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Jennifer Lopez @ Dancing With The Stars

Jennifer Lopez @ Dancing With The Stars

Jennifer Lopez performs a two-song set on Tuesday’s results show of Dancing With The Stars — her latest single “Do It Well” and oldie-but-goodie “Let’s Get Loud.”

Per usual, J.Lo wore huge, floaty tops to cover up that baby bump of hers!

Unfortunately, her career recently hit a new low after her new album Brave sold just 53,000 copies in its first week. Hopefully in a few months, Jennifer will be a new high in her life celebrating the birth of her new baby. Or babies!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez performing at Dancing With The Stars

Jennifer Lopez performs at Dancing With The Stars, 10/23

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Photos: Carol Kaelson/ABC
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  • t

    she’s a good performer and she pretty much always sings live which i like.

  • ffs!

    she looks great!

  • Koko

    I just saw it on ABC, I say her stylist is doing a pretty good job to hide the bump with her choice of clothes.U can only see the bump at intervals depending on how she moves. I might add that for being a crazy J.Lo fan back in the way, performing her hit song is soo 2000-ish..She is soo different now and exploiting her oldie famous track isn’t doing her any good.

    By the way, she was trying to dance a little bit more energetic than on her late tv performances eversince her pregnancy rumours started, and you could see that she looks like she is carrying something and trying not to over-do her dance at the same time..

    I do not now why J.Lo doesn’t appeal to me the same way anymore..???

  • Jane


  • gian


  • cudahy

    cara de nalga

  • Kayla

    Wow you can’t even tell. Maybe she’s not? :)

  • KrungKrung


  • Yorick

    Stop jumping the gun like this, Jared.

    Stop saying she’s pregnant before she confirms.

  • shoes4life

    I tell you dancing do wonders for legs & the body overall. The female dancers legs are gorgeous!

    Jennifer looks great as always!

  • PS

    She doesn’t look pregnant here but if she is pregnant I’m really surprised she is dancing in heels on a high platform. Why would she take an unnecessary risk of falling and hurting if not losing her baby?

  • faraway


  • Jamie


  • Mila

    Damn she’s Hot !! she’s great performer !!

  • Sarah

    MMmmm… Derek Hough and Mark Ballas

  • Marieme

    She’s IS PREGNANT. Period. If you want to live in LA LA land just cuz you think you’re supporting JLo, go right ahead and be dorky. The rest of us don’t feel the need to play JLo’s game.

    The girl is swollen and pregnant. Deal.

    (Hey – btw who was eliminated? I missed the show.)

  • Suzie

    I still can’t believe that a pregnant woman close to 40, is touring cross-country and singing and dancing (in heels nonetheless).

    Jennifer deserves a great deal of respect in the showbiz industry–she’s kept her commitments and has acted as a true professional.

  • Eugenia

    If she really underwent IVF like it was said, I cannot believe her doctor is allowing her to perform and dance and travel as much as she is. I underwent IVF 6 times and my doctor suggested I be very careful with travelling and undo stress so I’m really surprised to see her performing so much on TV and doing concerts. I hope she knows what she’s doing. If she is pregnant, then her baby’s health should be more important than her records sales.

  • ~~sinful ways~~

    Two horrible performances, but at this point nobody should be surprised or dissapointed, thats just J.Lo being her bad self. DWTS should have booked Marc Anthony, he’s the talented one out of this fugly pair. It’s going to be hilarious after the “9 month period” is over and J.Lo doesn’t pop. What, I thought she was preggers? What happened?

  • whitegirl

    She is beautiful!!!!

  • angie

    good performance. she’s awesome live and she looks great whether she’s pregnant or not.

  • eszter

    She very much walks and moves like a pregnant woman.
    You could see how carefully she went down the steps.

  • Vivianna

    If JLO is pregnant but still traveling on a concert tour and dancing in high heels, it has to be because her career/record sales come first. Some argue that its perfectly alright for her to do that pregnant and its good excercise, others have done it blah, blah, but why would a 38 year old woman with a high risk pregnancy even take chances like that and knowingly put undo stress on her body.

    The average woman 38-year old pregnant woman who was already wealthy would probably take it easy but it seems JLO HAS TO stay in the spotlight even at the risk of her unborn baby.

  • cyril

    she was great! I loved it.

  • Jared

    she’s so hot and her songs are GREAT!

  • LOV

    What happened to her bump .She looked like she was 6 month pregnant at her last concert .Now it’s gone .And she wiggling and shaking like nothing.MMM… there’s something fishy going on

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Rach jenny always lo

    “I do not now why J.Lo doesn’t appeal to me the same way anymore..??? ”

    Because she is pregnant ¬¬

    What do u want? U want her to dance and dance and dance like her old days being PREGNANT? ¬¬

    She killed, she was amazing. She did so well and I’m so proud of her for singing LIVE, dancing and carrying a baby.

  • Baby Doll

    The J Lo miscarriage rumors are clearly false. No 38 year old woman who has had problems conceiving a baby would go on tour and preform live on shows to boost sells for her CD. She would be taking things really careful.
    Something isn’t right.

    Maybe J Lo use the I want a baby stories to gain sympathy during all the (I married Marc 2 days after he was divorced. Marc left his wife and 2 small kids backlash).

    A friend of mine had 3 miscarriages and didn’t have her first baby until she was 36. She acted like she was made of glass.
    Something isn’t right.

    Anyway, Congrats J Lo and Marc if it’s true?

  • Not Impressed

    Wow, I’m 3 months pregnant and I can’t move around like that because it hurts my belly too much. It’s amazing how she can dance like that in heels and not be hurting..

  • wow

    too bad she cant sing!

  • ok

    for someone who waited so long to get pregnant – you’d think that she would calm down with the dancing and take a rest! She’s putting herself at risk with the walking up and down stairs on a stage with high heel boots on. It’s a little ridiculous that she is still holding out on confirming the pregnancy. Why not just stay the hell out of the spotlight?

  • tina


    She looks damn HOT HOT

    I don’t know why everyone talks about her butt, HER LEGS ARE WAY BETTER.

    But her heels on the first pair of booths where she’s daning are very low…..did anyone notice?? now the second pair are scary but she barly moved.

    I have to admire a woman who sticks to her ccommiments, This tour was planed before she got pregnant. Same thing happened to X-tina and Gwen stefani.


  • Solo

    She is better than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her voice is working well, she has truly improved after marrying Anthony and working with him.

    I would want to hear her sing mature, sensual and sexy latino music. She is not a young chick anymore, she’s a lady now. :)

  • xioneida

    I’m so proud of Jenny. She rocked, sang live and did her thing. She is definately PREGNANT. I went to her concert on the 17th here in Northern California and I was up close and personal, and her tummy is pretty big! The concert garments at times clung to her belly and you can see she’s definately pregnant. Her face is also real swollen and her nose is big-er.

    I think that everyone knows their body, I am 37 and had a kid last year and I went salsa dancing often and did my thing all the way up to my 7 month. It’s good exercise and everyone knows their limit. Jenny is a professional dancer so she knows how to make her movements look big even if she’s not exerting herself that much. She was awesome. At her concert she sang all her songs live, but you could tell she was exhausted, and sometimes she tried to talk and would forgert what she was going to say. It weas cute! I love Jen, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • may

    She is in tip top shape…that is why she is able to dance in heels. I doubt if she had invetro, contrary to what people think I think this is a natural pregnancy. Also, she was super awesome in the show. She looks great, some women work up onto their nine months.

  • Lovely

    I was in the military when I was preggo with both my kids and worked out up until my 6th month, obviously I didn’t do heavy running and stuff and I had healthy babies. Everyone knows their limits and their bodies. She looks great.
    I know this is off topic but Jane Seymore looks hot as hell and she’s 56 yrs. I’m gonna start dancing wow!

  • ccsandy

    J-lo is a real professional .I wish her the very best with this tour and her pregnancy

  • LADY T

    Jennifer did a great job in both performances. She’s pregnant and glowing but she just lost her grandmother as well so she performed like the true professional that she is and that was great to see.

    I love the part during the second song when she said, “I will live my life as I please.” Way to go J-Lo!

  • kira

    Not Impressed @ 9:23 a.m.

    You may want to talk to your OB/GYN if you are experiencing pain during movement in the first trimester. Unless a woman has a high-risk pregnancy, the only perceived negative experience would be morning sickness and fatigue during the first trimester. In a normal pregnancy, most young women remain quite active until the last month of pregnancy.

    If Jennifer Lopez is pregnant (would appear to be from many, many photos), she is wearing an undergarment to protect her early pregnancy. Last night she appeared to be very observant and cautious of her dance steps even though she put her heart into her routine. I would guess she is near the end of her performing until she has her baby!

  • coco

    She is a fur-wearing bitch…not to mention her known DIVA demands..and now the public is finally realizing this J. Loser cant sing or act…her latest movie is coming out on DVD already next Tuesday only after a little over a month in theatres…

  • T

    She’s awesome. Gorgeous, talented, great personality. Love her.

  • mariadel barrio

    That girl is smoking hot and she can rock a stage period!!!!!

  • mike

    i admire her for everything that she does. she can really do it well. proud latino of a great Latina!

  • tina

    Sorry but I cannot agree, with those who say a pregnat woman cannot dance or tour

    WTF? what do nomal ppl do, go to work everyday, ride the subway/metro come home and take care of kids.

    Jennifer as a dancer has always been in the best shape of her life remember ppl these celebs exersice and stay in shape.

    TOURNIG? in an amazing BUS….better them some ppl’s apartments. she does not have to cook or clean so yeah….I don’t see what the big deal is. If we normal working stiffs can do it so can Jlo.

    Her performance was awesome, she looked fantastic.

  • me

    People, she probably has an OB/GYN travelling with her. She knows there is no risk to be performing while pregnant.

    Gwen and Xtina have both done it, she can handle it too. P

    Plus, her tour is over in less than 2 weeks, and then she can rest. She will be fine.

  • me

    Her tour is over in 2 weeks. I’m sure Jennifer will be fine.

  • lets get loud

    i gotta give her props for always singing live

  • susie

    Lopez doesn’t sing LVIE. she like all the rest uses background tracks and voice enhancements.and yes for all you people who refuse to believe unless she says it. Lopez is pregnant. I’m tired of LETS GET LOUD. Her O yeah’s is OLD n Boring, Fake spanish. She is trying to be like Marc.
    My Opinion, Jennifer always has had an INDENTIY crisis…She doesn;t know what she is. Her whole career looking back at it, She was DOWN YO.! Whas Sup .when she was with Ditty. Then she was WHITE when she was with Ben Hi Everybody how are you doing.! and now she is LATINA. Que Pasa, Donde estas mi gente!!. She is just a mess.

  • palvasha

    i love j-lo. but how the hell is she hiding her belly man!!! and she shud be more careful dancing in high heels and on high places. damn lol