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Nicole Kidman - "Interview" Magazine November 2007

Nicole Kidman -

Nicole Kidman goes brunette on the cover of the November 2007 issue of Interview Magazine.

Nic, 40, poses alongside lookalike sister Jennifer Jason Leigh, 45. The stars worked together for the first time in the upcoming film Margot at the Wedding. Leigh‘s real-life spouse, Noah Baumbach, wrote and directed the film.

In interview of the misfits was done by Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours (Nic‘s 2002 film). Photos by Max Vadukul.

Nicole says of Jennifer, “She’s wonderful. I say that in a purring way. She’s just that very rare creature. She’s maintained her individuality.”

Margot at the Wedding opens in limited released on Nov. 16.

Bigger Interview cover of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh inside…

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  • zanessa110

    i prefer vanesa hudgens.

  • Amy

    Then go to some teenie website.

  • Diana


  • JoAnn

    Vanessa Hudgens- is she the little strumpet who kept mailing her own nude photos to male actors?

  • Diana

    I am still laughing!!!!

  • None

    I like Jennifer Jason Leigh. Nicole is so plastic. She has had cosmetic surgery. She no longer has her freckles. Botox. Lips plumped. She needs to gain a few pounds. When is she ever going to have this baby with Keith? She better hurry up. I don’t think she will. She has her career and nomad life and no room for kids. If she did, she’d be living in California near her two kids with Tom Cruise. And anyone in her fan club who thinks she is natural and hasn’t had anything done-you are crazy and blind! I do like her acting in some movies. She might as well keep acting and add to her billions of dollars before she gets too old and no one wants to hire her.

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP PLAYING! when you said that Nicole was Plastic! That was not funny! Where does she look plastic at? And She is killing this wig, or hair color! I love it! I think that she should go darker anyway! I just know that she be having her heels to the ceiling!

    1) I am so tired of you PICTURE P*SSY SUCKERS! I swear Vanessa isn’t that cute! Her teeth are ugly to me! She is just some ordinary looking chick that I would see at the mall! I personally can’t see what is so cute about her, And not to mention her gay as ever boy-girlfriend!

  • Jolie-Pitt fan

    Nicole Kidman is so OVERRATED. Her face can’t move and hasn’t aged since she started her career. Plus she has the same annoying voice in all her films.

  • JoAnn


    You obviously need to learn a thing or two about freckles. People are not born with freckles. Rather, they are acquired by staying out in the sun.

    There are creams in the market that can help you fade the feckles you already have. So, by avoiding the sun, you are avoiding the addition of more freckles. Over a period of time, by continuing to use the creams and avoiding the sun, you should be able to avoid having feckles.

    And what’s your basis of saying she has botox and lips plumped?

  • Miller

    OH gawd!! Not another Nicole Kidman interview! Ugh! She’s so gross and old. What a weird chest. Looks like a man’s. JJL is hot but Nicole needs to act her age.

    Why does Nicole never make any other face than that stupid one?

  • JoAnn

    #8 and #10 – “Her face can’t move and hasn’t aged since she started her career.”

    You’re obviously blind or simply looking at photos that have been airbrushed or photoshopped to death. If you look at this set of photos in People Online, at least half of those photos showed her with wrinkles and creases:,,20007649_20345692,00.html

  • Ally

    botox queen

  • Ally

    Gorgeous and talented stars!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    nicole’s finished.

    oh boy, i wish she didn’t let keith unknown talk her into botox.

  • Brent

    Holy cow!!! Jennifer is 45?? Since when?? She looks young for her age. Nicole is beautiful, elegant and classy as always. She doesn’t have any plastic surgery. Her freckles are gone, because she stays away from the sun, that’s why she’s so fair. I saw her in person not long ago. Damn, I almost fainted, I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman.

  • Miller

    What an incredibly talented and beautiful pair of actresses! Thanks JJ.

  • Jolie-Pitt fan

    Very HOT!

  • nicole

    hope this does well at the box office, no more flops. halle’s movie stunk.

  • LC

    nicole looks great and much younger as a brunette!

  • lula

    Great cover,two beautiful talented women,can it be that they got on the cover?There is hope after all,and that movie rocks,i saw it.

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About time somebody asid something that made sense!

    How can she be finished when she wins awards all the time?

    You people are finished! Hell, you never began!

    If half of you wrinkled people could get botox, you would jump on the oportunity! Maybe, she just take good care of her skin, and maybe Keith is Bringing a Certain Glow into her life!

    People, you should try it! It is called D*CK!

  • terri

    Vanessa and Zac need to disappear!!! She’s cheap and ugly, he’s gay. Zac, you need to give Lance Bass a call, i think he’s been single for a couple of days, and needs a cute boy to bang!

  • lori

    # 22 NEXT: LOL!! You’re damn funny. I tried D*CK, it makes me look younger and feel younger. I strongly recommend it. DON’T GET MAD, GET D*CK!!

  • Merci

    Zac and Vanessa are trash. Nicole needs to retire because no one watches her movies and she’s old and ugly.

  • Truth-patrol

    Halle’s movie “Things We Lost in the Fire” tanked badly!

    Reese Witherspoon’s “Rendition” did badly too.

    Cate Blanchett’s “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” is a golden disaster in the box-office.

    Charlize Theron’s “In the Valley of Elah” is pretty much DEAD in the box-office.

  • taye

    Wow, this is depressing…

  • Heather

    Who wins awards all the time # 22?? Nicole really needs to lay off the lip injections. And find a new expression. this one makes her look like The Joker. And why does Nicole always have to dress as though she is constantly trying to prove to the world that she’s sexy?

  • kim

    Love Nicole!! She’s the best actress!!! Beautiful and classy!!!

  • Jolie-Pitt fan

    Halle’s movie “Things We Lost in the Fire” tanked badly!

    Reese Witherspoon’s “Rendition” did badly too.

    Cate Blanchett’s “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” is a golden disaster in the box-office.

    Charlize Theron’s “In the Valley of Elah” is pretty much DEAD in the box-office.
    Don’t forget that Nicole Kidman’s The Invasion was also a box office disaster.

  • Truth-patrol


    Jolly, it’s the pits! One trashy woman stole the husband of Jennifer A., had a child out of wedlock and didn’t even bother to get married. She’d rather have her child be known as a bastard than get married to give her legitimacy. How honorable!

  • chris

    #28:She doesn’t have to prove, she is sexy!!

  • Daisy

    The people who do the photo shoots pick the clothing not the actresses!!
    Every actor & actress ever on screen has had a bomb or two at the box office.

  • Truth-patrol

    Total worldwide box office to date:

    Halle’s movie “Things We Lost in the Fire”: $ 1,561,949
    Reese Witherspoon’s “Rendition”: $ 4,060,012
    Cate Blanchett’s “Elizabeth:The Golden Age” $11,224,145
    Charlize Theron’s “In the Valley of Elah”: $ 6,585,535
    Nicole Kidman’s The Invasion: $28,374,191

  • Heather

    #28:She doesn’t have to prove, she is sexy!!

    Yes, and she is constantly doing nude sex scenes to prove it. Her next role has her having sex with a 15 year old. Her kids must be so proud.

  • a realist

    That b*tch Nicole is trying to look like katie with that wig on. It’s just like Katie’s hair.
    Plus Nicole is too botoxed. For those who do not believe Nicole is botoxed, she has already admitted she is addicted to botox.

  • dd

    Brad and Angie need to disappear somewhere and take care of their children. They always drag their kids where the cameras are, and then complain about it. PHONY!! Brad and Angie are getting old, ugly, and boring!! They need to adopt a new kid to keep them interesting!!

  • Kat

    The people who do the photo shoots pick the clothing not the actresses!!


    The actresses can say no. JJL doesn’t have her slip showing.

    Every actor & actress ever on screen has had a bomb or two at the box office.

    Or in Kidman’s case 4 or 5.

  • Truth-patrol

    #36 -a realist

    Show us where she made that admission. If you cannot come up with the article, then you are a big, fat LIAR!

    You must be blinded by your jealousy. Nicole does not have to look like Katie. She put on that wig to match the one worn by Jennifer Jason-Leigh, her costar in “Margot at the Wedding”.

  • Dr Jube

    she looks 10 years younger with dark hair and a fringe. Her usual white, scraped back hair is horrid. She could ditch the excessive botox with a haircut like that.

  • j

    Heather, you’re such an idiot!! She’s doing nude scenes because sometimes it’s necessary in a film, not because she proves that she’s sexy. And she’s having sex with a 15 year old boy, because that’s the story. Honey, she’s just acting, pretending. She doesn’t really bang the 15 year old. U are such an idiot. Paris Hilton, is that you???

  • Diana

    This started crazy and is still going! LOL

  • None

    Oh, get real Nicole’s fan club people. Most of actors and actresses get cosmetic work done. Nicole has, too. She has had laser resurfacing or chemical peels to rid herself of all the freckles she used to have. Come on, you can bounce a quarter off her face/forehead-it is so tight. Her face was more relaxed when she was younger. She no doubt has access to best facials, etc. to keep her skin looking young, too. When one ages, you usually do get some wrinkles and face sags here and there. She looks real tight. Who knows she might have had a boob job, too. Her boobies were smaller than this and she doesn’t have big ones right now. So face it, she has had cosmetic surgery and will continue to do so. No baby for her-she’d have to stop the botox for 9 months. Supposedly she is gaining weight for some new movies. Well, it’s not healthy to gain, lose, gain and lose. Rene Zellweger is proof of that. Nicole does need to gain some weight and keep it on. She isn’t a real redhed. So face it, most of actresses have had cosmetic surgery. Nicole has, too. On her wedding day, she had her lips plumped the day before. You can see bumps on her lips where injections were made. Not really bashing her but don’t deny she hasn’t had any work done. Stay out of the sun, yeah, but she has paid hundreds of dollars for that tight porcelain face skin. Don’t forget eat right, too, and drink water. Look at her sister who looks more natural and prettier than Nicole. Nicole’s mother is aging naturally. Why can’t Nicole? It’s her career. No one wants to hire old wrinkly ladies. Some do as some parts call for older women. It gets me when there are people out there who worship someone and say they haven’t had cosmetic surgery or put them up high on a pedestal. Nicole and other celebs go to the bathroom like the rest of us and has to wipe her bottom, too.
    Like I said, I like some of her acting in some movies. Cant’ see her with Keith scruffy Urban.

  • DUI

    Such a cute cover! I love Nicole Kidmand and how she takes chances. Your movies don’t have to be big-box-office hits in order for them to be good, it helps but I don’t think it negates how talented she is!

  • Truth-patrol

    #43 – None

    Lol… you mean unless a 40-year-old woman looks like a dried up prune or a leathery horse, she must not be natural? LMAO!

  • Dr Jube

    …and for those of you who say nicole has had no plastic surgery – I am australian, I grew up with Nicole on televison (BMX Bandits!) and everywhere else, for that matter and I can tell you 120% she HAS had plastic surgery. A lot of it. Look up some old photos online and take a look at her lips.

  • Truth-patrol

    #46 – Dr Jube

    You don’t need plastic surgery to plump up the lips. Just go visit your cosmetics counter, and ask for any number of lip plumpers.

    Goodness gracious, pretty soon you’ll say women who use lip liners or lip gloss to give better definition to lips as having surgery too.

    Since you mentioned BMX Bandits, you should have noticed that the REAL work she had done was dental work. That’s fairly normal and common for a lot of people. And I believe it’s because of the dental work she had done that altered the shape of her lips slightly.

  • Dr Jube

    That’s a good point, #47. Many people have had braces and that could reshape their mouths and jawlines.

  • maryj

    I just glad I’m not famous, coz I look nothing like when I was 18 and I ain’t had no plastic surgery what so ever!

    She’s had her lips plumped but I think that about it. It’s just like having your crocked teeth fixed. Her lips were very thin and made her look colder. Other than that I see no change except natural aging. I’m 42 and my forehead is as smooth as her. In fact JJL at 45, looks younger than her!

  • Cathy_J

    Two very classy, talented and beautiful women!

  • yuri

    8 Jolie-Pitt fan : 10/22/2007 at 7:16 pm

    Nicole Kidman is so OVERRATED. Her face can’t move and hasn’t aged since she started her career. Plus she has the same annoying voice in all her films.


    OMG I agree with a brangeloonie! Hell has frozen over.