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Zac Efron Has a Ponytail

Zac Efron Has a Ponytail

Zac Efron sports a top-knot ponytail as he heads to a Los Angeles gym for an hour workout.

The 20-year-old High School Musical star wore shorts and a yellow t-shirt with the face of Kobe Bryant on it. While texting on his iPhone with one hand, Zac carried a drink and his trusty Nike backpack in the other.

Later in the day, Zac hammed it up for the camera and threw up a peace sign and a wink to a waiting photographer.

25+ pictures inside of Zac‘s ponytail and low-riding pants…

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zac efron ponytail 02
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zac efron ponytail 20
zac efron ponytail 21
zac efron ponytail 22
zac efron ponytail 23
zac efron ponytail 24
zac efron ponytail 25

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  • Lala

    oh zac….no no no.

  • adreuy

    first i think he looks hot

  • adreuy

    ok the ponital isnt a good idea but maybe he just need to have a haircut

  • troy

    I’m glad to see that Zac’s showing he might be loosing up a little bit. He doesn’t have to like the paparazzi but it never hurts to play the game a bit. Now what was his lady up to? Oh and FIRST!

  • Liz

    Okay…get rid of the ponytail Zac!! Still love him!

  • troy

    Darn I’m fourth I knew I typing too much. LOL

  • yess..

    does he like people calling him gay?

    he just adds fuel to the fire.

    i love this guy, and i defend him but..

  • HL

    Ha ha ha. That ponytail makes me laugh. he definetely should never do that again. However he looks smokin hot in the other pictures.

  • Bekka

    aww hes so cute… maybe he shud lose da ponytail tho…

  • Lola

    I still love him..even with that funny pony tail!! heheh

  • hugepleasure

    hello people!! maybe he is preparing his haircut for a new role!! it is so easy to say “he needs to have a haircut”!!who knows what his look will be in a new movie… What I really like is that he doesn’t care what people say, cares only about opinions of people close to him…good for him :)

  • hugepleasure

    oh and JJ!!!! He is 20:)

  • LuĂ­sa

    He looks cute :) with a funny hair though!

  • lala

    What kind of jeans is he wearing? does anyone know for sure?


    LOVE YOU ZAC, how cute he tied up his fringe .. !! HOW HOTT

  • Leslie

    Lol… I love how it says “18 year old…”

    He looks hot as usual, but I dunno about the ponytail.

    Personally, I think he’s growing his hair out for his new role. They might give him some new funky haircut!!!

    But yeah… I love how he doesn’t care about what the general public has to say about him! More power to him.

  • http://JustJared kathryn

    oh my god he’s hot!

  • stillthereforme

    Now that I’ve finished laughing…the ponytail is growing on me. I can finally see his beautiful face!!

  • hugepleasure

    and I must add..the look in a hhat…. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leslie you are right:P more power to Zac!!

  • SO HOT!

    SO HOT! that ponytail looks eehhh….

  • chris

    Go cut your hair efron!

  • chris

    wait. where is the ring!!

  • ashley

    hahaha I love Zac. he just needs to cut that hair. :) Perez is so going to make fun of him. lol. :)

  • suzy

    rotfl. love it

  • yeye

    i keep looking for his ring a couple of times in all the recent post of jared but i saw nothin…

    i’m being paranoid about it…
    i am really…

    well, zac is hot on his ponytail by the way..
    cute zachy..

    more zanessa sightings sooner…

  • Vico

    At first glance, it looked funny but the more I looked, the more I was captivated by his looks.

  • lala

    jeans…anyone know???

    What kind are they?


  • Bob

    Hehehehe. How nice the photographers are by taking pictures of him bending over. I’m not surprised he still looks good with a ponytail.

  • hajni

    no ring?????? :(

  • marie

    hot, hot, hot,hot!

  • riley

    i hate the ponytail no offence. man! lol

  • zanessa

    WTF haahaahahahahahhahahhaah omfgosh I can’t stop laughing hahah okay okay hahahahaahhahaahhah okay he is looking gayer and gayer everyday hahaah vanessa should help him on his fashion he needs help haahahha wonder wut vanessa thinks bout his ponytail hahha zanessa are so cute though I love them together but zac get rid of that pony tail PRONTO



    I told you that he had/have b*tch aches! I knew it!

    He just can’t hide the gayness! Do you thing ZAC! CoMe On OuT!
    _________________do it!


    and he is bending over!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ooh wee!

  • Milyn

    Cute zachy . lol

  • Jane

    zzzzzzzzzz…wuts wrong wit pony tail…rafael nadal also have pony tail

  • zanessa

    hahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahah okay okay hahahhahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing zac u look ridiculous vanessa should help him with his clothes n stuff wonder wut she thinks bout the ponttail there so cute together though i love zanessa zac u needa get rid of that ponytail PRONTO im starting to think he looking gayer and gayer everyday enenthough im a fan of him all welll

  • Jane

    lolz…zanessa…i don think he looks funny.(quite cute).he just tie his hair becoz its messy after exercising(i think)

  • noelani

    umm yeah zac needs a little haircut..but he still hot…just he shouldn’t do his hair in a ponytail..its just not him

  • didi

    i need to see more zanessa…

  • hayhay

    hmmmmmmm i wood neva think of him having a pony tail but gee he still looks hot as!!!!!!!


    Nice ponytail, cute smile, cool pants handsome face, truly..


  • *

    He’s starting to look GAY! Please Zac cut your hair!!! I still love you!!

  • Milyn

    Waiting for more zanessa .

  • Jane

    Lolx..! i don think he looks gay~ he’s ok!

  • http://JustJared kathryn

    struttin’ a ponytail doesnt mean the man is a gay..i’ve known guys who does their hair like that,and no one claimes them to be one. who knows?maybe his next movie requires him to have longer hair…im still wonderin’ why he hasnt got his ring on.

  • Jane

    his pants ish dropping..geez -.-


    he is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    he has worn those pants like in every picture i have seen himin since the aus nick choice awards…
    well if there not the same pants they look similar!!
    i was laughing when i saw the ponytail.. yere i agree with pratically everyone here.. its probably for a new role he has coming up and they either have to have it long or he needs to grow it out a bit to make it easier to cut or something…
    but i do think he NEEDS a haircut coz when he has his fringe down its in his eyes!!


    Why do they have to take a shot on his butt? though he’s got cool pants but thats just not right.