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"Sweeney Todd" Second Trailer -- Now Playing!

The second trailer has been released for Tim Burton‘s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

The film, the silver-screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim‘s award-winning musical thriller, is scheduled for a nationwide release on December 21st.

Isn’t this movie supposed to be a musical? Where’s the singing?!

Watch the second trailer for Sweeney Todd below!

Sweeney Todd — Second Trailer
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  • http://n/a Brittney

    OMG!!! I cant wait for this movie!! I love Johnny Depp, and Sacha Cohen Baron!! Helena is great to!!! YAY!! :)

  • Natasha

    OMG!! I can’t wait to see this!! I absolutely adore Johnny Depp & Helena Bohan Carter!! *is so excited*

  • black

    I don´t know why….but this role just doesn´t suit dear old Johnny.

    I can only see Jack Sparrow!

    Nah…….but isn´t he talking just like Jack?

  • Jane

    I LOVE DEpp

  • purple gem

    I love Johnny.

  • blabla

    can’t wait :)

  • troy

    Johnny Depp is definitely one of our finiest and most idiosyncratic actors working today, and Tim Burton is talented and they make good team. But Burton is hit and miss with me. I liked the “Batman” movies he did, I love “Ed Wood,” and “Edward Scissorhands.” I also enjoyed “Big Fish.” But this is also the man who brought us the disappointing “Mars Attacks,” and I may be in the minority here but I didn’t like “Sleepy Hollow” at all. So as I said Burton is hit and miss with me.

    As far as “Sweeny Todd” goes well I’ll definitely see it but I’m wondering did they decide to just do a straight dramatic version? Because I think if people go into this expecting a straightforward gothic story of revenge and they start singing it might backfire. So I’m not sure if leaving the musical elements out of the advertising is a wise move.

  • NesseGirl

    in the trailer on the official site there’s singing. i cant wait for this movie!

  • jk

    I love Tim Burton in combination with Johnny Depp.
    Can`t wait to see it.

  • movie fan

    Wasn’t it originally not a musical, and then Broadway made it into a musical that was a hit?

  • Regina

    This movie is a musical, there just wasn’t no musical clips. Some musicals always do that. Expect a musical one soon.

  • JDBA

    Its just coz he’s doing a cockney accent that he sounds like Captian Jack. He sounds as much like Captain Jack as he does Inspector Abberline.

    Can’t wait for this to come out, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp films are always sensational.

  • Ria

    This should be fantastic movie! I mean Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman? Can’t get any better! (At least I hope so)

  • creativegirl

    i just love Johnny…he really is amazing.

    I’m wondering though was that Kate Hudson playing his wife? I can’t tell and I don’t see her listed on IMDB.

  • Ria

    #14 creativegirl

    No, the girl who plays his wife is Jayne Wisener. A 20year-old Irish actress :)

  • [~Famous~]

    Denzel has a movie coming out – American Gangster. Any trailers or red carpet pictures for that – Doubt it.

  • jenny!

    Omg, it will be awesome. And more if Johnny Depp is there, and..”Snape”, and “Bellatrix”
    I can’t wait!!!!

  • whitney

    actually yea, there are trailers for american gangster on tv.

  • kaw


  • kaw


  • Nilyov

    #15 Ria: Jayne Wisener plays his teenage daughter in the movie. Not his wife. I don’t know who plays his wife. But Wisener is the daughter.

    I think his accent sounds more like what he did in “From Hell” than Captain Jack.

    As to the lack of singing in the trailers, musicals don’t generally do really well at the box office, do they? But Johnny Depp does. So maybe they’re leaving singing out of the trailers to give it a wider appeal.

  • Spirit

    #13 Ria- I could not agree more… I fell in love with Helena in “A Room With a View” and Alan was/is always a pleasure to watch on screen. Of course, Johnny Depp is undeniably a entertaining actor. To see them in one movie would be a pleasure to watch. I can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Laura

    That’s his British accent, notice how he says ‘child’? I love him in almost everything he does, he’s one of the best in our time.

    Alan Rickman, Helen…ooo I can’t wait!

  • LoL

    Johnny is the most beautiful man ever!!!!!!!!

  • jenny!

    Yes, johnny is the most beautiful mas at the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!
    Tim Burton is in love with him!! haha! me too!

  • beaucoup

    OMG!! I LOVE Him “““““““““““““

    cant wait to see the movie

  • emsie-moo-moo

    I know the girl Jayne Wisener…….her sister goes to my school!!=] And her cousin is in my class!!THey are a lovely family=]

  • gena

    This movie looks too bloody for me. Count me out.

  • true story

    10 movie fan : 10/20/2007 at 6:33 am
    Wasn’t it originally not a musical, and then Broadway made it into a musical that was a hit?


    It’s based on a true story. It really happened.

  • Alice

    gooooo Johnny!!!!!

  • http://hotmail amber-rose fehler

    omg i can’t wait to see that i bet its really good because johnny depp is in it so it will be good

    i love johnny depp soooooooo much he is brill

    :) xxxxxx lol love you johnny depp

  • blondesarecoolya

    OMG,this is going to be such a great movie!!!Especially if Johnny’s in it.He rox my sox:).lol.But he really is great!

  • http://www, blondesarecoolya

    amber-rose fehler:

    Johnny is mine!!!!!!lol.HE is so cute so I am definantly seeing the movie.Plus i love horror.REply to this if you agree.

  • Poly ;]

    Não tem nenhum brasileiro aqui? IUHIASUHFIUHFDI.
    teamo Johny (LL)