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Jude Law's Ultra Late Night Fun

Jude Law's Ultra Late Night Fun

Jude Law and a new gal pal party at Ultra Supper Club in Toronto over the weekend.

Scope out this video interview of Jude talking with ABC News about his character in the Slueth remake. The film opened in limited release earlier this month.

According to Box Office Mojo, Sleuth has earned $592,187 in worldwide box office totals so far.

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  • vinnny

    hottness!!! first!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    What’s up with this dude??

  • ddddd


  • Brad Addict

    i love jude

  • http://nothin michelle

    oh no!
    i can’t belive it.
    Yesterday i read that Vanessa Hudgens went to Zac’s house.
    And today i read that Vanessa went to the gym this morning without her ring and she was sad!


  • http://nothin michelle

    :( no more ZANESSA

  • http://nothin GIGI

    it’s true
    no more Zanessa! :(

  • http://nothin GIGI

    love you jude
    but i’m sad because of zac efron and vanessa hudgens :(

  • blueberry


  • Purple Worm

    ewwww. those look like very young girls. Not surprised he doesn’t look like he’s having tons of fun. WTF? Yuck!

  • bohobabe

    what a crappy place to go too…honestly i thought he was more original than that!

  • Miapocca

    Who is the chick wit the WICTCH jaws and chin…is that her halloween make-up as a “witchified Celine Dion”

  • sheryl

    Looks like he’s there with a group of people…doesn’t look like he’s “with” either of the girls.

  • cognito

    not that young assholes.

  • Sandy

    It was reported on the Internet that he went to a party for some sort of fashion thing and these young girls may have been models. it does
    not look like he is really with them but more like they found him and
    are probably having pictures taken with him. I just saw SLEUTH yesterday and have to report that his performance was so fantastic it should get him an Oscar. You think you know what Jude law the actor is like and capable of – wait until you see this, Incredible! and to
    top it off my friend from Spain has seen the new version of BLUEBERRY NIGHTS and reports that the re=editing has fixed it up and it is lovely now and you can see that in the new Trailer which is online.
    It will be out starting Feb. 13th in the US. Jude is on a roll now and working very hard on the new movie in Toronto – REPOSSESSION MAMBO
    so he’s entitled to a little fun. He’s earned it. Thanks Jared for being on the ball and feeding our Judemania!

  • Belinda

    I think Jude is out with a group from the crew of Repossession Mambo. One of those men looks like he might be Forrest Whitaker. All those people are in Toronto making a film together. I’m sure they go out together for dinner, etc. Just like we all do with our coworkers.

  • dolorescraeg

    you can be sure these gals are from the crew of repossesion mambo. they joined hin or maybe told him about the fashion event. when jude is seriously dating someone….we’ll know…he’s got to party a little. he’s working on a film now in toronto…all work and no play could make jude a dull boy. doubt that very much. i too saw sleuth. you have to see jude laws performance in this one. if i were handing out the oscars i’d give him the best actor award. not only was he so beautiful in the film but he knocked my sox off with his performance. it’s playing on a limited release basis…not that many theatres are running it. if you’re lucky enough to be near a theatre showing it…run don’t walk.

  • sheryl

    I can’t wait to see Sleuth…it will be in my town on 11/9.

  • luxe

    actually i think that girl is pretty hot!!

  • rookie

    that chick is smokin hot. I saw them walking in that night, you can’t tell from the picture but she is tall and has a smokin as$.. good choice jude..

  • Belinda


    Did they appear to be “together” or were they with a group?

  • terry

    these girls are definitely models! wouldn’t say that they’re part of his new movie, probably just taking him out for a good time in Toronto!

  • yemin

    does anyone know who the girl to jude’s LEFT is? with the RED lips?

    who is SHE with? why isn’t jude with HER?

    her profile is flawless! totally stunning! (obviously the photo isn’t the greatest moment…) is she even wearing makeup?

    where did she COME from?

  • ang

    Sorry, I don’t see the girls as smokin’ hot. Jude doesn’t look interested.

  • theebs

    hahah, i’d say they’re havin’ a great time, and they’re all “smoking hot”. despite the jealousy, you knooow it’s true.


  • ang

    25 theebs : 10/29/2007 at 10:01 pm
    hahah, i’d say they’re havin’ a great time, and they’re all “smoking hot”. despite the jealousy, you knooow it’s true.

    Uh, no, sorry. Yeah, I’d like to be sitting there with him myself, but regardless of that, if I thought they were “hawt” I’d say so.

    What, are you one of them or something?

  • ang

    theebs, are you the one on the left or on the right?

  • Daphne

    I just saw him today, in the flesh, filming at the Eaton Centre in Toronto with Forest Whittaker. I can tell you, he is stunningly gorgeous in real life, much much more beautiful than the photos shown here. The photos don’t do him justice.

  • sheryl

    Daphne, I’m so glad for you! I’m jealous, of course, but that’s okay…hopefully I’ll get my chance someday.

  • Sean

    The stunningly attractive girl in the pictures with Jude Law is MY sister. And let me set the record straight! She is a model and she didnt just find jude law, she went with him. “witchified Celine Dion”…please people…jealousy cant be cleaver?

  • Pole

    Sean, that’s very interesting. Your sister looks good :) The paparazzi must have been annoying!

  • Belinda

    What kind of “model” is your sister? Does she work for an escort service?

  • dolorescraeg

    the gentlemen whose sister is in the photo…could you tell us a little more about her and how she met jude….jude looks like he’s got a harem….i’ve yet to see pics of jude without the ladies milling around. if i had the opportunity i’d do the same thing….he looks great haircut and all.

  • Karen

    Jude Law is gorgeous! I heard that he and Ewan McGregor shared a flat when younger…I would have LOVED to have been a neighbor…meeeeeeeeow!

  • dolorescraeg

    sean, how did your sister meet jude law? can you tell us a little more about her.

  • Belinda

    I think Jude looks absolutely bored out of his mind. I think he needs some stimulating conversation . I don’t think he’s getting it from these two.

  • Sandy

    That information from BOx Office Mojo is interesting but it only represents two countries the US and Spain where it has opened thgoutout the country to great reviews. When I saw it the theatre was
    half full for a matinee with very little publicity. On another note I
    hope the coming Screenwriter’s strike doesn’t louse up the filming on
    Jude’s new movie. They seem to think they may walk out in Canada. I
    am always against strikes because in the end (even when its greatly
    protracted) there is always winning arbitration anyway. An early settlement would solve a lot of problems and accomplish the same thing, While I am being charitable I also want to say that we have no
    real right to criticize any woman he decides to spend time with. It’s
    certainly his business and not ours. She has done nothing to call uhn-
    warranted attention to herself nor has he. If he weren’t Jude Law not a word would be said. Let him live and enjoy himself. He works hard and earns it.

  • essy

    I know that girl on his left her name is Danielle i think, I used to always see her at jungle parties in toronto. She is very pretty but if I were her I wouldn’t get too caught up with Jude law. From what I heard hes sleezy, but she probably had fun anyway

  • Belinda

    What are jungle parties?

  • essy

    jungle is a type of music commonly known as drum and bass. jungle is more ragga style drum and bass

  • Belinda


    Thanks. How old do you think Danielle is?

  • sheryl

    “…if I were her I wouldn’t get too caught up with Jude law.”

    I sincerely doubt either will get caught up…and hopefully she won’t, as they don’t appear suited for each other at all.

    “From what I heard hes sleezy, but she probably had fun anyway”

    On what do you base this? And if he is, what does that say about her? Sleezy is a pretty serious word to throw around, which is why I’m asking.

  • Tania

    Danielle is 26. Her and Jude are just friends, she has a boyfriend who is there. She is beautiful, but that is a bad picture. Jude doesn’t look so hot in it either. I’m sure they picked the worst of the bunch to put on here since they took more than 3.

    He has not been the least bit sleezy towards her and is a really nice guy. Can’t a guy and girl hang out without being labeled a whore or sleezy or that they must be sleeping together? He wanted to go to a club and she took him.. no big deal.

  • Belinda

    Thank you, Tania for giving us the REAL scoop. Who is the other girl? Can you tell us about her?

  • Tania

    She’s a model

  • Tania

    She’s a model

  • Belinda

    Is she friends with Danielle? Was she with Jude? What kind of model?

  • sheryl

    #44, Tania, thank you so much for your input on this! Pics posted like this without a little more information and only part of the picture only create speculation, which I guess is the goal of the post in the first place…but still…it’s nice to hear the real “backstory” on it.

  • Sandy

    Thank you Tania for seting the record straight. Do they know each
    other for a long time and can you confirm that it was her brother who posted earlier and said she was a model. Maybe some magazines
    picked up one of the other photos that were possibly better. That
    happens sometimes. Anyway as I said earlier I’m glad to see him
    enjoying himself because the hardest work we do sometimes is just
    sitting or standing around and waiting and in making movies there
    is a lot of that.

  • sheryl

    Also, #44, since she is there with her boyfriend, that’s probably a good explanation as to why different ones on this thread don’t get the vibe that they are on a “date,” and that they don’t seem into each other. I think what you have posted backs that up.