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Victoria Beckham's Wrinkly Knees are Back!

Victoria Beckham's Wrinkly Knees are Back!

Victoria Beckham looks a little wrinkly around the knees as she visits Modern European restaurant in London on Wednesday. She wore the same dress as her recent Thavasa ad (pictured below).

Seen below: Victoria on a Japanese TV show during her recent trip to Tokyo.

Posh also showed off her wrinkly knees back in May when she filmed her reality TV special. And while on that topic, here’s a clip of Victoria baking an apple pie with her assistant. It aired in the UK version of the show, not in the US. Watch it, it’s funny!

Victoria‘s assistant is FAT! FAT! FAT!

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victoria beckham wrinkly knees 00
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 01
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 02
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 03
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 04a
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 05
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 06
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 07
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 08
victoria beckham wrinkly knees 09

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • prolly

    wonder if Katie will copy THIS look too?

  • [~Famous~]

    the dress is the reason her knee is wrinkled. duh!

  • gaby

    awww that was mean, what she said to the assistant
    love her though

  • Julz

    c’mon who cares?
    she looks hot anyways!!!

  • Andrea

    Hahaha, so funny.

  • Natii


  • Sasha

    yuck, yuck… argh!!!!!! bleh!!!!!!!

    ugly and looks like a monkey!

    nr° 4: hot???????? geeeeeeeeee

  • Mara

    She is still pretty skinny!

  • LJ

    #2 so true, but typically Daily Hate Mail writes shit about her..

  • [~Famous~]

    let me correct myself. its not even her knee that’s wrinkled, its the skin above the knee being pressed against the kneecap by the dress.

  • prolly

    2 [~Famous~]

    You obviously are a guy. the material of that dress is not THAT heavy and is above her knee.

    good try though(not really)

  • sure

    10 [~Famous~] : 10/24/2007 at 4:03 pm

    let me correct myself. its not even her knee that’s wrinkled, its the skin above the knee being pressed against the kneecap by the dress.

    What, is the dress made of lead? lol

  • Eathan

    It’s obviously because of the dress! I can’t believe this makes headlines!

    And again, nobody will notice that she actually SMILES in some of the pix, and yet again we will have replys like “She never smiles”…

    And check out the video too, she’s HILARIOUS.

  • sure

    It’s obviously because of the dress!

    ive seen her knees like that before big deal

  • shannan

    wow a little thing like that happens and it makes headline she must be really famous


    She is a 30 something woman who knee wrinkles when she goes forward…Send her to the gass chamber…

    I think if she put on a few lbs..she will be okay

  • nettiesmith

    she is not pretty.

  • PS

    In the Thavasa ad photo, she is holding that purse like it is a bag of dog poo.

  • Tim

    guess her whole body is plastic. and we arent just talking about her face or chest.

  • Stellartes

    She looks like a bug!

  • lula

    Jared enough with this folishness.She does not have wrinkly knees.Seriously you are starting to be more about sensationalism than Perez!Things like this happen to me aswell when i wear a thight dress,i just dont have paparazzi after me all the time.

    Anyway she looks great here,love that dress and LV bag.

  • deea666

    Anyone knows the brand of her bag???

  • http://justjared Babe


  • luxx

    LOL,its just because of the dress,if you have wrinkly knees they dont go away and magically come back Jared,hahaha-so dumb.Its obvious that the skin above her knee got squished because of the tight dress,not a big deal.We have seen her in short dresses before and she has beautiful knees.I absoloutely love the cut of that dress,it looks so good on her.Not feeling the shoes though.

  • lena

    11 prolly

    I know what you are saying but it could be that her dresses are very tight.. if they are quite tight, it could cause this to happen

  • prolly

    25 lena

    Ok, I concede that MIGHT be the reason.

  • Diana coz of her tight skirt 4 goodness sake. She’s gorgeous as always and i’m so in love with that dress.

    #19 Nice headlines..but i dont think so.

    She looks really normal and hilarious in that cooking clip. I just don’t get it why the media always potrayed her as a b1tch. She’s a lovely woman.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Great grandma knee.

  • Diana

    She should smile more instead of making that ridiculous pout!

    She looks nice in Japan! lol

  • jan


  • lala

    Not again. Can somebody tell this woman to wear to wear a little longer dress or pants. It is agly. It is better haveing skinner like angleina or huge legs like katie than having wrinkly grandma kind like hers

  • amy

    I don’t think it is because her dress is tight. Why we don’t see other woman like this??Who usually wear a dress with that kind of length???

  • amy

    I don’t think it is because her dress is tight. Why we don’t see other woman like this??Who usually wear a dress with that kind of length???

  • pipi

    Holy cow! you can buy a house with her LV bag! I like the grey dress and she looks cute in Japan.

  • Juliana

    é uma vaca ridicula anorexica!

  • anonymous

    LOL, MEOW! When you look as gorgeous and classy as Victoria. With a gorgeous Husband like David…..Who cares what her “Knees” look like, LOL, BFD!

  • Egoistic joker

    It is not the dress that makes her knees look wrinkly, how dumb is that? She is plasric every where else and she might as well
    have the extra skin removed from over her knees. She NOT HOT!
    She looks like a man in a woman’s clothing with t huge haed and an ugly hairstyle. She has a really bad taste in clothes and thoguh she might be paying a lot for those clothes (some of them are decent ones). She has this way of making any clothes that she paid hundreds and thousands for by making it look trashy and hooker-like. Posh is just plain and ugly.

    She has that frozen look on her half open mouth and concrete boobs that are crooked. Anyone who finds hot must be crazy.

  • Juliana

    Essa mulher tem o corpo mais ridiculo que ja vi..deveria fazer propaganda de anorexia!

  • andre

    Woah #37 u sound really jealous with her. She’s perfect. Hot wife and mama.

  • that girl

    oh my god! she’s already super SUPER skinny. now you’re picking at her knees?

  • Ari

    It’s nice to see her “smile” for the first time. She’s always so serious.

  • chastity

    ah too bad her palstic surgery is backing up on her. dumb troll.

  • chanck

    The only pretty part of her is the dress
    she’s wearing!!

  • josie

    thats because she is too skinny

  • caitt

    didnt lauren conrad wear this outfit when she was in new york for teen vogue & had lunch with trey from laguna beach.

    that episode is on next :)

  • suzy

    and what the hell do you haters look like? She’s not perfect; so what. Leave her alone.