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Heidi Fell In Love With the 'Full Package'

Heidi Fell In Love With the 'Full Package'

Heidi Klum and singer hubby Seal recently got together for a hot photo shoot via The Daily Mail. Here are some interview snippets:

Seal on his love at first sight:”She had this amazing dress on, this black, almost see-through dress, and this huge smile on her face,” he says. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, whoever goes out with that girl is one lucky guy…’”

Heidi on Seal’s car collection: “He’s got a Volkswagen Tiguan, a Volkswagen Beetle, a T5, an R8, a Spider, another Audi and some others. He also wants a Bentley convertible. Our garage looks like a car park.”

Seal enjoying Heidi’s non-pregnant body: “Our youngest child is now 11 months old, so I’ve told Heidi we’re booting him out of the bedroom. I’m not having it any more. This is the longest time I’ve known Heidi without her being pregnant. She’s got her body back and it’s real good fun!”

Seal on his biological mother reclaiming him from his foster family: “I remember that day so clearly. My mother took me and we sat on the bus. I was on the seat next to the conductor in one of those old-style double-decker buses and my mother was sitting on my right. I was screaming the whole time I was on that bus – and we never saw eye to eye from that day on. I have very strong views on fostering and I believe that once you give your child up to be fostered, that’s effectively an adoption situation and you shouldn’t be allowed to reclaim your child.”

FYI: When Heidi was on Oprah last week, she shared the first time she met Seal, who was wearing bicycle shorts at the time. “I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow,” Heidi told Oprah. “And I pretty much saw everything. The whole package.”

Other pictures include Heidi taking her 2-year-old son Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel to a Halloween festival at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills last Thursday. Henry was dressed as the Marvel comics super villain Venom.

Additional pics: Heidi launching her signature make-up collection at the Victoria’s Secret store at LA’s The Grove last Friday. Heidi wore Miss Sixty jeans with her studded shirt from Cecilia De Bucourt. 40+ pictures inside…

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heidi seal full package 33
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Photos: Andrade/Jones/, Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • Shar

    Hey if they are happy together, nothing else should matter!!!!

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I want to see the FULL PACKAGE.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Good for them.

    Support them all the way!

  • G.

    What’s wrong with Seal’s face ?

  • Erykah

    These people seem so happy, it’s beautiful! If more people had what they seem to have, the world would be a better place.

    And I have to say, I think part of what makes Heidi so beautiful is her constant smile and her attitude.

  • RAYG

    this couple is right up there with Brad & Angie… I luv Seal for stepping in & taking the responsibility for her unborn child by another man. He didnt have to do that & I know that made her fall harder for him. THEY ARE A GREAT GENUINE FAMILY!!!!

  • Regina

    I think it’s great that Heidi went for personality first and didn’t marry him based on his looks. I saw an interview of him and he was very nice and interesting!

  • BBperfume

    Go Heidi and Seal! I believe in this couple! Please don’t start comparing them to Brandgelina, they’re a whole different scenario and time will tell if they are real! A sigh of relief..Thanks Jared for bringing something new here!

  • Lobo

    Seal is very good looking in spite of the scars on his face. She
    is beautiful and they make a great looking couple. Wish them all
    the best.

  • nextt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the fact that they are in love! I love them! :)

  • eszter

    I love them too!
    Seal is hot!And yes Heidi looks beautiful.
    Most of all the little boys are soo cute!

  • what?

    Sean on his biological mother reclaiming him from his foster family:

    Who’s Sean?

  • fez

    i dont c the chemistry, sry

  • double standard

    Geen Heidi talks about falling for Seal when she saw his whole package and no one blinks an eye. Angelina mentions that she and Brad like to talk while taking a bath and people howl TMA!

  • loloa

    I hate to say this but Seal and Heidi do not make cute kids! I hardly ever see her with her boys, she’s always with her daughter.

    No, I am NOT hating, but I think Heidi married him because he loved her. Yes, she is gorgeous and any man would be happy to be with her but sometimes even gorgeous women can’t find a man to marry. I don’t get the impression she is as madly in love with him as he is with her.

  • esj3515

    Haters need to get a life…

  • Natalie

    They are a very cute couple. So much in love and so committed to each other and their family. Love them.


    How can you say Johan isn’t the cutest baby ever? Look at how chubby and cute..

    But my boo is Henry!! He is too cute!

  • michelle

    Heidi is very pretty!!

  • Émilie

    To the stupid twat who said that Heidi is always with her daughter, CAN YOU SEE THE PICTURES ABOVE, SHE’S WITH HER TWO SONS, DUMBASS!

    Seriously, some people should be not allowed to talk.

  • KarenA

    They’re a lovely, undoutedly happy couple. It’s very sweet.

  • Mia

    One of her eyes ( the left one) is OFF!

    Why no one ever mention that she is cross eyed… ;)

    She is just cute, but not pretty.What makes her “beautiful” tho is her personality.


    #4 Seal has lupus.

    by the way: Henry is so ugly, that I feel so sorry for them.

  • jill

    23 SASHA : 10/30/2007 at 4:48 pm
    Henry is so ugly, that I feel so sorry for them.

    You were so ugly when you were born that the doctor slapped your mother instead of you.


    She did work her butt off to lose the baby weight, but I stil think she is a very bland lady..pretty yes…but very vanilla.

  • lily

    I think they are a beautiful couple and very much in love. I think Heidi, who wass not only an unwed mother but whose partner(Flavio) left her and wanted nothing to do with her during the pregnancy and then had an amazing man(Seal) step in and step up and not only love her but love the baby as his own, would definitely be in love with that person. She is a smart woman and she definitely would not have let that pass.

    Seal is a good looking man but for most people, its hard to see pass the scars and the bald head he has as a result of Discoid Lupus that he has or had.(an autoimmune disease)

    Heidi is beautiful. I think she is very pretty but to those who think she is normal looking, I think they would agree that her personality alone shines through.

    Her kids, all 3 are cute looking.

  • me

    Great to see such a happily married couple!

  • The whole package???

    I read Heidi was dating Seal. They broke up. She started dealing that rich guy and got pregnant. Then she went back to Seal when the rich guy did not want the baby.
    Sounds like to me that she did not find the whole package at first.

  • br

    shit.. she’s so beauty and he is so ugly…

  • Jennie

    i agree, if they’re happy nothing else should matter. seal is very handsome ! and heidi is undeniably pretty.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Nothing ugly about Henry. He’s a cute kid.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I second that Emilie.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Thought she met Seal when she was preggers?

  • somebody

    so what if he isn’t a supermodel! They love each other and you can tell their love is genuine. Would it be better if she married some narcisstic model? You people are shallow.

  • ihavenolife

    these 2 seem genuinely in love. *thumbs up*

  • Lili Von Shtupp

    Oh. It’s twue. It’s twue. It’s twue — it’s twue!

  • Katie N

    those boys are such cuties. Chubby and almost like personification of bundles of joy. Seal is a very handsome man. But not for people who only see the faces.

  • kathastic

    seal seems like such a kind, genuine man

    glad him and heidi are happy together!

  • Dee

    #4 G – Seal’s scars from when he had Lupus.

  • Diorissmo

    8 BBperfume : 10/30/2007 at 2:02 pm
    Go Heidi and Seal! I believe in this couple! Please don’t start comparing them to Brandgelina, they’re a whole different scenario and time will tell if they are real! A sigh of relief..Thanks Jared for bringing something new here!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, 3 adopted kids, one bio kid and another bio kid on the way in 3 yrs time, times had already tell us, Brad and Angie are real ! Jen and Vince are fake !Jen and Brad are the fake golden couple shxt.!

  • ms babs

    i dont care whats on seals face, id rather date him then don imus.

  • Linda Jark

    They are amazing. She is pretty and very funny.

  • Olivia

    Oh Please!!! Heidi is a beautiful, successful white woman. If Angelina can find a Brad Pitt despite having Maddox and an Ethiopian baby on the way, Heidi could have found another white man to marry her and raise her daughter. She didn’t have to choose Seal.

    Heidi chose Seal because they had a strong connection before, but she was afraid of what being with him might do to her image. After she got dumped by the cad, she realized that trying to please other people wasn’t worth it anymore. A good man is hard to find, especially one you love. Heidi wanted someone she really loved, and that was Seal.

  • alessandraJordan

    thank you HATERS do need to get a life because they look GOOD.


  • alessandraJordan

    hes not ugly. wtf is wrong with you, just because he has scars on his face his ugly. you know nothing about him, im pretty damn sure hes amazing as a father, you need to stop talking smack about how ugly people are because you aint no better. k

    they look HOTTT together, you know it, i KNOW, everyone knows it. =)

  • Chip

    Ever since Henry was born he has had a mouth problem. He always either had his tongue hanging out or is making a fish face. What a homely child.

  • coco mocha

    @…….. olivia im sure heidi can find another white man just like seal can find a good black women. evidently she wanted him which is her business. looks arent everything if that was the case im sure don imus wife would have married brad pitt. money is not everything either if that was the case she would still be with her rich white babys daddy who didnt marry her. i am not hating on heidi, they say all black women hate her because she has a black man. bullcrap….first of all she doesnt have my man and i have a strong handsome black man who doesnt date white women, he says it all day long to any body in ear range he loves his black women because his mom is a black woman. but thats his thing and i aint knocking him for his beliefs. he has it going on and i know you know what im speaking of. so more power to heidi and her black man seal, cause i damn sure aint hating.

  • shelly


  • marvin w

    eeeewwww…………………………….nothing seal has good bone structure in his face / just the scars, but heidi loves him so thats all that matters. but i still say she is skanky for saying she was attracted to him because of his package inthe biker shorts. thats something she could have keep to her self. that doesnt say to much about her. but why am i surprised. im glad she didnt see me in my biker shorts if i had seen her eyes looking down i would have keep going beautiful or no.

  • Anna

    SEAL and HEIDI Look Howt Together!! Lurv them..Hope everything will be doing great for them and their beutiful children