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Dumbledore is Gay!

Dumbledore is Gay!

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling outed Hotwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore at last night’s talk at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.

A young fan asked during the Q&A if Dumbledore finds true love and Rowling responded, “Dumbledore is gay.”

The audience gasped, some burst into applause, others gave a standing ovation.

Added Rowling, “Dumbledore fell in love with rival Gellert Grindelwald… Don’t forget, falling in love can blind us. [He] was very drawn to this brilliant person. This was Dumbledore‘s great tragedy… In fact, recently I was in a script read through for the sixth film, and they had Dumbledore saying a line to Harry early in the script saying I knew a girl once, whose hair… [laughter]. I had to write a little note in the margin and slide it along to the scriptwriter, “Dumbledore‘s gay!” [laughter] If I’d known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!”

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  • Really?

    Wow! I would have never imagined

  • Tugba

    o gosh..interesting..

  • http://nothin



  • Spirit

    Never imagined either! But, I am applauding too!

  • lola

    oooook :s

  • June

    Thanks Jared, I love the Harry Potter seires!

  • sanam

    OMG! this better be a joke no offence to anyone that is gay but i really dont want to picture dumbledore gay and in love with his worst enemy!

  • fer


  • Nanea

    @ #8: Did it ever occur to you that it’s not about what you want but what Joanne Rowling wanted?
    People like you make me sick!

    And I’m happy to hear that JKR helped Dumbledore out of the closet!

  • Diana

    She meant gay as in happy.

    I know, not really, but at least he out of the closet!

  • Jane Doe

    Does it matter? Why is there a desperate need to make everything politically correct? It’s a series about wizrds for goodness sake. The characters aren’t in need of a sexual preference.

  • troy

    Really what was the point of her saying that now? I mean I don’t really care and it change my love for the series one bit but what’s the point?

  • May

    interesting thought, 12.

  • erin

    Somebody asked, and she answered.

    Thank you Jared! This totally made my day, I love Dumbledore so much and this only increased how much. I don’t think anyone ever thought that Dumbledore was gay. That’s so fantastic.

  • black

    Oh I knew it was just a matter of time before you would post it as well Jared.

    But hell……I was- or better – still am SHOCKED.

    At first I thougth I had a drink too much, then I thought it was a joke,(oh how I´d wanted it to be a joke…), and finally after reading it for the fifth time- and searching it up- I really believed it.

    And on top of it all he was smitten with Gellart?!


    I think he may as well be the most popular man on this planet being outed ;) what does this tell you?

    Really now….I have to get used to this. But Dumbledor is no doubt my all time favorite.

    Reading the books again will be a hellova fun!

  • jessica

    hahahah wow
    that made me laugh

  • From the block

    Why standing ovation? Whats the big deal?

  • haruhi suzumiya

    haha I can’t believe people get so worked up over a fictional character’s sexuality.

  • Amy

    It upsets me. I think it colours all of his relationships from there on out (Harry, Snape, were there other motives in his treatment now that he could have been attracted to them?) and it turns some people, who were excited about the Christian parallels in the series, away. I just think, even if she wrote it that way, she didn’t need to tell us. It’s sort of the easy way out of explaining Dumbledore’s romantic life. I was much more satisfied with the “he’s intellectually above everyone else and it makes it hard to find companionship” answer.

  • cala

    Why am i upset? :( Maybe i’m just shocked.

  • luísa

    Was she drunk when she said that?
    Dumbledore is gay oh my god!

  • Miss Vex

    I know he is a fictional character but I’m also upset about this. :(

  • Yay

    I’M GONNA MEET JK ROWLING ON OCTOBER 23! I’m so excited, I’m gonna ask her when did she decidedumbledore is gay, I can’t wait!

  • Dancer

    I think this is great! She wrote the books for kids and she probably knows that at least 10 percent of the population is gay, probably more–so she created a role model for kids that is strong and pure and good and gay. Go JKR!

  • eli

    Cool, I love the Harry Potter Series!!!!

  • Brazil

    what… the money is letting her going crazy!!!Dumbledore gay??? Ridiculous.Caracters with personal sexuality. She should be cracked when she said that or written something like it.

  • Sarah

    Damn it, there goes my theory about Dumbledore and McGonagall.

  • jy

    this is so amusing. haha. (:

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Can I just say to all those asking “Why did she say it, why?!” She was at a Q&A session with fans & one person asked her about Dumbledore’s love life…him being gay is a part of his love life so it makes sense to announce it if someone had asked…I think it’s cool, kind of fits the character in my opinion.

  • silly

    that is so silly and unnecessary for a children’s book, she is obviously trying to compete with the LOTR films

  • Get Over It

    Amy, grow up.

    J.K. Rowling clearly tried to explain how Dumbledore’s attraction for his enemy blinded him. It makes sense – and if it offends you, too bad. Now go write your own book.

  • Jill

    LOL! I hope the religious right all break out into a**holes and sh*t themselves to death.

  • black


    Well, actually she doesn´t need to compete with “Loed of the rings”.

    Harry Potter is way more popular than LotR ever was- and it´s not even finished yet.(not to mention not around as long)

    For once your answer and name go hand in hand.

  • required

    how does she know he was gay?

    is there a sex tape?

  • Jessie

    Thank you Get Over It. Amy really needs a dose of maturity…colors his relationships, what? I doubt Dumbledore was smitten with everyone he met especially Harry. He is a child for crying out loud. Is Dumbledore now a pedophile? Did his assumed straightness color his relationships with Hermoine or any of the other female cast? As for certain Christians, she has already separated herself from those who are fanatic and filled with hate for others.
    Oh and to Silly it is slightly unnecessary for adult relationships, straight or gay, to be explicit in Harry Potter and thats why it wasn’t. It was a Q&A and she answered. It makes sense Dumbledore was never married and he followed a path completely out of character with his nemesis. It was good explanation.
    Geeze people are so ignorant.

  • RITA

    Gosh … I’ve seen it, but still ‘Gosh’ … Kinda Stupid ?! Dumbledore’s sexuality is not reall the point, is it ? Although, it’ll be great if he could say: ‘I knew a girl once’ … But anyway, Jo’s the Best… She knows it !

    Love Harry Potter.

  • taylor

    omg that is so cool i cxant believe he is gay lol i just cant believe it i thiught he had a thing with mcgonogall i guess i was wrong haha this is amazing another reason i love the series

  • WoW


  • poo

    well… that’s kinda creepy. now i think of dumbledore’s intimate relationship with harry as perverse & inappropriate instead of fatherly or nuturing.

    and JK’s timing sucks considering they just arrested some crazy gay pedophilic teacher in thailand this week.

    but i shouldn’t be surprised considering the man wore a glittery gown with stars and a hat. maybe he showed the kids in detention more than his wand…

  • sam

    WHO cares if he is gay, it’s just dumbledore…

    Now if it was someone else, like Harry or Remus. I would see why we should all care.


    That’s just really stupid..
    I think she has officialy going nuts!
    Actually the whole 7th book wasn’t wort it..!
    I’m a biig Harry Potter fan.. but.. She’s just putting the story lower and lower anytime she can!
    For god’s sake Jk!..stop making Harry Potter so bad..!
    I’m so upset about this
    It’s funny.. I mean.. you will never expect that from the “Greatest Wizard”.. but she’s making it all look stupid..

  • Louis

    It just sucks tat she said such a stupid thing after that very dissapointing last book..
    so.. It’s just sad

  • Ashley


  • Susan

    I didn’t see that coming. I wonder what the cast thinks of this.

  • Milli

    How abt Voldemort’s sexuality? He never had a fling with women, not that I remember from any of the books. He always chased his enemies with passion, mostly men. He was brought to Hogwarts by Dumbledor himself. I think he definitely was gay, that Voldemort.

  • Milli

    I am not a homophobe, I live in NYC. I regulary see gay couples on the streets of Chelsea. I try to be open minded, yet somehow I feel uncomfortable in their presence, particulary when they are kissing. Its kinda disturbing to look at.
    Gay people are a reality, not something which exists only in Hollywood. I am really confused about my stand on this issue. I truly believe in equal rights for all humans, gay, straight whatever! Yet feel uncomfy when they kiss and make out around me.

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Giving my own standing ovation.

  • Lee

    WOAH! O_o

  • Dieter

    How beautiful is that? Dumbledore take´s it up his little pooper !!!!