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David Beckham Needs a Car Wash

David Beckham Needs a Car Wash

A solo David Beckham drives home from WeHo’s Koi restaurant in his dirty personalized Lincoln Navigator on Tuesday. Maybe he’s waiting for it to rain?

Check out the video of David Beckahm leaving Koi.

And why are you looking so glum, Becks? Tom Cruise is going to schedule a play date with you very soon!!

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Photos: Josephine Santos,
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  • ~ katie ~

    first !!

  • yoyo63

    number 1 here.hahhah

  • yoyo63…we are so close.maybe just 1s

  • Rianrease

    His car is probably covered in ash from the firestorm raging through Southern California. I know mine is…

  • cb

    Maybe it’s FLIPPING ASH! We’re in the middle of a firestorm for crying out loud! Come here for a lighthearted break from devestation, so I apologise if I sound cranky, but I am. Not getting much sleep here in San Diego

  • Julz

    exactly. it’s from the fire all over Cali

  • bite me

    he lives in Beverly Hills

  • Orange Clockwork

    Is that his number stitched into the headrests? He’s such a pretentious fuck.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I’ll wassh his car for him.

  • silly car seats

    His number on his car seats are so goofy looking – is that really necessary? That is something someone in junior high would do or a very insecure person seeking importance. Why would he do something so silly like that?

    I liked him better when he was in the UK – he is no longer a mystery and now we see him in a different light. His wife is a downright embarrassment to him and his sons and they don’t even know it as they see her hooker look on a daily basis.

  • Liz

    *7. So what if he lives in Beverly Hills. The fires in Malibu would bring those ashes into LA.

  • Regina

    I find him very boring and don’t get the attention.

  • deny

    Have u not seen his wife’s car??? VB ALL OVER IT??? It is so pretentious and trashy, just like them.

  • David beckham fan

    Hey Jared fyi…’s not a lincoln navigator that was actually a cadillac escalde…jus thought i’ll let you know

  • Brett

    Unless you have been living under a rock you would know about the fires in California. Their is no clean cars here you dickheads!!

  • [~Famous~]

    lol @ 15

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Dickhead?LOL.Just image someone head shaped like a dick, OMG.

  • tasha

    Seriously, you have to be clueless not to be able to put two and two together and figure out that all over areas of Cali is freaking on fire and that NOTHING is freaking CLEAN right now b/c of all the ash being blown everywhere.

  • ME!!!

    it’s ASH on his car. it’s not dirty. get your stupid head out of the celeb world and watch some real news every so often. it’ll do you wonders.

  • Ellie

    He’s freaking gorgeous.

  • longnlean

    my lungs hurt!
    but at least i have a home.

  • cynthia

    HAHA, I came to say that it was ashes, but it looks like my fellow Angelenos have already done it. It’s been super windy too, so there’s probably no clean cars in SoCal.

  • anon

    Do you think we would wish it would rain? Have some respect for the people in California…….

  • fan

    the car was a gift from tom cruise when david beckham went to the states. tom cruise customised it such that it has ‘twenty three’ all over it. cos thats beckham’s jersey number for LA galaxy!!

  • fan

    oh and victoria’s car was also a welcome gift from tom cruise and he customised it with ‘VB’s

  • E

    Well if you watched the news you would realize that there are 18 fires burning in southern California; 9000 firefighters working around the clock to put them out, and more people evacuated from their homes than when Hurricane Katrina; so please excuse our dirty cars!!!

  • Sanity,Interrupted…

    um. yeah. what everyone else said. ASH.
    check out the news……and no, Access Hollywood and Extra don’t count as “reliable” news sources. Sorry to have to be the one to break that to you.

  • Abby

    I found out where the stars by their personalized stuff (like the diamond binkys( at ) !!!

  • Mrs Beckham

    I LOVE BECKHAM !!! ( Mrs Beckham )


    Ehm Ehm