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Celine Dion - "Taking Chances" Photo Shoot

Celine Dion -

Celine Dion looks magnific in the photo shoot for her upcoming album Taking Chances.

The Canadian songbird recently released her “Taking Chances” music video from her forthcoming album of the same name. The album is scheduled for release on Nov. 13.

10+ pictures inside of Celine Dion‘s “Taking Chances” photo shoot…

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celine dion taking chances photo shoot 01
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 02
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 03
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 04
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 05
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 06
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 07
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 08
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 09
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 10
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 11
celine dion taking chances photo shoot 12

Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • zanessa110

    i prefer vanessa hudgens.

  • candy

    i hate vanessa. celine is gorgeous!

  • Eli

    i love her hair so glad she is waering it long i didnt like the short short hair

    shes looking great for her

  • zanessa4eva

    hahaha man vanessa and zac are everywher!!! come on just jared put them in whos most popular they r way more popular then ryan phillippe!!

  • nicole

    ew she’s so ugly.

  • ~ katie ~

    celine dion rocks !!!

  • Nanea

    That woman looks so fake and I don’t get her appeal at all.

  • lc

    Ugly! Even all that photo shop doesn’t help.

  • cc

    She’s damn ugly!! All that make up and photo shop, she still looks like sh*t!! Her nose is way too big and her lips are non existent.

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM nunny

    can’t comar vanessa hudgens w/ celine
    they r differen ppl

  • gaby


  • Amy

    Well Celine is becoming a legend in her own time. Vanessa Hudgens is cute and all but doesn’t hold a candle to Celine’s talent and box office power. Check back in 20 years and see if Vanessa is still around.

  • this post was born at

    Canadian songbird? More like a yetti.

  • zanessa110

    this girl is krap. i mean whats her name? who is she? u dont hear much og her in the news! like 99 percent of the time theres news of vanessa or zanessa or zac in the news. this girl look like shes in her late 40′s. vanessa is alot better! this girl is fugly she looks boring. we want vanessa/zanessa/zac! not this piece of sh*t

  • June

    That’s because Celine stays out of the mags. I like Zanessa better, but she is kinda pretty. Jared, please put Zanessa on most popular. ..

  • nobody

    she’s sensational..[ i admit]
    she’s simply classic,,,
    not like some pretender “mariah carey”

    people should act according to their age..

    jared… any milo ventimilgia posts?.. missed him..

  • the_original_nika

    looks good, but whats with all the whiteness =|.

  • cant say

    Shes really ugly…she has a long face but great body.
    A.K.A= A ButterFace

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Iris

    Whether you like her or not, you cannot deny that Celine is a very successful and talented artist in her own right. I think the images are beautiful. Who took these shots Jared? I remember one of the previous albums being photographed by Luciano Pavarotti. The first pic with the lace is very similar to the cover of Madonna’s ‘Reinvention Tour’ book. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was inspired by it.

  • Steph

    I’m sad to see all these stupid comments about her. All I can say is that Celine is a very talented singer and who cares if she’s “ugly”. Come on! We all complain about the bad influence of medias that shows us “way too skinny” girls with 100 plastic surgeons, botox or I don’t know what. And now the first thing that we say when we see someone who didn’t has these things, is that she’s ugly…. wow. You’re all dumb. Just think a little bit!

    Don’t wonder why your sister, your neighbour or any common girl around you that wants to be a singer and stops to believe to their dreams… it’s because of you and the way you think.

  • jaye

    I’m scared.

  • KC

    you mean magnifique?

  • Iris


    Strong words Steph but beautifully executed. Love your work.

  • Jamie

    Fugly. I hate her and her sappy music.

  • Rose

    Celine is great, she has more talent than that Zanessa clan all put together. Celine gives a great show too! The pics are a little eerie, but I like them just the same, they’re different. She has a great body for a woman her age, so kudos to Celine.

  • zanessa110

    shes uglyyy. why not delete her and more zanessa! this girl is a nobody her name is not well known plus shes like ugly like krapp. mann, even raven symone is like seksii compared to her. vanessa hudgens is wayy more famous. zanessa is! this girl is fugly and looks really really like frankensteins wife. hey look at the bright side, she wont need a costume for halloween or a mask

  • fat guy in a little coat

    That is one truly unfortunate-looking woman. Beautiful voice, but that face was made for radio.

  • Jane

    LOl….this is abt celine dion leh~ not zanessa~ =D

  • Natalie

    Celine looks like a MAN IN DRAG in these photos. Wow, hideous. I used to think she could be beautiful but …wow

  • zanessa110

    zanessa is all around the world! jared u really need to put zanessa as number one on whos most popular. if u dont i will protest until u do, trust me i can get very annoying, laughs evilly. lol

  • Here’s The Deal

    14 zanessa110 : 10/20/2007 at 8:23 pm
    this girl is krap. i mean whats her name? who is she? u dont hear much og her in the news! like 99 percent of the time theres news of vanessa or zanessa or zac in the news. this girl look like shes in her late 40’s. vanessa is alot better! this girl is fugly she looks boring. we want vanessa/zanessa/zac! not this piece of sh*t

    This is a Celine Dion thread. Why are you bringing teen-queen Vanessa into it? Gosh, it’s like on every single thread….”We want more Zanessa, Jared!” Agh! You just had a new thread. This is a celebrity blog, not a Zanessa fansite. Go watch Disney channel or HM DVDs or something. O_o

    Oh, and this “girl” looks like she’s in her 40′s because she IS almost 40. And she’s been around for years, has had many hits, and has sold over 200 million albums all over the world. Geez, I’m not even a fan of Celine, but I can’t stand it when stupid little teens like you come here and start spreading their teen sh!t all over the site. Go look her up on Wikipedia or something, and then compare the two. Vanessa comes out looking like the piece of sh!t, not Celine.

  • Natalie

    You people need to shut the hell up about zanessa in a CELINE DION POST. If you want more Zanessa, why don’t you email Jared and tell him that, instead of commenting about Vanessa and Zac 1000 times in posts that have nothing to do with them?

    And btw, to whoever said Vanessa is more famous than Celine, you must be a preteen or sheltered. If you are neither of those things, then I hope you’re kidding. Celine has sold millions of albums, has had a long career and is very famous. Most people over 20 don’t even know who Vanessa Hudgens is.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Oh, so now the site blocks out sh*t with an exclamation mark, too? *sigh*…….

  • Paulie

    How can people claim this Vanessa is popular? I mean, she released an album and it sold like nothing. Where are her fans and why aren’t they buying her stuff?

  • chloe

    Why the hell are you guys comparing Celine Dion with that baby Vanessa?? Celine Dion is a legend, and Vanessa is a nobody who likes to take nude pictures to make herself more famous.

  • zanessa110

    fuck! this girl is a slut, and yes averyone has heard of vanessa. this girl can go to hell, shes a nobody. and i did look her upp it says that she like one of those stars who dissapeared, she a noone get over it!

  • Eliz

    LOL zanessa110, you make me laugh, you made my day…

    I mean, maybe YOU don’t know Celine Dion. First, you must know i’m not a fan of Celine Dion but, i’m a fan of Zac Efron. Celine Dion is one of the most famous singer in the world . She’s got a lot a hits. Vanessa is just a little teen star. You can be sure that when she will turn 30 nobody will remember her. And, if in 20 years everybody knows Vanessa, well you’ll be right, and yes, Vanessa will bet a lot better than Celine Dion. But I think that it will never happen ’cause Celine Dion is still here and well-known after all these years because she’s got one of the most beautiful voice in the world, and Vanessa, well she’s got no voice.

    And you know what, i agree with Here’s The Deal, why the hell are you talking about Vanessa when it’s a post about Celine Dion?? I won’t go in vanessa post and start asking jared to talk about an other actor and sayin that actor is better than Vanessa, wich would be easy cause almost all actors are better than her.

  • zanessa110

    eliz, i dont care what u say u look like crap just like this girl. so shove ur finger up ur @ss and be quiet! gosh, watch ull see vanessa will be famous, nd =she does have a voice. this girl ive heard her shes trashh

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sl*tnessa SUCKS ASS! I am tired of ZAMESSA 10 drooling all over these teens nuts! I mean, It is down right Pedocreepy to me!
    You have to honestly stop, and look at yourself in the mirror…STOP IT! for the saftey of your family! LOL

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she is only trash, because you are brainwashed, on This plain bitch! she is nothing, her song sucked so hard! Hardcore Sucked!
    her hair is always the same!
    Zac, Is Bangs are always starched with the heaviest Hairspray! I swear 20 mph winds couln’t move those babies! LOL

    He wears thong sandals. that is a turn off! Not to mention wearing Tight GIRLY pants! Where can he possilby stuff his N*ts at! To which side? are they in fact small? If so, You know Sl*tnessa won’t stick around for long! She is already on the road to Wh*reville! NUDIE PICTURES! Disney, should open a Strip Club! Thet might as well!

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the typos (due to rushing) lol

  • bonna

    she looks like skeletor, scary looking woman.

  • de Cosmos

    Celine Dion and Rene Angelil have to be one of the world’s creepiest couples:

  • de Cosmos
  • lolotte

    I love Celine,it’s the best singer in the world !!!!

    how can one compare zannessa and Celine dion?absolutely nothing has to see.the pics are very artistic, but I am not really fan

  • angelina_mmm

    one leg out… of course that’s Celine

  • lise

    i thought that was sarah jessica parker!


    ooh come on guys! seriously! this is about Celine Dion not Zanessa
    oh and zanessa110 celine dion is way more famous than vanessa
    and if you’re seriously asking who celine dion is then you must be some dumbass who stays home watching disney channel all day long

    The photoshoot doesn’t look that bad. its a little eerie but i like it

  • rity

    um… I like vanessa much more!! and zanessa!!!! wel celine is pretty but vanessa is much better!