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Gerard Butler @ Environmental Media Awards 2007

Gerard Butler @ Environmental Media Awards 2007

Gerard Butler arrives at the 17th Annual Environmental Media Awards held at the Ebell Club of Los Angeles on Wednesday. The Scottish stud was sandwiched between Warner Bros. Entertainment president and chief operating officer Alan F. Horn and his daughter Cody Horn.

The Environmental Media Association is honoring actress/producer Trudie Styler, Sting‘s wife and a longtime champion of human rights. Sienna Miller is also being honored.

You can tune into the EMA awards on November 7, 2007 @ 8PM ET/PT on E!

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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • thats_right

    Where is Angelina Jolie and the kids and Brad? damn it Jared I miss them :(

  • Regina

    #1, how the hell can you miss someone who you don’t even know and…on topic, I think that Cody girl looks happy! lol.

  • S.

    I’m waiting for People magazine to realize that Gerry is the sexiest man alive. They’re slow. ;P

  • cheddar

    Yeah!!!! Thank you Jared. :)

    I’ll try to remember to watch the awards show.

  • g.

    hot & rough, luv Gerald.

  • Natalie

    Why is he not wearing a tie? His outfit would look a lot better if he was wearing one.

    My sister thinks Gerard is like the hottest man ever, haha. I dont really get it.

  • Ricki

    He looks really tired or sick in these photos.

  • [marie]

    I really hope he’s single….

  • rose

    Pure PERFECTION is what this man is!!!!!

  • HottieTottie

    Ugh. Puhleese. No photos of this gay D-lister.

  • Lolly

    Rawr!!!! I loves me some Gerrrrrrrrrrod.

  • ella

    I absolutely love Gerry! YUMMY! Can’t wait for his new romantic movie w/Hilary Swank to come out in December.

  • Nanana

    why he didn’t hook up with Angelina while they were doing Tomb raider? damn, must be the ugly BBT


    Thank you Jared. It’s nice to finally see a rugged handsome man. Can’t wait for P.S. I Love You in December. P.S.Give me a kiss Gerard.

  • bataglio

    ew. i used to think he was hot. nasty.

  • S.

    10 HottieTottie : 10/25/2007 at 7:59 pm
    “Ugh. Puhleese. No photos of this gay D-lister.”

    Well, I’ve only ever seen pictures of him with women but that part is certainly irrelevant either way. D-lister though? Please. Earlier this year, this so called D-lister hit it HUGE with a little movie called 300. 300 raked in $456,068,181 worldwide box office. Gerry is only on his way up with that and somehow I don’t think anyone with any sense whatsoever will ever be referring to Gerry Butler as D-list from here on out.

  • ashley

    Gerard is soooooooo HOT! love him. :)


    Gerard is HOTNESS!! By the way what difference would it make if he were single? Not like y’all will have a chance… Get your heads out of the sand..

  • Stellartes


  • BBperfume

    Ladies,prepare for glory!

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf
  • Ron

    his dauter is Hottt!!! i would want a piece but hed kick my ass

  • Olivia

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jared for posting some Gerry goodness. The man is simply HOT and handsome. He does look a bit tired in these pics. But he has a lot going for him right now. I cannot wait for P.S. I Love You!!

    D-Lister? Puh-lease. Were have you been this past year? Under a rock I guess. Gerry, you are the man!

  • jane m

    Hardly a D-lister, accompanied by the CEO of WB to this minor event. Right now, he’s A-list all the way and will be for the foreseeable future. Money talks, honey and Gerard and 300 racked up about $750,000,000 (including world-wide box office and DVD sales). It takes about 7 Brad Pitt films to make that much. Get a clue. Counting PS I Love you, out Dec 21st, he’s got 5 movies lined up – all with A-list directors and co-stars.

  • that girl

    you haters shut up! he is a sex god and he will be mine. haha!

  • alison p

    24 jane m

    Actually Bulter next movies will prove if he is a A list star. 300 would have been a success even if Bulter was not in the movie. The special effects was the true star.

  • silverpink

    he is hot!!!!!!!

  • Flisbeth

    Yes, Jared, thank to look at the guy :D More with him pl!

  • goodgirl

    Oh lord what a fine speciman of a man, whatta DILF.

  • mmmm

    Yes 300 would have still been a hit but I wouldn’t have watched it five times if it wasn’t for his hotness, definitely easy on the eyes.

  • Anon

    Wow! I like him okay, but just because a guy in his late 30′s finally gets one movie that does exceptionally well, let’s not act like he is the Second Coming. In fact, Gerard Butler is looking a lot older lately. I remember first seeing him when he was doing press for Phantom of the Opera, and he actually looked pretty decent. That was three or four years ago. He has really aged since then. He looks like he is Clooney’s age (47)…and not in a good way. LOL! But I like him. I saw him on Jay Leno a couple of times and he seemed fun and nice. He needs to play more half naked action heroes. Oh. And he isn’t D list. But he isn’t A List either. He is B list all the way. Not B+ either.

  • black

    He looks like a real idiot……

    King Leonas comeback!

  • mermaid

    I so agree with comment NO 3. Well said S.!! He is sooo HOT, I could watch 300 for 300 times and still get his hotness. :P His daughter is beautiful! Like father like daughter.

  • Anon

    WTF, #33! Gerard Butler doesn’t have any kids as far as I know. That daughter in the picture belongs to the other guy. LOL! And I think Alan Horn was involved with Phantom of the Opera. Maybe. Or not. I used to like him a lot, but he seems so fierce and hyper and rough lately. Not for his movies, just in general in photos at social events. I mean why go to a social event if you don’t want your picture taken and you have to look so agressive. And it is not a flattering look, either. Gerard needs to chill.

  • michelle

    Thanks for the new photos, love the guy – looks like Gerard has buffed up for his new movie GAME which starts filming the first week of November. His shoulders & arms are busting out of that suit! He definitely looks ready to rumble- rough and tough! Also, I can’t wait to see his softer/funny/sexy side in P.S. I Love You on December 21st!

  • Pau

    He’s a walking poem, and certainly not a D Lister. A rare specimen among Hollywood’s wax figure faces where men look like Victoria Beckham and macho types are almost extint.
    Go Gerry!. The world’s entire female population loves you.

  • Olivia

    What’s this talk about needing him to chill? If he didn’t want to be at the event, he wouldn’t be there. He might come off looking fierce and hyper, but I don’t see why that would be a problem. He’s just trying to have a good time.

    I do feel he’s an A-lister. If you actually took the chance to watch some of his other films such as “Dear Frankie,” “The Jury,” “Miracle Match,” etc… you would see what a phenomenal actor he is. He’s underrated, but that will change soon.

  • thats_right

    #1, how the hell can you miss someone who you don’t even know and…on topic, I think that Cody girl looks happy! lol.


    #2 you don’t really have to know them personally to miss them ughhhhh so don’t even If I said I miss them then I miss them got it?

  • Shannon M.

    I love that man!!!!! He is so damn sexy!!!!!

  • Sam

    OMG, how stupid can you get??! The girl in the pic is NOT Gerard’s daughter LOL! It’s the other guy’s, the older one.

    Yes, unfortunately Gerry looks older than his age (almost 38). But he’s been through a lot before he bacame an actor. He was an alcoholic for once, definitely not good for your looks. He used to do drugs, he’s been in the sun a LOT (and still is it seems). He smokes like a chimney. All those things make him look older. He is still incredibly beautiful though. I’ve seen him up close on the street in Glasgow and he is so goodlooking! :)

  • Holly golightly

    The man may not always photograph well, but he is talented and has a wonderful, animated face, an ironic wit, and tons of sex appeal.

    In some respects, he is quite unlike any other actor out there, and although he can dabble in sillyness at times, he is, in fact, very smart.

    Feelings about him are usually fierce one way or the other….but for the most part he is an uncut gem, perhaps needing some polish, but for those that recognize the value of the rough stone….always a treat.

    Judging by the size and ferocity of his constantly growing fanbase, that value is apparent to a sizeable multitude, including the suits at Warner Bros and the many leading ladies that want to work with him.

  • Della

    #13, no Gerry didn’t hook up with Angelina. I don’t think they got along very well. Also, Gerry had a girlfriend during the filming of TR2.

    BTW, What does BTT mean?

  • Bernie

    WOW! Gerard is sex-on-a-stick…slurp!

  • jane m

    Gerry kills himself making his movies and 300 was a marathon of training and weightlifting for months before the shoot began. Yeah, he’s got a few crinkles around his eyes now. It looks gooood!!!

    He has had no rest since 300 was released with promotion for that film, followed by 2 months filming in London, followed by two months filming in Australia and now, with no break, beginning filming in New Mexico from Nov through Feb on Game. He stars next with 2 time ocscar winner Hillary Swank, next with two time oscar winner Jody Foster. He’s signed to make Escape from NY with no audition. Same for the prequel to the Untouchables…no auditions necessary. What’s the definition of A list? I guess you need to ask Shia LeBoef whoever he is. Don’t worry, Gerry will have his share of more big hits. His acting and dedication to his performances have been proven and he has a huge fan base. His films will be financially successful worldwide. They worship him in Brazil and Japan and so do a lot of us in the US.

    By the way, not that it matters, but Gerry is not gay. If he’s gay, so is George Clooney and Warren Beatty.

  • postwatcher

    Harrison Ford Was 35 when he played Han Solo and 41 or 42 when he did Raiders of the Lost Ark so Gerry has a little time left to get to the A-List however, doing films with horse-faced actresses is never going to get him there! He is picking the wrong films! Remake of Snake Plissner…give me a break!

    I hate to break the news to you boys and girls, but Gerry is going to stay on the C-list because of his current choices.


    Attila is #2 as the most watched TV mini series.
    Phantom of the Opera had big numbers worldwide.
    300 was a mega blockbuster.

    The supposedly “A-listers” have had bombs this year. Thank God Gerard is not one of them. He is way better than an “A-lister”.

  • GB fan

    Gerry is an incredible actor. From what I’ve read about him he is also an incredibly nice person (I hope to experience this knowledge first hand someday…lol).

    He looks real as opposed to “pretty” like most of the other Hollywood types.

    I’ll keep watching and drooling over the gorgeous Mr. Butler (he’s not a D-lister…no way!).

  • Mina

    Oh Jane m, why do you compare “our” lovely Gerard to Warren Beatty??? He was NASTY.

  • Bernice

    Is Gerard single?

  • operaghost

    Ahhhh, there he is! Thanks, jared! Gerard Butler is sex on legs.

    Gay D-lister, HottieTottie? You wish.