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Mad Money Trailer -- Featuring Katie Holmes

Mad Money Trailer -- Featuring Katie Holmes

Check out Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah in the trailer of their upcoming comedy Mad Money

The film revolves around three female employees (Latifah, Holmes and Diane Keaton) of the Federal Reserve, who plan to steal money that is about to be eliminated.

Mad Money hits screens nationwide January 18.

Mad Money Trailer
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  • Me

    Looks really cute! I love Katie!

  • Jessicabessica

    i hope this is good! i love queen latifah!

  • nona

    mmmm, counting the green. are you sure that isn’t one of her honeymoon photos…

  • bite me

    i see Osacar LMAO

  • BBperfume

    Katie looks thin for givin birth not long before filming, but she seems to be enjoying her character and having fun for all the hours on the set away from being a Stepford Xenu wife of Tom. She looks natural..Can’t wait to go see the movie

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Haha this looks funny :D
    It’s nice seeing Katie again =)

  • Chey

    That looks painfully bad. No wonder the studio is dumping it in January.

  • Talia

    One scene is really from the British version so I wonder how close is this to the hilarious original. SO CANT WAIT!!!!

  • LADY T

    I love Latifah but I can’t see Katie in this film but she may surprise us…

  • Brad Addict

    Katie is so cute loooooove her

  • Nancy

    for #7

    the movie has nothing to lose because its a small Indie one unlike pressures of big blockbuster films.

  • !

    Awwww Katie looks like Suri. Who is her leading man? is he hot or bald & ugly?

  • Jennifer

    Katie is great and I have always looked up to her. Katie is my role model. This movie is going to be great and Im glad Katie is back making movies.

  • Raquel

    im watching due to
    curiosity if Katie has comic timing.
    Thanks JJ.

  • me

    It’s nice to see Katie smiling, it’s something we don’t see from her anymore.

  • Abe

    She looks lovely! She still has long hair in this movie.

  • sandra


  • Mazie

    Absolutely adorable and its popcorn fun

  • P.O.

    I read that her hubby wanted her to drop out of Batman because he wants her surrounded by women instead of hunks like Christian Bale,Aaron Eckhart and
    Didnt Tom nixed her sex scenes with Aaron Eckhart in Thank you for Smoking?

    Katie should do some provocative roles.

  • rage

    luv that line by QUEEN LATIFAH “know what’s like to trade sex for money”, luv the the answer by DIANE KEATON as well “good percentage of marraiges” remind y’ll of anyone sure does “TOMKAT” deny it all u want SCEINO’S/TOM/KATIE/TOMKAT FANS y’ll know i’m right n’wayz think it’ld have being hilarious if dumbass actually said the lines herself(watchout TC might order dat the scene be cancelled cos of the statement like he did IN THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, won’t be surprised),she looks stupid though(like a ten yr old)let the bicthing begin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • nerea

    WOAH This is pretty much like a spanish movie called “el palo ” (The Hold-Up) from 2001. Is there a british version too?

  • Miapocca

    Yeah right..with all the negative publicity , me thinks she was FIRED from batman…with the way movie goers were behaving everyone wanted a sucess and katie holmes sure wouldnt drag fools but aliens to the cinema

  • Amy

    She left BATMAN for THIS?

  • Buy up the tickets scienos

    This movie will surely tank. Only those who follow L. Ron will see this.

  • bebe

    She has such a goofy look on her face. I don’t believe she’s acting at all. She probably goes nuts in the Cruise house with barley water for Suri.–But she’s lovin’ the clothes and all those shoes. Hey, that’s what matters, right?

  • emma

    she is such a great actress

  • Diabetic shock

    this looks horrible! I think I got a cavity and went into diabetic shock from watching this trailer.

    Not even if you paid me the amount of money Tom paid Katie to be his beard (which I imagine was an exorbitant amount of money)would I go and waste 1 hour and 45 minutes of my life watching this at a theater! Not even on Netflix. Not even at two in the morning on showtime while experiencing insomnia.. well maybe then.. no probably not even then!!!

    And she gave up the Batman franchise for this piece of fluff? WOW! Great career move Katie!

  • say it isn’t so

    Oh dear, that looks lame. Three women stealing money – great storyline. rolling my eyes

    It just might make money with teenagers though if it is released with no competition.

    Diane Keeton, what were you thinking?

  • angelina is a slut



  • ?

    katie looks good in this photo,love her smile.

    29 angelina is a sl**

    hey how much obsessed you must be with angelina,I don`t like her neither but at least I don`t carry her name every where.

  • velma

    ridiculous film!

  • kinder

    only katie to make this stupid film

  • fkl

    Katie’s career is over.


    Nice :)
    This is one of those movies that people watch just for fun. There are those ones we watch because we want to learn something or because of it’s message, this one is just pure and simply fun and the world need all kind of movies: serious ones and fun ones
    It’s not a masterpiece, for sure, but it seems great anyway.

    about Katie… I’m not a BIG FAN of hers, but I have nothing against her at all! I just don’t get all the bad talking about herself, her marriage, her life and even her inoccent daughter… gosh she’s just a lady like you, like your mother, your sister, your daughter, and for that and just for that we should all wish her well, no one here actually knows her or Tom Cruise to say a word about them… we should wish them all the best like we should wish the same for ALL OF US! Iamgine that you works hard, love what you do and it’s really part of other’s people lives (like movies are) and just for that you are on a magazine cover and then, just like that, everyone starts talking about you life, judging you for all and for nothing, talking about your horrible outfit for the christmas party (it happens), the one that took hours to choose… and you have a baby girl and you are freaking happy that she’s perfect, she looks like you, and then someone that you don’t even know, shows up and says that YOUR BABY has a weird nose… wait a minute, if all the bad talking were about you and your family, would you like it or not???

    But I don’t get neither people who idolise Kate, Tom and whoever… admire them is something but put your whole passion and life on them, it seems a little too much… they’re actors, for God’s sake, they make movies like a chef cooks food, it’s what they do! People in Hollywood are messed up because of this, they have a simply life and just like that, they don’t have to achieve ANYTHING because even love can be bought with NOTHING! (come on, it’s impossible for someone IDOLIZE actors based on “personality” as I said, NOBODY KNOWS THEM FOR REAL)…

    it’s fun to watch movies, to admire great actors for their jobs, and it’s incredible fun to come here and see what’s going on their lives but hey, what are you guys arguing for? and why some of you hate kate because she “married Tom and has lost her personality” (and we don’t know if she has because WE DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER, WE ONLY SEE PICTURES!!!) wasn’t it her choice??? so we should cross our fingers and hope that her life goes well because if we or someone we like were in the same position we would hope it!

    just think about it, friends….

  • lainey

    Flashes of Old Young Katie

    Once upon a time, Katie Holmes was fresh-faced and adorable, a youthful beauty, finally free from Dawson, poised to become a legitimate tv-to-film girl, some said with the potential of joining Natalie Portman and Scarjo and Kiki among the elite.

    Then came Tom Cruise and the lobotomy and you know the rest.

    Katie Holmes is 29 going on 42, with a MiniVan haircut and absolutely no sparkle.

    Fortunately – or maybe not – on occasion, the Old Katie is allowed to come out. And even though Mad Money looks like straight to DVD ****, there are heartbreaking shades of what once was and what the evil GMD took away.

    Click here for the trailer… sad, non?

    Also attached – a few images pre-crazy.

    Gorgeous. Sadness.

  • Emily

    I would watch it only if Katie Holmes WAS NOT in it.

    So sick of her

  • Lane

    IM THERE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Jared for the Katie fix.
    Im glad she’s not quitting Hollywood because I miss
    her on TV and the BIGscreen.

  • May

    Good to see here. I saw the trailer on E channel by Ryan Seacrest,ET and CNN showbiz.
    Katie looks good. Dying to see her comedy chemistry with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah.


    Katie is ten shades of fug. SHe is a fake ugly witch.

  • alcatraz

    ahhhh, surprise to see its hilarious.
    Goooo Katie Goooooo.

  • Meredith

    I love the fact that the first song played in the trailer is from the new Alison Krauss/ Robert Plant cd. That is basically the only thing this movie has going for it…..

  • toots

    Matt Damon is the new Tom Cruise.

  • rage


  • rage

    #34 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!Pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuze.

  • Sibi

    Love her and will watch this movie.

  • Lala

    She is classy….
    glad to see her show off her comedic side
    because I always see her in drama roles…..

  • Olivia

    There is only one Tom Cruise! I hope he wins an Oscar for Valkyrie!!!!!

    Its obvious Katie had fun making the movie. She is all aglow.
    Im predicting her movie will do better than Tom at the box office
    because comedies usually do well but not so much movies based on Iraq and Sept.11.

  • afan

    Thank you Jared for the unending updates on Katie and her family. Please keep them coming.

  • trick or treat

    Funny how trolls make fun of Katie’s movie but they’re all here posting all the time and watching her trailer. They claim this is a flop when I dont see the movies of Scarlett Johansson,Jessica Alba,Beckinsale,Charlize Theron,Halle Barry,Reese Witherspoon,Garner,Angelina Jolie,Hilary Swank,Rachel McAdams,Emily Blunt,Eva Mendes,Aniston,Nicole Kidman et al breaking huge records at the B.O. Even only a handful of actors are consistent pulling good the B.O. like Tom Cruise,Johnny Depp,Will Smith,even my man Hugh Jackman is not so good box office wise except when he does X-Men. His TV show got canned on CBS. (uughhh)