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'Viva Laughnlin' CANCELED!

'Viva Laughnlin' CANCELED!

Hugh Jackman‘s flashy new TV series, Viva Laughlin, was just canceled after just two episodes.

Last night’s second episode drew a mere 6.8 million viewers for CBS.

If The New York Times dubs your show “the worst show in history,” you’re screwed.


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41 Responses to “'Viva Laughnlin' CANCELED!”

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  1. 1
    the_original_nika Says:

    Maybe it was better for him.

  2. 2
    shoes4life Says:

    I knew that was coming. It was a musical/drama not interesting at all. Too much was going on in that show.

  3. 3
    Paula Says:

    I am sorry to see that CBS wouldnt give it a chance-but look at what they did last year to the Class and Jericho will cancellation. I loved both episodes of this show Viva Hugh-but he will make a comeback on stage and movies

  4. 4
    Spirit Says:

    That sucks! but, Like Jared says VIVA HUGH JACKMAN! He’ll make a comeback!

  5. 5
    anonymus Says:


  6. 6
    stefanie Says:

    I love Hugh, but hate the concept of musical dramas (does anyone remember Cop Rock? Geez). That does not diminish Hugh, since he wasn’t the star. And the show had Melanie Griffith- the Kiss of Death for any production. And CBS really didn’t give the show a chance to build an audience. Fox was going to cancel “House”, but gave it time to build an audience and look at it now.

    But I ain’t worried about Hugh. He’s a star!!!

  7. 7
    Silly Says:

    Good! Now Eric Winter can go back to Brothers and Sisters.

  8. 8
    nic Says:

    I’ve never heard of it!?! lol
    don’t be mean i’m from the UK and its probably and american show :S

  9. 9
    josh Says:

    hugh shoula’ dropped trou; instant success!

  10. 10
    magnus MFA Says:

    The Times sucks so I guess they’d be the ones to ask. Experts on suckage.

    He was producer, star, everything that got that show greenlit. But CBS execs have a rule: you’re number 1 or you’re gone. They’re idiots. CSI BS.

  11. 11
    angelina Says:

    that sucks i wanted to watch the next episode, i thought the show was very different from the other shows. I liked it

  12. 12
    Mstt Says:

    Yet another US remake of a UK show fails.

    Anyone interested should check out the BBC original called ‘BLACKPOOL’. Far superior.

  13. 13
    cutiepie Says:

    “THE WORST SHOW IN HISTORY”? lol. Ouch that must have hurt.

  14. 14
    cutiepie Says:

    BTW, the real worst show in history is, was and always will be Seinfeld. What a pile of unfunny crap that was.

  15. 15
    [~Famous~] Says:

    ooooocH! Hahahaha

  16. 16
    tamjo Says:

    I watched it and I really liked it. It was different but very entertaining. It is to bad that they didn’t even give it a chance. Had a great cast.

  17. 17
    angelina_mmm Says:

    he should stick to movies

  18. 18
    black Says:

    Hahaha……I like Hugh just fine- somehow he can´t seem to get the right prijects on his hands.

    Don´t get me wrong, he´s talented as hell- but it´s just not working.

    (appart from the obvious…)

  19. 19
    devilgirl Says:

    I’m not surprised. What a confusing mess. And a musical? Ugh.

  20. 20
    jocasta666 Says:

    I adore Hugh Jackman beyond all reason.
    But the first episode stank on ice for all the wrong reasons.
    Most important: some actor I didn’t recognize “doing” his Elvis impersonation while singing along with VIVA LAS VEGAS and moving through several scenes.

    Look, I sing along with music too, but not for money…and not when someone else is trying to hear the SONG.


    Anyway, I’m just mad because the first person I saw WASN’T Hugh Jackman. Had he just been there at the beginning, I would have watched more than seven minutes. I guess I expected too much.

    Good luck to Hugh, he’ll never be without work.


  21. 21
    Natalie Says:

    Thats kind of embarrassing, but everyone has their flops. He is a great actor and I think movies are his strong suit.

  22. 22
    Hugh jackman fan Says:

    With the exception of The Office, it’s rare for a US remake of a British show to take off in North America. And I still don’t think the US version of The Office is as funny as the original. In this case though, I was enjoying the complexity and acting of Viva Laughlin and I’m sad to see it go. Maybe they’ll put the remaining episodes on the web for those who did like the show. Alternatively, I’ll have to try and track down a copy of Blackpool in my local DVD store.

  23. 23
    eli Says:

    WAIT? WHAT??????

    HUgh Jackman had a TV show, where the hell was I???

    was it HIS show? or was he doing a guest appearance?

    I had no clue, and I watch ton O’ tv. and I love HUgh!!

    so was like he going to be on it each week?? Id watch it then

  24. 24
    janeway Says:

    That is too bad. I love Hugh and I did enjoy the show. I can’t believe CBS wouldn’t give this show a chance. At least show the episodes that have already been filmed-now I can’t see the other episodes with Hugh (he wasn’t in this week’s show). I think the one big problem was the lead actor, he just wasn’t likeable. It would have been better without the singing (except for Hugh). I hope that Hugh will do a movie musical one day so everyone can see his singing and dancing talent.

  25. 25
    ~ katie ~ Says:

    oh well another tv show gone down the drain

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