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Victoria Beckham @ Shoreditch House

Victoria Beckham @ Shoreditch House

A solo Victoria Beckham enjoys a night out at private-members’ club Shoreditch House in London on Wednesday night.

Check out the 7-page application form [.pdf] required to be considered for the Shoreditch House.

Posh was also recently seen wheeling around youngest son Cruz in a car-shaped wagon through the Century City mall’s food court.

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victoria beckham shoreditch house 01
victoria beckham shoreditch house 02
victoria beckham shoreditch house 03
victoria beckham shoreditch house 04
victoria beckham shoreditch house 05
victoria beckham shoreditch house 06
victoria beckham shoreditch house 07
victoria beckham shoreditch house 08

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Cheerios

    I’m sorry but she looks like a Martian.

  • mar

    i luv victoria
    she’s too skinnny in here

  • craziie.

    if she had like a 16 year old daughter.. id loove to be it..
    just for the clothes.
    (And of course Cruz being my little brother. adorable.)

  • please

    can we please not give this pathetic, boring, waste of space any more attention? PLEASE? everyday it’s a new ugly outfit with her painful looking bones and fug face….she doesn’t do anything positive to deserve to be written about daily. ew…sorry i just had to vent before i explode. jared no more VB!

  • andre

    Stunning..she likes taking chances with fashion. Love her.

  • zzzz

    does she ever smile?

  • p


  • lily

    She clearly looks anorexic.

  • barb

    Since when did eating go out of style?

  • well

    to answer your question, barb:
    remember when kate moss became famous? yeah i’ll pinpoint that as the start

  • Yim nie

    Love Her so much..
    Especially her HUbby, So hot…

  • Miapocca

    All that money and one can th ave haagen daz….so not worth it..I will die for a pint of the DELICIOUS creamy creamy cafe ..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    lovin’ the stripes! :D

  • kat

    wow how about some food victoria?

  • a mess

    didn’t robot mom katie have the same hairstyle a thread back ?

    horizontal stripes is suppose to make you look heavier, not as if you are starving.

    a few posters pick on certain celebs that wear sunglasses at night, let’s see her 3 fans do the same to her.

    or ..if she has any.

  • Koko

    isn’t London getting chilly by now, this woman will rather die of cold and buried a fashionista!

  • Natalie

    I like the dress. I think it would look really good on Gwen Stefani.

  • Katie N

    She looks so fake and plastic in these pictures. Her clothing choices are good but in that body with plastic balls for boobs nothing works.

  • Kitty Kat

    #11 Natalie

    I agree. Gwen would rock this dress. I also agree with everyone that Vicki looks WAY too thin here.

    If the old story is true that the camera ADDS ten pounds, WHAT must this woman look like in person?

  • Maxim

    Horizontal stripes make her look fat.

  • kathy

    what happened to the wrinkles on her knee,? i dont see it

  • meangirls

    So sick of her.. Ugly and looks like a skeleton

  • monika505

    NO more Post of her!

  • Eathan

    I knew there would be replys like “why does she never smile?”. People are so ignorant!

    In the previous VB post, Jared posted smiling pictures and video of Victoria, but yet you have such idiotic replys once again.

  • Eathan

    So what if she has wrinkles?

    She’s 30+ years old, and it shows she hasn’t done her knees like many people think she did, she did her boobs and that’s it.

    She’s only human like the rest of us. Give her a break already.

  • best

    Is she trying to make anorexia hot? a role model she is not.

  • fashionista

    what is the deal – this woman just isn’t hot or sexy or beautiful – and did she ever hear that smiling might make her more appealing? please lets move on to some real beauties…..

  • angie

    she looks good and the dress is fab. i only wished that victoria would smile more often! oh and those sunglasses are wayyy too big and what’s up with those strange shoes?

  • natasha

    she is ugly!

  • Eathan

    And yet people don’t even read, or better say read only what they want to hear!

    Fashionista you’re a total prick!

  • fashionista

    GET over the ugly bitch Eathan – you are not her type anyhow – v b is just plain and that is all she is

  • Cindy

    She is very frustrated woman who is trying to draw attention desperately. She has no beauty,charm and talent.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    same old same old

  • Linda Jark

    She is so ugly and strange. She said once that she was jealous about David because people always said that he was handsome and talentuos and about her people only said that she was funny.
    After David she became crazy to reach the same point of attention that he did and she began to do mad things to appear. Now she really looks a martian.

  • Lauren

    This woman looks dreadful.

  • Eathan

    Why do you people even bother replying if you have nothing normal or positive to say?

    You don’t see me posting in Britney topics and saying she’s ugly or whatever, i just don’t care enough to even read or look at her, this is just an example.

    I don’t bother myself opening topics about people who i don’t like, you people are totally jelous of Victoria when you have the time to bitch about her.

    She’s attractive to some and she’s ugly to others, everyone is, get over it already.

    I wonder how you people look like.

  • splatcat


  • Ellie

    Oh shup up you boring haters. You could bore anybody to sleep. Watching paint dry is like 100 times more interesting than listening to you repeat yourself over and over.

  • shar

    Eathen – how on god’s earth can anyone be jealous of this woman. The pictures are clear for anyone with half a brain to see that she is desperately skinny. Ok so she has money that only we can dream about, ok adminittedly I wish I had her money. Do I want to live her lifestyle, do I want to look like her CERTAINLY NOT.

    There are many girls out there that idolise this woman. She is showing them that being almost anorexic is a good thing and an attractive thing. I feel sorry for her and do think she needs help.

    As for all the fashion stuff she does. I do not consider her a fashionista, a fashionista are people like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Gwen Stefani etc. Posh is no fashionista.

  • Michaela

    Does she ever spend any sort of QUANTITY/QUALITY time with her OWN CHILDREN? I’ve never KNOWN any MUM- celeb or not to spend such an inordinte amount of time away from their children… when clearly she obviously has the means to stay CLOSE TO HOME! This is my # 1 reason for DISLIKING this woman soooo much… if she showed herself to be a good mum, instead of a $$$ hungry-fame-obsessed-self-absorbed-wannabee, maybe I might change my tune about her, until then, I’ll continue to think that she is a hideous excuse for a mum!

  • Agree!

    I agree with you Shar :)

  • Regina

    It’s a slow day when a tanorexic scánk has been on top of the page for most of the day.

  • Diana

    Her feet are deformed! End of story.

  • Really

    Ugly glasses. Really.

  • Really

    Ugly shoes. Really.

  • Eathan

    some people will never learn and stay stupid for the rest of their lives. Michaela #40 is the perfect example.

  • GEt over yourself~

    You know- ppl. who defend this “walking insect”… scream that the “haters” shouldn’t post comments, they are just jealous, silly, stupid, ppl. with no lives, etc… maybe YOU ALL should practice what you preach and when arguing or replying to someone else’s comment- here’s a thought= BE RESPECTFUL, or quite possibly that is too much to ask from VB-wannabee’s such as yourselves! EATHAN-YOU ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE! WHY should it matter to you so much if ppl. do not like this woman? Are you her family, close friend, assistant, etc… where it hurts you on such a deep level to have some stranger voice their OPINION of someone who you have NO ASSOCIATION with what-so-ever??? Hmm? Sounds like YOU are the one in need of some help- living in reality NOT in a “fantasy” world… I like AJ & BP- do you see me screaming on their threads that ppl. who do not care for them should STAY OFF or AWAY- Of course not, I am wise enough to know that not everyone likes them- and you know what- it is A-OK… they still have THE RIGHT to post their comment- who cares if it is negative- it’s their voice, they are entitled to it.. doesn’t bother me none, sometimes it’s actually pretty funny to read some of their comments- try having a little “fun” with this blog and not be so serious/mad/upset because some ppl. don’t worship VB like she is the f****** Queen of England! If you like her, want to “worship” her- by all means have a field day with it, but don’t get all hot & bothered because some other person thinks she is a waste of space- you need to get over yourself!

  • Eathan


  • sarah

    looking very hot

  • ok

    47 you go woman thats right!

    she looks like a bobblehead on a stick ,with a pig nose.

    ITA with 39&40 too!