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Jennifer Garner: Fight Influenza!

Jennifer Garner: Fight Influenza!

Jennifer Garner leaves a photo shoot in New York City on Thursday with 22-month-old daughter Violet.

Jen, 35, recently became the new face of influenza.

“Women play an important role in a family. It’s our job to take care of those we love, that’s why I make sure my family is protected against influenza,” Jennifer says. “Look around, and you’ll see someone in your life who should receive an influenza vaccination. There’s the couple with young children, like my husband and I, or your parents, who are over 50 years of age, or your friend who will be pregnant during influenza season. It’s also likely you know someone living with a serious medical condition, like asthma, COPD, heart disease, or diabetes. My own father has heart complications.”

Jen appears in a new public service announcement (PSA) promoting the importance of flu shots for, which is operated by the American Lung Association.

“As one of the many Faces of Influenza, you and I and those close to us need to get vaccinated,” Jennifer says in the PSA. “Influenza isn’t the common cold – it’s serious.”

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  • happy

    Violet is just adorable!

  • Jennifer

    awww violet is so cute

  • Sara

    violet is so incredible cuute!

  • hello

    woow violet is soooooo cute in theese pics :)

  • cecilia


    adorable kid!

  • cecilia

    haha i was fifth



  • BBperfume

    That is a true mother taking her kid out with her on errand and taking pleasure spending time with her kid. This is a perfect example for the Victoria Beckhams fans who won’t believe Posh is whoring her kids as fashion accessory for the media, or do not take them out for a fun day, rather u see an emotionless plastic surgery mannequinb, as if her kids are a burden for staying with david.

  • Sinna

    She’s starting to look so cute. When she was younger she wasn’t that cute. Good for her

  • Regina

    Lmao, that’s so adorable.


    Get a life jerk!!!

  • Rayt

    people like [~Famous~] need to die

    she is adorable.

  • Ha!

    She’s adorable. Cute overalls!

  • [~Famous~]


  • tryin to help

    i love Jennifer Garner and I think she seems like an amazing mom… but flu shots? Does she not understand the Mercury in Flu shots/ autism link????!!!!!!! scary


    Violet is just as cute as she can be, looking like mommy!

  • love

    Love them Love JEN!!!!!!! :)

  • Francophile

    jennifer and her mini me. cuteness to the max !

  • Flisbeth

    too cute

  • mimi

    Violet is getting to be so cute. her eyes are starting to open more – she’s gonna be a beauty.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Beautiful child.

  • kingston

    @ tryin to help

    nobody has come out yet and said “yes, we can link autism to inoculations and mercury for sure.” it’s all just speculation at this point. plenty of children get flu shots every year and they don’t have autism.

  • Linda Jark

    Jeniffer is ugly and Violet looks a lot like her…poor girl
    What make up can do, no? The photo with make us is quite ok…but the others…
    I don’t think that a real mother needs to wear this shit she is wearing….

  • lara

    Violet is beautiful a child…

  • mariadel barrio

    I don’t get it, why is she the face of influenza, why because she’s Jennifer Garner and married to Ben Affleck give me a break…now is everyone going to run and get flu shots because Jennifer Garner is the face of influenza lol. Is it for people who don’t have health insurance also or only the people who can pay for the shots??????F#ck Jennifer Garner and her photo ops. She’s getting to be quite annoying with the look at me I’m such a good mother because I carry my daughter every where I go. People are so dumb thinking that what she is doing is extraordinary.

  • [~Famous~]

    Its not my fault that little thing doesn’t need a costume for Halloween to scare people.

    Fugitis is a sad disease.

  • Marina

    Violet is the prettiest celebrity baby!
    I adore her!

  • mariadel barrio

    Why is she the face of Influenza, I don’t get it…because she’s married to Ben Afleck lol.

  • sicky

    yeah she does look like a -bad flu- illness ect., perfect sickly manly face. violet has jen dumbo ears. both of them have eyes are sorta beady.

  • mariadel barrio

    27 your are so ridiculous, do you think you know this child to adore her…lol. It’s a little sicko to me.

  • Jane Doe

    This is getting old. Everyone it seems, has to take up a cause. Flu shots? Come on now. Cute baby girl though.

  • dark crystal

    I don’t know, Violet has that dark crystal look going on. She’s really just not that cute to me.

    I also don’t get the flu shot campaign.

  • lyn

    Is Jenn Garner’s LIPS Real or plumped up?
    i always wonder if her lipe are naturally plump
    or plump lip injection?

    ‘cos her daughter is not that pretty actually.
    She does look like jenn with thinner lips.

  • bataglio

    @ BBperfume – just b/c posh looks hot while out w/her kids, while jen looks like thousands of plain janes who take their spawn out for errands, doesn’t make posh a bad mother. it just makes her a hotter-than-hell milf.

  • someone

    Posh is disgusting.

  • Pitsy Poots

    It’s “women’s job” to take care of people?

    Uhhh. Thanks a lot, Jennifer Garner. Why don’t you just tell all women to stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Some fucking backwards-assed thinking. I thought she was cool, guess not.

  • zend

    cute little violet!!!

  • Rosy

    Love seeing Jen and her angel Violet. Beautiful girls. Ben is so lucky!

  • mc

    She has gotten really pretty! Lil V, what a doll.

  • may

    The new face of Neurogena and the new face of Influenza LMAO. They should give her the new face of A$sitis. Because the more I see her the more I think she has an a#face, and really looks like a lizard…she always looks like she smells like butt ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, to the As#flecks.

  • marsha

    THis website has the sorriest bunch of jerks I’ve ever seen. Next we’ll hear from Gracewhocan’twrite but can hate on jenn and pretty vi.

  • julie

    I want to thank Jennifer and the others who have joined the campaign Faces of Influenza. Our son died of the flu in 2003 and we believe flu vaccination is one way to help protect our children. Thank you Jennifer in helping to spread the word on how serious the flu can be. Even to healthy children like ours was.

  • jema

    Yeh…they both do have that beady looking eye syndrome. Violet looks like she’s possessed. Her eyes look so dark and scary! Bunch of ugly bit*hes!

  • jema

    Violet looks like she has an overbite like her ugly ass mom. She looks just like her mom. How sad!

  • Flushotsrbad

    NO! 99% of flu vaccines still contain thimerasol (MERCURY). It causes neurological problems in children and adults. AUTISM, ALZHEIMERS, etc!
    Do your research!! Why oh why is she advertising for those greedy pharm companies. So sad.

  • leia

    Violet is getting cutter every day !! I love her, she is always so happy !

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    She’s so cute, she looks like a little fairy :D

  • julie

    In regards to post #45, I have done my research on thimerosal. Although autism, Alzheimer, etc has been diagnosed more recently, there is no proof that it is caused from traces of thimerosal in vaccines. I believe vaccinations are something personal that people should talk with their healthcare provider about. After the loss of my son to the flu, my family does get their flu shot. I think the most important thing about the campaign of Faces of Influenza is that it is helping to raise awareness of how serious influenza is!

  • jenny

    Other than the hair Violet is a replica of her mother wow!

  • bataglio

    a lizard! why, yes, exactly. i’d been unable to peg her look, but that’s right on.