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Justin Timberlake is a Stooge

Justin Timberlake is a Stooge

Flanked by security, a shady Justin Timberlake arrives in Brisbane on Wednesday to kick off the Australian leg of his FutureSex/LoveSounds tour.

The Sexyback singer has four concerts lined up at Rod Laver Arena

Shortly after landing down under, Justin, 26, and his posse of three knocked back Carlton Draught, ginger beers and lamb masala curry during their two-hour lunch. The quartet racked up a $150 bill, which the restaurant gave to Mr. J.T. on the house.

But according to The Herald Sun, Timberlake didn’t even tip. Not a single penny. Stooge!

Maybe he’ll make up for it by taking off his shirt during every concert.

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Credit: Herald Sun; Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • thats_right

    he is sooooooooo ugly

  • Jane

    HIs look..hmm ok
    but his song is Good

  • Just me…

    It is not with its advantage!!
    Justin…bring back your Sexyback.. :D

  • Nanana

    Lance said Justin set the band up. promised to return after a solo, leaving the band hanging for 2 years and then said goodbye.

    I always wonder why Britney suddenly went crazy after him. maybe has something to do with he is a user and abuser?

  • anyway

    he is so HOT.

  • ~katie~

    love him so hot

  • Ha!

    Before anyone gets all upset about this, as in the UK, you aren’t supposed to tip in Australia. It’s built into the price of the meal. The locals actually get p*ssed at tourists who do.

    That meal sounds really good, BTW.

  • Ande

    Yeah, I was about to say, we don’t tip in Australia. And we don’t use pennies.

  • Emmy

    Forget this loser. I want more TomKat and Suri and also Brad and Angelina. JJ,do you have the uber cute photos of Katie and Suri at the Berlin zoo?
    Thank you…..

  • Natalie

    JT is lookin good as always

  • YURI

    I love Justin! !

  • Ash

    He looks good! Love him!

    And horray for no Jessica Biel!!

  • a234

    Why did they broke up?? Is he dating Lauren Conrad now?

  • Ash

    Unfortunately, they didn’t break up. She (surprisingly) stood home.

  • anna

    he’s such a d-o-u-c-h-e b-a-g. he flaked out on my little cousin who admired him since she was a baby back when N’Sync was better as a whole. i was right behind her when he said “i gotta run”. money doesn’t make you, idiot. and NO you’re NOT HOT in person. you look like a run-down tire.

  • coco

    however, this is not the first time JT has been reported as being a cheap-ass. Even in the US, JT has been known to be a cheap tipper…if any.

  • Ha!

    Maybe he should move to Australia, then.

    He is so average looking. What to people see in him? He’s one of those people who you either think is hot or not. There is very little ‘in between’. Jessica Biel is too pretty for him.

  • Charlene

    yea i was gonna say that we dont tip on this side of the world (im in NZ were his next concerts are), the demand was so high they had to add 2 extra cocerts, the 1st one sold out in like 2mins!!

  • Leslie

    I hate how he thinks so highly of himself. Maybe he should do more charity work.

  • aussie

    Steady on there about that tipping system….. if in australia I go out to a lunch or dinner in with great food and service then you can leave a tip at the end of the meal. It’s not a rule but a thankyou and dosen’t have to be 15%-20% just what you feel is right. So please anybody coming to australia please feel like you can tip your server if you have a great meal and service.

  • Sephie

    Celebrities such a free loader and greedy.

  • Sephie

    Celebrities are such free loader and greedy.

  • Elizabeth

    Justin looks soo cute..He wears levi’s?! Gotta love his velcro sneakers too. He looks tired, glad to see that horseface Biel didn’t travel with him. Did anyone see the other photos of him eating at the Jade Buddha and walking around Brisbane? He’s wearing shorts and flip flops..he’s also wearing that chain again, anyone see it close-up? How many days do you all think horseface can stay away from JT for? I give it a week until we see photos of her with him!

  • lola christie

    …. do you mean scrooge?

  • Sephie

    Justin Timberlake is a freeloader and greedy!!

  • Carly

    He looks cute.

  • Iris

    Actually, we don’t tip in Australia. However, it is appropriate to tip about 10% at restaurants that are reputable or if you’ve received exceptionally good customer service.

  • mikey

    This isn’t the first story i’ve heard of him not tipping…makes one believe there is some truth to it.

    Cheap fuck.

  • http://jnksjnk Sam

    jey Jared can you please let us know which hotel he stays in when he comes to Melbourne??? please!!!!! thanx!!!

  • Emma

    We dont usually tip in australia anyway but it would have been nice if he tipped a little bit

  • mw

    he shouldnt be getting flack for that. its australia! its not customary and theres no need. the average hospitality staff gets paid $18 an hour over there.

  • fickwalker

    Um. We don’t ‘tip’ in Australia. Not usually, anyway. Our waitstaff don’t get paid in peanuts. :-)

  • fresh

    when will people realize he’s not all that

  • not a stupid american

    WE DO NOT TIP IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP thinking the rest of the world is how it is in bloody america *massive eye roll* We don’t tip in many parts of the world cos that is the culture, and we already have service charge in the bill!

    STOP being ignorant AMERICANS – ……… try READIJNG a book! *ROLL*

  • aussie

    hey I’ve been a waiter and eaten in australian resturants and guess what you do give and recieve tips! Yeah it’s not like here in the US where you tip hairsylists, taxi drivers, etc….. It’s not a rule and you don’t have to but if you get a good meal and good service be nice leave a few dollars. Believe me it’s appreciated and your server will appreciate it if they have gone the extra mile for you we used to use it as our end of week beer fund. And 34 grow up you just sound like a bigoted dickhead.

  • English 101 Bob

    Erm, shouldn’t that be “scrooge”?

    A stooge is a flunky or a member of Iggy Pop’s band. Since JT lacks the skills for either position, I think you mean “scrooge”.

  • Laura

    he didnt leave a tip because its not common to leave tips in australia (or new zealand for that matter).

  • Jess

    Just some further gossip for you all regarding Mr JT…

    Sevearl Brisbane radio stations are reporting that, once it was discovered his was at this restraunt quite a few fans showed up (apparently 30 or so). Justin wasn’t impressed and asked the manager to asscort them outside, which he did and promised that Justin would sign autographs etc. after had finished his meal. An HOUR and a HALF later Justin and his entourage left the restraunt and walked right by these people who had been waiting there the whole time, saying nothing.

    I get it that he deserves abit of space, but jeez. That’s abit too rude.

    And also, I know at least one radio station has a competition where if you find Justin and can get his phone number/get him to talk to them on the air you win free gold tickets to his sold-out concert on Saturday night.

    To those of you who wonder how I know this, I’m actually from Brisbane and heard it myself on the radio this morning.

  • CAit

    Hey guys,
    I am from Brisbane, Australia where Justin is right now and just wanted to let you know that the restaurant that Justin ate at is the Jade Buddah. Also one of the local radio stations was holding a competition to see who could get the closest to Justin, with the prize being $1000. Also tipping isn’t allowed and is illegal. Just wanted to clarify. xoxo

  • Nancy

    you can say he loves attention

  • chastity

    why the fuck do these rich as people get free stuff? what a fucked up country, no wonder every one hates this fucked up ass country!ive to the rich and take from the poor thats this countrys motto!

  • namaste clothes

    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.