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Thandie Newton's Kids Day Out

Thandie Newton's Kids Day Out

Thandie Newton and her two adorable daughters — Ripley, 7, Nico, 2 1/2, spend the day at Studio City Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

FYI: The British actress named her daughter Ripley after the character played by Sigourney Weaver in 1979′s Alien and Nico after the cult singer of The Velvet Underground fame. Their father is English writer and director Ol Parker, who Thandie has been married to since 1997.

In movie news, Thandie, 34, has been busy filming the Guy Ritchie-directed film RocknRolla costarring Gerard Butler and Jeremy Piven.

10+ pictures inside of Thandie and her kids

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Photos: Adrian Varnedoe,
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  • oh come on

    Give it up with the hair thing. THEY ARE KIDS! Kids are supposed to be wild and natural. Do you want them to wear makeup too?? Jeez get over it, these kids are beautiful just the way they are. I think afros are wonderful…grew up wishing I had one. (i’m biracial too). Kids shouldn’t be judged like this. I really think people should stop publishing pics of celebrity-kids. People are too judgemental and weird. This whole “kids are the new accessories”-thing that’s happening in hollywood is sooo creepy.

  • zae

    She’s gorgeous and her kids are gorgeous. Her husband is gorgeous too.

  • aryana

    … some people write as if there were people with curly hair only in the USAa and they are only Afrincan-American, and FYI not only black people get that kind of hair, here in my small city in Mexico there are more that a few non-black people who have their hair like that(a neighbor was a blonde mexican woman with extreme curly hair), and if they had a black great great great gradnpa they didn’t know (it could be), so, it is not an exclusive feature for blacks, but in some countries with larger black populations it seems so… (and I am not saying the words african-american, because that would be only one country, and there are blacks also in
    European coutries, of course Latin America, Canada, Etc etc etc I do not want to sound so USA centered)

  • lula29

    Who ever said curly hair was only an African trait?

    I didn’t say that.

    What I do know is that these are little kids and there is no need to overly manipulate their hair to make it “acceptable” because all it does in the long run is destroy it’s ability to grow long and strong.

    I also know that mostly Black Americans talk nonsense about needing to braid and relax a small childs hair all the time, but hey if anyone else out there is talking the same ish then well same goes for you.

  • magnus MFA

    That kid has blonde black people hair?

    That’s so much awesome.

    Black people wear wigs. That’s messed up. Yes straight hair looks better and is easier to maintain. So? Thems the breaks.


  • http://tcrane T. Crane

    WHAT YOU PEOPLE SEE AS UNKEMPT IS THE KIDS’ NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE. Your blatant racism is sickening. That’s alike making fun of Asian kids for not having round eyes!!!! When biracial and some black kids comb their hair, it still looks like this: curly and frizzy., That is inherent to their racial make-up. Why should they comb their hair in a way to make them more “presentable” for your White eyes???? The kids are stunning and their hair texture lovely. I am amazed tbat none of you can engage in a post about two little kids who are biracial without turning it into a racially charged discourse on their hair. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. Pathetic!

  • http://http:/jc Jess C.

    Stunning family. Beautiful hair. Gorgeous kids.

  • lula29

    The hair debate comes up on every black child’s hair on most blogs. It’s pathetic, but IMO done mainly by other Black people who don’t like their own hair texture.

  • Jo

    Who says their hair wasn’t combed? Fort most of us biracial kids (I am African-American and Mexican), our hair naturally looks like that, even when washed and combed. And you know what? It’s wonderful. I love every single kink of my kinky hair.

    These kids are gorgeous and NO WAY IN HELL do they need perms (which make your scalp itchy and red and your ends break) or braids. If you like to wear your hair like that, good. If you want to make your kids wear their hair like that, fine. Don’t go around imposing your attitudes on people who don’t give a hoot about what “presentable” society says about what African hair should look like.

    I am a Harvard law school educated, corporate lawyer. Sometimes I wear my hair straight, sometimes I wear it out and kinky. I am sure many people judge me when my hair is out but you know what? If I don’t treat my natural, God-given hair with love and respect, no one is! Not blacks, not whites. It’s up to us to say – my hair is alright, my hair is good, my hair is ok for a corporate setting.

    Geez, my people, my people. Let’s build our self-esteem, not tear uourselves down. I hope that one day this little girl doesn’t read some of the comments here and says – the way God made me is ugly and not fit for this world. Ridiculous. Get it together my people.

    P.S. if one day these girls straighten their hair, it will be long and healthy because their mom didn’t put them through toxic perms.

  • http://http:/jc Jess C.

    These ignorant comments are NOT made by Black peopel – they ar emade by racists who are cowards and claim they are black. I know a lot of black people who actual celebrate hair like this above. They lovoe that kind of hair. So the people making negative comments are not black, believe me.


    They are drop dead gorgeous kids. And good for Thandie not having weird-ass inhibitions about their hair. Jeez Louise. Can’t people just do their own thing/be their own person???


  • http://tessa anonymous

    58 lula29 : 10/29/2007 at 2:59 pm

    The hair debate comes up on every black child’s hair on most blogs. It’s pathetic, but IMO done mainly by other Black people who don’t like their own hair texture.

    not true. hair like thandie’s kids is actually considered “ideal” in the black community – because it is very curly. white culture promotes straight hair in commercials and in magazines – not black people. black people get dreads, afros and braids as a way to celebrate their hair. why is it so hard for white people to realize that black people actually like themselves? if you for once start looking at it from your perspecttive. YOU are the ones who don’t like black people’s hair NOT them. and to be honest, i know a lot of black women dating white men who absolutely LOVE their hair. so a lot of white people don’t think like this either. it’s hair for heaven’s sake. get over it. the kids are adorable and they seem happy with their pretty mommie.

  • http://sbcglobal sbc

    beautiful kids. they look like dolls.

  • Mia

    I luv the little blonde fro. Amazing. If Zahara’s hair isn’t coiffed no one says a peep. Of course, cause she’s one of the anointed ones. But let it be anyone else’s kids and all the snarks come out. Unbelievable.

  • bataglio

    forget the dang hair. these kids are gorgeous. the little one in particular is heartbreakingly beautiful…

  • jd

    cute! :-)

  • jd

    cute! :-)

  • chastity

    first of all we blacks love our hair, i wear a afro and i know a lot of black women and men who wear dreads and locs and twist. where the hell do you think braids came from. we are proud and celebrate the texture of out hair, of course you have some blacks who relax the curl so they can better comb and deal with the thick texture of their hair. i dont think its copying off from anyone. ive seen a lot of white women with braids and twists in their hair and even wearing some styles that resemble black hair. get over it, its just hair for crying out loud. those kids are cute and look better than a lot of white kids and black kids . sure she should have combed their hair just like heidi should comb her son hair.

  • ms babs

    get over the hair crap. the kids are gorgeous and if she did comb their hair im sure it would look better than a lot of stringy head people who can only wear their hair str8 or in a ponytail. i love black hair because it is so versatile and it doesnt smell. ugh…………….

  • pancakebottom

    gorgeous babes…the blonde is a lil angel.

  • aryana

    to 64 Mia

    you aren’t very accurate about what you say, go visit some of the blogs where Heidi’s kid or Zahara is pictured and you’ll read lots of mean comments where the hair police is out and about, not to say other mean comments about the children.

    I venture to say that some celebrity adoptive parents of children of other cultures or races get bad “reviews”, if you are a frequent blog visitor you can make your conclusions.

  • chill on the hair

    19 G550 : 10/29/2007 at 2:44 am

    What IS it with people and hair?? Many Caucasian kids as well have wild or unruly hair until they’re of an age where it’s long enough to control with gadgets (and not do any damage). Just WTF is the big deal, or is ethnicity or unconventionality to be stomped on at all times, even when on a kid’s head?
    WELL SAID! This is exactly what I wanted to say.
    I am Black, and I have there girls with long thick hair, and whats the big deal if it is mussed sometimes. Children play real hard, and their hair gets messed up. So whats the big deal. People are so damn obsessed with Black hair.

  • EvilLynn

    Her family is gorgeous, I think. I also don’t think their hair needs a whole lotta manipulation…They look like kids who were out playing. Kids should just be kids for as looooong as possible. The world will intrude soon enough, and sadly they’ll be made to feel the unfortunate pressure of our look-based society. As long as their hair is healthy and clean, and they’re comfortable…who cares?

  • Victoria grace

    Great pictures! Thandie has such a beautiful little family, and she seems like such a classy, kind woman. I think her children’s hair is great! What in the world is wrong with showing their african roots and letting their hair be free and curly for a day? That’s what they are, that is their heritage. A LOT of us people who are light skinned and black have coarse, curly hair, myself included. I’m exactly like Thandie’s kids, have a half black mom and white dad and I came out with coarse, curly hair as well. It’s never looked like white girl hair and I don’t want it to. I love textured hair, it’s one of the things that displays my black heritage. I can’t tell you how many times as a kid at their age that my hair on a daily basis would be bigger, curlier, and wilder than theirs probably ever is. I had my own little afro, hee-hee!

  • Victoria grace

    I’m surprised and a little disturbed at all the posts talking about Thandie Newton’s kids’ dark skin and curly hair—so what? Not all children of white and black ancestry are pale skinned with straight, wavy hair. A lot of us have coarse, curly hair and black features, for God’s sake. What the heck is the level of melanin in their skin and texture of their hair to talk about? People of African descent look many various ways with many various hair textures and many various skin complexions. Both me and my mother who are BOTH light skinned Blacks of mixed blood have coarser hair. This is how many of us look, for Christ’s sake!

  • marvin w

    i love doing black hair / i am a hair stylist and black hair is very versatile and you can wear a lot of different styles. when you put it up it stays up and doesnt fall down. and please white ladies leav the braids to the black hair they have the texture to hold the braids together. your hair is oily and stringy and it does braid good. not to take your hair away from you but dont talk bad about black hair because the thickness and the coarseness is the way to go.

  • stef

    in response to bree, the kids did come out quite dark since thandie is bi-racial herself but it’s probably because she’s actually 50% african. most black americans who are “bi-racial” aren’t actually 50% african (usually mixed with native-british due to slavery) which is why their children usually come out looking quite caucasian. at least, that’s what i’ve noticed with my friends “quadroon” children.

    thandie does indeed need to learn how to deal with their hair tho…lol

  • Victoria grace

    Their hair is beautiful! If their hair was straight but free and wild like this, would people be chattering about it as much? BIG DEAL! So their hair is curly and loose, I don’t think Thandie and her family would give two bits about any of the commenters complaints. It’s shocking how much attention two small kids’ hairstyles has been given. I wear my hair curly and loose much of the time, and so do many other people of color.

  • Jacqueline

    I think Thandie Newton is the most beautiful woman in the world. Like someone else said, her kids are heartbreakingly beautiful!

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  • dana

    these mongrels are proof that race-mixing, as in their mother , is wholly annatural. little pick-a-ninny’s . that is what they look like. only a trace of whiteness in that blonde hair. only 1/4 black and they look like SO>O>O>O much more. she was trying to breed out the black-clearly not working.