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Zac Efron is a Sprinter

Zac Efron is a Sprinter

Zac Efron sprints into action, running his way into the LA Fitness gym for his daily workout on Saturday morning in Los Angeles. He kicks his legs up really high when he runs!

The High School Musical star certainly has been in very good spirits lately. He grinned for photogs again!

Air Zac kept his hair under wraps with his new fave gray beanie. Sorry peeps, no top-knot ponytail today!

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zac efron sprinter 01
zac efron sprinter 02
zac efron sprinter 03
zac efron sprinter 04
zac efron sprinter 05
zac efron sprinter 06
zac efron sprinter 07

Photos: Stefan Saad/
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  • jesss


  • kirsty

    Hott! x

  • ThatGirl

    He looks rough.

  • Narf

    Oh he’s back, let the whole thing start over again.

  • YAY

    he is so freaking hot it hurts!

  • Erin


  • elliott

    thats all the pictures…

  • Regina

    Kind of greasy-looking.

  • Regina

    Elliot, Jared always posts the article first, then more pictures…just wait…

  • zane


  • elliott


  • lizeeh.

    :D:D::D so hot!

  • Erin

    #10 there was a zanessa sighting on the 24th but there were no pap. pics just afan pic

  • heather

    Yes more Zac! He is sooo gorgeous!!!!! =]

  • Florencia

    Zac siempre tan divino ^^

    Grax x las pics.

  • albiya!

    I’m Spanish!! and I love Zac!! I went to Madrid to see him!! LOL
    Me encantaaa!! Lo amoooo!! Besitos & xoxo!! =)

  • Jasmine

    I love him!! :D
    and I hope there will be a Zanessa sighting soon!!!!

  • rosielee9

    Love the shoes and the white t-shirt is certainly showing off a very fit chest and he looks fairly happy so all is good.

    Wonder when we’ll see some new picture’s of Vanessa she does a good job of laying low, don’t really blame her though

  • laura


  • Vanessa


  • emma
  • david efron

    Son where are you going?

  • genevieve

    hehe, notice how he has that certain smile? its like a dreamy in love smile heheh. and notice how many times we have seen him with his phone, when hes NOT with v? hmmmmm. smile and phone=vanessa? maybe they hung out that day, indoor/outdoor or they were just talking. whatever the case, it seems to be going well, otherwise i dont think he would be smiling. i wonder where vanessa is? well its not like shes been missing forever, she was out 2 days ago. maybe she will go out today or tomorrow. youre right JJ he does kick high when he runs. but i shouldnt be talking, i do that too(habits of irish dancing)

  • [~Famous~]

    as soon as he gets a haircut his fans will fade-away faster than jude law’s hairline.

  • cant say

    i think theeres no zanessa sighting yet cause vanessas pregnat…..maybe she is….maybe shes not. IT WOULD BE SOOOO COOL THOUH
    what beautiful babies they would have…

  • connys

    wow he is so hot
    i love him (L)

  • evan

    zac is my idollll
    so awesome
    he’s looking like buffer and more guyish lately

  • June

    mmmmmm, sssss I LOVE ZANESSA!

  • Elisabeth

    Still no ring ! :(
    Please Jared, more Zanessa Sightings :P

  • sam


  • Maxim

    He’s so gay.

  • Jennifer

    zac is so sexy.

  • Z & V Fan

    Another Zac sighting…I’m in heaven!

  • zanessa110

    maybe vanessa is pregnant. shes been wearing alot og loose shirts and dresses ltely, hmmm. well they would definately have the hottest, most adorable, sexiest kids.

  • mikaela

    So, glad to see that Zac doesn’t have his p***** off at the world look on.

  • Kelsea

    Well at least he doesn’t have the pony tail thing going!
    That’s a NO NO NO Zac :D
    You looked like David Beckham…..(Not a pretty site)

    You look HAWT there :D
    You sprint baby!

  • Kelsea

    WTF are you guys talking about
    Vanessa is only 18 and she’s an actress so why would she have a kid now???
    Plus her parents would kill her…and she’d be dropped from disney!


  • marisol

    hot hot hot we want ZANESSA

  • Kaitlin

    He is a hottie. no matter what he is doing. geez

  • the_original_nika

    I want SL.

  • joan

    he looks HOT!!!

  • April

    just so hot…love him !

  • stella




  • evelyn

    vanessa has been laying low. not even any pics of her just separate from zac. i saw the fan pic from friday, it was cool. they were in some kind of store.

    anyone find out who the ‘close friend’ zac went to see on friday was?

  • Z & V Fan

    #34 zanessa110, please do not spread false rumors. Vanessa has not changed her style of dress. She has been in the studio working on her album. I am happy to see she is getting some relief from the paparazzi.

    #37 Kelsea, while I agree with you that she is not pregnant, I am sure she has a supportive family that will stand by her regardless of the circumstances. Also, she doesn’t work for Disney, so she won’t be “dropped”.

  • Rebecca

    hmmmm, happy ringless solo Zac… doesn’t know what to think

    oh knows exactly what to think

  • evelyn

    #46 makes a good point. not that i want it to be true at all. of course they were seen together either Thursday or Friday and looked happy, so who is to say. i don’t think zac not wearing the ring is a big deal. it is if vanessa does not have the ring on then i think there could be problems.

  • evelyn

    #46 makes a good point. not that i want it to be true at all. of course they were seen together either Thursday or Friday and looked happy, so who is to say.

  • irish

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ;)

    He floves the Skulls no? Personally I am loving the plain view nipples and in flight special :p

    Happy to see him happy.

  • zanessa110

    i am not aying shes pregnant. i said imagine she is. just cuz he doesnt have his ring doent mean they broke up. hey can anybody answer this question? it said in a mgazine that zac was gonna engage to vanessa on her birthday or on valentines day. is it true?