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Gisele Bundchen Bikini Pictures -- Part Deux

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Pictures -- Part Deux

Bikini-clad Gisele Bundchen makes high fashion out of picking out her wedgie at the exclusive Setai hotel in Miami Beach on Monday.

The Brazilian bombshell sat poolside with her footballer boyfriend Tom Brady. The happy couple enjoyed a lunch on their lounge chairs.

Things got heated when Tom and Gisele hid behind a towel and started making out. Hot and heavy!

Don’t Tom‘s toes look crazy delicious?

10+ pictures inside of Gisele and Tom sunbathing…

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Photos: Steve Dennett/Splash News Online
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  • Marie


  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Those elastic Breast! I hope that she don’t think that he breast are attractive? BECAUSE they are not!

    I for 1 do not want to see her pull her too small Bikini bottoms out of her ass! AYE AYE! LOL

  • fer


  • Koko

    What a boy figure for a super model! Those ppl who gave her big break were dumb!A lot of women on the streets look better,..

  • Go sox

    Absolutely no curves…..funny, she always looked curvy in Victoria’s Secret catalogs. But she is a natural beauty..I like that about her.

  • June

    I think she’s pretty

  • Nanana

    This girl just has long and nice legs, everything else is just fugly.

  • priscila

    Go Gisele!!!
    Go Brasi!!!!
    (i’m brazilian!)

  • gisele


  • Diana

    She got no butt!

    Anyway, that is cute making out under the towel.

  • g

    This man is UGLY!!

  • trish

    Let them have fun, geeez, they look hott together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miapocca

    So what happened to fatherhood…I bet baby brady will have an album full of daddys dalliances to enjoy……he doens thave to wonder where daddy was when he was teething..ahahha

  • taye

    In the photos they use tons of make up and photo shop, but in real life this is how the ugly horse looks like.








  • patrol35

    11, 12 You’re pathetic. Come on, post pics of yourself in a bikini. I want to see your butt ! or maybe you’re afraid it’s not as toned and fit as hers ?
    She has a perfect body. ATHLETIC. I see too many fat women every single day. Nice to come to this site and see Gisele Bundchen and Nicole Kidman.

  • cc

    Brazilian women are the cheapest!!! They are all money hungry hos!!

  • bataglio

    howeva’, pic 01 is proof-positive that models do not eat. she has to look @ brady for guidance re how to place a fork in her mouth.

  • [~Famous~]

    no ass, no t*ts and a man-face.. fcuk outta here!

  • JLS

    Gee seems to me you got time to schmooze on a chair you got time to fly and see your baby. That is, of course, if you have any balls. So you can throw a football Tom, can you act like a man and see your child??? Of course not. Way to go loser!

  • Nanana

    Bridget is so much more beautiful and feminine……..

  • freddie

    she looks like a dude and look at that body looks like a boy

  • whoa

    whoa whoa whoa retract those razor cat claws “ladies”. quit stereotyping people. not only do u have to attack giselle, u have to attack other brazilians posting here too? :lol:

    on a lighter note, giselle looks soooooo hot! her body is one of the best. elle macpherson used to have a great bod too but she’s older now. giselle is beautiful, perfect body, gorgeous face.

  • ~~sinful ways~~

    hey Tom, how about spending your down time visiting your son.

  • Kristen

    tom brady is such an awful person. i agree go visit your son

  • coco

    come live in miami if you want to get a taste of latin women…the rudest and most arrogant female culture EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexandra

    She has a decent body and face, she’s not ugly, just not good looking either and her body is blank, that’s the best way I can think to describe it, just as nothing great, nothing bad, just there.

  • nothing to do

    Whoa…these postings are intense…I like her, us tall girls ahve to stick together.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Bridget Moynahan look way better than this heifer.

  • ick

    Ick. Tom Brady is an ass. Don’t you have a newborn son? Horse Face deserves to be with a snake like him. Great body, but the personality and big nose ruin it, honey.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    He should go back to his baby mama, and where the hell is her baby bump? thought i heard she was pregnant?

  • Jane Doe

    Her frame is boyish? I guess there is a woman to represent each body type, but I definitly would not call this ‘perfection’.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    She looks better with her clothes on.

  • Guhh

    alexandra go to hell bitch, Giselle is the most sucssefull supermodel of all time!

    And you┬┤re a nobody!

  • haha

    what’s with the nasty welt or skeeter bite on her arm in the pic where they’re chowing down?

  • Lucas

    The 2 are very sex together.
    And for the critcs of Gisele just one thing….33 million for years!
    And yours think seh is ugly, your crazy!
    She is the only UNBERMODEL, if yours don’t know wath is that search. Seacech if have another URBERMODEL in the world too…your don’t find! SHE’S THE ONLY!


  • toni

    I just want to know why photographers follow this skank around. Waste of film if you ask me. I would rather see Ben Roethlisberger.

  • laurie

    I am sure that his baby son is real proud. How many times has he seen his son. Maybe once I hope. Get a room you whores.

  • Natalie

    Ok… there are very few women who look just as good without make up on, as they do WITH make up on. Gisele is not one of those women, but she certainly isn’t ugly. Plus, she has an awesome body.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Bridget Moynahan is beautiful and classy and has dignity..

    This HORSE FACED B!TCH is so fcuking ugly!!! All the VS models are a million times better looking in the body and in the face!! Yes she has a toned body.. But they should really put a paper bag over her head when she walks the runway..

    I used to like Tom Brady, but since he left his pregnant girlfriend for this cheap brazilian ho I lost all respect for him also.. They are both disgusting human beings.. He should be with his son.. Not with this trash!

    GO MIRANDA KERR!!! She should be the next VS queen, not this ugly brazilian piece of sh!t!!

  • ex Brady fan

    This is so sad to see that his priorities are not with spending time with his son. I have completely lost respect for this man.

  • Brady lacks class

    While someone is spending 24/7 taking care of his baby, it’s nice to see him have some downtime.

  • Natalie

    Yes Tom Brady is a PIG for leaving his pregnant gf for Gisele, but how is that Gisele’s fault? Maybe she shouldnt have gotten with Tom in the first place but TOM was the one who acted shady… She is not the one who left somebody or cheated.. I think you guys should channel your hatred towards Tom not Gisele.

  • sara

    Push up bras and make-up do wonders for her. With out them she is nothing.

  • Rory

    She definitely doesn’t have child-bearing hips. Brady better keep Bridget Moynahan on the side if he wants to have any more kids!

  • Mary

    I agree with 29 & 30.

    Who wears big hoop earrings when they’re going swimming??

  • Hmm

    Oh Jesus Christ, you all need to get your facts straight. Tom and Bridget broke up in November, after Thanksgiving. Bridget didn’t announce she was pregnant until February. He was a free man when he hooked up with Gisele. He didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t know that Bridget was pregnant. Just because he didn’t drop Gisele to go back to Bridget doesn’t make him a dog. I’m sure that is what Bridget thought would happen but why would he go back to her just because she was pregnant? You can’t base a relationship on that. I think Bridget is hurt that he didn’t break up with Gisele and go back to her, which is understandable but he didn’t do anything wrong. She doesn’t want him around. Made that clear when he went out for the birth. She’s angry and she’s using her son as a weapon against Tom which I do think is very wrong. I think you guys are being way too harsh on this guy. HE DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT!!!

  • not a brady fan

    What a classless jerk this underwear model chaser is! This loser says to the media that now that he is a father he is going to lobby for more time off so he can spend time with his son. The classless underwear model chasing jock spent 5 minutes with his kid because everybody was watching then, he came “home” & said what his PR people told him to. The bum has had at least 3 occasions where the team has had extra days off & he hasn’t seen his own son. The classless underwear model chasing jock has been chasing the equally classless underwear model up & down the east coast.

    I can’t wait until this loser is out of my state!!

  • Simone

    Who cares about culture,with one big Hanson man.Go Go Gisele that man is, what l call man,l so jealoussssssss

  • jess

    get a room! ya’ll