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Natalie Portman is a Scholastic Cover Girl

Natalie Portman is a Scholastic Cover Girl

Natalie Portman lends herself to Scholastic Math magazine as a cover girl and guest editor of their upcoming issue.

In her letter from the editor, Nat says: “Math was one of my favorite subjects in school. It always gets a bad rap and I’m not sure why. I always found math to be such an exciting avenue to think about the world in new and different ways.

Sure, you need to use math daily for knowing how much tip to leave at a restaurant or how much flour you need to make double the amount of cookies in a recipe, but it is the less obviously practical parts of math that are most fun for me”like considering the principles of infinity. It made me excited about life to consider the limitlessness of the mind and what we can do with it.”

Natalie also has an Animal Planet special coming up called Saving a Species: Gorillas on the Brink airing on Friday @ 9PM. She journeys deep into Rwanda’s rainforest in search of the rare mountain gorilla. World renowned animal expert Jack Hanna guides Natalie‘s on her trek to learn more about this amazing endangered species.

Also pictured below is Natalie‘s recent visit to Columbia University, where she talked about microfinance as a response to feelings of powerlessness over violence in Israel/Palestine.

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Credit: USA Today,; Photos: Mira John
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  • the_original_nika

    OMG, is she for reeal? haha. sorry.

  • craziie.

    that is sooo inspiring..
    and i just flunked math…….

    she’s cute.

  • Flisbeth

    Math was just never for me…just use to make me feel really stupid at school! I always was more of a talk-my-way-out-of-it kind of person and you can’t really do that with math.

  • shannan

    she’s pretty but a math mag no way

  • Pamela

    she’s so plain jane and not a good person. Quite full of herself like Jessica Alba.

  • Regina

    I don’t like Maths but oh well. lol.

  • the_original_nika

    I hear ya #3.
    wow microfinance, she´s really smart.

  • bob

    LOOOOOVE to see a smart girl who isn’t afraid to just put it out there!!

    You go Nat!

  • [~Famous~]

    ok, her brain is starting to become a turn off. lol

  • Michelle

    I love her.

  • roy

    she’s soooo meh

  • bebe

    She shouldn’t have been on the magazine for kids. A lot of her work is pornographic, especially the latest short film she did. She should be ashamed of herself and is definitely not a role model for kids.

  • Kamila

    I love Natalie Portman.

    You go, girl!

  • go natalie

    Natalie is classier, smart and not a reformed slut like Angelina there is no comparison. Natalie started doing humanitiran work long before Angelina while Angelina was still fucking Billy Bob, so I think Perez you dont know what you are talking a bout. Angelina Jolie dropped out of Beverly Hills High School at the age of 16, she has no education while she preaches a bout Education but she doen’t have one, ha ha ha ha all I know is Angelina is a Hollywood Whore and please, Natalie has never been a slut or a homerecker her records are straight A’s there is no similarity with SKANKALINA. Skankalina tries very hard to be worshiped but we all know she is trash it doen’t just make one good because of adopting kids, there is more to be done. Angelina plays a hard Ass while she is TRASH TRASH together with her house boy Brad. Natalie Portman is a true role model for women. DONT COMPARE ! PLEASE!

  • go natalie

    Natalie supports FINCA which has surpassed the 600,000-client milestone on its way to achieving the Village Banking Campaign goal of bringing financial services to one million of the world’s lowest-income families through 100,000 Village Banks by 2010.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    I hate math

  • jenny

    I don’t care what she says; she looks totally embarrased to be on the cover of that mag

  • Cindy

    I find it odd too that she would be on a mag for kids after her pornographic escapeds in her recent films. It almost seems like she’s trying to reedemm herself so people don’t mistake for just another nudist in hollywood who hides behind the word creative work as their reasoning to expose her body. Granted the lady is smart and knows her stuff and in a way is inspiring for that. But she totally lost a lot of credibility in my eyes anyways after she did all those nude scenes. To be toting yourself around to the public as this sincere, uncompromised, intelligent good role model image doesn’t work for her anymore, because of. To deserve such a title you need the total package and she missed it once she degraded herself the way she did. Now kids the face u see talking about the importance of math is the same face that had “pretend sex” and stood stark naked in her most recent film…. now tell me does that work? I don’t think so.
    She could have actually been the one… sad :(

  • fresh

    oh lawd.

  • Leslie

    My alma mater. Columbia rocks!!!!

  • Roberta

    she’s so irresistibly cute and elegant in that red dress at colombia. But just who the hell conceived the ugly pointless, boring photoshoot of that magazine? they should have used the chance of having her to make math look sexy and hot! Guess maths are to remain freaking horrible! (OmG memories of high school rising again!!)

  • Roberta

    cindy! u’ve been stupid, narrow minded, christian and i don’t know what other stuff! what’s wrong about showing off naked? nothing! au contraire poor girl! u’ve polluted the blog with your smelly post. start your brain before opening it up!

  • sasha

    she looks gross with short hair.

  • johnnycodswallop

    she’s freaking smart. im glad she’s doin some good stuff.. not bright with math either.

  • Seven of nine

    She looks like Wesley Crusher.

  • http://none anonymous

    I’m not surprised people are pissed at Portman. She wailed for years she’d never use sex to sell herself, and now she does. She thinks she’s hot stuff, but LOL, she’s nothing to look at anyway.

    And isn’t it always the most ignorant people of all who point the finger at others and call them ignorant? STFU, Roberta, you twit. At least Cindy expressed a complete thought. It sure beats your mindless, juvenile ramblings.

  • you know what

    What an excellent use of her celebrity!

  • Cindy

    thank you anonymous, well said.
    Start my brain before I open my mouth! Guess what i did and I only stated the obvious. Maybe you should take your own advice Roberta. I understand that most people probably agree with you but considering the context and the subject we are talking of, that being portman, she did say she would never sell her body to make a movie. She did say she’d never go nude for reasons i wont get into, but she flaked gave in and and did it. And in the most vulgar of manner speaking. I find her to be a hypocrite. Trying to protray herself as wholesome for kids and then on the flip side decides to be this amateur adult film star. I just find women who try to this funny and baffeling because when you go from one extreme to the next all u seem to do is contradict what kind of image u are trying to protray to people, which then makes the person not very credible in any image they are trying to protray. Sure she can be believable but is she authentic about her image… that’s what i question now about her after she did those movies. Going nude, to each his own, but to proclaim urself as a role model for KIDS!!! That’s were i have a problem.

    p.s Roberta u did me a disservice with ur lame response. At least add something substantial to it.

  • fiery roberta

    let’s not get hateful! cindy u’re young, u’ve got a manichean vision of things. things aren’t black and white. why couldn’t she share her love of maths to bring more people to it because she did nude scenes?!! come on! u go like nudity is bad! it’s wholesome au contraire . if what u say is really true about her interviews, then she changed her mind for a wiser opinion. besides she didn’t pretend she’s a model for kids. anyway kids should be liberated from christian unwise rules, she could be a model…

    ps : when i said u’re christian, it meant: u sound like cheap christians

  • fiery roberta

    and when i said “poor girl” it was irrelevantly cruel. i have no excuses, it was bad of me! the bad girl i ve been! lol

  • Cindy

    Roberta u’ve got a very wayward view of things, Just now in one of her most recent interviews that Jared just posted you will realize just how unwise and foolish u sound. She regrets some of it. She regreted doing it for one movie in particular, and did u notice she did it to please people, probably someone one like you, and to think to make it in hollywood you have to be pressured into it. She made my first point just that much more credible.Women who go nude i think are more insecure about their position in holloywood and do it to maintain themselves but all u do is make yourself another man’s piece of cheap entertainment. Do you realize that it doesn’t make u smarter, healthier or morevrespected! And guess what women, were right back were we started, being nothing but an object for men.

    There’s nothing wrong with being nude provided there is a valid reason to do it, and for the most part there never is.

    I sound like a cheap Christian? Well better a cheap christian then cheap whore hmmm???

    And I’m judgmental?…right

  • wio

    dear cindy:

    who cares your censorship towards nudity?

  • flying cat

    OK, it’s cool she likes math and all. But she has had a nose job. Not that it’s bad or anything, but getting plastic surgery means you’re overly conscious of yourself. I’ll have to admit though, she was cute when she was a child, but now she’s not that attractive. At least, to me. She certainly looks young for her age, because she’s petite.

  • Solid

    So brightly beautiful and a stunningly smart woman.
    She is almost too good to be true, but she definitely is so true,
    like 1+1=2. I love her.