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Carrie Underwood Sings National Anthem

Carrie Underwood Sings National Anthem

Two-time Grammy award winning artist Carrie Underwood belts out her own powerful rendition of oh-say-can-you-sees prior to the start of Game Three of the 2007 Major League Baseball’s World Series on Saturday. The Colorado Rockies duked it out again the Boston Red Sox at Coors Field in Denver with Boston beating out Colorado 90-5.

The 24-year-old American Idol alum (also two-time World’s Sexiest Vegetarian) has been romantically linked with Gossip Girl stud Chace Crawford as the pair have been spotted multiple times together throughout Manhattan this past month.

Watch the video below of Carrie singing the National Anthem!

Carrie Underwood Sings National Anthem
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carrie underwood national anthem 01
carrie underwood national anthem 02
carrie underwood national anthem 03
carrie underwood national anthem 04
carrie underwood national anthem 05
carrie underwood national anthem 06
carrie underwood national anthem 07
carrie underwood national anthem 08
carrie underwood national anthem 09
carrie underwood national anthem 10
carrie underwood national anthem 11
carrie underwood national anthem 12
carrie underwood national anthem 13
carrie underwood national anthem 14
carrie underwood national anthem 15
carrie underwood national anthem 16
carrie underwood national anthem 17
carrie underwood national anthem 18
carrie underwood national anthem 19
carrie underwood national anthem 20

Photos: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters, David J. Phillip/AP
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  • emma
  • somebody

    she look OK but i dont like her songs

  • Rachael

    She did amazing!

  • ashley

    she rocked!! she sings soo good!! and she’s beautiful too!

  • Beatrice

    I like her…but she wears too much make up!

  • Natalie

    OMG, Her skin looks HORRIBLE in that close up shot. That caked on make up doesn’t help either.

    Anyways she has a good voice!

  • cindy

    Fantastic job from Carrie Underwood. What a voice!:)

  • ashley

    oh she did a great job!! she’s an awsome singer!! she’s sooo beaitul too!!

  • eryn

    I agree with Carrie when she says she is nothing special. (in the looks department) She is lucky that a hot guy like Chace gives her the time of day because if Carrie wasn’t in the entertainment business and didnt have a team of hair and make-up people to fix her up, she would not get a 2nd glance.

  • Lori

    Carrie has bad skin.

  • sprite

    Jared, I’m pretty sure the score was 10-5 not 90-5,lol. Go Sox!!


    Wow she has a beautiful voice, that performance was amazing!!


    kelly, sings better than her! And Someone was right on, when they said that she wears to much makeup! Carrie, Megan Fox, and Christina A. Wears entirely to much makeup!

    BTW: can someone throw her a couple of Cheeseburgers?

  • JIm

    She did good. Didn’t know she can belt out a capella.

  • bataglio

    when your wrinkles crack thru your spackled-on foundation, and you haven’t yet reached your mid-twenties, you know it’s REALLY bad

  • Jennifer

    carrie did a great job and she really knows how to sing.

  • ILovePapasmurf

    LOVE her! She’s great.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    My name looks really messed up…. I hope this is fixed. :D

  • jennifer

    she has an ugly nose. it’s like all pointy and shit. she’ll look like a witch when she’ll be old.

    plus, she needs to get over herself.

  • jg

    she wears WAAAY too much makeup.

  • Tucker

    She looks terrible!
    And that singing was not at all impressive. And the pounds of makeup on her face can’t be helping her skin.

  • jennifer

    oh, and she always has the same hair-do and the same make up. all caked up. I wonder what she looks like w/out all this make up and this hair.

    same old boring look.

  • Tucker

    ew her voice keeps cracking

  • Jessica

    wow! she sounded really good! she gave me chills!

  • Presley

    90 to 5 lmao

    Go Sox!!!

  • B

    The girl can sing BUT she needs a new hair color, hairstyle and makeup. I had no idea what she looked like up close either, not so great! That new guy does not fit her either – he is too pretty.

  • Kayla

    lol.. 90 – 5

    That was a brutal beating.. lol


  • Bri

    gives me chills

  • Kimmy

    Carrie amazing!

    And you guys need to shutup about her looks that is need of your business and im sure your skin wouldnt be good either if you had to deal with the stress of being famous of everyday!

  • mary

    her skin is not as bad as some of you say. i think it’s perfectly normal for any young woman to have 1 or 2 pimples. her nose on the other hand is really wide

  • Tiger

    That was amazing!! She has a beautiful voice.

    Thanks for sharing it Jared!!

  • john




  • rocktober

    GO rookies we love u and carrie here in colorado

  • [~Famous~]

    can she wear anymore makeup?

  • cant say

    WOW!! She has has A BEAUTIFUL VIOCE! I want to see Zanesssa though jared…..

  • kelly anne

    they won 90 to 5?!?!? whatt and carrie underwood is soo beaitful and so is he voice!! AMAZZINN

  • sheryl

    Outstanding job with such a difficult song!

  • weedtree

    kelly is the best idol and she is down to erth not like carrie she has a huge ego… kelly rox

  • ney


  • sexyboi


  • Tara

    I think she wears all that makeup (I too think it’s waaaay too much!) to hide her zits cuz that girl has got a bumpy azz face!!

  • meina

    wow im surprised at her skin..but then i think that makes her soo much more real and we can relate to her. like common the ppl here that are bashing her feel pretty good about themselves bc either they have WORST skin or their skin is just like hers. im gonna be real and admit i have worst and feel pretty damnnn good that shes not perfect.

    do we really need another PERFECT MADE UP celeb to make ourselves feel bad? yes she wears a lot of makeup but who doesnt?? its part of the business. u gotta look good on tv and if it wasnt for the close up shot, she wouldve seemed Perfect. always have for me.

  • Christine

    i love her, but wow. she has caked on makeup. i think she’s beautiful. but why they hell does her makeup person put so much?? the bright lights don’t help either.

  • Christine

    wow. just watched her performance. she has a very awesome and powerful voice. she carries the American Idol title well!

  • purple gem

    YIKES, those close ups are not good. You can totally see the over load of make up oozing out of her pores. Nice job on the Anthem.

  • Pop Crunch

    Nice pics. She did a good job. I would lay off on the makeup though.

  • joan

    oh wow.some people here are immature,their just on this site to praise one person the rest of the people JJ posts about are just horrible.Y.she’s wearing lots of make up but so does everyone else,when you have a light complexion it stands out more.

    She’s amazing btw.

  • Cynthia

    She is all kinds of ugly

  • Billie

    First off: eryn: STFU! You people are really mean. What has she ever done to any of you? Poor pathetic jealous people. Carrie is beautiful inside and out. She’s the best singer out there right now.She was on TV idiots, they cake the makeup on people. Grow up!
    She was amazing! Carrie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hsmroxx

    woooow..she sounds sooo amaziing..:D i love her voice..