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Double Your Pleasure with Wentworth Miller

Double Your Pleasure with Wentworth Miller

Been needing your Prison Break fix?

Lechero (Robert Wisdom) threatens Michael (Wentworth Miller) in the Prison Break double episode “Photo Finish/Vamonos” airing Monday, Nov. 5 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

Synopsis: Michael longs for Sara and freedom. Lincoln brings Michael bad news Sucre continues to help Michael and Lincoln. Michael confronts Lechero about Tyge’s death and Whistler’s innocence. When an inmate is found murdered, Whistler becomes the prime suspect and Michael must prove his innocence in order to save his life; Michael demands evidence from Susan that Sara is alive, or he will cancel the escape; Lincoln and Sofia monitor the guards’ morning rituals; Mahone gets an offer that may get him a ticket out of Sona.

Two hours of pure Prison delight!

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wentworth miller double pleasure 03
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wentworth miller double pleasure 05
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Photos: Bill Matlock/FOX
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  • b/w miller

    thanks jared love to hear more on went.

  • Charlie

    I gave up one Prison Break this season; this show should have ended a long time ago and continuing it without Sarah is just ridiculous.

  • b/w miller

    two hours!!!??? yes!!

  • PB fan

    ooooouuuuuuuuufffffffff. Finally something new about wentworth and prison break.Thank you

  • Jennifer

    oh my god i cant wait for this. prison break is great and in three years i have never missed a episode. I wonder how Prison Break Cherry Hill will be if they decide to actually do it.

  • Kevin

    Hmm weird how this episode ‘photo finish’ is already airing tonight in the Netherlands :|
    we were like four episodes behind when it started here :/

    and chastity,, what??

  • jewels

    thanks for the update jared! its always good to see you post stories about went… keep up the good work! :P

  • tia

    um chastity obviously you are new around here because that has been talked about ad naseum everyone from here to imbd to all of his fansites, you might want to do a little research before you start calling people racists cause your a day late and a dollar short my friend

  • nikki

    mmmm wenty mmmmm….you are delicious!

  • Funny

    Hahaha I totally agree Tia but perhaps Chastity is more like 3 years late and $50 short, too funny! Thanks for the PB love JJ.

  • Annie

    Kevin- The US is all behind now because of the Baseball World Series games messing up the schedule.

    JustJared- Thanks for posting about Wentworth and Prison Break!!!

  • Mink

    Thanks so much, Jared! Looking forward to the double helping of Sweaty Went. :D

  • giggidygiggidy

    Why do girls like him, He is so obviously GAY. He doesn’t want you girls he likes men.

  • Violaine

    Yeeaaah!!! 2h :)

    But I can’t wait 10 more days for new episodes

  • me

    to 13!!!!!!!!!

    he said hes not gay!!!!!!!!!!
    and if he is gay who gives a shit??????????????


  • blah

    The show is beyond bad. I gave up after the first two eps of this season. It should be called Prison Break Season 1 revisited. “Hey, let’s throw everyone into a jail all together and make it like American Gladiators only in another country, and we’ll put the guy that was trapped on the inside now on the outside! It will be awesome and all of the viewers will be too dumb to realize that there is no plot and no excitement anymore.”

    They should have done themselves a favor and canceled it after Season 1. The ratings show that. Eff the Fox writers for killing the show.

  • me

    to 16!

    YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE SEASON 1 AND 2 AND I LOVE SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i still luve it!
    tea -bag 4 ever!
    wentworth, always xoxo

  • Tinamaria

    God. I’m so sick of this shitskin. Is this shitty show still on the air? How many fucking times can he break out of prison…bout time for the electric chair..

  • nicole

    I love this show and I love went. Jared finally u made me happy. u made me see something about prison break. u should do that more often

  • jessica

    yyyyyyyyyyes I wanna double my pleasure. went come here. mmmmm

  • Angie

    i am SOOOOOOO over this show. BORING!!!!!

  • WYT


  • fabp

    word from Sky One in the UK…
    Due to American scheduling there will not be any new episodes of Prison Break on Sky One on Monday 22nd October and Monday 29th October. The series will resume with episode five, Interference, on Monday 5th November at 22.00.

    Damn, it sure is hurting my Monday TV!!!

  • jessica

    I confirm! in europe we love prison break. wenty u r yummy yummy

  • Just me…

    I love Prison Break and i love so much more Wentworth!!!
    He’s beautiful and a good actor. He’s my PURE PLEASURE :D
    Thanks Jared…but please give me more about Wentworth!!!

    # 25…I confirm it to ;)

  • french

    mi tu i like mutch the show and love very very very more wentworth miller je t’aime mon amour
    best actor and good men

  • Miss Vex

    I luuvvvvv this show!

  • ~katie~
  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    I’m just waiting for Michael to find out about Sarahs death…I’m betting that he’s gonna get in payback mood when he finds out.

  • Leigha

    i am so sick of people going on about how bad prison break is this season – sure it may not be as good as it once was, but if you don’t like it it’s simple – shut up and don’t watch it! Leave the rest of us to enjoy it in peace!

  • liz

    -Jared, ¿is he in Germany now? Please, Jared works at this one.
    *13-Gay or not gay, we love him!

  • SweetyKat


    Thank you so much for the preview news about the coming episodes (and the pics, too)! Wentworth, Dom P., Robert Knepper, they’re doing such an awesome job! Wentworth is working so hard, he’s absolutely made me fall head over hills in love with Michael. Season 3 is the best so far. Prison Break, IMO, has just gotten better and better with each episode and season. I cannot wait for the two hour episode!

    In Season One, I like Michael and admire him for his honor and valor. In Season Two, I am completely blown away by his brilliance, the way he strategizes, it’s all so damn sexy! In Season Three, the moment I fell for Michael is when he’s talking to Linc during their first visitation, I believe, and Michael tells Linc that he is where he should be, free. I feel that it’s at that moment, that Michael is satisfied that Linc is free and he must atone for the things he’s done, directly and indirectly, to free Linc. There is something so DAMN sexy about a man who’s not afraid to man-up! Michael takes responsibility for his actions even though he knows all that he’s done, is done with the best intentions. Ooooh Yeah! I’m in love with the “idea of” Wentworth in all his deliciousness and beauty, but I am totally GONE over Michael! Michael is so, so, oh my……I could eat him up! :)

    I do have to admit, I AM in love with Wentworth’s hands. So, Jared, thank you so much for pics #3 and #6! You know I just had to enlarge them to get a closer look!

    For you Jared! OOOOOO**XXXXX**OOOOOO**XXXXXXX Thank you!

  • Sheree

    i hope michael get’s out of prison anyway. I certainly would want to leave now, more than ever since finding out about the death of sara. I wouldn’t stay in Sona one more minute.

    Show’s doing a great job! (considering who they have to work for: TPTB)

  • Niki

    Thanks for the scoop about the double episode. Now I can set my DVR accordingly. Fox’s website doesn’t even mention the double episode as if they purposely want people to miss it.

    The first episode this season turned me off a bit but I am glad I kept watching. The show has gotten interesting. Although, this should be the last season they go with the “break out of prison” theme. Not sure why they the producers wrote themselves into a corner with the title “Prison Break” but the Wentworth as MacGyver hook is getting a bit stale.








  • Casey

    I absolutely LOVE the show….and I’m ready to see Michael move on from Sarah.

  • caro

    great sason 3 very good and very good actor
    i love you wentworth,is the best

  • sarah

    i’m from the uk, and i am loving the new series of prison break, we are still waiting to see episode 5, i cant wait for michael to find out about sara, prison break is my monday night fix!
    and for all those of you who say they arent watching anymore : fine, its your loss so go watch something else and leave the rest of us to enjoy in peace.
    and people, stop going on about went being gay, the article was about prison break not his sex life

  • Calisa

    yeh same in oz we were like only a day behind but now we have to wait 2 weeks also arghh,,, admit this season is boring than last, but doesnt matter cos 2 episodes of sweaty wentworth pleasure for us all!!

  • jamila

    hi, i am a french girl and i am totally agree with sarah, there isn’t relation between his personnal life and the series.i don’t understand people who focus on it.the series is the series and his personnal is his personnal life!!!
    it looks only to him.
    i don’t see the inconvenience there in comparison with the series.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    YAY! Double Prison Break!

    Pleasure and Wentworth Miller in the same sentence IS JUST TOO MUCH! :lol: Lord, he’s gorgeous!

  • chastity

    what do you mean what? thats my opinion and this is an opinion board, ive heard worse racist things said on here so get a gripe. wtf? what?

  • chastity

    if im waiting moderation a lot of others damn sure should be also. wtf?

  • pav

    I’m from the uk (london) I agree with 31## this is viewed by prison break and wentworth fans so if ur not a fan WHY R U WASTING UR TIME if ur soo over prison break why r u even reading about it????? Anway i cannot wait for monday the 5th im counting down the days wooooooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!

  • LL

    I’m from the UK too, and I have to be the second Londoner in a row to agree with #31. ;) We’re not ganging up on anyone (I promise), but I was wondering why they bother too. To put it this way, there’s a reason why I don’t read about Britney or Paris, they bore me. I would consider it a huge waste of time posting about them…
    I love season 3, I think it’s better than season 2, and if you don’t like the plot, just concentrate on the gorgeous mr. Miller!!! ;) But I think that the show is a lot bigger in Europe than in the U.S. Hope they don’t cancel it without taking the foreign viewers into account…
    And Jamila, I was cheering for France in the match for third place, it was a shame that both France and England lost…. :( Next time they’ll meet in the final, I’m sure! Thank you for your kind words as well, you seem really sweet! Take care, and I’m sure we’ll bump into each other in posts on this site again!!

  • marie

    Wenty….::: je t’aima à la française !!

  • Wentfanatic

    I adore Went and honostly believe that he is the sexiest man alive. I love him…gay, straigt,bi or even if he decides to stick it in the exhaust pipe of his car! It really doesnt bother me one bit. PB rocks and season 3 is only getting better with each episode. #46 I totaly agree with you when you said that you don’t read about Brittany Spears and the likes and do not comment on their threads as they bore you. Same here, that is why I do not get why people who are not PB and Went fans are even bothering to take the time to read the post and comment and not just scroll along to something that interest them. PS. Sorry that England and France did not win but I am South African and very happy that our boys brought the cup home… for the second time! :-

  • LL

    #48 Congrats to the win, you must be thrilled! No, seriously, it was a good game, and if I have to be completely impartial (not something I want to be, but nevermind!), the better team probably won… Anyway, we probably should stop talking about rugby, before we’re told off for getting off the subject, eh? ;)
    I do agree with you completely about not caring a thing about what he does in his spare time, it’s got nothing to do with the show. Interesting idea about the exhaust pipe, haha!!!!
    And I have to agree with you about what you said about the improvement of the show (I’m agreeing with people a lot today, what’s wrong with me?). Let’s just say that this season the cat gets a lot of exercise pacing back and front of the telly with me when I watch the show (for some reason she insists on following me around when I pace, regardless of how many times I’ve tripped over her). It’s getting very interesting again, I keep counting the days and hours until the next show is on!
    LONG LIVE PRISON BREAK!!! And Michael Scofield, obviously! ;)

  • LL

    I have to agree with #48 a little bit more, Wentworth is the sexiest guy ever!!!!