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Gwyneth Paltrow Promotes Pleasures

Gwyneth Paltrow Promotes Pleasures

Gwyneth Paltrow puts on her Estee Lauder spokeswoman hat and drops by by Barcelona’s El Corte Ingles department store to spread the word about the beauty brand’s Pleasures fragrance.

Gwyn, 35, has been on a foodie road trip with chef Mario Batali and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman for a 13-part TV series, Spain … on the road again.

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Photos: Marti E Berenguer/, Radial Press/
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  • ashley

    she’s REALLY pretty!!

  • http://justjared Jenni


  • http://justjared Jenni

    who is she

  • mike

    She should have been cast as Edie, not Drew!

  • faraway

    She always looks the same. It is time for a chance.

  • Regina

    #4, tell me you’re joking.

  • Belinda

    Is she still with her husband?

  • Regina sucks

    really is she losing her mind?what are these crazy shoes that she has lately.

    I`m still at shocked position about her dress,one fugly dress.

    8 Belinda

    and you stop reading those trash tabs and then you will see If they are still together or not.



  • tracycutie

    i love her shoes..anyone knows what they are?

  • Kin

    She is pretty i loved and good idea Spain is Beautiful.

  • Marieme

    Oh God, here we go again. That hair!! What’s the matter with her? The outfit, the hair, the make-up – DRAB, DRAB, DRAB! Put your hair up, curl it or something. Jeez! I admire anyone who isn’t obssesed about their looks, but this is way ridiculous.

    This girl used to be so fun. Now I wouldn’t buy anything from her. To think I used get so excited about her film roles. What is she doing?

  • Melis

    Love the way that stuff smells . Gwyn is beautiful.

  • missy

    her shoes are YSL tribute.

  • Raichill

    I wish she would do something with her hair. It’s very dry and wispy at the ends probably from too much straightening. She needs to see a good hairstylist and get some body back into her tresses.

  • flygirl95

    OMG thats twice in those shoes… I love em. Anyone knw what they are?

  • flygirl95

    Oh thanks Missy… missed your post

  • jen a.

    How old is she? Just curious. 40-ish? Is she still trying to look as her kids do?! lol
    Yeah, Ugly.

  • Lillianne

    She’s hanging on to that stringy long hair like a security blanket.

  • the_original_nika

    these women have no sense of fashion, and the shoes!!!!!!!
    is she doing a somewhat of a tour?

  • lola

    Oh dear! What is wrong with her! I will be the first to admit that I absolutely do not like her and never did. Even so, she is pretty and could look good but seems to have no clue. She looks awful all the time now. That dress is too young for her and that hair needs to go. She just does not have the personality or vibe to pull off these outfits. She looks awful. And I am so tired of people saying that she is so classy and sophisticated. Clearly this is not the look of a classy lady. This is the look of a try hard wannabe rock chick/bohemian that is just NOT WORKING. The shoes are cute but not with that outfit!

  • Becky

    She so needs a stylist!

  • Jen

    Looking FUG and SMUG as usual.

  • LA

    mom stay at home

  • QQQQ

    Does this woman own a dress that falls below the knee, my god she looks the same at every event and hair is just god aweful. She is soo badly in need of hair cut

  • Ladyhawk

    Gwynnie, CUT YOUR HAIR!

  • John C.

    She looks like a DUDE in a dress.

  • zzzzzzzzz

    ^hahahhahaha! That’s NOT Gwyn! IT’s baby bro Jake!

  • justine

    yes!!! shes so beautiful……i was was lastnight at el corte ingles in plaza cataluña….and she speaks spanish fluently…shes the 1st hollywood star ive ever saw in personal….

  • Carrie

    Not her best look.

  • Natalie

    Fishsticks Paltrow is boring, vanilla, and pretentious. She just seems to have this air about her like she is better than everyone else. I dont like it. Boring as hell too. I avoid movies w/ her in it

  • Dr. M

    Three months pregnant-

  • Oy

    Girlfriend is looking old and haggard. The hair must go. It’s so thin and wispy looking. When all is said and done, I’m not even sure why I’m commenting on this has-been.

  • Belinda

    I don’t read trash magazines. I just want to know if she is still with her husband. I haven’t seen a picture of them together in forever.

  • she looks great

    She looks great, you can tell she has a healthy diet and self respect. Yoga give her natural energy.

  • lovemywife

    Thank God she’s smiling, she has so many wonderful decades before her, she should be happy!!!

  • Wtf?

    Is that really her? She looks like a drag queen.

  • meangirls

    Ahhh, the same look and type of outfit. Not attractive at all. Wonder if her hubby do gets tired of her look.

  • T in the OC

    She really needs to get a stylist. If she has one, fire them and get a better one. She always looks so sloppy, and sloppy in a bad way, not sloppy in a good way. She has so much potential… so pretty, long blonde hair, thin….. She could look SO much better.

  • respect the classics

    She looks amazing. And she can act.

  • mariadel barrio

    Girl does not speak fluent spanish she knows third grade conversational spanish. She admitted last year that she barely speaks the language!!!!!

  • Bryn

    She is as pretty as blanchett, but she acts like she is too afraid to embrace it. Girl you’ve got something to work with so work it. Give the shoes back-there is so much you can do-you’re a fashion statement just waiting to happen-needs a transformation like Anne hathaway in devil wears prada-call anna girl work your style c’mon now. Brad must really have the goods because women just can’t seem to adjus without him-

  • Fug face twid

    snorty face + plain Jane fat body = unattractive

  • Fug face twid

    Seriously, chick no boobs with wide waist = unattractive pregnant


  • Jen

    Did it ever occur to some of you that Maybe she doesn’t care about her looks?

    I think she looks great! She always pulls off a natural look. Hardly any makeup, hair just naturally straight and plain–nice.

    A London paper wrote Gwyneth and Chris were spotted having a nice dinner together–smiling, laughing, enjoying private moments together. So, I’d say they are still strong :)

  • Beth

    Wow, I can’t believe how manly she looks. She really has changed!

  • baly

    Gwyneth looks marvelous. She looks health and happy. She is a good actress and need to be in a very good film.

  • Venus

    White is not her color. I wish she’d do something with her hair.

  • cat

    Bryn, pretty as blanchett?!?! You mean nose, botox and all?!
    But, at least, GP is much younger than CB. At least, that’s something!