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Violet Affleck: I Have Mommy's Dimples

Violet Affleck: I Have Mommy's Dimples

Violet Affleck flashes her cute little dimples while out at a Central Park playground with mom Jennifer Garner in New York City Friday afternoon.

Violet, 22 months, wore her favorite shoes again, Umi Kids Mathilda Mary Janes in pink.

And how cute is it for Jen to be doing the hand motions to the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”?!

Jen has been in town for her limited 10-week engagement in the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

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  • Natalie


  • emma
  • ~~&~~

    She has resembled to her mom.She’s cute only Suri some people say she’cute,but I don’t see Suri cute.

  • Susan

    What a doll! Love the dimples!

  • S.

    The kid is cute, but what kid isn’t?

    Now Jen’s collagen lips, Ewww!

  • lola


  • suzy

    she is a cute lil mini me of her mother.

  • Ashleigh

    @ Post 5: Jennifer doesn’t have collagen in her lips. Her lips are naturually large. Their are pictures of her as a young girl and you can see that her lips are natural.

  • ?

    what wrong with jen’s face`she looks skinny & hollow.

  • Its the eyes

    Violet is cute, but its her eyes that is making her not pretty at all.

  • Jenho

    Jennifer needs to put some weight on because those collagen enhanced lips are starting to look scary in her skinny face. She has big bags under here eyes too why isn’t Ben there to help her out with Violet.

  • grace

    jen does look old and tired!she should geht some sleep and Ben should help her put but he looks scary too!he´s too thin,she´s too thin and her lips are definitely not natural she´s using collagen that´s for sure!I know some baby pics from her and the lips were normal not as big as that!

  • anonymous

    I’ve seen pictures of Jennifer Garner with her first husband before she was famous and her lips were not that big, especially the top lip. All actresses in Hollywood have had some work done they all feel the pressure to stay young and beautiful, Jennifer Garner is the same. Angelina Jolie is the only one with natural lips.

  • Chrisler1

    Baby is cute and has dimples. Let’s hope she won’t grow up to be a plain and pale Jane like mummy.

  • [~Famous~]

    that child is really “special”, if you know what i mean.

  • Beatrix

    Violet is cute.

    Jen’s lips are naturally full, but at age 35 she may use collagen to enhance them now.

  • Oh Damn

    That baby is crossed eyed

  • alicia

    i think her eyes are very cute too:)

  • neil

    15 [~Famous~] : 10/26/2007 at 5:27 pm
    He/She/it is ‘famous’ (if you know what I mean)

  • heather

    Awww her dimples are sooo cute =]

  • sydney bristow

    Violet doesn’t have her mommy’s big lips, but Shiloh’s are exactly like Angelina’s. Jennifer started using collagen when she was on Alias, she’s been using collagen for years.

  • LOL

    OMG! this child is so adorable. Look at those dimples! Jen G has always remained down to earth and she looks like a typical parent. doesn’t need to dress to the nines to take her kid to the park . always sporting a great smile. looks absolutely in love with her baby. whoever feels the need to pick on Jen is seriously disturbed or has body image issues. why attack this chic and how full her lips are or aren’t? come to terms with your bad self image and leave others alone.

  • @@@@

    That kid is so Cute!

  • Lolamae

    Violet looks like Alf. Seriously, her eyes are more beady than her parents’ eyes!

  • Tiger

    She is completely adorable.What a little doll!

  • feeling love

    Just adorable!

  • Sara

    awww! dimples are soo adorable!

  • http://! Metoo

    Jenns lips were always big. I don’t think they had collogen in high school! When you get older your lips do lose their definition however so she may use that stuff that plumps them out (bee sting? or something like that) but plastic surgery, no, she doesn’t need it.

    She is doing a play for 3 l/2 hours every night and probably is skipping dinner when she’s doing it so no wonder she has lost weight. I need to go on that diet.

  • Christina

    that baby has to be the prettiest baby i have ever seen

  • zend

    omg, she’s a cute little angel..

  • Calmom

    Heck even I look better than Jennifer does and I don’t have a nanny or an assistant around the clock like she does. I work, I cook and clean and take my kids to soccer yet still manage to find the time to not look as bad as she does. I don’t understand why people praise celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani for doing what many people do every day without the money or help that celebrities have.

  • mimi05

    So it’s true that Jen is addicted to botox. She was a blind item in the New York Post.

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, her dimples are to die for y’all.

  • me

    she is f***ing ugly. poor kid. her dad is hot but too bad her mother looks like… a man

  • annoymous

    Ewww fug alert…Violet might be a cutie but Jennifer wins the award for hollywood’s ugliest celebrity mom.

  • angie

    gosh, she’s so adorable!

  • Peach

    She is a precious little girl who looks so much like her Mom.

    Mom looks like she’s losing weight – her face looks very thin – hope she’s ok.

  • just me

    Poor little fugly baby!

  • anonymous

    what a cutie.

  • anonymous

    LOL, LOL, LOL, YOU DO NOT have their kind of schedules, you crack me calmom! and lets put your picture up and i bet everyone can find faults with you, LOL!

  • calmom

    “Their kind of schedules” are you kidding me?? I bet you don’t even work or have kids it’s obvious you have no idea what your talking about or what real moms experience not pampered celebrities who have nannies, cooks, cleaners, assistants like Jennifer Garner. It’s obvious your a Jennifer Garner superfan, you really need to find somebody else to idolize like our troops in Iraq or the teachers in our schools not some pampered celebrity.

  • rebel

    @calmom: Oh really? “Idolize those teachers in our schools.” Yeah right, haven’t heard of that one before. Look, I understand what you’re saying, but the reason why people are praising celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner is because she’s one of the few celeb moms that actually DO spend time with their spawns, and doesn’t feel the need to dress like she’s going to be walking down the red carpet just to go to the park with her daughter. She doesn’t need those flashy jewelry, big ass shades, pretty sunhats and such. She actually just goes in plain jeans and sweats, you know, just regular outfits. Now, quit whining about how you’re not praised for being a mom like Jennifer Garner. You’re not a celebrity. Celebrities are praised for a reason, that’s why their CELEBRITIES! Come on now, you’re old enough to comprehend that.

  • Ally

    Violet looks cute in the above pic.

    But I have to be honest.

    She’s got Mare Winningham in St.Elmo’s fire written ALL over that face.

  • brazilian girl

    Jennifer is so beautiful… and so is violet!

  • palvahsa

    jennifer is soooooooooooooooooo hot and im not gay lol

  • Go sox

    Way to go, rebel. That calmom sounds pretty self-righteous. What I respect in this Hollywood mom is, that she does spend a lot of time with her child, in spite of having a crazy schedule. And calmom, you do it all WITHOUT cameras in your face. It’s just a wee bit harder to raise your child in that environment….give Jen a little more credit.

  • lula29


    STFU with the bullsh*it. She is not one of the few celeb moms who take care of their kids. Why are you generalizing this way. You make no sense.

    What other celeb mom out there isn’t really their for there kids? There are some, Britney Spears, Denise Richards, etc., but these aren’t all celeb moms.

    You just sound really stupid when you make these kinds of comments, I’m sorry.

    Garner is like all the rest of the celeb moms. No better, no worse.

  • Bella

    Respect and credit are given to Jennifer Garner. Celebrities have additional pressure due to the fact that they are in the public eye raising their children. NO PRIVACY!

    Also, to all of you who knock Violet for her appearance should be ashamed of yourselves. All children are beautiful! Let’s get out all of your pictures from the day you were born and see how all of you looked. Please…

    Lastly, Jennifer is a wholesome natural beauty. Her lips do look a slight bigger, but they do have many lip plumpers out there that she may have used this day. No biggie!

    Keep swing’n Jen and Violet, have fun!




  • john

    #49 Angie the slut