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Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't "Dare To Love Me"

Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't

Vanessa Hudgens has not joined the cast of musical drama Dare To Love Me.

“Not true,” Vanessa‘s rep tells

Dare To Love Me, a film about Tango legend Carlos Gardel, is currently filming and stars Lindsay Lohan, Raoul Bova and Thomas Kretschmann. Alfonso Arau is directing the movie, which is set for a 2008 release.

Vanessa was rumored to have been part of this film as her name is incorrectly listed on the Arclight Films theater website.

Zanessa dined at Orso restaurant Thursday for Zac Efron‘s 20th birthday.

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  • http://xxxxxx jensen

    Yay im glas i don’t wanna see her rather see lindsay first

  • cheddar

    Ohhh Raoul Bova!!!!! I love him!!!!!

  • anonymous


  • Spirit

    Wow jared that was fast!

  • http://xxxxxx jensen

    >>>Im glad i meant.’

    first post

  • hajni

    i dont want see vanessa without zac in a new movie!!

  • Spirit

    Jared, You got right on it when we asked if it was true. You are a true Vanessa fan! LOL

  • ashleyhater

    waouww jared i love you ^^
    jus jared is just so cool ! im french and everybody here love JJ :D
    vanessa is hotttt so she can do the movie what she wanna do ^^

  • michelle

    wow, that was fast. I love hearing about Zav, Vanessa & Zanessa.

  • Florencia

    Estaria bueno verla de nuevo en accion a nessa en una nueva pelicula…!!!!!

    ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

  • sa rang

    JJ is so great
    real and fast news

  • el

    thanks jj i’m glad this is all cleared! I am kinda glad she is not in the movie…just cuz ll is in it and the script seemed a bit too mature i don’t know..hahah are we gonna get any more zanessa today??

  • suzy

    Then why is she listed on the Arclight Films site ?

  • LILA

    jj you great :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D:D :D :D

  • anna


  • Noll

    I hate you Jared stop writing about her

  • ngigig


  • ngigig


  • kat

    thanks for clearing that up jared! your the best! =)

  • yay no vanessa!


    i rather c lindsayyy


    thanks JJ!

  • Erica

    I have to say that as much as I want to see Vanessa in a new film I really hoped that this wasn’t it, not only do I don’t know if this is a very good one, but I really don’t want to risk seeing Vanessa with Lindsay Lohan anytime soon, if ever, not that Lindsay isn’t a good actor but Vanessa really wouldn’t need the rumors that might start.

  • Jennifer


  • xny

    Yeah – #13 Suzy is right. So why is she listed in the Arclight Film site. Somebody explain.

  • why this crap agian??

    i totally agree with 22
    enough of this girl she’s not even famous and as number 22 said she’s only on here cuz of her nude pix and cuz she Zac’s g/f.

    enough of this b*i*t*c*h

  • crazyofvanessa

    i love nessa :D
    haters ?? always so jealous ?????

  • hghg

    Jared do you know what she was auditioning for before then ???

  • Narf

    You’re right Spirit, Jared is a true fan. Look at the way he cleared up that whole Disney mess as soon as possible.

  • laly

    for “25″ and “13″ vanessa is famous because she’s a great singer , dancer , actress and model :D
    And she was famous before the nude scandal !!!

  • shannan

    fuck all haterz of vanessa get a life at least she has one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ria

    Thanks JJ! Have to agree that even though I want V to have new roles seeing her with Lindsay wouldn’t be very promising…

  • suzy

    If you don’t like her stay out of this post. there is no point reading about her if you don’t like her.

  • who cares bout HER?

    Number 26 uR FUNNY [::
    why would anyone be jealous of her??
    im not a hater but i dont really care about Vanessa.
    But what is their jealous of??
    have u seen this girl sing live
    i did.
    she’s bad.
    omfg dont even get me started
    and “slut”
    dont even have to say why…

    mmk thank you for your time.


    i also agree v does not need rumors about her and lindzey so i guess its ok she is not in the film i was thinking of how wonderful would it be if she made a guest starring role in gossip girls

  • troy

    I had gone to run some errands and as I walked through the door I thought “I wonder if Jared has any information on Vanessa and that movie.” And sure enough he did. LOL. Good job Jared. In a way I was kind of hoping this was true because I think it would be good if Vanessa were to do a smaller film because I think that may be her best bet to be taking seriously as an actress, I say that partly because of the “HSM” hype and partly because of well you know. But on the other hand this film is likely to small to have provided Vanessa with even the potential of a break out role like “Hairspray” did for Zac. Besides you know no matter how good the film turns out its going to be all about Lindsay Lohan. Plus as el said it does sound a bit too mature right after “High School Musical>” I know that she wants more grown up roles but this may be pushing it. Well hopefully the audition she went on Wednesda will pan out. I wonder what her name was doing on the site though. That’s strange.

    #3 Didn’t you’re mother ever teach if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything?

  • elliott

    I think it’s good. You haven’t heard much about either her nor zac, these past coupld of weeks. I think it was asmart move for her not to be in it. Just because she can go out for other roles. Become diverse. Good job JJ!

  • Mii

    Why always Vanessa this. she is not the only one on the planet!!!

  • elliott

    I’d rather read this, than “oh look britney’s not wearing underwear again” or “SHE LOST HER KIDS” Who cares! This actually has something to do w/ what we might actually spend our money on.

  • el

    #36 to answer your question ..its always vanessa u are seeing because she has tons of fans, and jared gets lots of hits ..i mean lots …whenever he posts her, zac, or both of them together..brad and angelina get tons of hits as well..

  • cassie

    i agree with suzy if you don’t like her stay out of this post !!

    v number 1 fan ^^

  • love love

    Zanessa posts are a bit boring, i want to see some more ridiculous photos of heidi and spencer :0)


    Ha ha to all the haters. I’m glad Vanessa is on this site.
    Good for Vanessa. I’m interested in her career.
    It’s a good thing that Just Jared set us on the right path
    regarding this Raoul Bova film.

    Rooting for Vanessa always!!

  • Gi Kodály

    Lots of made uo rumors these days for V huh?
    I wish that she gets some new role soon!!
    GOO V!!!!

  • Ria

    #13 and #25 never heard of High School Musical 1& 2 nad bunch of other things she has done, including her cd?
    If V really is a nobody to you when why on earth do you bother to complain? If you’re not interested in her that’s fine, I think no one couldn’t care less but if it is so, why do you have to let us know that?
    As I said, I think no one is interested if someone thinks that Vanessa doesn’t deserve the attention that she gets. Most of us posting in these Vanessa/Zanessa posts have a reason to look up to her.
    By posting your opinions in the way you do doesn’t make any of us change our minds, so why do you even bother? You don’t have to read these comments if you don’t want to.

  • christine

    #22 and #25
    if you don’t have anything nice to say about the lovely vanessa, then don’t say anything… !!!!!! don’t even go read it if you hate her so much… just read the think that you like and not the stuff about the people you don’t like… then everybody will be happy… you don’t have to see her and we other who likes her can be happy not to read about people who hate them we love…!!!

    GO baby V

  • el

    good point # 43! geez go read about ppl u like..stop invading these posts!

  • vt

    just i want to see soon in a movie

  • jenna

    thank god

  • love love

    43 and 44 good point, but i don’t think you should tell people not to comment on these pages, this comment page is not made for Vanessa fans only, its a board to express peoples opinions. People are probably interested in reading about them but don’t really like them, no harm in that!!

  • cassie

    i love baby v !!!! :D

  • mari

    hahaha she doesnt get any role… i think just a stupid girl like gabriella serves for vanessa