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Ashley Tisdale - "Good Morning America," 10/19

Ashley Tisdale -

Ashley Tisdale chats up her “Headstrong Mall Tour Across America” on Good Morning America Friday morning. The High School Musical star also performed her hit song “He Said, She Said.”

Watch the video below!

P.S. You can catch Ashley perform tomorrow, Saturday, October 20 at New York’s Roosevelt Field Mall @ 1PM.

Ashley Tisdale performs “He Said, She Said” on Good Morning America, 10/19
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  • Regina

    She is such a fake person…

  • Regina

    Oh and lip-synch, much?

  • Blahh


  • Blahh

    omgggg she is not fake!
    and she wasnt lipsynching!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for posting! first?????

  • yoet

    um yeah I went to see her here at Oak Brook mall in Illinois and she didn’t li-synch much..she sounded ok..but her personality seems so fake…

  • bia


  • suzy

    JJ find out if the info on vanessa’s new film is true.

  • There’s jus something that is very fake about her. And her voice… so effin’ annoying.

  • sheccid

    she is a good singer

  • stillthereforme

    Not a very good lip synching job. Can’t sing, dance and she’s not pretty at all. Hate her.

  • Gudny

    she was NOT lip sinching!! Thanks for this awesome video Jared! you are my hero! first Zanessa and than this, what more could I ask for?!!

  • Itis

    She looks like Ashlee Simpson…..or Does Ashlee Simpson look like her. I dunno, they must have the same plastic surgeon.

  • eLLE

    How can one possibly call her a good singer? Her voice is bland and boring, just like any other aspiring average female singer.

  • vt



  • Regina

    Are you friggin’ kidding me? Of course she lip-synched! No one’s live voice sounds as clear as that. She’s that bad, huh?

  • hugepleasure

    don’t get me wrong…i love this girl but I must say she’s not a great performer…and yeah..lipsynch but it might be normal in that kind of programs…like her more as an actress:)but wish her all the best of course…oh and there’s Jared of course;)

  • suzy

    Platinum ? in what country ? girl has sold 330,000 units .

  • vt

    i don’t like her ,-sorry

  • ThatGirl

    Nose job alert.

  • olivi

    her voice is horrible … i think that she’s fake too !
    and she need a nose job ^^

  • chris

    she lip-synched pfff…..
    i dont like her too lol im sorry but her voice is just boring and very annoying ,

  • levi

    you can tell she was not lipsynchin. if she was it would sound exactly like the cd recording of it but it didnt. and jared(murillo) was one of her dancers yay

  • irenaa

    omg she wusz strate up lipin it.
    it dont look like it.
    but itsz de exact song in her cd. no changed.
    ew wtf isz she wearing. i still love her

  • bia

    nose job? come on… i love her but i gotta admit her nose is really big and always has been like that… if she had a nose job it would be easy to know.

    AND SHE DINDT LIP SINCHED, if you hear the actual song or the HSM concerts you’ll see her voice is not like that.

    IF YOU DON’T HAVE BAD THINGS TO TALK ABOUT HER, DON’T CREATE STUPID THINGS OK? you might not like her, but she isn’t half of the things you say about her!


  • marijooo

    She wasn’t lipsynchin you deaf people!!! She was really singing, sometimes she started saying things to the audience and the music sounded in the back but it wasn’t because she couldn’t sing!!!
    I went to the HSM concert in Chile (i’m chilean) and she did it fantastic!!(and live xD)

    POSTDATAAAAA: Just Jared is my favorite page from where I take news, I check it everyday!!!

  • mari


  • Spirit

    I think that Ashley is a lovely actress, but the performance was lacking and her outfit was not flattering at all.

  • leila

    euhh wtf is she wearing ??? i dont like her hair like that and jer nose is really big but she’s a sweet person …
    i think that she was lip-synched like always ^^

  • ihateashley^^

    ugly outfits ^^
    she’s funny in hsm but she can’t sing sorry but that’s true she not a great singer and she can’t dance !!!
    her voice sounds like a little girl and she’s too skinny ,omg she’s 22 and her body looks like she’s 14 , i dont like her nose –> too big !
    but she’s funny lol

  • leo

    ASHLEY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hatehesaidshesaid

    ashley i dont like you ..
    she can’t sing or dance !

  • kamilli

    I think I love the Ashley Tisdale your voice the most perfect of all love her acting singing, so I do not believe that it will exit of Zack & Cody.Também wanted it would make a tour in Latin America including Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) because I live here and I surper fãn it the other Amo mesmoo

    Love! ! ! I love to always Ashley Tisdale

    Ashley Tisdale Te Amooo para todoooo o sempreee ^^

  • Marcio

    Ash is beautiful!
    Headstrong Latino American Tour Now!

  • emma

    jesus you people are so judgemental. cut ashley some slack, man. god. she sang like 90% WITH the backtrack, so you can’t really call it lip syncing if she did actually sing and you could HEAR her voice. i thought it was pretty good. no, she’s not a great singer or dancer, but thats probably better than i could have done. good for her. =)

  • Melinda

    If you people actually think she’s fucking lip-synching, LEARN MUSIC. What the fuck is wrong with you people, she is NOT LIP-SYNCHING. Fucking idiots these days, wow. Who do you think your insulting here. Ashley doesn’t care what the haters say, so I don’t know why your wasting your time writing a bunch of bullshit. If you actually listened to her music, you would obviously know shes not lip-synching. She’s singing LIVE her WHOLE MALL TOUR. LIVE. Do any of you know what that means? It means she is SINGING ON HER OWN there. And to the people who think she’s fake, you need to fucking know someone first before calling someone fake. GET A FUCKING LIFE.

  • Melinda

    lol@profanity filter. on a good note, can’t wait to see her at the mall tomorrow! which is going to have 5000+ other people there for ashley..AT A MALL! go her

  • mckenna

    you all need to shut the fuck up and pronto


    Oh I can see Jared M. in the vid. LoL

  • watishsedoing?

    what the hell was she doing?
    that was awful to watch, ohmy lord.

    oh and she’s not platinum yet, not even gold!

  • amanda

    she is not fake and she was NOT lyp-synching.
    dont hate on ashley.

    she actually can sing, unlike vanessa who doesnt sing in
    HSM 2 half the time.

  • zashley

    i love her!
    shes so cute!
    WE LOVE YOU ^^

  • angie

    Guys she is singing, wasnt lip-synching… She hasnt a big nose… She good singer n good actress. If she is not dance good, who is dance good a profesional with 20 years work behind him… ooo pls… :/ WTF???? I cant understand u, u said “she is so sweet, but she has big nose, cant dance, cant sing” or u like her or u not…. :/

  • allison

    She wasn’t lipsynchin – she sounds awesome. I love her and she looks so pretty.

  • Lisa

    Why do you watch this vid if you don’t like Ashley? I think Ashley is a great singer :) it’s not perfect, but no one sings perfect :S

  • angie

    Ashley is doing great!!!! She hasnt a big nose.. no no no. She wasnt lip-synchin… :( I cant understand how somebody can say “I love Ash, but she has a big nose, dont singing gd, dont dance gd….. I love u Ashley”???? WTF???? What u love in her than???!!! Ash is so sweet nice persone, she had a cute nose is not so so so BIG!!!! :) She is not like Ashley Simpson… she is like Ashley Tisdale!!! :( If she is not dance gd, then who is-a person with 20 years work behind him??!!! :( Ash u are AMAZING!!!! :) :D
    Thank u JJ!!!!! :)

  • jocka can

    I thought it was Ashley Simpson

  • Regina

    she actually can sing, unlike vanessa who doesnt sing in
    HSM 2 half the time.

    Who cares? Both are as bad as each other. I really can’t believe what Disney has come to.

  • katie

    she’s not lip-synching because this doesn’t even sound the same as on her album.

  • suzy

    #41 why did you bring Vanessa into this? and also Vanessa can sing as she is the one person who is on more tracks in the hsm films. She sang live during the HSM tours and i have heard her sing live on tyra.