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'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Movie Set -- FIRST PICTURES

'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Movie Set -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Daniel Radcliffe on the London set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince taken late Thursday night!

Radcliffe, 18, and Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore) were spotted sharing a laugh during a film break. Check out Gambon’s hilarious beard protector! The pair filmed the scene at Slughorn’s home in “Budleigh Babberton,” where Harry and Dumbledore and persuade the former Potionsmaster to return to Hogwarts to teach.

And be sure to peep the Dumbledore double (with glasses). He’s a smoker!

Half-Blood Prince is being directed by David Yates (Order of the Phoenix) and is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2008.

10+ pictures inside of from the London movie set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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harry potter half blood prince movie set 01
harry potter half blood prince movie set 02
harry potter half blood prince movie set 03
harry potter half blood prince movie set 04
harry potter half blood prince movie set 05
harry potter half blood prince movie set 06
harry potter half blood prince movie set 07
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harry potter half blood prince movie set 09
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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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    Oooh ! It’s funny to see our Dumbledore smoking ! He seems to be tired ! It’s the “Behind the scenes” effect, over to me !

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    @It’s Britney, b*tch: It’s not a pensieve scene, this is Dumbledore and Harry going to convince Slughorn to come back and teach at Hogwarts. It says so in the article.


    Ohh sorry..I was so excited about seeing the pics that I forgot to read the whole article…anyways..I’m still frickn’ excited!

  • Danda radcliffe

    Daniel eu te amo, muito!!!!!!!!
    vc é o homem mais lindo de todo o planeta…

  • tuana

    i’m from turkey.i like harry,harry potter movies,daniel radcliffe,alan rickman,helena bonham carter,gary oldman and maggie smith.go are very succesful

  • Hal

    Every time I have watched Dan do an interview on TV I have been vastly impressed by his maturity, his poise, his good nature, and his all round niceness. An amazing kid and they say what you see is what you get. Hope his career goes well for him. December Boys has unfortunately NOT done well at the box office. But then who wants, in the USA, to listen to Aussie accents? He should do more comedy. He was beyond hilarious, a real hoot, in EXTRAS.

  • Mojo

    Hey Hal, I agree completly with you! He is so great in interviews and his appearence on Extras was brilliant (thank you Mr. Gervais for being so frickin’ smart!). I also saw all the press he did for December Boys and then read an article about how it was only being shown in like 4 theaters in the United States. I think Dan did ALL that press not just for the movie but also to get the word out there that he is in the acting world for the long haul. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

  • persa

    I can’t wait for this MOVIE!!!:-)))I’m sure it will be Perfect!!!!I love Daniel!!!!and everything about Harry Potter!!!!!LOL!!!I think this is the scene in which when Dumbledore takes Harry with him to try to get Slughorn to teach potions again!!!!!!

  • jENI

    the person who suggested Zac Efron be recast as Harry, instead of Daniel, just amazes me.

    If you know anything about the Harry Potter movies, you’d know, they only cast British actors. Per J.K. Rowling’s request. Zac would never have had a chance even if he were an option.

    Zac Efron, would be awful as Harry, if only for the fact that he looks nothing like what Harry Potter is described as. He’s too much of a pretty boy. I think I would avoid the last movie (or two, if he were ever put in it).

    Dan certainly isn’t the most amazing actor (yet), but neither is Zac. Most people like him just because of his looks. Dan at least tries. I think it’s fantastic that he’s venturing out into other things. And I really hope he does well in his career. I think the trio they cast, are probably the perfect 3 kids for the roles (especially Rupert as Ron).

  • noelle

    This is so exciting. I can’t wait

  • toto

    I disagree zanessa obsessed’s opinion.
    This thoughts seems like childlike.
    One thing I can say is only one person believe,it’s OK.
    I love Daniel.
    I don’t mind Zac Efron is more popular.
    But Personally, Daniel is the best.
    Do’t mind such as these stupid oinion.

  • Nimz

    I love his hair here–better than the too-short cut in the fifith and the too-long length in the fourth.

  • les


    You took the words right out of my mouth. He is polite, respectful and mature. I wish we could drum up some child stars like that.

  • Milany

    Zac is a show off, he loves the media attention, he loves to see his face on celeb magazines, gossip columns and TV, Dan on the other hand, does not make publicv appearances and keeps his private live PRIVATE, and Dan is an ACTOR not like Zac who is a crappy actor, Dan got rave reviews for Equus a masterpiece production that will open next year in Broadway, December Boys got split reviews but even the bad reviews praised Dan’s acting as the only thing worth to watch, Dan in Extras was fantastic and show he has also a range to be a comediant, Dan is a proper film, TV and stage actor compare to the Disney made up Zac who cannot act!!!

  • http://-_- Thai people

    I like Harry Potter very well

  • WoW

    Yes! I am so excited about the movie!! The last movie was good, but I think it could of been better. The Half Blood Prince is my favorite book in the series, not including the last book. Thank Jared! I’m so excited.
    to #28: Zac Efron has got nothing on Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel is, in my opinion, an amazing actor. While Zac is just an actor that has pre-teens and teenage girls falling over him, why I don’t know. Daniel is one of the richest, if not the richest, teens in the industry. I honestly don’t think Zac could pull of Daniel’s role. p.s. Yes, I’m a Zanessa supporter.

  • Becky

    So the Dumbledore in the first picture is Gambon, but the Dumbledore who is smoking in the fifth, seventh and ninth pictures is a stunt double? Are you sure? I’m having a real problem telling them apart, particularly because both of the Dumbledores are wearing the same blue jacket over their costumes.

  • Cathy

    Those are beautiful. Prince Potter. What a great word for him. He looks adorable. And it’s nice to start seeing pictures. Thanks for posting.
    Wow Zanessa.You seem to be very delusional if you think nobody cares about Daniel anymore. You’re obviously on the wrong sites. Poor you.

    If you think HP Sucks ” Just Interupted” why on earth respond to this. Do you have a secret obsession?

  • Pantherchen

    Its Gambos double hos smoking, not himself…
    i love this house :) its slughorns…

  • http://NONE Anjali

    OMG!!! I can not wait till harry potter and the half blood prince comes out *SCREAM!

    I wrote to dan and guess what he wrote bck ahhhhhhh i think me going to faint!!

  • michelle

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Daaaan, love you s2

  • lais Potter



  • bruna potter

    eu amo o daniel radcliffe sou de brasil e adimiro muito o trabalho que ele faz e em ingles,

    i love you

  • michelle

    *-* Dan, você não sabe o quanto eu te amo

  • andy

    omg!! i can’t wait!!

    i want to see Rupert Gritn

    i love him!!

  • agustiina

    me encantta harry por favor si pueden mandarme ftos de él a mi mail porfiss tengo toda la colección de la pèlii y estoy juntando el ajedrez que esta re bueno..
    harry me encanta plase manden ftooss
    besso a la pagina esta re buena!

  • evelyn

    Ameeeeeeeeeeei as fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  • Shannon M.

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!! I hope they keep it really close the book. I love Harry Potter!!!! I am a huge Harry Potter fan!!!!

  • Megha

    i cant wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Tina

    I was lucky to meet Dan briefly afterone of the shoots but only long enough for him to say ‘how you doing’ and sign my book he was lovely. Can’t wait to see the movie just to know you were close by during the shoot will be a great feeling. Luv ya Dan.

  • harry’s wife

    damn..cant wait to see the movie..i hope this one’s better than the rest of the released films bec it’s my favorite book in the series..

  • mystery babe

    dan is not delusional you fat retard. no wonder you have no mates in the harry potter world.

  • sophw

    zac could replace daniel but daniel is a good actor tho zac is sooo much hotter ZANESSA 4EVA

  • america soto

    fuck! i hate that people what only comes to talk bad about HP! please FUCK ALL THAT PEOPLE!

    Dan look so cute! ^^ luv ya sweetheart!

    i can’t wait to HP 6!

    we love you Dan! jiji he’s very handsome and sexy!

    i’m in love of that new pictures! i’m die to see that movieee!


    the best is HP!

  • Mojo

    I hope you aren’t talking about my post (#30) mystery babe (#82) because if you are you need to read again…I didn’t call Dan delusional at all.

  • Naila

    HHHHHeeeeeeyyyyyyy, its just the start, n have to wait a whole year. How to spend this time?????

  • Caah

    perfect !!

  • Tina

    I was there Friday but did’nt get near to the filming But got Dan’s autograph after one of the shoots. It was great just to be near the shooting and seeing Dan after that was the biggest bonus. He is absolutely lovely. Hope to meet him again one day. LUV YA DAN!

  • Andrew

    Newsflash : Newly Out-Of-Closet Dumbledore Smokes Weed On Fishing Trip

  • Natasha

    Hey! i was there when these pictures were taken, i went down and watched them film early in the morning! got home at 4am was AMAZING dan is HOT! x

  • Ginny Weasley

    Very Funny ! It’s really strange to see Dumbly with sigarett !

    My blog of Harry Potter but it’s in French sorry! ~> :/

  • carla

    can’t wait!!!

  • carla

    i can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Marali

    I Love Dan

  • Croatian_girl_HP_freak

    the pictures are great!!!
    I can’t wait to see the film! =)

    A big kiss to all HP fans!!

    Croatia loves Harry Potter!!! XD

  • Croatian_girl_HP_freak

    Btw, does any body have a blog about HP?
    I would love to visit them. =)
    I have a blog but it’s on croatian.

  • Croatian_girl_HP_freak

    Oh, God…I soooo want to say something on Croatian but nobody will undestand. Lol… XD

    P.S. Does anybody have a blog about HP?

  • Croatian_girl_HP_freak

    I’m back! ;-)


  • kymie

    omg!! i cannot wait to watch half blood…. i promz to watch!!

  • DomciQ

    Nie mogę się doczekać!

    Do you understadnd me? ; ] Its in Polish.
    ‘I cant wait!’