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Jen & Violet's Mother-Daughter Moment

Jen & Violet's Mother-Daughter Moment

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck share a special mother-daughter moment outside The Muffin Shop on Columbus Avenue in NYC on Wednesday.

The duo walked around their Upper West Side apartment and was joined by another mother and her son. The four of them hopped into a cab after yelling at nearby paparazzi.

Violet, 22 months, wears Umi Kids Mathilda Mary Janes in pink.

20+ pictures inside of Jen and Violet sharing a laugh together…

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jennifer garner violet affleck 01
jennifer garner violet affleck 02
jennifer garner violet affleck 03
jennifer garner violet affleck 04
jennifer garner violet affleck 05
jennifer garner violet affleck 06
jennifer garner violet affleck 07
jennifer garner violet affleck 08
jennifer garner violet affleck 09
jennifer garner violet affleck 10
jennifer garner violet affleck 11
jennifer garner violet affleck 12
jennifer garner violet affleck 13
jennifer garner violet affleck 14
jennifer garner violet affleck 15
jennifer garner violet affleck 16
jennifer garner violet affleck 17
jennifer garner violet affleck 18
jennifer garner violet affleck 19
jennifer garner violet affleck 20

Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Ha!

    What a pair of goofballs. Cute.

  • Whoa

    Oh damn, that kid is just not cute

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    O Come on,she’s a cutie.

  • taia

    Question? When they hopped into a cab, did they have car seats? Not from the city, so are there cabs that just have them in there already (vans)?

  • barb

    In response to Whoa:

    That second pic is beautiful, one of the best shots I’ve seen outside of a photo shoot. Jen has a genuine, beautiful smile and the child is gleeful personified. It should be in Motherhood magazine.

  • Whoa

    No, that kid is not cute and Jennifer is scary skin right now

  • Whoa

    Sorry I meant scary THIN

  • kira

    Ben, Jen, and Violet seem so happy and free being on the East Coast!

    Ben must be in “seventh heaven” today with his Red Sox having creamed my Colorado Rockies last night!

  • Mixed Nuts

    Oh man! That 9th picture. *scary* Violet could be a jack-o-lantern. Kid is sooooooooo not cute

  • barb

    I can’t tell under that trench, but I’ve never seen her scary thin, maybe its just the stress of that new movie and motherhood and marriage altogether. She looked good at the MTV movie awards, which is the last time I’ve seen any real pics of her.

  • halloweeny looking jen


  • d holiday

    that lil girl is cute. she looks like jennifer.i wonder how she got the blonde hair because both of her parents are brunettes.

  • [~Famous~]

    now look at this child, tell me there’s not something seriously wrong with her. LOL she has this whole demonic goof thing going.

    at least she wont need a mask halloween. =X

  • http://justjared ha!

    Ha! i was first!

  • Mixed Nuts

    Yeah, Violet’s eyes are messed up, like Jennifer’s. Dead. Jennifer is really thin here. I remember she got like this at the end of Alias too. You can almost see her pelvic bone sticking out from her jeans.

  • kudos to jen…

    I don’t “get” how anyone can not look at these pics and not smile… to each their own… I think that Violet is just about the cutest thing going right now, and kudos to Jen for being a PRIORITIZED working mum, all the while having her daughter right there with her in tow… I admire that, so refreshing, unlike other so-called- celeb mums on this blog who selfishly put their own self-absorbed selves/needs first…

  • Mixed Nuts

    Why is Jennifer any different from any mother who would have the ability to have her child with her? She isn’t except for the fact she can financially afford it. And as far as celebrity mother’s, with the exception of Britney ALL of them have their kids with them all the time.

    There isn’t any special about Jennifer then any other mother who loves their child. GMAFB

  • sabel

    Jennifer is beautiful even without all the glamour makeup – - totally scrub-clean face. I am glad she does this . . . she is not scared of not being caught without makeup–that is brave.

    Violet is cure!!!!!!!!

  • I know

    I always laugh at people who say oh isn’t she such a good mother? Why? Because she’s being a mother, like you, me and the lady next door? lol.

    They get pics of her in the park and it’s oh, isn’t she sooo normal? Give me a break. There are a ton of celebrity mother’s out there who would love to be able to take their kids to the park to play without being bothered by the paparazzi and other people./Jennifer can do it because she doesn’t have 50 grown men in her face or chasing her. 1 or 3 maybe. Big difference. I also agree that Jennifer is no better or no worse then any mother. Most women would love to be able to have their kids with them all the time but can’t because they have to go out and make a living.

  • sabel

    …. I mean: . . . . she is not scared of being caught without makeup .. .

  • Ha!

    I don’t say she’s a good mother because she brings her daughter to the park. I say it because she seems to have her priorities straight and she has obviously made having a loving bond with her daughter one of them. It’s evident any time you see pictures of them. I don’t think anyone is saying that she’s any better a mother than anyone else, just that it’s nice to see these two together. Regardless of what anyone else says, they seem like a nice family.

  • love

    cute cute cute :)
    Love jen!

  • tiff

    oh my, those two are so cute :) i wanna adopt them lol

  • beaucoup

    violet is soooooooooooooooo cute

  • LT

    Love her & Violet is adorable! Ben is a lucky man to be able to come home to them. I hope he realizes that. Jen is so real & grounded, such a good actress & mommy.
    Great role model, that you don’t have to let Hollywood destroy your reality.

  • losers!!

    how dare some of you insult a little girl saying she doesnt need a mask for halloween?!! i really hope none of you have kids, your probably too ugly to get laid anyway!
    she is so cute and seems like a really happy girl.

  • stupidsexyflanders

    come on people. there are much better people to hate on then violet and jen. they are both cute as buttons.

  • Regina

    Beautiful child! I love how the background of where these pictures were taken is typical NYC!

  • Mia

    Leave this two alone. I be those who call Violet ugly can’t even make a kid of their own.
    Obviously Jen is like most mothers, but even with her job you see her spending much time with her kid… and you don’t see the same with other actreses.

  • noel

    well said Ha!

    She does seem to get her priorities straight. A lot of moms (stay home or otherwise) take their kids to the park because that is what kids do—play. And these moms wants to give that experience to their kids.

    Violet is not ugly! She is soooo cute, got dimples, hair that curls naturally and fetching personality. And who cares if you think so, at least to Jennifer she is the most beautiful baby in the world!

  • me

    I have 3 kids who are all quite cute, and I’m not being biased, I am told all the time. Not everyone can have cute kids, the whole world can’t be pretty. Jen certainly isn’t. Neither is her daughter, it’s just a fact.

  • Katrina

    Violet actually looks cute there! I’m sure she’ll bloom when she gets older.

  • Cute?

    It is a fact, some people just believe everyone should think ever child is cute, and it’s simply not true.

    Jennifer Garner isn’t pretty either. Not every woman in the world is pretty. She’s not ugly, just nothing to rave about.

  • Garfleck

    She’ll “bloom” into Jennifer Garner, who also isn’t pretty.

  • beautiful

    Gorgeous mom and daughter duo!!
    A breath of fresh air to see “normal” families in Hollywood!!

  • yep

    31 and 33 well said.she will grown to look just like her homely mom. violet like her mom is really only cute, when smiling and showing their dimples.

  • neil

    13 [~Famous~] : 10/25/2007 at 11:20 am

    Halitosis of the brain; diaria of the mouth.

  • lol

    what a cutie pie. The camera’s don’t even phase her. It’s amazing how that cute little personality just shines through her smile. The photog’s must be using a long lens… nice that they show her some respect.

  • Sickening

    you people are garbage! go get a Fcking life ” mrs. my kids are so beautiful and jen and her daughter arent”!. Stop picking on children you dumb btich. Don’t be surprised if people are saying the same thing about you behind your back. Jen G. is not super model hot but she is NOT ugly and neither is her daughter. You freak of nature… go get your eyes checked idiot.

  • oh well

    Calm down. It’s called having an opinion. We all have one. I think Jen is homely and Violet is cute. All babies are cute. When she grows up, maybe she’ll be lucky and look nothing like ma.

  • GW

    Violet and Jennifer are a cute twosome! I love the one where they’re both smiling like goofballs. Violet sure looks like she’s got spunk! They’re so adorable.

  • someone

    “I remember she got like this at the end of Alias too. You can almost see her pelvic bone sticking out from her jeans.”

    The end of Alias?? She still had pregnancy weight then.

  • bataglio

    goofy? you bet.
    cute? not by a mile. that kid looks freakish in pic07

  • me

    Violet is the most beautiful child

  • awesome

    violet is sooo gonna grow into her looks. you can tell…once her teeth grow in and get them fixed, etc…with her gorgeous hair and dimples, she’s gonna be a very cute teenager.

  • angie

    she’s so adorable and cute! and that picture up on the post of violet looking goofy is SO ADORABLE! i love this mother- daughter, they have a great relationship.

  • Bea

    I love this family, Jen is always with her cute Violet.
    For more about this family and more, come to my forum:

  • sickos

    The people that have to remind the rest of us that we’re all entitled to “our opinions” are the worst offenders. They can’t even find nice things to say about a 2 year old, goes to show you how miserable of a human being they are. That’s not about voicing an opinion – that’s just downright nasty when you pick a part a child’s looks. Not only are you shallow but you haven’t begun to evolve as a human. Probably very lonely and UGLY souls.

  • Judge judy

    Hey you’ll…People with kids-as-beautiful-as-barbirandken, Her mother is the public’s eyes. Even tough I don’t agree that you should judge people (unless you’re a judge like me!), her mother is famous and judging comes with the package. Violet is just 2 y-o, can’t defend herself and she is NOT the actress!!!!!!!!!
    You people should get a life and find something better to do than just judge a baby’s beauty!!!!
    Bird, put these people out of the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judge judy

    I meant kids-as-beautiful-as-barbiEandken…but doesn’t matter… Barbies can’t spell their own names anyway…