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David Beckham: FAIL!

David Beckham: FAIL!

David Beckham‘s first season with the Los Angeles Galaxy ended Sunday night at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois.

Did it ever begin?!?!

The Galaxy needed a tie to to qualify for playoffs but lost 1-0 to the Chicago Fire. Still, Becks, 32, is optimistic.

“To go through what the players went through when I arrived, and before I arrived, was difficult to adjust,” he tells the Los Angeles Times. “But they showed character in the last six, seven games. No one expected us to be in this position today like we were, so it shows that we have character.”

The Galaxy doesn’t seem to getting any bang for their buck. Their $32.5 million million bucks, to be exact!

30+ pictures inside of David Beckham training and playing on the soccer field yesterday…

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Credit: People; Photos: Jonathan Daniel/Getty
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  • mimi

    First Wow he still looks hot :smile:

  • briseis

    The season is done already? I mean, didn’t it just start last July? Boy, soccer season is so short! The NFL goes from September to February, MLB goes from April to October, the NBA from November to June, so with Hockey. Hmmm, I feel sometimes that other major sports franchises are too long, maybe I’ll start paying attention now to soccer. Go Chicago Fire!!!

  • kim

    so….it turns out hes not worth the money :-(

  • liz

    they actually needed an all out win to make the playoffs, not just a tie.

  • Hi5 Codes

    32.5 Million for an aging soccer star… bad decision if you ask me.

  • Carrie

    to briseis – the MLS season is actually from April to mid November so the season is quite long, but you should still watch MLS. Beckham didn’t actually play (come to the team) till July because he was still playing for his old team (Real Madrid). MLS doesn’t have the same season as the soccer in Europe.

  • Linda

    Actually they needed to WIN against Chicago, not tie. Maybe if Galaxy had performed better before September, they would’ve easily made the play-offs, the season is not just 2 months long! David has only played a handful of games and has been out injured for over a month.

    Financially, Galaxy had made back the money spent on buying David in a few weeks, $250m is NOT his contract, that is just the predicted amount in 5 years through wages AND merchandising cuts. Galaxy made back David’s salary this year just through jersey sales alone!

  • sad,sad,sad…

    He’s a “has-been” as far as his “football/soccer” career is concerned… he should just bask in his million $$$ fortune and concentrate on family life, maybe modeling?… Although everyone knows with a wife like his, that’s a total LONG SHOT!
    Wifey-do, wouldn’t be content with the “simple-life”… no, no- she needs her daily dose of pap-stroking to keep her “happy”, altough with her pushy personality and her pouty attitude, how do we know when and if she is ever “happy”? And, really- Who Cares?

  • Flisbeth

    give the guy a break…he has been injured most of his time at the Galaxy. I think he will bounce back…some how he always does…through out his whole career he has always done best when everything was against him…so I don’t know, but some how I think he will come out on top this time as well!

  • [~Famous~]

    wake up jared.

  • EbolaHater

    We all know that the move to LA from Spain is for Pig-nose’s career. She literally has Becks for the
    That’s what you get for foolin around with your nanny…lol

  • Mr Paparazzi

    the Beckhams will be back in England before the end of next year. Mark my words

  • crazy

    oh puh-leez…it’s NOT always about winning…it’s also about the ticket sales. Beckham’s presence has been boosting ticket sales, whether he’s in the field, or in the sidelines.

    Sorry, but business dictates, as long as he’s popular, he’s here to stay.

  • ZZ

    This guy was just a waste of a buttload of money.He and wife are overrated.

  • tanique33

    maybe next year people will find a new angle for people to write about, other than the “he’s not worth the money” crap. NEXT!!!!!!!

    ask, the galaxy how much they’ve made off of him, already, and then ask if he was worth it.

    but this is par for the course with blogs, build them up…. i don’t know why i expected any more from this one.

  • ~ katie ~

    get him off the team and get someone better than him

  • briseis

    #6 Carrie: Thanks for the info. Maybe I will pay more attention now, since my hometown team Fire made it to the playoffs (and with the Cubs fading in the playoffs and breaking hearts again!) maybe we have a winning team to root for. I know the Fire was champion a few years back, just wasn’t that aware.

  • ciara

    Galaxy stupid much?

  • Lulu

    If the Galaxy actually did something from april to end of july instead of just wait for Becks to arrive, they’d surely be in the play offs.
    When he arrived the Galaxy forced him to play while he was caring an injured, and it got worse, and was out for about a month.
    Last night when he came on, he created about 10 chances, but the Galaxy players are talentless.
    So beckham didn’t fail, the Galaxy did.

    And how can you talk about a waste of money, when they already made more money than ever thx to him.
    They already got their money back and much much more.

  • Lulu

    This is all a waste of becks’ talent rather than a waste of the Galaxy’s money.

  • Miapocca

    hahahaha,,,waste fo money..they could have signed 50 teenager from African and South America for the price of an aging soccer star..he has about 2 yrs to retirement…hahahah

  • Su

    @Lulu: Thank you for your kind and so right words about Becks. I totally agree with your opinion. It is a shame that Becks played not in Europe. I’m so glad that someone found nice words and here are not only haters.

  • Ellie

    Maybe if he’d been there the whole season, and hadn’t been injured, it would have been different. Don’t blame Becks for the fact that they didn’t succeed.

    He’s looking rather gorgeous, as always.

  • forget me not

    Hey- what everyone is forgetting is that if he wanted to be “idolized”- then he should have stayed in Europe where for some reason he is looked upon as a national hero/treasure… what you ppl. are forgetting is that he is in America now and Americans care less about soccer than they care about the President of the country! Foolish man, foolish choice! Besides, in this country it’s all about Football, Baseball and Basketball… certainly NOT a kid’s sport such as “soccer”… Go Back Home!

  • fresh

    32 million down the drain

  • Lulu

    OK, to all the people that seems to be blind or can’t read and still say stuff like “32 million down the drain”, you do realize that there are 10 more players on a soccer team?
    What’s your opinion about them? as you all seem to know so much about soccer.

    I mean you must all have seen the games and actually be interested in the game to be able to put the blame on Becks on this season’s failure or say that he’s a waste of money.

  • Moviemadness

    Those defending him are obviously Beckham fan.s Anyway yea we know there is more than one player, but they payed him to make a difference and he hasn’t done sh!t. He might as well as not even be there

  • Lulu

    You could have put Zidane in this team it wouldn’t have make a difference, this team is crap.

  • black

    David……you really are a joke…

  • Hoi

    1. Your season is so short because you have so little teams.

    2. Did this actually came as a suprise to anyone? People in Europe were laughing their asses of when LA Galaxy added them to their roster. It was doomed from the start.

  • mar

    i support becks!!!
    everything that happened was just bad timing.

  • Miapocca

    Its a team person does not make a team..even with england best supporting becks they still DROPPED out of the WC, MUCH TO MY DELIGHT..england better enjoy the 196? win because no more coming thier way..ahahhahahhaha

    Beckham is a waste of money..Linnecker did the smae ended up in Jpan in hi slast years, then showed up as commentator for match of the day..the oldes guy on teh english side was Shiltonat about age 41 and he WAS a goal keeper..after age 35, your lung capacity and fitness starts falling and the bes tof them admit it and simple start other things ….but Galaxy mad ea stupid move, any fool could have told them Beckham at that age was not worth it hurt or not…

    If no one in the premier league was going to pay half of that much for him, why would galaxy assume they were getting a good deal…ahhahahha

    Even Pele palyed in the USA and folks could car eless, how much more Beckham with his disputed talent…There are so many better players before him , with him and after him

    Zidane, Theirry Henry, Appiah, trezeguet, Elhaji Diouf, Wayne Rooney, Robert Pirez..more more more ..Beckham is one of many, not the best of his time, good enough but not he best and not worth it..he is only famous in Aamerica because most americans dont watch the european games, they only hear of the good looking one..Beckham whose wife is famous…Galaxy certainly dug a hole for themselves…arses

  • dd

    Come on Beckham! You gotta play some soccer. Don’t be such a pu$$y.

  • lynn

    he should give the galaxy their money back so they can get a real player. db can just take pig-face vb and go back to where they came from. americans are sick of these two, especially that media craving ***** vb.

  • lula

    To say he falied,is so incredibly DUMB.Jared please stick to gossip because you obviously dont know alot about Sport.

  • bataglio

    wow. what! get this loser outta the states. what an overly hyped piece of sh*t.
    …i say that even though i do like the wifey

  • cc

    Jared, are you gay? Report on gossip, not sport, will ya? You don’t know sh*t!!!

  • m

    Miapocca, learn how to spell and type!!!

  • Cynthia

    They lost, that’s okay, better luck next time. Love you Becks bb!!!

  • deny

    Wot a poser this man is, even on the field.

  • goalie

    Some of you people on here only listen to PR bull. Becks HAS NOT already paid for himself. His shirts are being sold at the airport for $20. Talk about desperation for people to buy them. The problem is no one is interested in this old athelete. Their PR Marketing people made it seem that he is the best athelete in the world and anyone who knows about soccer knows that he’s a bit of a one trick pony.

    When he was injured, the Galaxy were winning their games, he then starts playing and as usual the only thing he does is “long balls”, which unfortunately none of the others know how to deal with.

    I actually feel sorry for him, he didn’t want to come to the US, it was only because his wife wants to hang out with hollywood celebrities that they are here. Becks needs to grow some balls and get rid of that wife of his. Even in England, everyone knows that she has ruined his soccer career.

  • Huds

    Beckham go! Go! You guys never support him don’t even come to this page and spoil! Fuck your ass who din support him n came to this page to left bad comment! Fuck Fuck Fuck!

  • crica

    He isn’t that great! He is just a marketing product and a beautiful guy (i don’t think so, hes not really manly) who plays soccer. Is to rare beautiful guys play soccer very wel, the bests always were ugly! I know…LOL.