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Brad & Angelina are Producing Partners

Brad & Angelina are Producing Partners

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie maybe be life partners but you can add producing partners to the list now too!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad and Angelina will make their first joint producing effort with a series project at HBO.

The Bourne Ultimatum co-writer Scott Burns is penning the untitled drama, which will explore the behind-the scenes politics of an international aid organization and chronicle the lives of humanitarian workers assigned to dangerous zones and the people in need they assist.

Brad, Angelina and Burns, producer of the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, are executive producing. Angie‘s longtime manager, Media Talent Group’s Geyer Kosinski, serves as co-executive producer.

The trade says the series has been a passion project for Ange since she did the 2003 feature Beyond Borders, a drama about disaster-relief workers in war-torn countries.

Hopefully their next project will have them starring alongside each other in a film again!

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Credit: THR; Photos: Aaron Perez/Bauer-Griffin
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  • juljus

    Great, Angie and Brad! It’s good to see them having so much going on together.

  • luvangie4ever

    Good for Angie!!! :D This should be right up their alley.

  • Vee

    Cannot believe I am on the first page! The project sounds perfect for them!

  • cutiful


  • KK1

    Wonderful news. They really are amazing together.

  • euthule

    Wow I am too, this is my second time to be in first page, hello to all who love BAMPZS family and friends who keep this side, day and evening and night. I just love the news that they are teaming up. Looking forward to see their special

  • http://GOOGLE trj

    That I really call a great partner in everything! Love Brad & Angie!

  • GQtaste

    ANother polictical show that nobody wants to see. People don’t like entertainers spoon feeding them on what to think about issues presently. Case and point: Rees’s new film, In the Valley of Elah, Carlize Therson’s new film, and of course Jolies film A Mighty Heart. That bombed big time!

  • Arora

    First Page!!! God Bless the Jolie-Pitts!!!!

  • http://GOOGLE trj

    They are really committed to each other.What a wonderful couple. And hello too to every fans of Brad & Angie!

  • please

    They should go for it.

  • cc

    People don’t like 911 related movies for obvious reasons. It’s too soon!

    I wish the best for them both on their together adventure!

  • please

    Well, this is about passion for what they believe in.

  • http://GOOGLE trj

    Hope to see more new pictures ot them jared.

  • thats_right

    they are so hot together

  • please

    Obviously, there are some projects that they do that are not meant to generate money but to get the message out there. These problems are real whether we like them or not. Some are part of the history that we’ll one day look back to. Again, I say it is all about passion and not about money.

  • oh

    At least while tabloids are writing trash, these people focus on more important things together.

  • well

    Best wishes.

  • http://not good

    wow they are hooooot!!!!! I hope to see new pictures on them…

  • tinkerbell

    This is great news JJ! You’re awesome, thanks!

    I watched Angie’s movie again tonight…”A Mighty Heart” (I’ve seen it in the theatre when it was shown a few months ago)…God, she’s a brilliant actress! Please see it on DVD, it’s been out since Tuesday….there are quite a few contenders for Best Actress next year, but she is THE best! Not saying this because I’m a fan, I’m saying it ‘coz it’s true… I’m sure the trolls will disagree but we’ll wait and see next year…..

  • http://GOOGLE trj

    I think they dont mind the critics, they just want to send the message to the people of whats the real and important issue. And hopefully we could offer some help to the people who are in need.

  • *

    #8 GQtaste – you’re nuts! How can you say AMH bombed when the majority of its reviewers raved about the movie and how it was handled and the great performance put up by everyone in it besides AJ? Do you know what “bombed” means in the larger perspective of things?

  • please

    The people whose messages they are putting out are poor or helpless people who cannot help themselves, if everything ia about money, who will help these people? God bless them.

  • peace

    God bless them.

  • happy

    I wouldn’t bet on them being life partners. Isn’t that what people thought when he was with Jennifer?

    Hollywood relationships seldom last long. 5 years is an eternity for most.

  • peace

    Peace to the world.

  • peace

    Peace to the fans, peace to JJ. Let there be love and no war.

  • good movies

    Go buy AMH. Watch Jesse James. Goodnight.

  • lol

    Thanks Jared.


    We’ll look forward to this drama.

  • a fan


  • funny

    here we go,they do everything with each other. :) Thanks JJ

  • tinkerbell

    Oh well…..did somebody said Cate Blanchett is a better actress compared to Angelina’s acting in a Mighty Heart?….well read this…,21985,22586859-5006023,00.html

  • zvkg

    alright. go go go Brangelina! Goodluck in your future projects.

  • Lady G

    The trade says the series has been a passion project for Ange since she did the 2003 feature Beyond Borders, a drama about disaster-relief workers in war-torn countries.

    Good for Angie, I remember how much doing Beyond Borders meant to her and how she loved shining a light on lives of the field workers and the people they helped in hot spot and the hard work the did every day!

    Hope everything comes to fruition for Angie, Brad, Scott, and HBO.

  • tres`hot

    Sooo great to have them work together as well as ‘play’ together. :)

  • ?

    LOVE THEM TOGETHER.They can do everything together,way to go jps

  • tinkerbell

    Brad and Angie….House Hunting in Europe….

  • Thank You

    25 happy : 10/22/2007 at 2:41 am
    Hmmmm…I never thought that about Brad & Jen. But, I do think Brad & Angie are on the right path to being life partners. And it’s great that Brad is helping Angie make her dream project become a reality. I just wish I had HBO. It sounds like it will be an interesting series to watch.

  • angie

    LOVE the Brad`s smile in this pic. :) They bring out good aspect of each other.good for them.


  • funny

    25 happy

    EVEN If they break up tomorrow until tomorrow they will be called life partner.

  • jolierocks

    awesome! Way to go bradangelina :)


    I hope they produce another Pretty Baby.

  • funny


    me too :)

  • http://deleted +++

    This could be the story about Doctor without border as reported by Us weekly a few weeks ago.

  • Thank You

    Here’s the complete article about their joint producing venture.

  • jordan

    WAY TO GO BRANGIE.They are doing good works together.


  • http://deleted +++

    17 oh : 10/22/2007 at 2:30 am
    At least while tabloids are writing trash, these people focus on more important things together.


    SO TRUE………………………..

  • Naise

    love them…

  • coalharbourqt

    This is great news! I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks – I am quite happy to support their projects and feel that the messages they are putting out are important and meaningful. People who want to have their awareness raised will gravitate towards these projects, and that is the type of viewer that they make these projects for.

    While the masses wallow in their ignorance and lowest common denominator entertainment, Brad and Angie keep on living and loving and doing what they feel is important. Films such as O13 and MaMS are more of a means to an end – great entertainment and pull in revenue to do the projects about issues that are dear to their hearts. Bravo Brad and Angie – go on with your awesome selves!!!

    PS – MF – got your msg. on YT and wrote back but not sure if it went through – let me know if you received :-)

    Pax and hugs to all their amazing fans!