stop acting liek a spoilt brat and get her act together for the kids, but why should she quite shopping and going out, she has an album to promite to feed KLEECH and the boys…if she doesnt work none makes anything off of her incuding her parents..

    The child has been working forever and had people jumping up and down toplease her jsut so they can get a piece of the 100 Mil pie..which she doesnt spend because she always lookslike she i son a abudget..I think her most expensive things she had bought was that car for K-FED and tHE house for her mother…..
    Work the little bitch for the money adn you guys think she is supposed to be elives in a different reality, the only person who can probably relate to is Micheal Jackson..ahhaha

    I think the kids should simply go to Britneys family, and the two parents can get visitation, because kfed is a piece of shit..pretending to teh GOOD parent….people like Britney dont kn ow how to pretend, because she lives in Britneys world wher eeverything is acceptable including waking up late and missing court because she think the legal system is running on her time

    But frankly sh ei s harmless little thing..and I have seen some bad mothers in my time, speaking of which why is the judicial system spending out tax dollars on stupid cases, why not give the money to the homeless in LA……………

  • *libraesque*

    D A M N!! what is up with this girl and those deep creases on her neck….she’s 25!!!! I guess thats what a cheeto and frappachino diet will do to ya

  • Really Sad

    It really takes alot to get children taken from their parents. There is something else going on that the public does not know about. I can’t for the life of me feel one ounce of sympathy for the girl. She has all the world to shop, go to Starbucks, fast food restaurants, and accumulate dogs, but not enough time to do certain things to get her kids back. I’m with everyone thinking she really doesn’t want her kids.

    If someone were to take my kids away from me, I’d go crazy, and would do everything and anything to get them back.

  • Rachel

    Miapocca, not taking sides here but Kevin Federline does have a JOB. He’s been filming scenes for One Tree Hill. I don’t understand how anyone can make excuses for a mother who only has to follow simple rules to see her children. I as a mother would go through hell and back to be with my kids and I have 2 boys like Britney. You fight for the things you love. Period.

  • Mia

    what an idiot

  • Didi

    K-Fedex needs to find a new mommy for the kids. Maybe Simon Cowell could turn it into a reality show competition

  • unfit

    Great Job you go Rexi!!
    Hi libraesque*!!
    ITA with these wonderful moms posting on this thread and the other bloggers who say BS needs to get it 2gether and Kfed can’t be to bad.

    Really BS is delusional but the judge isn’t. There is no excuse..

    ITA there’s more to this concerning BS, or she really doesn’t give a dam and doesn’t want her kids.

    Is she trying to get back at KFED?

  • Didi

    for a mother to have her kids taken from her with NO contact means she is SERIOUSLY fucked, by that I mean shes abusing them. There are a lot of drugged out relapsed alkie mothers out there who still have custody of their kids cos its in the best interest of kids to remain with their mother. The courts are known to be one sided in the fact that they nearly always favor the mother. However, for a court to litterally remove the kids from the mother,( both physical and legal) means the kids’ lives are in danger if they remain with her. They are either suffering some sort of mental, physical or sexual abuse by her. She needs to be shot, full stop. There were rumours she was putting out cigarettes on their backs a while back so I think there is some truth in that, otherwise she’d still be allowed to visit them irrespective of her narcotic use and failing a piss test