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Mark Wahlberg Replaces Ryan Gosling in 'Bones'

Mark Wahlberg Replaces Ryan Gosling in 'Bones'

Mark Wahlberg has replaced Ryan Gosling in the upcoming movie The Lovely Bones, according to Variety.

And just ONE day before shooting!!! (Filming begins today in Pennsylvania.)

Ryan vacated the role on Friday; Marky Mark stepped in on Sunday after quickly reading the script.

Wahlberg has taken the role of Jack Salmon, the grieving father of a young girl. Rachel Weisz will play his wife. After their daughter is murdered, the girl watches over her family and her killer from heaven.

Gosling gained 20 pounds and grew a beard for the role. “Creative differences” supposedly contributed to his abrupt exit.

Peter Jackson wrote the script with his The Lord of the Rings partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

Wow, this is major suckage for Ryan. Is there another role that he can take on now with all that massive weight gain????? Crazy!!!

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Credit: Variety; Photos: Bryan Bedder/Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • Nina

    does this mean mark will have to gain some pounds for the role? hard to imagine, he’s so buff.

  • linda

    This is huge, sucks for Ryan.

  • Mariah

    What??? I really like that book alot! And I was looking forward to seeing him In it!! If you haven’t read the book get It’s great!! I’m mad now!!

  • suzy

    shame. MW does not have time to put weight on

  • gaby

    this is very strange. if ryan had to gain so much for the role, then wont mark also. this is one day before shooting. and, also i feel reallly bad for ryan cause he got fat for nothing. im confused, jared are you sure this is true?

  • courtney m


    NOOOO!! i was soo stoked for ryan to play this part.. now with mark, ugh its just going to be different.
    im so upset.

    to make me feel better, please post more things on zac.

  • Kelly

    LOVE MARK way better than Gosling.YEAH BABY!!!

  • pimpjoe_esb

    There goes his Oscar nomination.

  • Lara

    whats the book called??? i really want to know i wanna read it

  • Susan

    Go Mark!!! This is GREAT news!!
    Thanks JJ

  • liz

    I’m with some of you others, how is Mark going to grow a beard and gain weight at this point? This sounds wierd.

  • lola

    What is the title of the book? I don’t think MW is a good actor, something about his acting makes me cringe.

  • Amy

    I love Mark. He’s incredibly talented.

  • Erik

    bad, bad news… i can’t even imagine this muscle gorilla Wahlberg in the Jack Salmon’ subtle part

  • http://deleted lulu

    What is Ryan doing ? He dump that role or being replace ? that role is more fitted for Ryan.

  • Silverlining

    First he dumps Rachel McAdams then he dumps this role? WHAT ARE YOU DOING RYAN GOSLING?!

  • Ashley

    What a step down! From Ryan Gosling to Mark Wahberg? Seriously? He’s not even half the actor Gosling is. What was going to be an amazing film is now a HUGE disappointment.

  • Milan

    I really hope this isn’t true. I just cannot see Mark as Jack. I love Mark and all, but Ryan just seems fit for this role. No offense, but it just seems too heavy for Mark. Blargh!

  • DUI

    ^ Agree 100%, Ashley. Mark Wahlberg is more of an action movie kind of guy, I don’t how well he’ll do emotional drama. Ryan is so good at capturing his emotions.

    I guess Ryan trusts his gut. It’s gotten him this far, so I’m guessing it would be for the best. :(

  • :(

    WTF?!?!?!?!? why Why WHY??????? I thought Ryan was PERFECT for the role!!!!

  • Wtf

    Man! I loved this novel, and was so excited to hear one of my fave actors had signed on to star in it. I could spit fire right now. Whatever it was that made him leave 1 day before filming began must have been pretty serious. :(

  • 100

    They are filming “lovely bones”? I read that book – good book/story but I never thought it was “film” stuff.

    Anyway i know who the killer is!

  • james evangelista

    And the Oscar goes to……….Mark Wahlberg for The Lovely Bones

  • Von

    I think Ryan only had to gain the weight and beard, to look older, while Mark already looks the age, so there would be no issues on looking older and hence wouldn’t need the weight or beard.

  • dorothy

    Seriously….Gosling is an amazing actor…it is a step down.

    I wonder why this happened. Probably creative differences.

  • bethanne

    17 Ashley
    25 dorothy

    I totally 100% agree with both of you. Mark doesn’t come even close to Ryan as an actor. Ryan is in a league of his own. This movie is going to be a HUGE disappointment.

  • Flisbeth

    I think they are very different types of actors…each of them good in their own way. I for one am looking forward to seeing Mark Wahlberg in this role…but I would have loved to have seen Ryan as I’m all good :)

  • Claire

    Not the first time such abig change has happen in a Peter Jackson film – wasn’t the last time in LOTR with Stuart Townsend being replcaed by Viggio Mortensen ? That didn’t work out so bad :)

  • Nat

    Ryan has excellent instincts and probably dropped out for a good reason. He approaches each film he’s in with very strong ideas and he and PJ must not have seen eye to eye. This is PJ’s loss unfortunately as Mark doesn’t come near matching Ryan’s emotional depth onscreen.

  • maria

    Why did u do this Ryan WHY?????

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Love them both, so I’m torn.

  • http://deleted raye

    I read that Jennifer Aniston auditioned for Rachel Weitz part. She didnt get it, obviously! I wonder why???

  • Tracy

    Thank god. Ryan was way too young for that part. Mark Wahlberg is a way better choice.

  • great news.

    YAY, I’m glad his homely fat but.t is out.

    Reminds me of an heavy Arquette brother.
    Mark will be so much better, yay!

  • Kamila

    Look. I have read “The Lovely Bones”, which is one of my favorite books ever and, as much as I love Ryan Gosling, he was WAY too young to play Jack Salmon.

    And Mark Wahlberg is just another BAD casting. Dennis Quaid was perfect for the role of Jack Salmon.

  • Hoi

    Mark is for big blockbuster commercial movies, not for quality films which needs actors to bring dept and a wide range of emotions.

    I was keeping an eye on this project, iw ont be anymore. I have nothing against Mark but COME ON!

  • julie

    Ryan is way better for the role than Mark is. Too bad !! LOVE YOU RYAN !!

  • Regina

    LMAO, I feel sorry for Gosling for gaining so much weight and to learn he has creative differences with the writing.

    Though overall, I feel as if the casting director hasn’t even read the book. Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg are WRONG WRONG WRONG. Susan Sarand and Saoirse Ronan, however are quite the opposite.

  • alicia

    I love Ryan Gosling, he was great in Fracture… it SUCKS that he wont act in the lovely bones

  • the_original_nika

    OH SOB, poor ryan..

  • Nat

    I don’t think age was an issue- Ryan and Mark look the same age in these pics.

  • Jazz

    I could never picture Ryan and Rachel Weisz as a couple. Maybe the chemistry wasn’t there?

  • marky mark


  • jEN

    Where in PA are they shooting?

  • emilia

    love mark but i think gosling would have been better suited to the role. look forward to see what mark does with it tho, for sure.

  • cala

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I hate Mark.

  • jocasta666

    Could care less about Marky Mark…but it looks for all the world like Ryan got fired for being too heavy. He gained weight to look the part of a father, then they told him he was too fat.


    This wasn’t about Ryan leaving, it was about the film makers firing him.

    Okay. Let me make a note to never watch their movies again.
    They should have just made it clear how he had to look from the beginning. It’s almost like being fired for being pregnant! (Being heavy and not the office boss’ eye candy anymore). I’ve seen that in real life, and this is the male movie star version.

    That irks me and I didn’t even know why Ryan was until yesterday!

    I thought all movie contracts and riders specified any given conditions for completion of a movie/movie roll.

    Guess not.


  • Sarah

    I’m a huge Mark fan and he’s going to do a great job with this role. He can evoke emotion just as well as he can throw a punch. I can’t wait to see it!

  • http:////////// betty

    yeh well they knew when they hired him in the first place that he’s young… that’s not the problem. Otherwise yes there so many more good actors like a Dennis Quaid or Kevin Bacon together with Rachel…..

    ps that Peter J is dirty looking fat man with beard…Ryan can still look very good with

  • rachel

    gahh, you guys.
    ryan would be so much better.
    in the book, the dad is so strong mentally…
    you don’t expect him to be soo big on the outside.
    he is a laid back working man.
    no stupid MARK WALLBERG..