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Britney Spears is Denied Custody!

Britney Spears is Denied Custody!

Britney Spears has not regained custody of her kids, reports TMZ.

Brit was given three monitored visits per week, two from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight visit.

Commissioner Scott Gordon on when Britney has the kids: “The environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all.”

Parenting coach on her complaints of Britney: “During all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play. It seems that [Britney's] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children. [She had] a lack of general attention at times [but there was nothing she would characterize as] abusive in a traditional sense. The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful.”


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  • jk


  • jk

    first, btw ;)

  • ?

    OMG,Sad but she deserves it.

  • Ana

    I cant help but wonder if those people that are filing these reports are accurate…or if they are just passing the buck considering all of the negative press that has been on her lately.

    I still dont think that justifies any of her latest actions, however I cant help but wonder if something else is going on…

  • emma
  • the_original_nika

    don´t feel sad for her.

  • b

    u’ll get them back, dont worry britney.just focus and stay strong. i wish you the best! ur album is awesome! best pop album of 2007 w/o a doubt!

  • Florencia

    Pbre BRITNEY le va de mal a peor cada vez mas XS !!!!!

  • angelina is a slut


  • bdj

    Again!!! I wish her kids the best. I don’t want to kick the girl while she is down, but she really needs to get it together.

  • RIC




  • me

    you dont kick a gog when hes down so im not gonna say something mean!

    i just feel sorry for her kids and hope that she will see the light and get the help she needs ..aka.. mentaly hospital!

    i have a question

    why is it so bad to call a black person a n…. but people think its fine to call someone white trash??

  • Brad Addict


  • Paulie

    Since losing custody to her ex Britney has done nothing to prove to the courts that she is the better parent, indeed she has done everything in her power to make it clear that the decision to make Kevin Federline the primary carer was the right one. It is not enough for Britney and indeed her fans to say she is a mother, she also has to begin behaving like one and that means putting her children’s needs before her own.

  • Tiger

    No she needs a good swift kick in the butt.Looks to me like she is getting it too. My only question is does she really understand what is going on? Is she so lost she has forgotten what is important in life? I do sorta feel sorry for her. She believes her own hype.

    She sent a message a while back that she didn’t want or need people’s prayers. Wasn’t she chomping on her gum while she made a point to say, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

    Hard as it is to watch, I agree the childrens well being is most important, I just hope that is true while they are with their father. He seems to have stepped up and become the parent they are lacking in their mother.I hope he is taking that responsiblity seriously.It appears he is.

  • Laura

    Oh well… it’s not like she was trying too hard to get them back, so I guess this is exactly what she wanted. Have her commited already, she needs help and she refuses to admit it.
    It’s worrying that K-Fed seems to be the best option for those poor kids right now. God knows he’s no prize!!
    Please Britney, try a little bit harder… those kids need a loving, caring mother!!

  • marmalade

    Is KFed subject to the same checks? I’m sure that Britney is not the best mother at the moment but still something about this doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s irony of the fact that without marrying her Federline wouldn’t have had the funds for all those expesive lawyers who brought this action in the first place. There seems to be too many people making money from this situation perhaps without most of them putting the kids best interests first. Anyway, I hope things work out well and the children are happy and well cared for.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Can this source material be trusted?

  • duh

    #11 Are you freaking serious??? I’m a mother and I would not have done any of the things she has done since Kevin took her to court. It just shows her disregard for the courts as well as to her children.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    She’s a DAMN FOOL. All she had to do is to CLEAN up her ACT.

  • duh

    #18 same thing that is reporting.

  • Didi

    she is a fucking digrace and a total c*nt. she should be forcibly sterilised and sentenced to solitary confinement for the rest of her life.

  • poor babies

    BS does not want to be a mom. That is very evident. She should not have had those two babies. But she did and she has not bothered to grow up and be a mother.

    The judge made the right decision, in the best interests of the children, not Britney.

    Who strips and changes clothes right down to their underwear with a complete stranger with who knows what in a bar other than someone who is high as Britney did just again last nite?

    Never thought that KF would be a better parent.

    It’s all really so sad for the kids.

  • Didi


  • h

    I think it is really sad that her fans still continue to make excuses for her behavior, now they want to blame the monitors and K-fed. They like the record label are more concerned with her sales than getting her life back on track. How many mothers facing this same thing would be out partying night after night? Way to convince the judge that you want to be a mom. I feel really sorry for her children because they will bear the brunt of her irresponsibility.

  • Nanana

    she just doesn’t care the children that’s all.

  • ginny

    She needs to be stopped before she harms herself or anyone else!! she needs family around her, her mother should drag her kicking and screaming to rehab, just for the sake of those poor kids, she is so messed up by drugs she can’t make decisions by herself anymore.Right now she is surrounded by parasites who enable her to get what they want.its so sad!

  • poor babies

    12 me
    why is it so bad to call a black person a n…. but people think its fine to call someone white trash??


    To even ask that question tells me exactly what type of low life slime you are. You must have your kkk hood on right now.

    N word is used to denigrate people based solely on their skin color, nothing else, to make judgements about people without knowing anything about them, is always negative, is always an expletive mean to demean someone, grew out of slavery in US and Spanish word for the color black. It is a horrible word that no one should ever use, with no exceptions.

    White trash/trailer trash is used to describe an economic class of people who are considered ignorant and uneducated by some, based on their behavior and lifestyle. Some people even profess to be proud to be called this though I have doubts that they are.

  • Zanessologist



  • thats_right

    I don’t feel sorry for her I feel sorry for the kids, She is an idiot she acts like she does not have any kids, she has real issues you need help Britney

  • Horrid mom

    Britney has not regained custody of her kids.
    Brit was given three monitored visits per week, two from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight visit.
    Environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all.”
    Spears -rarely engaged with the children- in either -conversation or play-.
    Britney’s -choices- are dependent more upon -what she wants- to do at any given time rather than what would be more -enjoyable for the children-.
    She had a lack of -general attention- at times.
    –sounds about right–Britney is all about ‘me me me me me’,
    coffee shop-shops-drives em around-etc……….

  • YoYo

    This is what she wanted. Congrats Brit, your two cutest mistakes are almost completely out of your hair!! Hoooray!

  • Suzi

    They should monitor K-fed, if they are not then it’s totally not fair. All that jerk does is let the nanny raise them and collect Brits money, he is a lazy pig. The only thing he does right is stay out of the media’s eye (no one wants to see that sorry a$$) Britney should learn that.
    On another note I brought her new album and it’s good. I figured trashy k-fed and shar needed some more welfare money, because all Brit’s doing is making money to give it to them,

  • Jordan

    Didn’t she say that she didn’t even want her kids in the first place?

    Yeah, that’s a good mom, right there.

  • me

    im from europe so fuck of with that kkk shit ok!
    the way you explain it its bullshit

    calling someone a n…. is as bad as calling someone white trash

    you judge them and its not correct

    if you see a black man many people are judgemental and they are judgemental if they see a man living in a trailer

    its the same bad shit

  • Kay

    Just because you are a “Mom” doesn’t mean you are a “Mom”; maybe she is ok with visiting her kids. What’s wrong with their father raising them?

  • Ari

    Too much money/fame isn’t good for some people. Brit is a good example of this.

  • stillthereforme

    #29 Grow up!!! I’m a big Zanessa fan but don’t make us look stupid!

  • poor kids

    I am the mother of two boys. If someone said I was an unfit mother and were taking away my custody you had better believe that I would have complied with a judges order the second the order left his mouth.

    My house would have been childproofed before the children we’re ever born and I would be smart enough to know that my kids need a set breakfast, lunch, nap and dinner time (any mother knows that except apparently Spears).

    She doesn’t really want her kids back.. actions speak louder than words.

  • stillthereforme

    #39 I totally agree!!

  • jenny!


  • Amanda

    Its hard to feel sorry for Britney because the girl got involved with a fool. Everyone knows Kevin Federline was a loser that wanted Britney’s money except Britney. When Kevin was mooching off Shar Jackson Britney didn’t care Shar was pregnant when she chased down her man. And guess what? Britney’s money now goes to Shar because Britney has TWO KIDS with Kevin Federline. Karma is a bitch and Britney really got burned.

    I am not surprised at the result I think the court REALLY wants Britney to make a concerted effort OVER TIME. If Britney can keep up the good behavior for six months to a year then MAYBE she can get joint custody. Britney is learning a valuable lesson here as an ADULT. Things do not ALWAYS go your way. Britney is doing good so far. I do think the parenting coach is being HARSH and I think she should be FIRED. I don’t think the parenting coach should be talking to the press but I guess that’s how American society is.

  • here’s brit and court appt.monitore
    go to this site,there’s a pic of Unfitney and Court appt. monitor.

  • you are so right

    39 poor kids

    She does not want those kids. She sees them as some kind of toys to play with for a litle while and then wander off and find something else. She refuses to do the simplest things as required, she feels that no one can tell her what to do. Well, this judge did and continues to do so.

    What kind of mother with her resources has multiple million$ homes with swimming pools that are not childproofed? She spends more time at Starbucks and tanning and shopping and niteclubbing than with her kids.

    ITAWY, her actions speak much louder than words. She does not want to be the primary parent for her kids. She will be out tonite partying.

  • you are so wrong

    35 me

    No you are totally totally wrong. These terms are not the same thing and do not have the same meaning. One term sends a chill into one’s soul and the other term does not.

    You may lack understanding as you say you are from Europe. Let’s leave it at that.

  • you are so wrong

    35 me

    No you are totally totally wrong. These terms are not the same thing and do not have the same meaning. One term sends a chill into one’s soul and the other term most certainly does not.

    You may lack understanding as you say you are from Europe. Let’s leave it at that.

  • senior

    why is it so bad to call a black person a n…. but people think its fine to call someone white trash??
    Name calling is not right for anyone regardless of race, or class. So, it is bad to call a black person any derogatory name and bad to call white people white trash. This is something that should be learned at home and at school in First grade. No Name Calling.

  • wtf

    this should serve as a great lesson to young people out there…
    you have to live your life responsibly rather than short-lived fun with long-term negative effects on your lives and others too..
    she’s just not a mother type….and she’s just doing her part so that the kids won’t be able to say she didn’t do anything to get them back…which she did anyway but not full-heartedly.

    she’s acting like a rebellious teenager..the more she’s asked to do anything..the more she do the reverse…..brit…grow up…you decide your own life and it’s time you be an adult and make things right for your kids…”the fruit of your undying love to kev!!”
    stop being selfish!

  • yara

    Is she really normal!! sometimes i fear for her she has a crazy all this media attention nobody leave her alone, but at the end i think she likes this all attention on her.. like she said is Britney Bitch. is really sad for those children they need a mother like every siingle children.

  • missy

    wear some frickin clothes. stop tramping around town. learn how to read. educate yourself. maybe you should start reading the headlines about yourself and you will see what a mess youve become. do you really want your kids to end up like you. your supposed to be their mother. t and a just doesnt sell.