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Reese & Jake's PDA Lovefest

Reese & Jake's PDA Lovefest

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal takes their romance public–holding hands and canoodling–while sightseeing in Rome over the weekend.

The pair arrived in Rome together via private jet, checked into their hotel and then went for a romantic stroll through Rome with their 5-person security detail (two from the U.S. and three from Italy).

Reese, 31, and Jake, 26, strolled through the Piazza di Spagna, walked up the Spanish Steps and visited the church of Trinita dei Monti.

Later, the couple stopped off at the Piazza Campo de Fiori to admire the Giordano Bruno Statue and lunched together at a small local restaurant. To top off their day together, Gyllenspoon took their PDA to the hill of Monte Mario and the Zodiaco cafe.

On Saturday, Reese and Jake‘s entourage expanded with a few locals and one ordained minister acting as a guide. The group dined at Bar della Pace and went sightseeing at the Museum of Rome, the Piazza Pasquino and Piazza Navona. They also took in the Church of San Luigi Dei Francesci, which houses the famous Carvaggio painting.

To finish off their day, Reese and Jake visited the Pantheon (the oldest functioning building in Rome), where they had Italy’s famous Gelato (ice cream).

On Sunday, Reese and Jake attended the premiere of Rendition together at the Rome Film Festival. The pair actually met on the set of their new movie, which recently bombed at the box office.

DO NOT MISS Gyllenspoon cuddling as they pose together for a photo. And best of all, don’t miss Jake adorably giving Reese a piggyback ride. VIVA GYLLENSPOON!

65+ pictures inside of Reese & Jake‘s Roman romance. YES, 65!!!!!!

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Photos: Andrea/Guiseppe/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon

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  • [marie]


  • ney


  • Fan_From_Italy

    “Gyllenspoon took their PDA to the hill of Monte Mario and the Zodiaco cafe.”

    I know the Zodiaco!! I was there once!! ^_^

    What is Italy’s famous gelato?? Isn’t the ice-cream??

    I love news about people in Italy!! :P

  • Andrea

    Aww, they look soo cute.

  • :]


  • [~Famous~]

    c’mon, we all know they’re being forced to do this to help their movie. they could drop a sex tape (which would be boring) and it still wouldn’t help.

  • lily

    Love Reese. I hope Jake gaylenhaal is good to her.

  • Natalie

    I love Reese and all but IMO they’re kind of a weird couple…

  • Regina

    It just seems so weird that she’s 5 years old than him, they look around the same age!

  • yes!!!

    Cute couple. I went to all the places they went last summer. Yay!!
    Love Rome!! But the food was expensive and nasty!! Even Olive Garden in the U.S taste better!!

  • Jill

    I don’t understand her and Jake. Jake is gay and that’s okay but to say that the two of them are romantically link is gross. Then she thanks her brother for his concern (who was arrested for a sex crime). What is next she starts dating James Blunt???

  • Regina

    The food was nasty in Rome?! Are you kidding?!

  • RAYG

    i dont think that they are doing this to just HYPE the film, HOPEFULLY THIS IS REAL!!!! I think they have similiar personalities & seem private emough to at least try & see waht can become of them as a couple. They seem like LOW KEY people, not PR HOUNDS!!!!

  • Me love paparazzi!!!

    This couple thought since they’re in Rome, the paparazzi wouldn’t follow them?? They’re everywhere!!! Thank God for the paparazzi!! My life would have been really empty without them.

  • ladysdsandiego

    i wish reese was still with ryan. i miss seeing them together.

  • hohum

    They are gross he looks doppy all of the time and she is a badly aging movie star who is so insecure with herself that she couldn’t be alone for any period of time after her husband left her for another woman.


    Wow… these pictures of Jake and Reese don’t look remotely staged or awkward.

    (Sarcasm, folks.)

  • Sara

    Awww! Jake giving Reese a piggyback ride!

  • carmen

    Well they really put on a show.

  • Jake Rox

    Nothing says “We’re having sex!” like a piggyback ride!!

  • JJ

    The movie sucked…so, let’s go with plan 2!!!

  • Kelsey

    I don’t know. Piggy back rides? That just doesn’t seem like Reese. I don’t know her personally but she doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who would fall into that kind of hollywood crap. Especially since she has young children. She is my favorite actress and I want to believe she is so far above staging a romance for publicity but damn, I don’t know. It just doesn’t fit.

    If it’s real then that’s great for her. If its not, I have two words of advice: Wise up!

  • From the block

    I hate Jake! I hate Reese more! And their propganada movie sucked!!! (Or so I read).

  • From the block


  • lookwhaticando

    Cute couple, hope they last

  • giggidygiggidy

    FAKE! Jake is a homo

  • Ella

    What happens if your movie bombs…get together with your sexy co-star to promote the film!
    Let’s see if it will help. I never thought Jake would ever go for a bimbo.

  • Jake Rox

    Watch your mouth, #26. He might be gay but don’t call him a “homo”. Let me guess: you’re either a straight guy who’s morbidly terrified of his own sexuality or a cheesy, fat girl who couldn’t possibly even dream of scoring a person as attractive as Jake.

  • Regina

    Wow, idiots can’t win with Jake. If he’s not dating no one, he’s gay. If he’s dating someone, it’s fake. *roll*

  • pbn

    I don’t buy it! It just confirms that Jake is gay :-( And I wouldn’t want to believe it before today (why am I always attracted to gay guys?..)
    Anyway, sorry but this chin, this jaw… she’s ugly!

  • Luu

    Finally!! they are SO cute together

  • Janice

    65!!! That’s qualifies as stalking right?

  • Mìh


  • Brian

    They look so cute!

  • Spirit

    Sigh!… Thanks for depressing me 65+ times Jared :-(

  • h

    It is also interesting that last week Ted C. outed Jake and this week he is with Reese. Not buying this one.

  • cheddar


    :) :) :) :)

  • ummm…

    This is hard to stomach. Reese and Ryan were way cuter. Something is amiss. Those two should work it out and reunite. C’mon, it feels so good!

  • Cocoahomme

    About time. My prayers have been answered…Go Gyllespoon!!!

  • KrungKrung

    it kinda look staged, i dunno, but i love papa Jake he’s so delish y’all, i like Reese too xcept her very long pointy chin

  • sara

    Seems a little ironic that they decide to be all affectionate after their movie bombs????

  • blackberry bessie

    This is where your signature on the dotted line blurs the line in your heart. Reese has been troubled by this because she didn’t want to do it. She believes that a movie is not just box office numbers. She is horrified of being labeled BOP (box office poison) like Aniston, Kidman, and other divorcees-The Gays RULE Hollywood so Jake’s career must be saved at the expense of Reese’ s-After all she has an Oscar and other Successful movies- BrokeBack was supose to be Jake’s Oscar but it didn’t work out that way. Do your research-he is well connected at both ends! Watch Reese take a Vacay just with the kiddies-by herself-the Martha’s Vineyard Fake Vacay was pure HW-She is sad and talking to Ryan on a daily basis-

  • Charlene

    i can hear hearts breaking all over the world, including mine!! but im happy for them such a cute couple :)

  • caro

    These pics are so staged-Jake is actually looking right at the paps in some of the shots….Watch his eyes(you can see them through his shades)….Hollywood is full of players-even those some of you can’t believe would stoop to this…Let’s see how long they last….

  • LT

    Very romantic…I hope it’s real. I bet Rye Rye is fuming
    over these pix!!

  • toni

    I can’t see them doing the “nasty.” Who do you think wear the pants in their relationship? Will it last?

  • anon

    Gay fans of Jake are paniced! Baaaaahaaaaahaaaa!!!!
    Nooooooooooooo! He is gay! He is ours! He can be our role model!
    They are just doing that for their movie! That bitch is ugly!


  • emily

    i love them! so cute!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • dani

    Cute and i think they are real!

  • Sarah

    FINALLY! They make a great couple! Reese deserves to be happy.