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Tom Cruise's "Lion for Lambs" Q&A

Tom Cruise's

Tom Cruise attends an advance screening of his upcoming wartime suspense tale Lions For Lambs on Thursday held at the Pelham Picture House in the Westchester County of New York. He also stayed for a Q&A session with movie critics and regular movie theater-goers.

The Robert Redford-directed film is based on a platoon of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, a senator, a reporter, and a college professor. This is the first United Artists film produced by Tom and producing partner Paula Wagner, since Tom, 45, fell out with Paramount Pictures. Release date: November 9, 2007.

Plot ganked from Wiki because it’s interesting: “Two determined students at a West Coast University, Arian (Derek Luke) and Ernest (Michael Pena), follow the inspiration of their idealistic professor, Dr. Stephen Malley (Robert Redford), and attempt to do something important with their lives. But when the two make the bold decision to join the battle in Afghanistan, Malley is both moved and distraught. Now, as Arian and Ernest fight for survival in the field, they become the string that binds together two disparate stories on opposite sides of America. In California, an anguished Dr. Malley attempts to reach Todd (Andrew Garfield), a privileged but disaffected student who is the very opposite of Arian and Ernest. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. the charismatic Presidential hopeful, Senator Jasper Irving (Tom Cruise), is about to give a bombshell story to TV journalist Janine Roth (Meryl Streep) that may affect Arian and Ernest’s fates. As arguments, memories and bullets fly, the three stories are woven ever more tightly together, revealing how each of these Americans has a profound impact.

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Photos: R. Asadorian/Splash News Online
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  • Dal

    He looks gorgeous! I hope the film does well.

  • Yorick

    He looks like an overgrown college student from the 1950s

  • Ashley

    Eww! he is so ugly

  • happy

    Sounds like a good movie.

  • Reatty

    He just always looks so full of himself. I refuse to see another overrated film of his. I still want my money back from that first awful Mission Impossible movie that made no sense at all.

  • Natalie

    I see CAMELTOE

    LMAO — #2, thats a perfect description.

    Tom is an idiot. After he started acting crazy, judgmental and over the top, I cannot stand him.

  • purple gem

    Tom is all sorts of ugly.

  • this post was born at

    I agree Natalie. But don’t you feel a little sorry for him? I kinda do. He is just a sad, sad, man… But I will never go see any movie of his. That would be just like openly supporting Scientology.

  • LALA

    TO ABVOVE a little sorry for him lol cause he’s little short

  • collin

    He looks so padded…I would not be surprised to find out he had a full suit of armour under his clothes. He is so whacked…not one cent of my $ will go in that little man’s pockets. Hate him, and his stepford wife.

  • Bea

    Looking hot and young,Tom.

  • Natalie

    #8 — I agree, I would never support a movie of his. He will not be getting any of my money. He is a sad pathetic little man but I don’t feel sorry for him. Some of his behaviors and comments have been incredibly tasteless and uncalled for, and if people hate him for it well then he brought it on himself.

  • Fema

    God bless Tom and our troops!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rita

    poor haters they live here. AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • poker

    I love Tom,Meryl and Redford so I wish them all the best.

  • Lila


  • eden

    Crossing my fingers this gets recognize by the Academy. Im so proud of Tom working with caliber talents and MGM and United Artists off to a good start.

  • Wilma

    HOTNESS =]

  • Sela

    He is still sporting the Nazi haircut. Luv him but I want his real haircut baaaack.

  • Marcia

    Tom- you earned every moment of your happiness….

  • TC fan

    I can see the left wingers,media and the Academy people getting behind this movie because it is out to demonize Bush,the war in Iraq and Afghanistan including our men and women in uniform. Its so stupid and depressing to see Americans support the films by Oliver Stone,Michael Moore or buy the music of the Dixie Chicks. Shame really.

  • girladvenger

    I’m neutral about Tom Cruise, I don’t think it’s right to slam his reliegion but when Tom put his feet in his mouth…then

    But my one problem with Tom is how he wears his pants and those vest….fugly. What happen, he use to be hot and wear hot clothes…he needs to get the relaxed fit and stop wearing those tight clolthes.

    Long as Tom can entertain me, I don’t care about his love life…Kate is an adult and she picked him and had his baby…it’s her choice and nobody else.

  • the_original_nika

    Hes a good actor, but, Scientology has made him go cucu.

  • Ida

    Met so many celebrities in my life and Tom is so handsome in person and one cool guy as in bighearted and genuine. My personal ranking only boils down to three because the rest are forgettable:
    1.Bob Hope
    2.Tom Cruise
    3.Denzel Washington
    4.Rob Lowe

    haven’t met Katie yet. Kidman is alright.Kinda cold.
    My favorite would have to be Sandra Bullock and Reba. Only a few actresses got beautiful *souls*.

  • Ida

    cant help but put Rob Lowe in no.4 The best cast ever would be ER,Frasier and Friends.(Friends onscreen and offscreen) The worst ensemble with fake personnas and such rivalries would be Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Daisy


    I miss my Tommy

  • BB

    Love you Tom!
    you go boy..
    will always support you..

    ain’t nothing wrong with shouting out that you love your woman.
    eff the haters!
    crazy jealous people cause no one has ever gone crazy for them!

  • YM

    It feels like Tom has been gone for a long time in the movies. Glad to see him do a movie. One talented actor.

  • Beth

    Im sure this film rocks but the glut of war and terror films will be a disinterest to the public. Even many TV war shows were axed i.e. E-Ring and Frontlines on NBC and ABC. That war show on FX. The Unit and Army Wives are hits only because it really does not deal so much realistically with war but are soapy shows. The last war film that got big bucks was Saving Private Ryan but that was before 9/11. Ofcourse it was a good film but my reaction was like the stunned WTF reaction by Harrison Ford who thought he was awarding the trophy to his Indiana Jones director Spielberg but end up giving it to the awful Paltrow with the stinker film Shakespeare in Love.

  • Miapocca

    Hilarious. Miscaviage finally gave his orders this coincided with pics of tom, because of cours ehe finally got some free time from lusty tommy boy to give orders to his personal trolls…ahhahahhahh

    Who wants to watch this piece of DShit in a mmovie anyway, he was alwyas overrated and never got an oscar for his overrated nonsense…too bad Meryl and Redford are in it..but yeah eventually it willbe on tv and even then I DOUBT i WANT TO support a cult leader

  • Viv

    so HOT. Hard to believe he’s in his forties like Brad Pitt.

  • Beverly


  • Moo

    He looks good, too bad Katie didn’t come.
    I wanna see this movie. Robert Redford said this is not an anti-war film but a film that makes you examine the necessity of war. And even if it is (an Anti-war film). Are there any people left out there that actully think this war is necessary?? :/

  • Elaine

    He will always be Top Gun to me. This movie is not my cup of tea but still wish him the best.

  • Romel

    #33 yes there are people that think this war is necessary. Without the presence of the the middle east it will be total chaos. Israel will be force to use their nuclear capabilities to defend themselves.

    Pro-war people may not get facetime in tv nor are vocal but we do exists.

  • Valerie

    Go Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deemus

    Such a great actor and so handsome.
    Most of all he’s a family man.

  • Kel

    I watched the trailer and it seems like a captivating movie. To give him his due, he is a superb actor. I think the movie will do well, I mean come on Cruise, redford and Meryl Streep, that should be a watcher. I sure am going to watch it!

  • Jean

    I am not missing it either for the world. Tom is the biggest star and will always be a great actor.

  • Mitchy

    I will see for myself if its anti-war,pro-war or a balanced movie. But this is reality Americans cant run away forever.

    Im watching because my brother is in high school and there are rumors of bringing the draft back. Im newly married and pregnant and I dont want my child growing up with bombs exploding. I want my kids to live life.

  • Clare

    Miapocca and Libraesque should get a life and stop running around on the net doing nothing but hating Cruise and his family. They will lose out in the end when this movie hits. I am watching it myself because I think it is one of those no one should miss.

  • Leah

    Its about time we see some pics of Tom.

  • Smiling

    Tom’s cool and more blessings to come for him.

    You too Jared.

  • Cory

    Love love Tom cruise and am glad he is back to the big screen, now I should start checking my dairy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haruhi suzumiya

    uggggg he hasn’t aged well

  • hotness alright

    he is turning into his mother! he hurts my eyes.

  • Raichill

    He is getting to look more and more and like his mother.

  • Elsie the cow

    Scientologists have been working the night shift. They are also checking their dairy. What the he** for, I have no idea.

  • Zoe

    I won’t see anything by United Artists. The money goes to Scientology.



    I love you!