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Zac Efron is a Beanie Boy

Zac Efron is a Beanie Boy

Zac Efron sports a new beanie and checks the messages on his iPhone while out and about in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon.

The Hairspray star was reportedly at a business meeting earlier in the day. For High School Musical 3! Just kidding, I have no idea.

Watch the video below of his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, Wednesday on the red carpet at the Frederick’s of Hollywood event. It’s a mad house with photographers screaming “Vanessa! Vanessa! Over the shoulder! You’re GORGEOUS, Vanessa! This way! Vanessa! Beautiful! I LOVE YOU! Ms. Hudgens, to your right! VANESSA! To your left! The front of your outfit, please. BIG SMILE! Over here, Vanessa! Work it out, girl. GORGEOUS! ” Check out the video below –

Vanessa Hudgens @ Frederick’s of Hollywood, 10/24
Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron beanie boy 01
zac efron beanie boy 02
zac efron beanie boy 03
zac efron beanie boy 04

Photos: Stefan Saad/
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  • Maxim

    goofy hat

  • Fan_From_Italy

    Zac! Zac! Zac! ^_^

  • kat


  • mikaela

    Zac would it kill you to smile d***

  • lol



  • zaneessa

    no ring????????????

  • Spirit

    Thanks Jared for yet another Zac & Vanessa Thread! You’re the best! :-)

  • Karolcia:-)

    Yeah Zac!!! He’s haven’t got ring:-(

  • Erin

    props to zanessa, i couldn’t deal with the pap i would lose my cool and probably end up like brittany…it takes patience. Zac lookin’ sexy as usual. keep it up. thanks for being speedy JJ

  • emma
  • xclaudiax

    hehe its crazy:D
    she looks amazing:)

  • http://111 Amy

    dang the video everyones yelling vanessa this vanessa that(she probaly gets sick of her own name) lol i Love her. cute

  • ace*

    zac’s hot. and i agree with the photags,,,vanessa is gorgeous!

  • rosielee9

    Love the video of Vanessa and I for one think she did really well to do the red carpet on her own and face all those photographer’s especially when they were screaming at her the way they was.

    But her and Zac did arrive together andnot seperately as reported I saw another video and it looked like they went in the back way then just seperated while Vanessa did the red carpet then apparently joined up back inside. Love the report of them having a private time and spending part of the night cuddling awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute and nice for them to be able to do that without the press in their faces, and she called him babe.

    Wonder when Zac’s ring will make a appearence, this seems to be the longest time that it’s not been seen in photo’s since they started wearing them, Vanessa still has her’s on though, I know it’s not a big thing but it just seemsfunny.

    Love his hat, and have to say those arms are looking well fit and it seems asges since we’ve seen Zac in a white t-shirt, he should wear them more often let’s just say they cling in all the right places.

  • cassie

    nessa is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!
    she’s so georgous , it looks like the paps love her ^^

  • Caroline

    I look at myself as a pretty patient person, and acording to friends i am…but i think i would kick or hit the paparazzi’s at some point…they’re CRAZY

    and boo…why isnt Zac wearing his ring? he didnt wear it at the event either…BUT they looked happy there according to EXTRATV. they were holding hands and stuff. which they dont do that often in public.

    hopefully we’ll get a zanessa sighting soon :)

  • zane

    I watched the video. I cant just imagine how she’s dealing all those shouting ,”Vanessa…on your left….on your right …straight ahead… beautiful….gorgeous and someboby even shouted I love you!!!

  • rosielee9

    I love the comment someone made when her and Zac arrived at the fashion event, ofcourse the press were their shouting and calling her and Zac to stand still and someone shouted’ just leave her alone man’, don’t know who is was but I thought that they had a good point.

  • hi hi (zanessa fan)

    Where is zac’s ring? Did it break? Did he lose it? WHAT HAPPENED TO IT????

  • meinemeinung

    1. Brad

    2. Zac
    all imitate Colin

    this is so sh!t

  • zane

    JUST JARED, you are the best!!!!!!!!keep coming !

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    About time that he is covering up that GIRLY hairdo! I am so happy! He is starting to look straight! He should shake his stylist hand, for making him look Somewhat of a Young man! Great! Now stop wearing the ultra nutchoker specials!

  • Alessandra


  • Diana

    That video is crazy! I bet she was blinded for an hour or so after that! I am glad to see she can work it!

  • NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THANX for getting your list right! Brad, is always #1! He is so hotttttt!

  • hugepleasure

    i just love Zac’s style:)and V- it’s obvious- is verrrrrrrry stylish:)love them , wish them all the best, they are really wonderfull people-each one of them and as a “team” of course***

  • missy

    gosh, the paparazzi’s funny! hahahah. “work it outtt girl!” couldn’t help myself but laugh at them!

  • Susan

    Cute as ever! Love his beanie look and can’t wait to see him in Seventeen! Hope it’s a good meaty part that allows him to do drama/comedy/whatever it takes to sell tickets.

  • VT

    zac no ring again x:

    why zac efron ??

    vanessa beautiful
    i hope a new love for you better that zac

    jj any pics of vanessa please


  • Narf

    Amy, I was thinking the same thing. LOL

  • fAMIZ

    yeah what about the ring?

  • Mìh


  • Luísa

    Gosh, craziness! I don’t know she could handle that so well, I mean… I would definitelly go crazy with so many people yelling all the time! Haha She looks gorgeous as always :)
    I like Zac’s new hat :) and I like he’s outfit so casual…he’s been wearing plaid outfits at lot lately!
    Hope to see a new Zanessa sighting soon…Haha I can’t get enough of them! :D

    Thaks JJ for the pics and the video!

  • Benny

    love his beanies !!!!

  • Susan

    Guys, I just read that Ellen and Portia may have broken up, and now with Zac’s right ring finger empty, I’m hoping he and Vanessa haven’t gone the same way as those hot lesbians. Maybe he’s just given up on the ring because he doesn’t want it to seem like he’s “engaged”…after all they wear it on the right hand so I doubt it was anything more than friendship….and he’s just about to start a new project and I notice they never wear their rings when they work. Vanessa doesn’t wear hers in the Ecko ads. Comments?

  • danielle

    omg he is soo hot

  • Jennifer

    Zanessa forever. I wish them all the best. Vanessa is something to put up with them all screaming at here. I really dont know how she deals with all that. Just watching the video I wanted to scream they were getting on my nerves. haha :) Baby V forever and keep going strong.

  • Mayra

    He is beyond hot.. and she is beyond a gorgeous girl!!! They are really meant to be.. look at them, I think they are trying to get out from the shadows of ‘low-key’ relationship. They are trying to be a lil bit more open to it, becuase now, they are posing together, holding hands, cuddling, cozy around each other, introducing each other.. THEY ARE LOVE

  • cc

    Vanessa really is beautiful. I don’t think the still pictures did her justice. I wish her well personally and professionally.

  • cindy

    OMG ! I can’t believe how many times Vanessa’s name was called out in that video by the paps. No wonder Zac looks pissed in some of the red carpet photos of him. If this is how the photogs treat him , I wouldn’t want to smile either. I’ll bet they hear people screaming their names in their sleep after an event like this. Zac looks cute in his hat and white tee. Such a casual dude. I wonder who he is with? Could it be his friend Jason or Justin ( forgot which one his name is, of Jason or Justin and Carily)? I wonder if Zac’s ring fell off? He seems thinner to me since he was in Hawaii when he bought it. Hopefully he didn’t lose it.

  • http://nothin vanessa



  • April

    zac is hot…and v is beautiful ! thanks jj !

  • el

    he looks hot! love that vanessa video! wait..i mean i love her but i hate the paparazzi…she handled it well!!!!! let’s all hope for another zanessa sighting real soon!!

  • bryony

    love the video!

  • ZANESSA_28

    of course she is beatufiul but where are the rings?????????? they wear them everytime but Zac doesn’t have his on wednesday and on that photos he doesn’t wear it as well…..wahts going on?????

  • and

    zac i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you are the star fantastic!!somday my prince will come!!…xD…bye byeeeeeeeee kiss i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Malia

    I have always been fascinated with body language between couples. And one of the reasons I was drawn to Zac and Vanessa was that subtle way they would glance at each other when they were promoting HSM and HSM2. Even watching the making of HSM2, you could see that special spark between the two of them. Zac’s feelings show in his face and eyes when he looks at her. And Vanessa’s face lights up when he’s in the same room. Like a special magic, it made everyone’s heart skip a beat just seeing these two clean-cut young kids trying to “hide their feelings” from the public.

    When asked about the “relationship,” Zac once said that he didn’t want to be the 19-year-old with his personal life written about in magazines.

    I think that trying to keep the relationship private has been hard on both Zac and Vanessa. Our always-smiling-Zac, suddenly when seen in public with the love of his life tried to frown and look uninterested. However, I’m certain that Zac and Vanessa discussed all these tactics before they tried to present the “we’re just pals” image to the public.

    Then after an unfortunate incident with Vanessa, the paparazzi were after them like a pack of wolves, asking rude questions. What to do, what to do? Hiding out was one option, but they chose not to do that. With matching glum looks they faced the world and tried to still pretend they were “best buddies.”

    Then something magic happened. Zac spent time with his father in Australia. Nothing like father and son talks to bring everything into perspective. On Zac’s return, he’s offering up smiles to those paparazzi. He’s seen in public with Vanessa holding her hand, protecting her from those paps and calling her babe. Still no major PDA. Just enough to show that they are together. He goes with her to a fashion show, and we hear her calling him babe. And away from the cameras, they are comfortable enough to cuddle with each other.

    It’s obvious that Zac and Vanessa care very deeply for each other. Who but the world’s worst skeptic would doubt that? These two have an unusual bond for being as young as they are. Remember they met at the casting of HSM and have been together for two-and-a-half years. That in itself is unusual in today’s world. But, these two are not part of the Hollywood party crowd. They both have solid families who support them in times of trouble.

    As their fans, we should root for them in their careers and not constantly speculate as to whether or not they broke up or why he’s not wearing the ring. When you are connected at the heart, does anything else really matter?

  • zane

    If we dont see his ring anymore for a week. I have a feeling, he misplaced it .No worries!!!As long as they are together. But it’s nice though to see that ring as the symbol of thier love.

  • rosielee9

    I thought Zac was starting to film his next movie until the 3rd December it seems a bit early to take his ring off.

    I suppose it could be all the engagement rumours that are going around, but Vanessa is wearing her’s so it just seems strange that he’s not got it on now, if it is just a ‘friendhsip’ ring like he’s always said then why suddenly stop wearing it when it was given to him by Vanessa from what I read and yet she still has her’s on.

    I know they appear to becoming more comfortable with being seen together in public but then his ring suddenly goes, yet it was on show for the recent hairspray event, his birthday but now it’sgone.

    Well we will have to wait and see, but I applaud Vanessa for coping with the press so well.

    And in another video Zac and Vanessa did arrive together and not seperately as some reports said.

  • Z & V Fan

    Love Zac and Vanessa. They are both very talented and stylish individuals.

    Z & V SUPPORTER 24/7……..365