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Miley Cyrus Concert Pictures

Miley Cyrus Concert Pictures

Here are some pictures of Disney star Miley Cyrus from her sold-out opening Hannah Montana concert in in St. Louis, Mfrom this past weekend.

This is what $1000/ticket will get you!

You can watch some footage from the opening Hannah Montana Concert here (turn up the volume). There’s better footage below though!

Earlier today, it was announced that dad Billy Ray Cyrus and High School Musical star Olesya Rulin (the piano player) will headline Jim Amatulli‘s drama Flying By, the story of a businessman who risks his marriage, family and fortune to pursue his dream of being in a rock band.

Miley Cyrus Concert Video

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus concert pictures…

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Credit: THR; Photos: Clark Samuels/
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  • bite me


  • Fan_From_Italy

    Miley will never come in Italy :( so sad!!

  • Alessandra

    aw Miley
    She`s Great
    Thankz Jared

  • summer

    she is a rubbish singer

  • Florencia

    Me gustaria ir a un concierto de MILEY ^^

    Grax x las pics !!!

  • gaby

    thanks jj

  • Jane


  • Erin

    wow wat a bad concert

  • ashley

    thanks 4 postin!! I love miley cyrus!!

  • suzy

    HM wears the cheapest looking clothes. She looks better as Miley

  • KrungKrung

    her outfits are cute, wish i could wear them y’all

  • angela

    What about The Jonas Brother
    they were there to

  • Ashley

    omg what is she wearin she cant sing !!!

  • jblove

    the jonas brothers are awesome!!
    jared, you should definitely post some news about joe, kevin and nick!
    about miley/ comment.=/

  • mandy

    it was so awkward seeing her in the store that i work at the day after the st. louis show since everyone was freaking out about it and i could care less. in her defense, though, she looks much cuter in person

  • jing

    I think she can sing. Atleast here.

  • Dani

    her wardrobe is horrible…not hatin just saying…the clothes look pretty cheap…


    Poor Jonas Brothers. It looks like Miely Cyrus was totally overshadowing the Jonas Brothers. Jus look @ the video. The action was mostly around her while the jonas brothers jus stood the same place.0

  • http://jj ~Maddie~

    She did pretty good.. i live is STL but i didnt get to go my friend did and she taped it.. so i did get to see it at home. she did pretty great.. her outfits are sooo adorble..

  • Jess

    Eww… I can’t believe people would pay to see her of all people.


    she doesnt sound good in person..

  • ashley

    ahhh hannah montana!! i’m one of thoes lucky poeple that got tickets at regular price!! i love the jonas brothers! thats why i’m going! just jared u should post stuff about the jonas brothers! this is my 3rd time seeing the jonas brothers I CANT WAIT!

  • Liz

    There’s two full bands on stage….do the Jonas Brothers actually play their own music? There’s no need to have two dummers, four guitarists and 2 bassists if they play their own songs. The video is not professionally shot and its obvious the team incharge of stage and sound production for the show are crap (then again alot of Concert’s first couple of shows are rough around the edges). Even with as bad as sound quality as the video has I’m hard pressed to call HM/Miley a bad singer stage shows of that type often sound completely different then a well produced / glossy album. Good singer, just bad live show production crew! As for the ‘cheap’ clothes what do you expect of a over exagerrated tween pop star look? Thats oddly enough the look these days that matches with the tv show.

  • ciarly

    she gotta a wonderful voice!!she’s amazing, she just 14 O.o

  • Gabi Frones

    I think she’s so cute! okay, she’s not the best sing ever, but i like her musics! hope she became a star someday!

  • Kacky

    LOL she just stands there with one arm up in the air? Is she waiting for a taxicab?

  • Zanessiana

    Miley…please..come in ITALY…WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Tori

    You didn’t even mention the Jonas Brothers! They rock. You’ll be posting about them soon enough, though with all of their TV stuff coming out next year.
    Miley definitely overshadowed them in that performance. You couldn’t even hear them sing most of it. =(
    Thanks for posting about all this, Jared!

  • BBV supporter 4life: FAITH*NessaCandyGirl

    LOVE YOU ALL !!!
    and miley is cute
    i love her more as miley than hannah

  • Marina

    Does she only has one pose???
    Put your arm down, girl.

  • Noelle

    Oh my goodness. Am I the only one who thinks that was monstrous! That was TERRIBLE! On Miley’s part, at least.

    The Jonas Brothers definitly should not be stooping down to Miley Cyrus’s level. She can’t sing, dance, or act. The girl has no talent whatsoever and the Jonas Brothers are completely out of her league.

    I don’t understand why her concerts are sold out all the time and I have NO CLUE why people don’t realize she has no talent at all. It sort of makes me mad. Yea, it does. Parents do not need to be paying 1000 dollars for that monstrous performance by Miley. She needs to take some voice lessons, then maybe she’d be ok.

    Ok, I’m going to stop! lol. I’m being mean, and I really don’t want to be. But man…

  • pilar


  • kaileyk

    she CAN’T sing!!! i wouldn’t pay that much to see such a bad concert!!!

  • Regina

    People call her a performer? God, todays society of Disney is awful. Is the bitch waiting for a taxi or something?

  • jenny!

    OMg, she can’y sing. poor jonas brother!

  • Amy

    I’m sorry, but who the hell would pay $1000 for that what a waste of money

  • Regina

    I know, Amy. That’s just money down the drain. LOL.

  • hannah

    love her outfits but why is she not wearing shoes on pic #6???


    i think Miley or whatever her other name is has a great voice! she can act really good! as for her outfits they r just too tarty! they r too grown up for her! also have u seen the pics she takes wit her friends?? let me jus say she all as disney as you might think! i still like the Kid tho but wouldnt pay that much for a ticket! i F*ukin hate Popstar magazine coz its all bout her people have complained and sed they want more Vanessa but they never listen i think thats y im kinda of Miley these days! there is a lot of her which we dnt need! i want more Vanessa (love Zanessa) but we need more of her alone!

  • hmm….

    I am with the others. What about the Jonas Brothers?? They are a big part of the show too. Post some about them too.

  • Julia

    Awsome! I always love hearing about Miley! We don’t get to see her enough :(
    But her tour is fabulous!

  • Roxy

    Come to Spain!

  • Heather

    ok first off u people r really stupid if u think she sings bad and second u r all just jealous of her ok so knock it off thanks Jared

    P.S. can’t u guys tell that her and nick r together??

  • Sarah

    She’s not a bad singer, but shes not a great singer either.
    I prefer the jonas brothers.
    I dont like the Hannah outfits, but i like the miley ones.

  • the_original_nika

    I know Amy, pure waste of money.

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    My ears are bleeding. End of Story

  • Marie

    just ew!
    that was just plain disgusting.

    Her voice… gag!
    she sounds horrible.
    not saying she can’t sing.
    because i’m pretty sure she can… somewhat.

    but her voice is stingy and makes me want to gag.

    as for her outfits,
    I wouldnt be caught dead wearing that.

    little hoe.

  • marie

    44 Heather : 10/24/2007 at 4:48 pm
    ok first off u people r really stupid if u think she sings bad and second u r all just jealous of her ok so knock it off thanks Jared


    no heather, your stupid if you think she actually sings good, because honest to god, she doesnt. You must be one of those under age fans who know nothing about what singing is. Don’t worry, everyone’s been through that stage. but i’m telling you now, Miley can’t sing.

    About being jelous of her… I wouldnt doubt it, some peopele PROBABLY are jelous. but i repeat SOME. others, like myself, would never be jelous of an ugly dressing, bad performing, horrible singing, no talent hack.

    no one SHOULD be jelous of her cuz theres nothing to be jelous of… except the whole selling out the concert thing… but thats if you care about that.

  • ferny

    Please, NEVER post anything about this girl again.
    She’s a waste of an entry.

    thank you. :)

  • Please don’t


    no more posts about this girl okay?

    your site is too good for wasting time on her.

    JJ rocks!!

    but please dont waste an entry.