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Isabella Damon's Perfect Pout

Isabella Damon's Perfect Pout

Matt Damon departs from LAX airport with his wife Luciana and their uber cute daughter Isabella, 16 months, in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Little Isabella didn’t look too happy to go through security. Maybe she was upset about having to put her tiny pink Crocs in the x-ray bin!

15+ pictures inside of the Damons departing…

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isabella damon perfect pout 01
isabella damon perfect pout 02
isabella damon perfect pout 03
isabella damon perfect pout 04
isabella damon perfect pout 05
isabella damon perfect pout 06
isabella damon perfect pout 07
isabella damon perfect pout 08
isabella damon perfect pout 09
isabella damon perfect pout 10
isabella damon perfect pout 11
isabella damon perfect pout 12
isabella damon perfect pout 13
isabella damon perfect pout 14
isabella damon perfect pout 15

Photos: Scott/Jri/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Regina

    LMAO that is adorable!


    What pout??

  • Zanessa Forever

    she’s so cute!

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Don’t cover her face mama, i want to see it.

  • the_original_nika

    the girl is not into airports lol.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Awww, what a cute family.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Who is? lol

  • mm

    I love this family! Matt is hot!

  • gaby

    aww shes sooooooo cute, matts a hotttiiiiieee!!!!!!!!!
    and so talented

  • Love Matt

    YAY! Major hottie sighting! Thank you Jared!!! :D Nice, nice photos. Where is he headed?…. hmmm…..

  • Lillianne

    she has a little doll face

  • Here’s The Deal

    She’s so damn cute!

  • Zephi

    She is really cute! Seem like a normal family. Kudos to them!

  • thats_right

    she is not cute

  • elle

    where’s their other kid?

  • http://msn jordan

    matt damon is a looser , this woman is a gold digger from a bar down in miami beach, this guy is crazy was crazy he met the woman and got her pregnant without knowing who she is. look at her she is so ugly and is always in a bad mood.she should thank her lucky starts for having a dumbass like him. no one liked her at crobar where she worked as a bartender before she meet the looser. he is in for a treat mark my words.i just feel sorry for the kid.well not really i feel sorry for him.for taking the left over of crobar.

  • http://msn brenda

    the other kid is from her ex husband i think he is a realtor in miami he is cuban cubans rock this guy was smart enought and got away soon. matty be ready to spend lots of dollars with this family they all travel together.make sure you make more movies because from now on you are the banker…..

  • aryana

    16/17 wow you are really sore and bitter.
    They are with each other, live with it, if they ever split, she still will be the mother of his kid.

  • Katie N

    I just don’t get it. Just because she worked in a bar she is golddigger and not suitable for him? It is not like jordan and Brenda (16/17) know them personally.

  • Yorick

    It’s classism, Katie. Plain and simple classism.

    Two people of different degrees in finances can’t genuinely fall in love according to these people

  • Kacky

    Or maybe she’s frightened by the 50 photographers! sheesh can we leave the babies alone please?

  • Tam

    Hate to agree with Jordan and Brenda but they’re right.. she’s a fugly and Crobar is the absolute worse bar in Miami. what he was doing there looking for a wife god only knows. But I saw them at the Miami Beach Golf Course once and she had the personality of a log of wood and he’s so short…the only thing she had going for her was gigantic boobs… they’re kind of a lot alike… always dressed in army fatigue and tee shirts and she looked stupid trying to hit the ball only 2 yards each time..

    Worse part is now every cheesy girl bartending in Miami thinks they’re gonna land a midget movie star. I think it says a lot about him and his lack of substance that of all the women in the world he had access to, this is what he found amuzing…

    No classisim here, both are without… yet another perfect loser match made in loser land.

  • alohaland

    You guys with the classism…jealous much? Maybe your upset a major movie star didn’t swoop into your life and sweep you off your feet, marry you and have babies. Sorry, not trying to offend, but if you don’t know these two personally, how can you make such judgements?? I hope thier happy and thier daughter is lovely.

  • kathastic

    don’t blame her for being so unhappy, i hate waiting in lines at airports aswell!
    and his wife is really pretty

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    I agree with Brenda and the others..

    This woman, you can just tell by looking at her that she saw an opportunity and dollar signs $$$$$$

    She looks like she’s barely qualified to clean my floors.. Typical latina Miami wh0re.. I’m not saying they’re all like that.. But she definitely looks the part.. Kudos to her though.. She’s smarter then most of the s1uts in Miami to hook this guy..

    Matt Damon seems so nice and he’s great in interviews but I have my doubts about this relationship. He could’ve done so much better..

    Cute Kid though..

  • riiiiiiigth

    how come he never holds his daughter..huh?!!!

  • Yorick

    You can tell all that just by looking at her? How scientific…

  • ale

    All I can say is that I hope she takes after the mother’s looks.
    He is plain — nice bod, but his face is plain. His lips are crooked, think, nose unremarkable — geezz.

    She is on the other hand has good features, strong nose, nice full lips.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Yorick.. Yeah.. I can

    Just like I can tell you’re single and ugly.. HAHAHAHA :P

  • ZZ

    Oh boy what the hell did lucy do to her hair?I liked it better dark.Whatever to each his own.Love them

  • Mirrie

    What a beautiful family and Isabella is simply adorable!

  • aryana

    25 and her friends:

    not onlis classists, but also racists. Whatever, she has her own assests (body or personality) that he likes, as for you, well, it’s been said by others before me, bitter and jealous, NOT nice!

  • Tam

    this trend of successful hollywood guys going after cocktail waitress’ and bartenders, continue.. Matt, George, Nic Cage… it seems they try to hang with more sophisticated women, but these women don’t need their new money and cheesy hollywood party invites and so they settle on girls who appreciate what they have to offer.

    An accomplished woman would also have her say so, unlike these girls who have just come into the best thing that’s ever happened to them so they’ll put up with practically anything…

    This is just a more cleaned up version of pimps and hos… and just because we think this is a miss match doesn’t mean we’re bitter and jealous…it means we have some taste..

  • Jen

    25: Ouch… stereotype much?
    They seem happy and healthy so that’s all that really matters. You people judging Lucy without knowing her are just displaying your ignorance.

  • Tam

    do you have to burn your hand in fire to know it will hurt?that is what adults do. they analyze a situation based on experience with a similar situation or similar person and put it together with other analysis of trends and make a judgement. you must be really young and uneducated to presume one can’t see through a person or situation by their actions and by their past choices in careers, company and education. I believe the advice we give out is the one we need the most… your ignorance must be bliss…

  • Ari

    I have to disagree with #33, Luciana in this case does have a big say in their marriage. Maybe you don’t know, but Matt quit he’s role from a new movie who was supposed to start filming this fall, because he’s wife asked him to. This tells me Matt loves her, but cares about his marriage. I really don’t like Luiana for Matt and of course he had millions of other girls to choose from, but he choose her and now he’s married to her and has a child. God bless them!

  • Tam

    oh your sappyness is as sad as can be… god bless you… of course I don’t wish them bad, but I am saying the reason he chose her is because she is far less achieved and accomplished then a non bartender… of course after years of marriage and a kid she’s going to make a decision or two, but when I saw them together, she literally didn’t have anything, anything to say for hours.. you sort of forgot she was there… behind glasses… it was like a mouse… no arguments, no attention, no acknowledgements of jokes at the table, etc… I think he even ordered for her… she was as dry as cotton and I’m just saying there can only be one star in the family…that would me Matt and he clearly wanted a very agreeable woman to give him a child… and she was perfect for it…

  • Isabella

    what the Flip was he doing at CRobar?????????? omg …

  • http://msn erin

    ok here is the thing i do know them from miami they come to the same golf course my husband goes.many of you guys are right this woman is like a mouse she is emotion less. and this guy is so tiny don’t understand how he makes movies he does not looks like a hollywood guy. and omg what was he doing at crobar in miami ? do you guys have an idea who goes to crobar? he looks like someone in desperation for a wife who ever comes alone all his friends have kids and wifes but him,maybe this is the reason why he got her pregmant.on the other hand i know one of my patients who purchase a home from her ex husband in his opinion the woman is a golddigger who was looking for someone with money to help her raised her other patient thinks this is a typical argentinian girl who has never had a cent and if the oportunity comes she will take it.matt needs to do research abaout argentina the girls are saling themselves at the age of seven years old. sorry for the little girl.

  • http://msn robert

    all this is true argentina is a very poor country just like costa rica i have never seen so many girls(prostitues) maybe younger than 10years very sad they will do anything for 1 american dollar. and yes what the hell was he doingat crobar? not only goin there but taking one of mikes girls is just bad. where is his selfsteem. girls that work ther don’t care much for nothing the majority come from very low background.i wish the baby girl good. in my opinion is this guys mistake for his deaperation….

  • A Person

    what is up with your racism and classism?

    I think the family is beautiful.


    wOW!! I think the family is beautiful too. Why would matt do that, I think he is happy that he didnt marry a celeb. To me it shows that he wants a normal wife and not a wife thats out probaly making more movies than him, he probaly wants a normal life. Thats why HELLO, he lives in flordiA, WHILE most live in LA becuase half of them want that spotlight.

    Go matt!! I think his wife is pretty!

  • pepe

    the only good thing that comes into my mine when i read this comments is that thanksfully the live of this wealthy family is full enough not to have time to read this.

  • saph

    What kind of place is the Crobar? Just wondering since I’ve seen so many negative comments about it. I think Luciana is pretty, but read somewhere that she went to HS in Ventura, CA and had plenty of boyfriends before she met Matt. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Very cute baby that’s for sure! Who’s the girl that’s always traveling with them anyway? Her sister?

  • i don’t care

    i totally agree with tam and brenda.this luciana has nothing to offer matt.he can give her money,excellent status in society and his affection.but the only thing she can do is bring her other daughter alexia and the rest of her family to their private vacations.i just saw the latest pics of them on their vacation to the bahamas.he looked so bored and sick of the situation in her mother’s continuous presence .she was wearing this black swimsuit that made her look like a whale who was forced in to a swimsuit.and luciana was wearing a very ugly looking bikini that didn’t fit her at all.while he was taking care of isabella,she was sunbathing(as if she needed more tanning) and she made this babysitter or one of her relatives take care of first impression when i saw a picture of her for the very first time was “oh my god,are all the pretty white smart girls in miami dead?what was he doing at the crobar?trying to get laid while doing drugs in the bathroom?”