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Andrew Featherston: Sandra Oh's Boyfriend

Andrew Featherston: Sandra Oh's Boyfriend

Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh, aka Dr. Cristina Yang, and her musician boyfriend go for a walk through the streets of Los Feliz on Sunday.

Her boyfriend Andrew Featherson is a percussionist in the indie band The Hereafter. Featherson was seen being quite the helpful partner, wheeling Sandra‘s mountain bike alongside them as they strolled down the path.

Sandra, 36, officially divorced writer-director Alexander Payne just last week–this past Thursday.

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  • Jabbers

    Awww, she’s only 36.

  • kiki


  • talula

    Wow, the Asian women in Hollywood really don’t want to date people of their own race.

  • alicia

    whats wrong with interacial dating talula, racist b****

  • cc

    Can people date who they like or want. Why do some people make everything so complicate? One thing I would have say though. Sandra maybe good/okay actor but is NOT an attractive women. That’s fact.

  • Natalie

    I think Sandra is pretty. She is also a very good actress, who can play anything from comedy to drama. I hope that she finds happiness. =)

  • Laura

    Talula seems a little jealous, maybe because these days men have the yellow fever!


    to #3

    Wow..Talula needs to watch what she says around here. People can date whoever the hell they want! Like what Alicia said….

    Racist b****!

  • selwyse

    hmmm . .her ex-hubby alex was much hotter .. .

  • MIMI

    Sandra looks young! Her skin is really beautiful to me!
    BTW, I’m Japanese and I’m with American Boyfriend!!

  • http://SamanthaBoutique Samurai

    A lot of Asian mothers push their daughters to marry White. They push their daughters to aspire to White things – hang out with White people, etc. I kow Asian girls who lighten their skin and some have done eyelid surgery to make their eyes less “Asian”. I find it interesting that the most unattrative Asian girls end up getting married cause some White guys just buy into the submissive Asian girl thing which does not exist, by the way. Also, I find it interesting that really pretty Asian girls end up with dorky, unattractive White men that White girls don’t want. Interracial dating is awesome but when people have an agenda then it sucks. I think White men are just looking for women they think they can control when they really should be dating women who they feel are their equals. Believe me, I have heard many White guys think they can control Asian girls. That is disgusting. What happens when the Aisan girl you think is submissive gets to become more American and be more vocal? I find it awful that so many Whites go to places like Thailand to prey on innocent Thai children and Asian women because they feel they won’t fight back. And often they don’t. I am an Asian grl and we are very independent. I want this image of us as wimpy girls to stop!

  • http://SamanthaBoutique Samurai

    I also agree with the psoter above: name me one Asian actress married to an Asian man! None, I can think of. I blame it on Asian parents who think White is right and think that is the way to assimilate into American culture by having your daughter marry the highest White bidder. What happened to marrying for love? What happened to Asian love? I know I will get my head bit off for sayin that but you know it is true. We don;tlikek our own kind. A lot of self hate in the Asian community. We think White is better and that is simply not true. Being Asian is awesome! That girl on E Entertainment or VH-1 was on Oprah a few months ago talking about how she hated her eyes and considered doing surgery. I appreciate her honesty but what a complete idiot! Be proud of who you are.

  • http://SamanthaBoutique Samurai

    7 Laura : 10/22/2007 at 1:58 am

    Talula seems a little jealous, maybe because these days men have the yellow fever!

    That is exactly it: they have a “fever” – that’s awful. You should love peopel for who they are not cause you have some dumb “fever” because you’re rebelling against your own kind or something or cause you need some Geisha to serve you tea. Seriously, I have had White guys tell me this – they think it is cute to think I could be some Geisha. I am not even Japanese! Which is why I chose my “samurai” screenname. I think it is a joke. They don’t even know the difference between being Japanese, Korean, Thai, or CHinese! How offensive.

  • maya

    sandra’s a pretty lady!! And a great award-winning actress!!! Just love her!!!Grey’s anatomy is not worth watching without her! i say she is the life of grey’s anatomy!!!

  • Mrs Depp

    Hope they’re as happy as they look! They’re a great looking couple.

  • anonymous

    Race doesnt bother me, but he is ugly.

  • talula

    Ugh, what’s up with all the hate? I actually love Sandra on Grey’s so I’m not even jealous of her. There’s more to the race issue and interracial dating than just the simple “she can date whomever she wants” crap. It’s not a coincidence that all these Asian women have white boyfriends.

  • LA

    her new boyfriends gross.

  • Mike

    People should date whom they wish, for whatever reason they wish, as long as it is legal. Neither you or I have the right to tell somebody who they should be dating or why they should date, or not date, within their race. Live your life the way you want and stop trying to tell other people how to live theirs’. I love Sandra Oh and she is anything but a stereotype (have you seen her roles?) The only problem I have is that she is not dating me. :)

  • samantha

    in my experience most chinese (don’t know about the other asian countries) parents of children who grew up abroad want their children to marry within their own race. But it is mostly the children themselves who feel more attracted to caucasians. i think it has to do with the influence of the media on what is ‘attractive’. u start to think that white men are handsome and asians are not. since many asian children who grew up abroad do not watch so much asian media and on the streets you do not see so many handsome asians.

    well that is my case and many others who i know. and the eye and skin whitening is because of easthetics and not because asians want to become caucasians. the asian skin tone looks nicer white, and the eyelid just looks nicer, but it is NOT because you want to be white.

  • http://sbcglobal E.L.

    Truly fug woman. Probably the fugliest I have ever seen on TV.

  • kenna

    no sarah jessica parker chole s. tori spelling clarie dans are the ugliest women on tv

  • A Certain Smile

    Ming Na from ER has an Asian husband. So does Lisa Ling from National Geographic.

  • Rae

    She looks cute!

  • Zoe

    Well away from all this crap about race thing, I think that Sandra Oh is beautiful and wonderfully talented. Her boyfriend is very hansom and he is also very talented at what he does for a living and I think that all you haters are just jealous.

  • Martine

    Interacial dating will always be an issue once one never date out of their race , nor knows the meaning of Love , we’re in 2008 for God’s sake why do we still watch people and categorize them up to their color , this is the reason why we can’t be united and can’t change …. we re the future but we’re still have the mentality of the 1800 and 1900 in 2008 this is a shame . Sandra Oh is definitely good at what she s doing , who ever watch with open eyes Grey’s Anatomy can agree with that . So if that man can bring him happiness let’s be happy that at least an other couple is happy . … less stress for 1 couple in this world , why all the haters you guys are just jealous , how about asking yourselves how many asians tried to be with her and shared the same value that she does , how many asians love her for herself instead of being a celebrity ….. try to find out and then u can say she refused this and that crap comment you re providing . Thanks for reading

  • sp

    Coming from a really traditional family, if you put it in this point of view in which you have a normal life; wake up work come home than most asain parents would push thier children to married within their own race. I mean their is a saying among the asian old folks in which they are skepitcal of ” marriage outside your race never lasts long(til death do you part)” it is also becos of this saying that most parent perfer not to allow their children to have interacial dating or marriage.
    Asian men or most of them naturally dislike women who have dated out of the race (my spouse told me this) because men are actually really jealous ppl; in a case such as ms oh no asian men would find her interesting becos she is a star and an american star where nudity and kissing and ect are reveal asian men dont like that ; they are very discret when it comes to showing skin and intimacy to a certain degree. unless they are on the same boat as ms oh.
    ms oh is beautiful and i love her in GA but unless she is planning to move to korea and find herself a korean actor and there are many hot looking korean actors in her homeland than you all can bet that she’ll be with her yellow fever because in the world of entertainment there is only white men.

  • (

    Sandra Oh rocks. And my god people, stop trying to fake psychoanalyze why she’s dating this guy or why so and so is choosing to date so and so. It’s none of anyone’s business. Sandra Oh can date whoever the hell she wants. People of any ethnicity can date whoever the hell they want and there’s no special reason behind it.

    “samurai” needs to get a life. You’ve got rage that needs to be addressed. Find a therapist instead of venting your ugliness online.

  • (

    the “skin lightening” thing is a throwback to the ancient past. In the past, nobility did not have to work in the fields like the peasants so nobility had fair skin. And that’s why fair skin became a part of the aesthetic ideal. It was the same thing in europe. Europeans of the past, namely the nobles, also put on white makeup to make their skin pasty white. And it’s hardly because white europeans wanted to become even MORE caucasian is it?
    And also, china was the political and economic center of asia for thousands of years and so many asians from other parts of asia wanted to have fair skin like the chinese nobility. So this preference for fair skin pre-dates the spread of western culture.

    Besides, most east asians naturally have very fair skin. Most asians from areas such as northeast China have very white skin that’s paler than your average caucasian, which is more peach/orange/pink than actually “white”. If you really wanna talk about what’s “white skin”, then I would argue east asians are whiter than Caucasians. Burt this topic is stupid and we really shouldn’t be talking about it in the year of 2008

  • (

    “Samurai” I read some of your other posts and I really think you have a lot of rage. I don’t know if someone said something to you or what but I’m an asian-american woman and yea, I’ve met a few freaks who are fetishists. But the majority of men are pretty normal so you can hardly use the wackos to describe EVERY guy who dates an asian woman (or white woman who dates an asian man).

    and sandra is by no means weak or submissive. I think that’s very obvious now. So you saying her bf is only with her cuz he thinks she’ll bend to his will is just stupid. I think YOU’RE the racist to think that men are dating sandra only because of her ethnicity.

    I pretty much like all guys, as long as they’re handsome and have the right personality. Unlike you, I don;t have this tunnel vision on “what ethnicity am I allowed to date”. And yes, I like asian guys too. But I live in an area that’s predominantly white and so if I wanna easily be able to meet an asian guy, I’ll probably have to go to asia to find him (I like a ton of asian actors in asia). However, there’s a language barrier to my dating a guy from asia which is why it makes more sense for me to date a guy by nationality ( i.e. american, or at least common language, which is english), rather than date a guy who is the same ethnicity as me but doesn’t necessarily speak my language or understand my culture.

    in the end, ppl should only date those who are romantically compatible rather than on the basis of common ethnicity.

  • (

    if talula and samurai think ppl should only date their own ethnicity, then we wouldn’t have kristen kruek, venessa hudgen, tiger woods, barack obama and more.

    the world would be a sad pathetic place.

  • bill

    whatever, all I see is asian women with white dudes. they wont even give anyone else a chance. if your white your right.

  • bill

    sure, and i guess you know the different between white men right? as long as its white skin your in.

  • anna

    @MIMI: good for you?

  • Rei

    I believe she has a new boyfriend now. I saw him with her family during the Ottawa Key Ceremony. Tall guy.