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Britney Spears "Blackout" Commercial

Britney Spears

Check out this new promo and commercial for Britney Spears‘ upcoming album Blackout, out Oct. 30.

Watch the Blackout commercial below. Britney‘s label really is serious with that album cover! Wow!

In related Britney news, the pop princess ran over a photographer’s foot Thursday night. Watch the video here. YIKES! Think she could get sued again?

As for baby news, Britney is expected to have her visitations rights for her kids reinstated before her next court date (Oct. 26th).

“She has complied with the part of the order [causing the suspension],” K-Fed‘s attorney Mark Kaplan says. “I expect that visitation will be reinstated.”

In other legal drama, Britney recently reached a financial agreement with the owners of the car damaged in an alleged hit-and-run.

“It’s approximately in the $1,000 range,” lawyer J. Michael Flanagan says.

Britney Spears “Blackout” Commercial
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  • sammantha


  • Spirit

    player does not work

  • Dancer

    Jared, not getting anything! Did the Brit-Police have you remove it already?

  • janet

    s l u t s got to work to!

  • Spirit

    Okay, I just had to refresh… I had to laugh at what was said on the promo- “The new album the world has been waiting for” That’s too funny! I wasn’t waiting…

  • thats_right

    Britney you need help think about your kids whats wrong with you?

  • Jbo

    WOW – talk about over kill! If I were a parent, I would ban this twat from my household. She’s a bad influence and promotes negligence all over the place.

    This album is going to FLOP! Not that I care or have EVER been a fan or EVER purchased anything Shitney Shears sells. I have taste where she has NONE!

  • SaRaH

    i luv the promo

  • katherine

    Who’s legs are those, not Brits!

    Anyone else notice the head shaving incident occured after the first document was filed at the court re: custody, e.g., drug testing?

  • Tammy

    Horrible promo!

    Her album is number 76 on for pre-orders. WHich means there isn’t much interest in her album.

    According to , she blew off her parenting coach. They had a scheduled meeting for yesterday. The parenting coach went to the judge a requested that they discontinue the meetings because they weren’t going anywhere.

  • Ashleigh

    Lol that pic has been photoshopped. Her legs aren’t that thin!

  • Baby Milo

    ^^ It was probably before she started eating fast food for every meal and using drugs constantly.

  • Sean L.

    I can’t believe her record company wasted money on this promo, the album is going to flop anyway.

  • katherine

    Legs aren’t that long either. Not her knees at all.


  • jon

    i have never heard her song on the radio yet

  • b

    awesome. cant wait until the album is out.

    love how haters always comment and watch her videos, and look at her pics, and think they know everything that is going on with her. too funny.

  • BeBe

    Who are they trying to fool! Britney is fat. The girl on the cover is slim.

  • the_boyfriend

    love it.
    the album will enter the charts at #1, she has no competition that week.

  • anon

    That pap got what he deserved, if a car is rolling, get. out. the. way! I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often the way paps swarm celeb. cars. Those guys are reckless and dangerous, that dumbass just got his toes squashed, Lady Diana and fellow passengers lost their lives! ENOUGH already.

  • Natalie


  • http://JJ Elaine

    Well this is photoshopped all to hell…whats with the 3rd leg.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    I really wanna listen to all of the songs from this album ^^

  • Brad Addict



  • jenna

    finally, i’m so sick of hearing baout these telentless “celebrities” like that s lut vanessa hudgens



  • mike

    britney is actually currently at number 49 as i just checked and ordered my copy of the album. so i guess tmz is prematurely wrong!!!!!!

  • lawrencia

    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.
    Lauren Conrad’s Line sold out in 3 days, Good for her.

  • who?

    i dont like her video… boring

  • Mediterranean

    All the world know that she is much fatter in real life. Because we have to see her almost naked photos everywhere every single day of our lives.

    Why to bother for a photoshop then?

  • liz

    This girl has lost her kids and yet she’s focused on promoting an album and ordering McDonald’s? I don’t get it…she needs a serious intervention…if she continues to neglect her boys as their mother, she needs her rights terminated.

  • DD


  • courtney

    Okay I’ll come to her defense on one thing and that is she SO should NOT get sued for running over the paprazzo’s foot. If Britney’s driving.. whether she’s a good driver (haha) or a bad driver… paparazzi or anyone should be aware that if you hang all over the side of someone’s car while they’re trying to pull out they can’t watch everybody’s friggin foot. The fact that it was Britney driving would have made it even more obvious for me to stand back… like far… like… across the street…. in new york.

  • the_original_nika

    That picture stated above is better than the cover album. I wonder will the album be a hit? seing that 11 of her songs have been leaked already =\



  • AJ

    She looks great and i’m buying that CD! Go Britney!

  • N

    I see nothing wrong with the cover…. What should it look like? This will be the first Britney album I have ever bought. Just because of you haters!

  • ShimmeringDew

    I’m betting that her album is going to sell very well spite all the downs she has had.
    People are jealous and bored with their own lives so they live in the hype of hers.
    She is way far from fat. Who cares about photoshoping images? Every single celeb image when in magz or elsewhere are photoshoped… IF YOU WERE A CELEB – believe me they would find flaws in us all and photo shop us to death.
    If we all walked around in perfect form not needing any photoshoping or being the perfect 24-36-24 or size 0, than we all would be made of plastic! Now wouldn’t that be fantastic! Get real people.

    I know I for one am purchasing her new album.

  • deepocean

    Check out Kim KardASShian’s Playboy pix @

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    The picture on this post looks pretty good, why couldn’t they have used that as the album cover?
    The current album cover looks so weird…..the pic on this post however is awesome with its mirror details and all :D

  • aj

    actually, britney has some of the best legs in the industry. have you seen her recent pictures of her eating @ that restaurant with her new assistant? she looks amazing!

  • Brit4Ever

    Oh come on! Britney is back, maybe not as everyone excpected but, She’s back no doubt, so you HATERS…shut up!

  • Jenn——>

    I think she’s not a bad mom is just that the media doesn’t leave her alone!!! poor girl!!! she bacame like this ever since Kevin Federline messed with her hearth!!! Britney really loved him!!! I rember their show “Cahotic,” you could tell that Kevin Federline didn’t love her!!! he was so feak!!! Ughhh!!! but yeah i say that she gets her kids back!!!! And her allbum is going to be fine

  • R

    Her album is #38 on Amazon NOT 76.

  • Marivic

    can’t wait for the album to come out! that new pic is hot! ^_^

  • nat

    AWESOME! amazing! she looks fierce! good news :)

  • lakerangel2

    all u haters fuck off. i have gone thru the same shit as her but i dont have kids. the drug and alcohol. shit i still drink but i was 17 when i started drugs i’m sure worse than what she is or was doin. since she hung out wit lindsy she is prolly doin the same shit as her. took me 3yrs to get off drugs and i didnt go to rehab i did it on my own and so can she. she just started she can stop for her kids i had no reason to stop besides the fact that i had no place to call home and almost died.

    so fuck all you guys she will make it thru all this bullshit and kevin dont deserve those lil boyz that look like brit “THANK GOD” kevin is a piece of shit and a loser. has no job failed his so called aritst career. wannabe eminem.

    i like brits music and everything about her she will make her album at the top no doubt about it. remember no other female celebrity has made 4 she will make it 5.

    to all the britney fans i got love for you.

    love you britney always and 4ever

    Krystal S.

  • jy

    omg. she looks good on the cover! but i think it’s most likely photoshopped. haha. xD

  • Valerie

    NO, the world is not waiting. Just waiting for her to GO AWAY!!

    She is a pathetic girl. A HORRIBLE role model. Her CD will not be allowed in many teen homes.

    She has serious drug and alcohol issues
    She has serious mental issues.

    The court RARELY takes custody away from a Mother…that is how bad she is for her children to be around.

    Do you want your children to be around her slutty music?

    Think about it.

  • liz

    This girl is running around town with no apparent morose over losing her kids…how can she, as a mother, not be completely mortified by that? That’s the ultimate slap in the face for a mother (when it’s justified, I mean…I know that sometimes things happen in the course of divorce, etc., where moms can be done wrong unjustifiably…but this girl proved to be the mess she is). Whether it’s the label that needs her out there prancing around getting all the attention because of the album, who knows, but this absolutely speaks volumes about where her heart is…she is trying to relive her “glory” days…the immaturity and selfishness of her actions is pitiful.

  • titusandronicus

    is Britney Spears or Boy George?¿