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Victoria Beckham is Back to Brunette -- FIRST PICTURE!

Victoria Beckham is Back to Brunette -- FIRST PICTURE!

Victoria Beckham spends an incredible 8 hours at Jessica Galvan Hair Studio in Beverly Hills Friday dying back to her more natural brunette.

Dark-haired Posh Spice is back just in time for the Spice Girls World Tour! (Her “bob” hair trend has been reinvented as the “pob.”)

In an attempt to hide her new hair color, Victoria left the salon wearing a newsboy cap.

Mrs. Beckham has had her hair dyed blonde for exactly eight month. She went blonde back on February 27th and blonder the month after.

Posh and her fellow Spice Girls will kick off their world tour with a performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, Dec. 4 @ 10PM ET/PT on CBS.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Victoria going back to brunette again?

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Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • grace


  • kass

    ABOUT TIME! not every body can wear bottle blond.

  • Kayla

    Wow.. lol.. cant wait to see a full face picture!

  • sarah

    love it! she always looks fab. thanks jared

  • zoe

    2nd i prefer blonde

  • MJStyle

    She always looks fabulous! I love her!!! Blonde or Brunette!

  • luxx

    FANTASTIC,she looked great as blonde aswell though.But this looks so cool.

  • Jessica

    I cant wait to see more pictures. More ASAP please!

  • Dieter

    JARED – thank you for that hot picture of the wonderful hot butt of her´s; all I can say: instant hard-on. Thank you !!!!

  • Dieter

    still can´t believe she gave birth to three big boys – how proud must David be ????


    i think i really sucks……blonde fits her best

  • mATT

    Personally, I want to see her GROW her hair back. She looks so much better with long hair in my opinion.


    ‘Bout damn time. Summer’s long over and the beach-bleached blond was getting tired, especially for someone who considers herself so fashion/style savvy.

  • isabelle

    i think she’s look better blond. but brunette is fine as well. she’s pretty anyway.

  • purple gem

    Loves it.


    she is absolutely stunning in brunette…it looks great on her!!!

  • emma

    she siuts her hair brunette much better than the blonde :)

  • JAS

    brunette all the way !!

  • Francophile

    Finallly ! Thank God Almighty !

    She is 100 % better in brunette and 1000 % better when she is a little bit chubier. She has big bones, she needs more meat on her so her face is rounder and more feminine !

  • LOLA

    I work at the place she got her hair dyed.It was done by the guy who does Jennifer Anistons hair.And i would just like to say,that Mrs.Beckham was the nicest celeb that i have ever worked with.She introduced herself to everyone(like we didnt know who she was),and she made jokes about deciding to quit the Barbie look,and that blondes definitely dont have more fun,she has great sense of humor.I was very suprised how down to earth and warm she is.Trust me,someone like Aniston dosent tallk to the staff like me,while Beckham cracked jokes and tallked with everyone present.Everyone left impressed by her,and hopeuflly she will come back.

    ps:Oh and she mentioned she will get her hair cut short,as soon as her hairdresser arrives in LA.

  • Dieter

    I just came hard on her hot milfilicious ass – I´d like to sqeeze it all nite !!!

  • zanessa110

    shes wearing abercrombiee, umm i prefer her as a brunette, but shes looks really good both ways.

  • Maxim

    Well, Lola, I’m not sure she will want to come back after you blabbed that she’s getting her hair cut short. Or if she does come back she’ll be careful to keep her mouth shut around the employees.
    Way to go.

  • Lise

    gorgeous! can’t wait to see more pics of this

  • Maddie

    I like her better brunette.
    Can’t wait for new pics.thanks Jared

  • Maddie

    I like her better brunette.
    Can’t wait for new pics.thanks Jared

  • Dieter

    she has to work the crowd as one of the spice girls now – so she needs a shorter hair, as the other spice girl´s have longer hair; it´s a spice girl think. I remember seeing her the first time in 1996 or so and getting an instant hard-on seeing how educated and intelligent she was !!!!

  • Carl

    much better now…

  • andre

    Wow #21 LOLA, you’re very lucky and yes Victoria is a very nice person it just the media always potrayed her as a miserable bitch.
    I bet today is going to be a sad day to all Vic’s lookalikes.

    Posh Spice is back! Thank you Victoria, you definitely suit being a brunette imo. Talk about the most photographed woman on earth and fashion icon of the 21st century. Glorious Victoria Beckham.

  • Zara

    Lola you are one dumb B i T C H,i mean i am not even a fan or like Victoria,but i would sooooooooo fire your ass!!!If she was a decent human being why repay her by blabbing about what will she do next and how she acted?Its just disrespectful and unprofessional.

  • confessing7girl

    well she always looked better as a brunette soo i guess it was the right time!!

  • lily

    Way better. the blonde did nothing for her.

    Oh and by the way LolA #21, it’s amazing when celebs act like how regular people act, we give them soooo much praise. Of course she would be chatty, not surprise there because she wants the “stupid” americans to be in awe by her british accent. Besides she always says she is the funny one while David is the good looking one. Idiot all the way.

  • jade

    i like it!
    gives her a softer look.

  • http://deleted Caroline

    Hurray!!!She looks fab!

  • To 21

    Thanks for the review.

    I am not suprised about Vic, she has always been down-to-earth…

    As for Maniston, what do you expect about someone with an ego biggest than the sun ? The famous : ‘the world was shocked’ epitomised to the max how pretentious this woman is ! She definitely has a superiority complex towards people who are not of her social milieu and even towards those who are. !

    She is the Queen of the plain, the pretentious and the dumb !

  • simone

    Thanks Jared! Keep coming her pictures. VB looks much much better brunette. All the lookalikes especially Chanelle, must be running to the salon now LOL

  • kelendria

    both colour suits her. but I prefer the brunette she looks more european, blonde is way to american bitchy even if victoria is a british lady.Not some skanky american blond trash..
    god bless america, right ? I know…
    I know there is no real link to victoria’s hair but sometimes comment can be so superficial and you realize that there’s million of person in this occidental world who really cares about those details.
    I’m a big fan of victoria for many years and I probably had never post a comment on her hair, body or nails because I couldn’t care less.she’s a fashion icon not a paris hilton or a lindsay lohan, american most known trash.
    now it’s you turn to insult me like you always do even if it’s not always the same people but the craziness is always the same.

  • Ginger

    She looks so much better wtih her dark hair!!!

  • Regina

    Of course, this cow can’t stay with something for more than several months.

  • Elizabeth

    I love it!

  • keko

    she looks even better, well done ;)

  • baby

    STFU Regina!

    Victoria really needs to go brunette again as she’s going on tour with the spices soon. Thank god Posh Spice is back!!

  • caitt

    maybe this is why david was looking so upset the other day,
    he knew this was coming !?

  • lele

    Sorry – I’m sure she is a nice person….

    However, don’t care for her appearance – blonde or brunette…don’t find her attractive at all….nor a fashion icon…expensive clothes – Yes…but not fashionable – latest & best designers – Yes…but no sense of style whatsoever. There is that saying, “Money can’t buy style!” and this, I’m afraid, is an example…

    Someone said she wanted to get rid of her ‘Barbie’ look and another said something about ‘American trash’ look – News flash! It’s not the color of the hair that lends one to think of this….Any guesses here?

    She needs to get those ‘two’ removed/deflated/or let out some of the air! She looks as if she is in pain with those two perfectly round, hard melons on her chest. She would be much more attractive without them pushed up & over, her ‘tan’, bony body (anorexic?), and a decent stylist. Who in the world is telling her this is the best she can look? Right now she looks like an alien in one of those horror films – big, round head with those big blank eyes, on a skinny,lanky body. Oh…and those atrocious 10 in. heels she thinks are so fab…try something else……please…..

    P.S. – And no I am not jealous, fat, old, etc. Just think she could be so much more if she didn’t try so hard to be ‘something’ or ‘someone’….you look at her and she looks ‘manufactured & fake’…nothing real – Yes – a Barbie doll.

  • http://justjared Momma

    Nicer in my opinion, blonde is too um overrated

  • lily

    And everyoen talks about other stars but I question how much time she spends with her kids. Just because she was trying to show off Cruz the other day doesnt count. Anyway she always says she does everything for David and the kids. Never the other way around. She even said in UK interviews etc that she feels so lucky to be married to david and how David is so handsome etc. Thank goodness she never had a daughter because she would give the girl so many of her issues.

  • Eathan

    FINALLY! She looks so much better this way.

  • blueangel

    She looks great as always. I prefer the brunette color.

  • Ivy

    I love her in brunette, just like in the spice girls days!
    She’s gorgeous!