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Dominic Purcell & Wife Split

Dominic Purcell & Wife Split

Prison Break star Dominic Purcell, aka Lincoln Burrows, and his wife Rebecca Williamson have separated, according to People.

“The separation is completely amicable and they remain friends,” his reps say.

Dominic, 37, and Rebecca have four children — Joseph, 8, Audrey, 6, and twins Lily and Augustus, 4.

Pictures below include Dom and his wife enjoying some alone time together in Cannes, France in October 2006.

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Photos: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty, Bauer-Griffin
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  • Sara

    First! I love Dominic! all the best!


    it’s so sad:( I guess you can’t have both career and family life in showbiz…

  • Micky

    Thats sad if it`s true.Wish them all best.

  • [~Famous~]

    those two guys look like twins. a russian wrestling tag team.

  • Nanana

    What’s going on with people? everybody seems separated nowadays…….

  • me

    thats sad!!!!!


  • kateJJ

    I hope they can work things out. Is not just them, is 4 little kids that will suffer the most.

  • mel

    Another one bites the dust! Maybe he already got “A HOT HOLLYWOOD GIRLFRIEND” ie leading to the split!?!!

  • Maja

    oh that is really sad. Poor kids… hope they can figure it out and what is best for the children.
    All the best!

  • shelly

    How terrible for them, but even more so for their kids. His children are so young and it’s very sad that they’ll be subject to a parental split at their ages. I used to think it was so admirable that he could keep his family life together while filming so far away from them. Too bad it didn’t work out. As someone who works in a divorce lawyer’s office, I sincerely hope this won’t get ugly.

  • Ana

    This is sad. Maybe Hollywood life is finally catching up to them. I hope they get back together! :)

  • the_original_nika


  • sueli

    That is sad, although I’m not terribly surprised by it between filming away from home front and the impression his wife was probably missing Australia. Isn’t she an actress, too?

    May it stay amicable or work itself out.

  • Colleen

    To bad. :(

  • so very sad

    This is proof that the tabs don’t know a dam* thing, they know nothing!! They spend their time harping on a few couples, while the true breakups are covert. Dylan McD, Heath Ledger/Michelle (while all the tabs had them secretly married), and the list goes on.


    I do feel sorry for all here, and those four little ones will suffer.

  • essie

    wow that cover picture is quite unflattering :x

  • http://? Aluorah


  • Bunny

    Sad but so true………..a hot star in in a hot ahow and with all women making it sooooo easy, marriages don’t stand a chance.

    Just remember Dom there are four little ones that need you still, and will for the rest of your life.

  • bethanne

    Maybe he has fallen in love with Wentworth Miller. Not that I blame him ;-)

  • Katie

    Oh my god. :[ This made me sad.

  • angell cakes

    omg this is sooo sad! why the hell is everyone splitting up?? this is sooo annoying. i really hope they can work things out.

  • meemee

    That’s too bad. He seems like a good father, so I am sure he will be there for his children.

  • May

    so sad! it seems like i just saw pics of his family together at a pumpkin patch last week.

  • Ron

    I’m glad he’s single cuz I’d love to just do him.

    R from Maine

  • Just me…

    Oh that’s a very sad news!!!
    I don’t think that his wife was missing Australia…but her husband!!
    The poor children :(

    @ bethanne…

    Leave Wentworth alone… my man is NOT gay!!!

  • shelly

    What’s with the ridiculous and automatic assumptions about his sexuality or that he cheated? It’s not hard to believe they’ve just grown apart. Dom has been living away from the wife and kids for 2, or maybe even all 3 seasons of Prison Break now. The family is in LA and he’s been in Chicago and Dallas filming. Between filming so much and having to travel promoting the show when he isn’t, it’s no wonder that he hasn’t been able to spend much time with his wife and it’s strained his marriage. Long distance relationships are a complete bitch to maintain. Frankly, I wonder sometimes how Hugh Laurie manages to stay married when his family is all the way back in England!

  • SB

    Dom and Rebecca are still friends, I know that for a fact, they tried and they wil both move heaven and earth to make it as easy as possible for their children. Whatever the reason, I know everyone sez it but they will remain friends.
    Best to you both!!!


    too bad!! :(

  • married 62 years

    What the hell is this about trying. They ain’t tried. They ain’t been married long enough to try. Selfish-(*F&Es! They deserve every sleepless, teargul restless night they are going to have-Don’t have kids if you are not going to give them the absolute best-just another sad couple who caannot put their own wants aside. Most marriages don’t work because one or both is too busy trying to turn the other into what their “ideal” mate is. Suck it up and accept what you have-work on it little by little, it will NEVER BE PERFECT. Honey no one on a shining white horse is going to rescue you. All that work you did on him and now some other woman is going to reap it-You’d better re-think this one-No wonder lil’ bobby and susie is having sex in middle school while lil’ johnny is buying weapons at 12 years old-Marriage is not a spectator sport, neither is parenting-

  • SB

    oh please….married 62 years and chillin on JJ..
    I will assume old age is making you speak foolishly and leave it at that.

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    married 62 sort of sound bitter.
    life can you say what works for you must work for their marriage. If they choose to end their union amiably that’s preferable than staying unhappy and tearing their lives apart. Maybe there is another spouse awaiting them…
    Dom is a handsome man and his wife is beautiful..they produced four beautiful kids…he’s successful..their breakup could have been worse. Good luck to them both.

    ..wonder if Went and Dom actually fell in love on set. Sort like Brad and Angie, hmmm?
    Didn’t Dom say he tried to hit on Went….

  • http://? Aluorah

    62 YEARS ….that makes you what 80 plus and you’re on this site LOL…..cut the ccccrrapp… children are gifts ….marriages shift….people grow…blah blah blah.. and most senior citezens have better tongue…..

    From what I hear it was love on set…suki suki suki (JK) ;)

  • bethanne

    25 Just me…

    I’m not saying Wentworth is gay. I’m saying that Wentworth is that gorgeous and beautiful that anyone would fall in love with him…male or female…straight or gay. Who wouldn’t fall in love with those eyes, that face, that voice…OMG that voice!!!

  • pERTH

    oH, that’s sad.
    Hey, so Dom still has the unbuttoned shirt look even when he’s not on PB.

  • Kathy

    If I hear one more time “they will remain friends”, I’m going to hurl!

  • [marie]

    By the way he acts… he doesn’t seem like he actually was married to begin…

  • ~ katie ~
  • Raichill

    Some of the comments I have heard Dominic Purcell make in interviews made me think he has a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies. I guess his kids are used to having a part-time dad so his frequent absences won’t make too much difference to them and I am sure when he is with his children he dotes on them.

  • Diana

    Not a nice picture of them really! Russian wrestling team? LOL

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    I hope fans are not going to get all judgemental on him for having a wandering eye!
    Get REAL ladies! He’s HOT!…There is no way he’s not getting booty tossed in his direction left and right….It more honest for him and his wife to end it while they can remain amiable rather than get caught up in endless accounts of him being accused of
    acting on that wandering eye.
    Sure he could just learn to keep it in the pants but very rare does an extremely hot man have the strength to contain his sexual impulses.
    JUST REMEMBER! Once he is divorced…he is open game! But really how many doubt that he has a babe stashed somewhere already?


    This makes me really sad. I thought (I hoped) that their marriage would last. But on the other hand…I thought the same with Ryan and Reese and then the news of their separation last year hit me like a cosh.
    I hope it’s true that Dom and his wife remain friends…for the sake of their four children…

  • EbolaHater

    now he can be “gay” (I mean “happy”)with Wentworth…p-lease..its so obvious.

  • Big deal

    What a shock!!! Please DP is a total pig he even bragged in an artilce about getting laid when he’s out of town.Who knows if he separated because he’s getting it on with Jodi Lynn Okeefe she sleeps with all her co-stars she’s perfect for him!

  • http://n/a omaria

    Big deal wheres the link to that so called article LMAO

  • kateJJ

    i read that Jodi Lynn Okeefe was dating john cusack. he even visited her on Dallas.

  • Egoistic joker

    His wife looks just as manly as him! Still they were able to have four kids so maybe she looks better in person.

  • marymi

    jared, that episode (“interference”)that was schduled to air last week was pre-empted by baseball….it was re-scheduled, and aired last night! and why isn’t this about DP put in the wentworth miller archives?

  • ismini

    well if someone take a good look at these pictures it looks like they don’t have any kind of relationship( imean dominic and his wife) . they act like they area strangers … well truth is truth and if i want to say all of it dominic is very very hot and rough guy…

  • megan

    First of all Dominic is the sexiest man alive i think and i wish you all the best.