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Heidi & Spencer's Halloween Fun

Heidi & Spencer's Halloween Fun

It’s “Speidi“! Get it? Yuk yuk! Yuk yuk!

The Hills star Heidi Montag and fiance Spencer Pratt make their way to a friend’s Halloween party near Santa Monica on Sunday, dressed in full costume.

Heidi went as a semi-conservative mermaid (where’s the bikini top?!), while Spencer wore a Spider-Man outfit. (Um, hello there.)

When asked whose party they were going to, the couple jokingly replied, “Britney Spears“.

Happy Heidi-ween, everyone!

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Photos: Andrew Shawaf/
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  • sarah from asia

    JJ I don`t care about them,Please new thread with Angie`s new pics with Mad. :)

  • they are


  • sweet

    their spookyyyyy..what a great looking couple!

  • Malin

    My sister was dressed out like “The little mermaid” one week ago on a “Hollywood” party. Her dress was so much hotter than Heidi’s.
    Heidi doesn’t even get the red hair or the purple “bikini top”.
    And Spencer look butt ugly as usual. Haha!

  • Iris

    Seriously people, stop bothering Brad and Ange! You want them to be happy and you carry on about the paps invading their space but you come on here and demand pics of the family with their kids. Did you not get the memo that they just want to be left alone so they can stop having to run away to different cities every couple of weeks? I’ve decided I’m not going to comment anymore on the posts with their kids as the pick-up/drop-off at school thing is just getting ridiculous.

    BTW, who are Heidi and Spencer? We don’t have them in Australia yet.

  • alyssa


  • they are


  • kathastic

    i think spencers a bit to tall for his costume
    the underwear drawing is like on his stomach….

  • Kacky

    Ew gross spencer, the costume is too short and we can see your junk.

  • please

    I tell you They are one fake couple.

  • sam

    I can not STAND these two. Just looking at the pictures makes me wanna hit them or something, LOL!

  • Lara

    Response to the question in #5:
    “BTW, who are Heidi and Spencer? We don’t have them in Australia yet.”

    The answer is: NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gah, Jared! Quit feeding them!

  • they are

    don even bother to know them @@!!! eeeeeee

  • they are

    #3 i think is them ! geezz

  • Marloes

    That’s some ugly nailpolish.

  • Merideth

    JustJared you crack me up =]

  • gSUS

    Uhm I think its beyond pathetic that people actually hate these two. You don’t know them, and that show is completely bogus. The Hills is not an unscripted show, it isn’t even a reality show I wouldn’t know what to call it. The fact of the matter is every show needs a bad guy, and MTV made these two it… I just can’t stand people being manipulated by the media I mean get over it you don’t know these two personally, and as long as they haven’t done anything truly wrong I don’t see the point in hating someone you don’t know.

    the end.

  • caro

    love the speidi and heideween! great job jared!

  • an20

    i dont think brit would invite this two. really.

  • Tallchic

    POSERS! These two make me sick! There is nothing remotely attractive about Spencer!

  • jen garner fan

    Cute couple!

  • Jane


  • sarah

    They are both soooo fug. Chintastic’s costume is tacky.

  • jen garner fan

    love them ,they seem nice and real to me,like jen.

  • passion fruit

    I agree to #17. How do you people hate them? What have they done that was TRULY bad? We all know now that everything on The Hills is fake. The drama, all the jobs, everything! Every story needs an antgonist. You people are so gullable….just what MTV wants. Bunch of morons to influence. Heidi and Spencer are not likable because the SHOW has spins it that way. They may be nicer that LC is in real life. Have you read articles about how much of nasty wench LC is? And how she treats all her “stylists” and hairdressers like dogs? Thats right.

  • lily

    Spencer Twat and Heidi whoretag.

  • Jane

    spencer face look….weird..

  • erin

    As you can tell by the pictures, he is much scarier without the mask.

  • Brad Addict

    ewwww.. i hate theme so so much

  • leah


  • Mariana


  • peace

    number 25 you call people gullable and then at the end of your comment you talk about what a bitch LC is as you have read in an ARTICLE, pot calling the kettle black!!!

    yeh i love reading about them, dont stop posting jared, some of us get bored of seeing zanessa and brangelina all the time.

  • Beth

    Who are these lame people and why do they keep getting attention?

  • Ali

    they suck! urgg…

  • kdizz

    are they EVER going to die down?!


  • lb

    Those costumes look cheap….like they are from Big Lots.

  • Loves Speidi

    They are the best KEEP POSTING !!!! he is so adorable

  • jen

    Spencer doesn’t even have a “package”. HAHAHA
    Go check out Brody Jenner in his costume… THAT is a PACKAGE!!!!!!!

  • Bianca

    Who cares about these fugs. Please post LC and Brody having lunch or anything LC!!!

  • Regina

    These two didn’t need costumes, they’re already some spooky cúnts.

  • carolyn

    just when i thought that he couldnt get any more hideous! just jared pulls it off let me tell you!

    you’d at least think with whatever money theyre making from the hills he’d be able to buy a costume that at least fits him if not makes him look even a TAD attractive, however impossible that may be.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Those Two are positively F*cktarded!

  • j

    I agree with those who said enough with these two already…please, Jared. I like your site because you’re not nearly as rude and lame as most other bloggers but you give these two way more attention then they deserve. NO ONE cares about them if they even know who the hell these two are. It’s really overkill at times. Zac and Vanessa too. I don’t care to see Zac Efron getting coffee or going to the gym every single day…I don’t care. Spread the wealth a little bit and show other people or different people sometimes.

    And as for the “package” comments…please STUFFED! LOL That douche..I mean dude…ain’t packin anything!

  • Katie N

    that spiderman costume is so ill fitting and makes him look ridiculous. Don’t they have eyes to know it is sooo bad.

  • SwedishGirl

    I completely agree with #43! PLEASE STOP POSTING THESE TWO IDIOTS and their FAKE paparazzi photos. We all know by now that Andrew Shawaf is clearly on their payroll.

  • H8tr

    ewww put the mask back on. We can almost tolerate him…

  • katie

    spencer wishs he had muscles like spiderman does.

  • dean

    Hey why the HATE? I just read that these two were on their way to dinner and saw the fires so they pulled over, grabbed a garden hose and SAVED MALIBU!!!

    That city owes Spencer BIG TIME!!

  • Marieme

    Yeah, “Heidi-ween” is the scariest holiday on map. So ghoulish, freaky-fake costumes and grossness. It’s perfect day for those two.

    Still I don’t believe this post. There’s no way they were going to a “friend’s” party because no one likes them. They were probably just taking Heidi’s boobs our for a walk.

  • angel hair

    spencer is so not cute. heidi can do better