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Hairspray Cast @ Hollywood Awards 2007

Hairspray Cast @ Hollywood Awards 2007

The Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards honored the cast of Hairspray with the “Hollywood Ensemble Acting of the Year Award” — Nikki Blonsky, Elijah Kelly, Brittany Snow, Amanda Bynes and John Travolta. (Zac Efron has his own entry from the from red carpet.)

John Travolta was honored with the “Hollywood Supporting Actor of the Year Award.” Craig Zadan and Neil Meron received the “Hollywood Producers of the Year Award.”

35+ pictures inside of the Hairspray cast @ the 2007 Hollywood Awards

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
Posted to: Amanda Bynes, Brittany Snow, Elijah Kelley, John Travolta, Nikki Blonsky

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  • Ashley


  • Ladbug

    Nikki is Fat.

  • levi

    i dont like niki at all that much. i think she is a suckup trying to steal zac away from nessa. sorry, but thats what what i think. thats funny how it says zac efron gets his own entry. of course he does but i find that funny

  • kathastic

    the girls dresses are gorgeous, thats such a stunning cast

    and zac got his own post…woo go zac!!!!!!!

  • kathastic

    hmmmm i guess i was only fourth dammit!
    brittanys red dress is gorgeous

  • Ladbug

    I agree levi.(3) She’s all over Zac during the premieres and probably thinks “This is the best job ever because I get to be all over Zac. Screw Vanessa Zac is mine” Zanessa is LOVE whoooo

  • Ladbug

    Yeah Brittany’s Awesome!

  • Val

    elijah and brittany look great!

  • Vanessa


  • Nonna

    Nikki look stunning! I love her dress. I hope we get some pics of her and Zac together. :)

  • Ladbug

    Haha Nikki’s probably wearing a corset hahaaa cause in the first picture she has her hands on her hip and is all sucking air hahaaa that’s what you get when you don’t eat right and don’t exercise and once again hahaaaa

  • igotyou

    3 levi : Nikki is nothing but stuck up and trying to steal Zac away from Vanessa … Nikki is the most sweetest girl in the world she has a great family & this couldnt have happened to a better more deversing person …

    And if u think she’s trying to “Steal” Zac maybe u should get out of your little 12yr old imaginary minde …. IMO :)

  • Jessica

    Ladbug… are so dam crude! Get over yourself!

  • EW

    Nikki needs to lay off the Krispy Kreme

  • igotyou

    11 Ladbug – Could u be anymore RUDE – if u notice in ALL of Nikki’s pictures from a red carpet she always poses with her hands on her hips …. Why dont u grow up ….

  • Ladbug

    Whoah whoah whoaaaah just stating my opinion here lol sorry if I’m kinda rude it’s just that i’m really hyper right now and when i get hyper I tend to say some rude things.

  • Ashley

    Amanda looks so pretty!!!!!!!

  • jOEL

    Brittanys hot. Moore her please

  • Ladbug

    #15 when she poses does it look like she’s sucking tons of air?

  • ashley

    ladbug and levi. shut the hell up about nikki. you little spastics.

    and go Nikki and the rest of this wonderful cast. I wish them much more success and awards.

  • Jessica

    Wow, Nikki, Brittany, and Amanda look gorgeous! I really love Brit’s dress and hair – very classy! Also, I think Nikki’s beautiful, no matter what she weighs (Anybody get that reference? Good. I was starting to get worried).

  • ????

    y is eveyrone so worried about Zac leaving vanessa for nicky? Nicky isnt much to look at. i’d be worried about Brittany or Amanda.

  • jane

    i love amanda~ so cute

  • cl

    Oh wow I really love the color of Brittany’s dress, Amanda is pretty too but I kind of miss how she use to look, her face has been a bit bubbly lately. Elijah looks cute waving. Also what the hell is Nikki wearing?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Ashley! Nikki is not trying to steal Zac. Geez. He initiates everything between the two of them and…ugh, you people annoy me.

  • name

    y is everyone worried about him dumping vanessa for nicky? nicky isn’t much to look at, i would be worried about Brittany or Amanda.

  • ashley

    and all you people you make fun of Nikki. I don’t think any of you understand the meaning of Hairspray at all.

    Go Nikki and Zikki (even if they’re just best friends)

  • LOL

    HAHA. zac and vanessa are so popular that even when the post ISN’T about them, they have 3,489,573 supporters. LOL. now THAT’s funny.

  • stopthehate

    YAY hairspray cast, they look beautiful!!!!!!!!! You people need to stop being so vapid and shallow you’re the reason people hate themselves and get down on themselves, I hope you can take a good look in the mirror someday and realize putting others down may help you feel better about yourselves but in the end it just makes you all the more unhappy and a worse person by the end of the day.

  • Jessica

    Okay, so, why is everybody putting Nikki down because she’s not a twig? If she was a size 2 like everybody else in Hollywood, she wouldn’t have gotten the part of Tracy, wouldn’t have become an actress, and wouldn’t be in Red Carpet pics for you people to make fun of her. I can’t believe how idiotic some people are.

  • Steph

    #26 Ashley, I agree with you 100%. It’s sad, maybe they didn’t watch hairspray. But even if they didn’t, it’s obvious that outward appearance outways inner beauty so much more to them.

    She may be over weight, it’s true, but she’s not unattractive. She’s beautiful. And I’ve seen her on interviews, and she carries herself well. She’s talented to boot.

    Focusing on outward appearance just shows how much you focus on yourself.

  • kayla

    I LOVE YOU JESS! You make me happy!

  • amanda

    I love Brittany Snow! You should start posting way more of her.

  • oh lordy

    Travoltas hair piece is a mess. :lol:

  • rick

    not many movie roles call for a 18 yr old 300 lb girl. if she wants to make it into hollywood, she’s gonna have to lose some weight. sorry if i hurt your feelings fatty.

  • ashley

    Rick you’re a D*ck. haha

    and o yeah Nikki has already filmed another movie and is about to start another on friday.

    also. what about Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Ricki Lake, Kathy Bates and other actresses who are chubby. they’ve made it and so can Nikki.

  • Narf

    Come on people! If you truely believe that Zac and vanessa belong together,(as I do), then stop trying to interpret every single minute of their individual lives.

    Show me where it is written that once someone enters into a relationship with someone they have to shun every other member of the opposite sex.

    Nikki is a sweet girl and as far as I have ssen, has only tried to steal Zac in what I like to think are some very active imaginations. So if you must be mad, don’t take it out on Nikki. She is not the one going around with that rumor. your fellow postees are.

    Zac and Vanessa do not like having their friends trashed.

  • Nonna

    Wow it’s really sad how ignorant and rude some people can be. It reminds me why I never read the comments on here.

  • Jessica

    @ 34: Nikki has said herself that if she sees a role she wants that calls for a skinnier girl, she’d lose the weight. However, I find it very refreshing that she’s not immediately trying to lose weight right after the movie. She’s happy with the way she is; if you watch Hairspray, you’ll realize that a person CAN actually be happy with themselves and be admired & loved by others no matter what they look like. Because ultimately what really counts is what’s on the inside, not the outside.

    Sorry to get all preachy, but I just thought it needed to be said. :)

  • ~

    Well no one forces you to read the comments, and making that statement isn’t really going to make a profound difference to anyone. Haa at her losing weight, it’ll take time, she doesn’t seem to care too much about it though or how she dresses to award shows either for that matter.

  • Narf

    Hey Rick, you say that you are sorry if you hurt her feelings, then go ahead and insult her again.

    Do us a favor, go tell your mother what you said so she can remind you that she raised you better than that.

  • Connie

    I think the everyone in the Hairspray casts looks wonderful. All the awards for them are well-deserved.

    Those of you who are making immature comments (i.e., Zanessa fans and the Nikki Blonsky haters) obviously DIDN’T LEARN anything about the main message of Hairspray..that’s okay to be different, not to put other people down, and being accepting of others – no matter what size, race, gender, etc.

    I find it rather sad that you only seem to care about a person’s outward appearance or who is dating whom. Don’t you care about ANYTHING else?

  • Magpiez

    and you Ladbug are a shallow, moronic, idiot! I hope everyone judges you the way you classlessly judge others.

    Nikki is a beautiful and talent actress, and they all look fabulous in their attire!

  • YAY

    I love Brittany also, she is beautiful, and shes a prime example of what the pressures of hollywood do to young people, go read how she stuggled with anorexia, it will make you admire her even more! GO HAIRSPRAY CAST!

    peace, love, and daydreams!

  • ashley

    I love Britt’s and Amanda’s dresses. I just wish Amanda would go back to her natural hair color, but she’s gorgeous either way. I just prefer her natural hair, and less root touch ups.

  • Narf

    Connie, I agree with most of what you said. just one little thing, not all zanessa fans are making those kind of comments, so please don’t group us all together.

    I happen to believe nikki is a beautiful, sweet girl and wish her the best of luck in everything she does.

  • Natalie

    Nikki is beautiful. She is a lovely girl, with lots of confidence and talent.

    However — Brittany Snow needs to put away her tweezers. She barely has any eyebrows. haha

  • Connie

    Narf, point well-taken and apologies to you. I didn’t read what you intially wrote until after I had posted my comment. I probably should amend my original post to say “some” Zanessa fans. It’s nice to know that not all Zanessa fans make those types of comments. :) (To be honest, after reading the immature comments about the recent Hairspray premiere pics, I wasn’t so sure, but I’m glad you proved me wrong)

    Thanks for the kind words about Nikki. I, too, think that she’s a sweet girl and talented actress. In fact, I think all the young actors/actresses in the Hairspray cast (Nikki, Amanda, Zac, Elijah, Brittany, and even young Taylor Parks who played Little Inez) are very talented and I wish each of them the best and much success in the future!

  • Narf

    No apology neccessary Connie, but thank you. :)

    I look forward to seeing what each one does next as well.

  • nikki blonskys favourite fan


    ok thats all i wanted to say