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Hayden Panettiere is Camera Ready

Hayden Panettiere is Camera Ready

Who’s the new paparazzo in town? Hayden Panettiere!

The Heroes hottie was seen picking out a new SLR camera at Samy’s Camera Shop in Los Angeles on Sunday. Hayden, 18, showed of a bit of cellulite as she leaned over the store counter.

Her father, Skip Panettiere, a fire department lieutenant, was there to help his daughter pick out her new purchase. Skip wore a t-shirt promoting the daily TV entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight. Hmm!!!!!

Ms. Panettiere is now the proud owner of a brand spankin’ new 10MP Nikon D80 (about $1,300 with the lens).

25+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere‘s new camera purchase…

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hayden panettiere new camera 01
hayden panettiere new camera 02
hayden panettiere new camera 03
hayden panettiere new camera 04
hayden panettiere new camera 05
hayden panettiere new camera 06
hayden panettiere new camera 07
hayden panettiere new camera 08
hayden panettiere new camera 09
hayden panettiere new camera 10
hayden panettiere new camera 11
hayden panettiere new camera 12
hayden panettiere new camera 13
hayden panettiere new camera 14
hayden panettiere new camera 15
hayden panettiere new camera 16
hayden panettiere new camera 17
hayden panettiere new camera 18
hayden panettiere new camera 19
hayden panettiere new camera 20
hayden panettiere new camera 21
hayden panettiere new camera 22
hayden panettiere new camera 23
hayden panettiere new camera 24
hayden panettiere new camera 25

Photos: Matei/Bauer-Griffin
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  • the_original_nika

    skip? cellulite? wow.
    Is she gonna do a porno movie? lmao JK.

  • London

    nice legs!

  • justobvious


  • eli

    Shes still got a space between her legs that I die to have so who cares a tiny bit of cellulte if that is even any!!

    shes got great legs

  • suzy

    poor girl. her legs are ok.

  • jesss

    atleast shes a natural

  • cant say

    olny 6 comments….SEE JARED!! WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!! SO PUT THEM IN THE FAVORITES!! OR ELSE! ( jk)

  • cant say

    oops i mean Popular.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Poor thing!! She’s already getting picked on for cellulite..

    She’s only 18!! I don’t want to see her get all anorexic and turn into a hollywood heroin like Lindsay..

    Go Hayden!

  • elliott

    big deal! Everyone has it. You can hardly see it, no-one wouldn’t of even noticed.

  • yo mamma!

    VANESSA SUCKS!! Vanessa can’t even drive!!! At least Hayden isn’t completely dependant on her mom to drive her everywhere! Its pathetic!

    Hayden is 1000 times better!! At least she doesn’t have nude pics on the internet like Vaness-whore!

    Hayden honey, just wear longer shorts :P

  • yo mamma!


  • Babysis

    i really like her!
    She’s so classy and cool.

  • gaby


  • chelsea

    who cares

  • chelsea

    oh and vanessa = h o t ;)

  • julia

    hey, i used to go there all the time, haha

  • AMO

    This bitch bugs.

  • meagain!

    why is there pictures of her ass?

  • Sneux

    Thats tru yo mamma your right hayden is awsome and nice camera hayden now u can go and spy on the paparrazzi lol but hey leave hayden alone peeps she is a natural and I rather see more of heroes best Hayden than high skool musical’s Zanessa heydens got a bod who do u think will win outa Hayden and Venessa???? Plus that doesnt even look like cellulite I guess they just wanted to see haydens short shorts lol Kidding guys!

  • not good

    2 much cellulite 4 her age. The gap is mostly noticeable when she is leaning over. Who doesn’t have that. She’s to short and stubby. Legs are marked& dented up. She smokes maybe thats why her skin looks bad. 4head and head are to big, almost a dwarf.

  • Bella

    She looks great. There is nothing wrong with having a little shape to your body. Looks much better than all those girls that don’t eat.

  • alov

    I’m sorry, but are you serious? The girl looks great. In certain lighting every woman has that their legs. How old are you Jared? Get a clue.

  • alov

    I’m sorry, but are you serious? The girl looks great. In certain lighting every woman has that on their legs. How old are you Jared? Get a clue.

  • Somepeople

    Her legs look bad for an 18 y.o., there is no muscle tone whatsoever.

    With that said, my legs don’t look any better and I would kill to her legs. But, to say her legs look great is being kind. She’s only 18, she should have some awesome muscle tone.

  • alov

    ok, #25, maybe “great!” is a little over zealous – but let’s look at what the comparisons are. anorexic, or anorexic?

  • shoes4life

    I say the problem is that the dirty papso’s are taking close up ass shops of an 18 year old girl. When are these sites going to say enough is enough of taking photos of women in unpleasant situations like upskirts, close up on see through shirts and so on.

    Enough already, it is so tasteless, tacky and disrespectful.

  • shoes4life

    shots not shops

  • June

    don’t post other people the wrong thread, espeicially if you are bad-mouthing them!

    I like Zanessa and Hayden.

  • anonymous

    do not like her! do not know why, she is just one of those people that i don’t like, from first impression. oh well, she will have plenty of fans without me. bfd. i still have my favorite actor and actresses. she just isn’t one of them.

  • Somepeople

    26 I agree with you, anorexic does not equal best. But I’ve seen young girls with gorgeous athletic looking legs. Again, I would still kill to have her legs!!! But she could stand to hit the gym and build up that muscle, not lose weight, just tone up. Especially at the age of 18.

  • Somepeople

    26 I agree with you, anorexic does not equal best. But I’ve seen young girls with gorgeous athletic looking legs. Again, I would still kill to have her legs!!! But she could stand to hit the gym and build up that muscle, not lose weight, just tone up. Especially at the age of 18.

  • clara

    Too bad her parents are so attention seeking. She is not fat.

  • Rachel


  • kathy

    cute papa!

  • Some people need to get a brain!!!

    Just cause she’s 18 doesn’t mean she is going to have ultra defined, toned, muscled legs.. Every body is different.. Its all about BODY TYPE!! She’s great.. She’s not fat, but she’s not stick thin either..

    You wonder why there are so many girls with body issues, cause twits like you make comments like this..

  • Some people need to get a brain!!!

    take Rihanna for example.. She’s doesn’t have ultra toned defined legs, but they still made her the celeb-model-spokesperson for Venus..

    Not everyone wants ultra-defined calves like She-Man Jessica Simpson..

  • anonymous

    lots of naturally thin girls figure they don’t have to exercise. and exercise won’t get rid of cellulite either. it’s the food and genes. she has a thin body that is out of shape WITH cellulite. big deal, that is the life she chooses. maybe she doesn’t ever make enough to do what the higher paid actors do, surgery!

  • anonymous

    MEOW! in no way is jessica simpson a he man, she is all girl, very feminine! you to can put on a dress and look female also!

  • chrisel

    Hayden, is so pretty.
    and v is cool to, you haters SUCK BALLS!
    vanessa is a great rolemodel

  • anonymous

    i would rather have defined legs, than flabby ones. exercise will have you up and doing everything when you are in your 90′s! those who choose not to exercise will be sitting in rocking chairs by the time they are in their 50′s & 60′s!

  • gaby

    shes pretty

  • Lillianne

    More and more snarky comments are showing up on this website. I don’t believe Jared is writing this stuff anymore. I liked this website because it wasn’t the standard nasty gossip blog. Please don’t go all Perez on us.

  • Rachel

    wow jared i didnt expect this from you..imreally dissapointed

  • http://deleted tia

    this is a dumb thread…would u ever say this about ur darling vanessa hudgens?..uhh no! haydens awsome and super talented and shes 18 for goodness sake! leave her alone!

  • Ashley

    Um, newsflash. EVERYONE has cellulite.

  • Claudiaaaa

    cellulite? i mean we prefer to see this and not see a Nicole Richie or a Olsen twin… this girl is real, like us…who care this piece of cellulite, she can kill it with some exercise and healthy diet…

  • zac luver

    hey look…cellulite much..Ewwww

  • ashley

    I like Hayden who cares if she has cellulite. alot of people do, unless you’re like bone thin.

  • Daisy

    who gives a shit about her? the sox just won the ALCS babyyyy! we’re goin to the world seriesssss!!!!!!