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Andy Baldwin's Juggling Act

Andy Baldwin's Juggling Act

Bachelor hunk Andy Baldwin makes the most of his time left in Hawaii, stretching out and relaxing on a beach in Oahu on Sunday.

The Navy doc proved to be quite the juggler, tossing up coconut shells and rocks he found nearby.

Andy, 30, is being deployed to the Persian Gulf in January but was unable to provide additional details.

“I’m just doing my job,” he tells “I’m not special. I’m just like thousands of others over there serving our country.”

As for his current relationship with Tessa Horst, how will being deployed to Iraq affect their relationship?

“It remains to be seen,” Andy says. “In the end, true love will prevail.”

Andy completed his fifth Iron Man competition last week. You can read a recap of his experience completing it here. But be warned, it’s like a novel!

30+ pictures inside of Andy Baldwin‘s shirtless juggling act…

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andy baldwin juggling 01
andy baldwin juggling 02
andy baldwin juggling 03
andy baldwin juggling 04
andy baldwin juggling 05
andy baldwin juggling 06
andy baldwin juggling 07
andy baldwin juggling 08
andy baldwin juggling 09
andy baldwin juggling 10
andy baldwin juggling 11
andy baldwin juggling 12
andy baldwin juggling 13
andy baldwin juggling 14
andy baldwin juggling 15
andy baldwin juggling 16
andy baldwin juggling 17
andy baldwin juggling 18
andy baldwin juggling 19
andy baldwin juggling 20
andy baldwin juggling 21
andy baldwin juggling 22
andy baldwin juggling 23
andy baldwin juggling 24
andy baldwin juggling 25
andy baldwin juggling 26
andy baldwin juggling 27
andy baldwin juggling 28
andy baldwin juggling 29
andy baldwin juggling 30

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  • Lyndsey

    woopi do

  • Orange Clockwork

    Why are we giving this man undeserved fame?

  • [~Famous~]

    jared, you might wanna get over this guy. isn’t there a new (relevant)bachelor you could post about? lol

  • bevin

    Andy, come back to me!

  • jessi

    HUBBA HUBBA!!!! Give me some of that Andy Baldwin!!!!!

    SO HOT!!!!!

    Thanks Jared :)


    Wow, he is a superb writer! Very inspirational “novel”. Actually a quick read. Go Andy!! Thanks for all that you do.

  • sasha

    I think his true love has three legs.

  • rachel

    Oh what I would not give to have those Baldwin hands all over me!

    Thanks for feeding my Andy obsession Jared!!!

  • Sadie

    Andy Baldwin is the HOTTEST bachelor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Err

    He is not hot! he is tooo fat and it makes his muscles look weird.

  • tom

    must be nice to live in hawaii……

  • Jenny

    Err….fat? Would love to know what you look like. Are you serious? Andy’s healthy and fit as can be. He just did an Ironman for heavens sake!

  • john

    look at the muscles bulge! love you andy. i hope you are gay!

  • Err

    look at his stomach and his boobs. fatty !

  • shirley

    Wow, I just read Andy’s recap from Ironman. What an inspiration!

  • Err

    He has love handles too.

  • hotmomma

    yes, great for LOVEMAKING!! i love a little meat on my man. Andy Baldwin is a hunka, hunka burning love!

    come visit me in New Orleans and I will show you a time you’ll never forget!!!!

  • tessa

    good luck in iraq andy

  • bridget

    he is soo gay !!! your ture love ” limelight ” will not prevail andy .. its a matter of time until your fame is venished to thin air …..when that happens you wont even know what hit you … grow up before your love for fame ruins you !!!!

  • Sammy

    Andy belongs to Tessa. Tessa is Andy’s true love!

  • bridget

    he is wierd !!!!andy your true love ” limelight ” will not prevail for long …

  • th

    teesa has a new love now . she is very happy and doesnt want anything to do with the player boy andy ..

  • sammy

    Andy belongs to Tessa! Tessa is Andy’s true love!

  • LADY T


  • lovvy

    the new bachelor is not interested in shirtless photo shoots … he is a true gemtleman unlike season 10 bachelor boy ..who will continue to be a bachelor forever..!!!!

  • TessaTessatessa!!!

    Th, that is a lie. Stop spreading rumors about Tessa when you know nothing about her. Please, stop with the lies.

  • TessaTessatessa!!!

    And to you “Bevin” poster. In your dreams! If Andy wanted you he would have selected you during the finale. He is not interested so move on biotch.

  • sendinglove

    reply to lady T..

    tessa and andy are done.. over and out .. tessa dumped the guy longtime back coz he cant take his face off the camera :)))as you can see above he still cant …one of these days he will have to eat his own photos for sure !!!

  • tessa

    i love andy

  • bevin

    andy, maybe you tessa and i can have a threesome?

  • th

    its not a lie .. you are the one who doesnt know anything about her .. i know the truth ..

  • robyn


  • sheri

    i’m going to hawaii to cheer up andy and get me some of that hunk.

    where does he live?

  • th

    tessa tessa tessa poster , you know othing about tessa.. i know the truth .. she has moved on and is very happy .!!!! she is seeing someoneelse ..this is nothing but the TRUTH ..

  • sammy

    Andy belongs to Tessa! Tessa is the love of Andy’s life!

  • LADY T

    28 sending love

    Thanks for the info…

  • th

    sammy, dont kid yourself.. andy is only in love with himself..!!!!

  • TessaTessatessa!!!

    #34, Again you are a liar!

  • TessaTessatessa!!!

    Th, You sound like you are the one who want to be with Andy. Leave the man alone and let Tessa and Andy work on their relationship in private and mind your own business.


    #28, What is it going to take for you all to get off Andy’s back. He was on the beach and being followed by photographers. What should he have done, throw rocks at the cameraman and get himself in trouble? Is that what you wanted him to do?

    As for photos, it will soon come to an end when he is deployed. And then what will you all have to say about him. You keep forgetting that he is a real person like us, and how would you feel if people were saying nasty things about you day after day?

    It is not fair to keep beating up the guy when he is down. Try putting yourself in his shoes and see how it feels! After that experience it wouldn’t hurt you to show a little empathy. Geez

  • LADY T

    When the current bachelor finale airs they will do a couple update on Andessa and we will have a confirmatin one way or another…

  • bevin

    andy deserves a woman who is nuts about him. andy, call me. love, bevin


    I am so tired of everyone attacking the man. If you have a brother, dad, son or sons, nephews, you would realize that it is unfaor to treat another human being the way many of you of attacked this man. He can’t catch a break for a moment and that is unfair to him.

    What did he do to you all? All he did was do a Bachelor series, and he was not the only man to do so. Never have I seen so much personal attack on one man like what has been done to Andy Baldwin. Think about what his family must be going through with all your attacks on their loved one. Just remember folks, he is somebodys child too!

    If you will be patient you will soon not hear too much about him when he is deployed. Then you will be wondering what happened to him. Just watch!


    Bevin has a boyfriend, so stop using her name to post here. People, get on with your own lives and leave innocent people alone.

  • coconut husk

    No Bevin. Andy will never call you. You are nuts!

    Andy is in love with the beautiful and classy Tessa.

  • Koren

    Just Jared, why don’t you pretend that Andy Baldwin don’t exist and move on to your next victim?

    Why him all the time? Don’t you have anyone in Hollywood to stalk? When you run around taking his pictures and posting him on this board then you leave him wide open to criticism. How would you feel if that was happening to you, or your family and loved ones? Give up Just Jared and find someone else to ruin their their life.

  • sendinglove

    for all those who says cameras are following andy …..

    the cameras dont follow him.. he and his agent make appointments with the photographers for photo shoots .. this is one of those photo shoots .

    why arent there any pic of tessa or the new bachelor brad .. coz they are not interested in photo shoots ..

    get your facts straight before you talk .. you dont know this business .. i know it coz i have friends in this business ..

  • http://yahoo Robyn

    Thanks for all the great work you do. “Got your back” is really a fantastic foundation that you started. The world would be a better place if more people were like you. God bless and good luck on your deployment.

  • runner

    world has enough of fake people like andy who do charity just to get his photo taken.. we need more genuine people who really wants to help people coz they truly care.. andy has lost all his values after the bachelor show ..

  • evelyn

    runner, perhaps you should actually look into what andy did before the bachelor show, and you’ll see that his sincere community involvement has always been there