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Gyllenspoon @ Rome Film Festival 2007

Gyllenspoon @ Rome Film Festival 2007

Reese Witherspoon (in Nina Ricci) and “costar” Jake Gyllenhaal, aka Gyllenspoon, attend the premiere of their new movie Rendition during day 4 of the 2007 Rome Film Festival on Sunday in Rome, Italy.

Rendition scored a paltry 44% on Rotten Tomatoes‘ fresh meter. “The performances are surprisingly lackluster,” one reviewer has said. “Witherspoon practically sleepwalks through the whole thing, as does Gyllenhaal.”

As mentioned earlier today, Rendition ranked a horrible ninth place at the box office this weekend, pulling in $4.2 million.

45+ pictures inside of Gyllenspoon @ Rome Film Festival 2007

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gyllenspoon rome film festival 30
gyllenspoon rome film festival 31
gyllenspoon rome film festival 32
gyllenspoon rome film festival 33
gyllenspoon rome film festival 34
gyllenspoon rome film festival 35
gyllenspoon rome film festival 36
gyllenspoon rome film festival 37
gyllenspoon rome film festival 38
gyllenspoon rome film festival 39
gyllenspoon rome film festival 40
gyllenspoon rome film festival 41
gyllenspoon rome film festival 42
gyllenspoon rome film festival 43
gyllenspoon rome film festival 44
gyllenspoon rome film festival 45

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Sandro Pace/AP
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  • Erin

    jared no body cares about them he’s gay!

    we want zanessa!

  • Flisbeth

    sorry, but I care! Should be something here for everyone and I for one enjoy reading about these two!

  • andy

    Witherspoon denies romance with Gyllenhaal

    Reese Witherspoon has hit out at rumours she has been romancing Rendition co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

    The pair have been photographed enjoying each other’s company on numerous occasions, but Witherspoon – newly divorced from Ryan Phillippe – insists their relationship is purely platonic.

    Witherspoon says, “I have known Jake for years through different friends and he is just wonderful. He’s very kind, generous and funny. It’s been nice these past days to laugh a little bit. Yeah, he’s great and I look forward to maybe making another film with him.”

    By WENN world entertainment news – Saturday, October 20 12:20 pm

  • bite me

    the chin is getting longer

  • http://justjared Jenni

    Erm i dont even know who they are, oh well, anyway whay time is it now in america? let me work this out, o i got it, 1 in the afternoon! coooool. jenni

  • Tugba

    Gyllenspoon hahahahaha
    that is such a funny couple nick^^
    I prefer Brangelina or zanessa^^

  • Gyllenspoon


  • Jill

    Reese looks terrific.

  • ~ katie ~

    stop going on about zanessa but anyway they look cute togthere thanks just jared :)

  • bad movies

    Reese – Rendition – 9th – 4,175, 000 – BOMB

    Halle Berry – Things we Lost in the Fire – 15th – 1,604, 000 – EVEN BIGGER BOMB

  • katrina

    Reese looks good. Love the red dress.

    I wish these za-something people would just get out of threads that don’t concern them. This is spamming.

  • some info

    Here is some info, that article in the london daily mirror was edited to appear they had exclusive information.
    If you read the orignal print you will see that Reese was not quoted as saying that. They took comments from other questions during Rendition press when Reese & Jake were asked about hooking up while filming the movie, they both answered that was not true, because they did not work with each other, they did not film one scene together. She went on to explain that she knew Jake prior to the movie and how (she did this during a press conference). If you have followed the press for this you would know that both refuse to answer any questions about the nature of their relationship. So neither has denied or confirmed anything.

    As for Jake being gay, you might want to read this interview from London this week, here is your link

    Clearly he is saying he is not gay and being asked about comments he made to lead people to think he was.

    You can say he is gay all over the net, it won’t make it so.
    As for Rendition, it was not a horrible movie and you might want to consider the important content to the movie and how perhaps certain publications were never going to support it for that reason alone. They both have jobs lined up already and money in the bank. This will not destroy their careers, heck all of George Clooney’s movies bomb and he is still considered the A list king.

  • Regina

    Despite the all-star cast, only these two care enough to show up. Looks like Alan Arkin, Peter Sarsgaard and Meryl Streep are ashamed of the negative reviews.

  • Freeze face

    they look bad. pic five she can’t move her forehead. please stop the botox before you wind up like Kidman. Or give the botox to poor jake. he looks so old.

    I don’t believe he’s only 26.

    he should just come out now… his movie bombed anyway.




  • [~Famous~]

    HORRIBLE reviews, critics say Jake was awful, and out of place.

  • mickey

    Go and see RENDITION! Good movie!

  • anon

    Rendition was terrible. I love Reese but it was truly bad!

    She should have spent the money to have her hairdreser come to Rome. Her hair looks a mess. Poor Reese!!!

    You’ll do better next time!

  • Elizabeth

    I am so glad to see Reese wearing something other than black! I love her, she is so classy and beautiful.

  • Amy

    She’s so beautiful int hat dress.

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You can tell that they are getting their Groove on! She looks so Sheek!

  • some info

    Actually Meryl’s hand were tied and she could not promote the movie as she normally would. She will be in Rome to promote crazy Cruise’s new movie Lambs with Robert Redford directing.
    It’s a most win situation for crazy cruise and his studio, she was asked not to promote the movie and didn’t. She attended one premiere and did the Daily show, which she also mentions Lambs.
    Tom & Co weren’t having any of that.

    Did you see the movie?
    There were many people who liked it.

  • the_original_nika

    for real #10? that sucks. Those movies are being bombarded BAD, all sort of bad reviews. Those 2 are the troopers, showing their faces and promoting the movie, even though the movie is failing.

  • the_original_nika

    cute dress.

  • NO

    Well, I saw Rendition and thought it was very good. And not all the reviews were bad. People should make up their own mind before they decide a movie is bad or not. Again, I thought Rendition was better than the critics made it out to be. It is unfortunate that the box office was not good. At least it did better than Halle Berry’s new movie which came out at #15. A lot worse than Rendition.

    Also, give the Jake is gay stuff a rest already. None of you are in Jake’s bed to know anyway. And who cares what his sexuality is. He is a good actor and hot! Love him, gay, straight or bi.

  • kira

    Reese always looks so classy….

    Hopefully, its just a professional friendship with Gyllenhaal as she can do so much better on behalf of her long-term future!

    Single mothers should never feel desperate and (always) be protective of their offspring!

  • TS

    Kira, while I don’t know what is going on between Reese and Jake, I do think Jake is a very good catch and anyone who would be with him would be lucky.

  • kelj

    Her dress makes her boobs look uneven or saggy or something. Not a flattering fit. I like the color.

    Jake looks good but I don’t like his old man suit.

    I didn’t see Rendition but my one friend who did said it was really boring and Reese is only in it for fifteen minutes and her character is kind of annoying.

  • anna

    “… her character is kind of annoying.”

    As expected.

  • Mediterranean

    I don’t know if he is gay or bisexual but they look good together somehow.

  • lexy

    The movie is tanking do they really need to keep promoting? I would be so bummed out if I were them.

  • boby

    This is it – and thank God for that!

    I’m sick of the “relationship” crap!

  • some info

    Well Elizabeth is tanking and Cate B is still out there pushing it. Sometimes it’s not about the box-office, sometimes stars with class live upto their promises and make movies for their message and art.

    Crash made no money.
    Syrania made no money.

    They planned the Rome festival months before the movie came out and at least they get to spend time in a great place.

  • Sally

    dont care for this two. But its a fact war and terrorism movies will not appeal to moviegoers because it scares them and its too painful to watch.

    And Im sorry he’s gay and he’s ugly.

  • Tina

    Sally, you need to grow up.

    Love Jake and think he is a very good actor and it is to bad that the movie did not do well. I thought it was well done.

  • Anonymous

    Most overrated actress of the decade. And fugly. And you guys call Jennifer Aniston Chinnifer. RIGHT.

    Run, Jake, run. Don’t get mixed up with this bit**.

  • Lori

    Rendition is an excellent movie. Who knows about the press, critics, and dare I say box office mean, when Tyler Perry’s movies are in first place or near first place these last two weekends.
    Most of the great dramatic movies did poorly at the box office this weekend, so that measurement really can’t be utilized to say whether any movie this weekend was good or bad.
    I never give critics importance when choosing whether a movie is worthwhile. Rendition is well acted, well directed, not ponderous or boring; it will eventually be appreciated in our country. About Jake and his so-called gayness; yours were the only site that knew who Noah Baumbach, director was when he was out and about with Jake in the WV a few weeks ago. What’s up with everyone going on and on about Jake’s sexuality and personal life. I can just about guarantee with the way the press is hounding Jake about his sex life, and hooking him up with his male friends, that NOT another young male actor will make a gay movie of note and substance for many many years.
    Jake is a tough M*the*f*c*er, but he has to be getting tired of all the BS…I know I am for sure.

  • rendition=rotten

    rotten tomatoes for rendition

    44% on the tomatometer.

    don’t waste your money.

  • some info

    He will get his big hit like Damon with Bourne and then people will look at his movies and see his talent. He was great in Jarhead (which was another movie way ahead of it’s time), great in Zodiac (not my cup of tea movie wise, but still a great movie) and now in Rendition.

    Reese is a very talented actress and has done some really good stuff. But in-order for a female to have some control of their career they must prove they can deliver box office #’s. Legally Blonde was actually a smart movie with a great message, that movie and S.H.A enabled her to get movis like Walk the Line and Rendition.

    I don’t understand all the hate for two people who seem to conduct themselves in a respectable manner off the screne.

    There are sightins of them in Rome acting like a couple on Friday & Saturday, prior to the press for Rendition.

  • TS

    I agree with you on everything in your post #37, Lori.

  • anonymous

    I think the sightings are just more BS. There are tons of Paps in Rome. Most of the sights are very crowded. It is unlikely that a picture wouldn’t have been taken, but then this is the miracle couple that never get photographed. She is an over rated actrss whose career is sinking. He is just boring.

  • http://deleted lulu

    Reese is a versatile actresss. just like any successful actress, they would tried and experienced different kind of role coming to them, it sort of like gamble, either you win some ot loss some, unlike some other actress who stick on rom-com and can only play one role in her entire career, then she really gonna have a problem when she hit 40 in about a year time, just like Meg Ryan, the rom-com queen of the eighties, she shift to drama role too late in her career, look what happen to her right now ? Julia Robert was smarter, try to combine drama role with her rom-com film in the later part of her career.

  • Anon

    I don’t understand. I saw this movie. I wanted to see Reese and Meryl, bcz I am a huge fan. So I went to this movie and I thought it was really very good. I think the people who are hating on this movie might be doing it bcz it shows a Arab family having troubles too and a lot of people are hating on Arabs. It was a very good movie and Reese was so good she made me cry. I think peopl shoulde definitely see it. Oh. And Jake looked do hot. I mean. Sheesh! His very first scene he is in bed and he doesn’t have a shirt on and he is waking up and O.M.G. Then he goes into the bathroom where his girlfriend in the movie just took a shower and she is wrapped in a towel. I will not spoil the movie, by telling it, but Jake is the sexiest man alive that is for sure.

  • http://deleted ?!?#?!@##$$%

    36 Anonymous :

    Oh please! she might have a long chin but was still more faminine looking than Chinnifer Maniston, the problem with Maniston is aside from the long chin, she had a coarse, square manly mandible plus that Dustin Hoffman look alike big nose which make her so manly looking. Reese is 110% prettier than Manistonnot not to mention 200% more talented and 3000000% better person than the plastic surgery, fame obsessed , self absorbed and soooooooo whinny Maniston!

  • anom.

    43 you left me very curious to see this movie. Certainly I´ll go when it ´ll come to country.

    I love Jake. He is so young and great actor.

    No matter if there is one or another movie doesn´t go well in box office. Every star has false step!

    But I think that Jake, too young actor, has showed a big talent in his movie even when it didn´t big money as Zodiac where he was great!

  • some info

    Did it ever occur to people that celebrities get photographed because they want to be, that they tip off the paps for photo ops. That’s why Tom Cruie doesn’t make a move without letting the press know what he is upto so they can be there. That’s why Bragelina does the same and many other celebs. I don’t think Jake & Reese are into this sort of thing, they are low key.
    Thousands of people visit Rome and sight-see every day, I could see Jake & Reese blending in. They have been there since Friday, press was Sunday, so it seems they made plans to see the sights.

  • Hal

    Jakeypoop and Reesy pretended to have an “affair” (or let the rumors of it accumulate and multiply) in the run up to the movie. Once it came out, they both made it clear they had no relationship beyond being “friends.” In short the whole thing was a publicity ploy that didn’t work very well since the movie is a bust. Jakeypoop hasn’t had a real success since Brokeback. He’d better go back to playing gay parts; those he does very well.

  • uli


    Reese Witherspoon has hit out at rumours she has been romancing Rendition co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

    The pair have been photographed enjoying each other’s company on numerous occasions, but Witherspoon – newly divorced from Ryan Phillippe – insists their relationship is purely platonic.

    By WENN world entertainment news – Saturday, October 20 12:20 pm

  • http://deleted wesley

    All political drama films tank this year, I bet Tom Cruise next movie , another war drama film won’t make it too.

  • Hal

    Greesyreesy in my opinion is going to have a tough time finding a new husband. She makes so much money he will inevitably be the number two in the relationship. Of course she might be able and want to find a house husband to take care of her kids for her. And wash the dishes and clean the toilets while she rakes in the dough. How about a fag husband who wouldn’t mind doing that stuff? There are probably plenty of those around in Hollyweird, if she just looks hard enough. Probably wouldn’t even have to look that hard. LOL