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Vanessa Hudgens Visits Hollywood Home

Vanessa Hudgens Visits Hollywood Home

Vanessa Hudgens visits a house in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon while Zac Efron stays busy at the gym.

The High School Musical star spent over an hour with a mystery female friend.

Vanessa, 18, wore a navy blue dress under a striped cardigan and her favorite studded sandals. Vanessa also toted around the regulars–her Balenciaga bag and iPhone.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa visiting a Hollywood home…

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vanessa hudgens hollywood home 01
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 02
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 03
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 04
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 05
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 06
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 07
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 08
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 09
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 10
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 11
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 12
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 13
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 14
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 15
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 16
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 17
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 18
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 19
vanessa hudgens hollywood home 20

Photos: Louise Barnsley/Bret Thompsett/
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  • troy

    Whose home was it I wonder. Oh, it looks like I’m first.

  • angieee!

    omfg. FIRST ONE TO COMMENT. wooooo : ).


    Beautiful Girl you are, V.
    And rockin’ those sandals, taking a cue from Zac.

  • MM

    Love her outfit :) She looks really lovely. And, there’s the iphone again. She and Zac are making me jealous beyond belief. I wanted an iphone. Stupid two year contract and stupid Cingular.

  • secret

    She is so gorgeous! I love her outfit!

  • Jane

    omg so fast

  • Jane

    LOVE HER OUTFIT!!! so so pretty

  • phatty

    8th whoop whoop go vanessa luv her! hope 4 some more zanessa sightings soon!!

  • sb

    Yay! Gorgeous-Ness :)

  • http://yahoo zanessafan

    OMG!! love het outfit
    she look pretty

    baby v rocks

    i hope there’s a Zanessa candid photo

  • phatty

    Shes wearing her ring but zac wasnt wearing his ring when he went 2 da gym i wonder why….
    wait zac prob doesnt wear it 2 da gym????
    me confuzed

  • Steph

    Wow, she’s so cute!!! I like everything she wears :)

  • that girl

    seriously who cares? she’s pretty. i’ll give her that, but she lacks in talent. can’t we move on to someone more accomplished?

  • http://yahoo z


  • Clare

    woot….work it girl!

  • Clare

    #13..u dont care but we care…so can u leave?

  • Paulina

    More pictures plis!!!! I hope I will see some pictures of Zanessa soon :) By the way you look gorgeous V!!!!!!!!!

  • vico

    It is just me or does she have a big tummy

  • that girl

    you wanna start something clare? you zanessa fans invade other comment things so now i’m invading yours

  • Clare

    i tot u dont carE? hmm..

  • that bitch

    o get a life…stop hatin u wish u were her…


    is it me or is it that she looks like she is preggers hope not.

  • that girl

    whatever stop being 5. i’ll be the grown up one and not respond rudely to other peoples’ comments.

  • yetski

    i love vanessa!!

  • vvv

    Love the outfit!

  • Ali

    that girl, you are not persuading anyone you’re grown up LOL.. you seem the immature one. what kind of immature, ghetto comment is “you wanna start something?” Give me a break, LOL. She’s right, leave!!! LOL.. prove it that you’re grown up and no answer back LOL, I doubt it… you’re maturity is so your shoe size..

  • Sophie

    What’s the deal with the Iphones?! They’re making me jelaous here..
    And she is wearing her ring, but Zac isn’t… Lost it??
    Well, they both look happy lately, especially Zac… They’re making me REALLY confused here..!

  • me

    I love V…but i must admit, she does look like she’s got a bit of a tummy in these pictures! Maybe really a baby V!!!

  • http://yahoo z


  • kathastic

    cute outfit!
    and wow her hair is getting long again

  • Clare

    agree ali~ lolz

  • Han

    She’s not pregnant. If you see in the Hawaii pictures she has that tummy that sticks out below her bellybutton

  • Jennifer

    Love you Vanessa and your always wearing great stuff and nessa is very pretty. When I saw these pics I thought the same thing. Vanessa does have a belly thing going on. I wonder if she is pregnant. I little Efron that would be so cute.

  • http://myspace amy

    she looks gorgeous hmm she looks preg though aw that’d be cute!

  • JAne

    some ppl do have belly problem..i do to have belly problem.even tho i am uderweight..i try cardio but stil the same =(

  • http://deleted tia

    shes such a lil whore…but i still love her! she so damn stylish!

  • JAne

    zzzz tia u are funny =0

  • troy

    I have to say I love it whenever there’s a Vanessa thread and someone inevitably posts “who cares” and the thread ends up going to 400-500 posts. The answer is apparently a lot of people care.

    I don’t know I would call co-rring in a mega-successful pop culture phenomanon francise, having a certified gold album, and making the Rorbes list of highest paid teen celebrities of 2006 by the age of 18 fairly accomplished. But I’m just crazy like that.

  • Kendra

    JJ V looks pregnant! lol

  • zvkg

    wahh. she’s so pretty. Seriously! She’s rocking those clothes. As for her tummy, well…she did say that if she had a dislike in her body…it was her tummy. Anyways…in the long run that’s okay. Judging from those Hawaii pics, her tummy is cute and looks sexy on her. and what matters…Zac likes it. hahaha. :p

    Wonder if she’s househunting? maybe there’s truth to those rumors about engagement. oh well, time will tell.

    Love you Vanessa!

  • yetski

    i wish zac will wear his ring too.. its unfair to V.

  • Steph

    Troy, I love your subtlety… but yeah, I so agree with you :)

  • ashley

    I’m not trying to be a hater. but you all who says she’s so popular because she gets alot of comments. I notice that most of the comments are where you all are having conversations with each other.

    not like 300 unique user comments but like 40 people just going back and forth with each other.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Her belly wasn’t that big in Hawaii!!

    Why would she be househunting when she can’t even drive herself to the house?! OMG!!

    She’s pretty though..

  • lal

    Love her! And no,she’s not pregnunt… she’s allways had that tummy and it’s really cute!

  • troy

    #44 That’s true but that same point can be made of any other thread on this site. Its the number of posts that’s important not the number of people who are posting.

  • Madi

    Zac doesn’t have to wear his ring. Is it not enough that they just held hands at his birthday dinner ONE WEEK ago?

  • nudist

    omg… every time i see, hear or think about her… i immediately associate her the time when she picturing herself naked for zac. she has a good dressing style though… word!

  • http://deleted tia

    wots with everyone saying she has a belly or shes pregnant! for starters, the people saying they want a ‘little baby efron’! thats friken screwed! shes 18! theres a point where the zanessa obsession goes a little too far! and as for people saying shes gained weight…ummm shes sooo skinny i dont noe how u can say that! its like ur just trying to bring her down. and ok im not even a huge fan of hers(shes a ho, but she does dress amazingly well and have awesome hair..!), but even im not gunna be as dumb as u guys are.

    p.s, i dont think thats a friend of hers, its proably like a publicist or something-shes like 30. does vanessa even have any real friends? i mean, seriously. u either see her with her family or zac, and sometimes zac. and yeah, there was that blonde chick who was around a bit after the nude scandal, but im pretty sure that was just one of her minders. I dont even think she has like actual friends..

  • Sophie

    umm… JJ, isn’t that other girl… a estate agent ?! I read a comment and maybe that’s right… I mean, Zanessa’s been going out a lot lately. And they both have their iphones everywhere, and Zac just keeps simling, and he doesn’t care about comments like he never smiles..
    OMG you don’t think she…?!