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Wentworth Miller Bangs and Burns

Wentworth Miller Bangs and Burns

Michael (Wentworth Miller races to catch Whistler (Chris Vance) before he escapes alone in the Prison Break episode “Bang and Burn” airing Monday, Nov. 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

First picture below: Michael has the prison layout and is ready to plot Whistler’s breakout.

Second picture: Whistler follows Michael through the cellar to the escape tunnel.

10+ pictures inside from Prison Break episode “Bang and Burn…

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prison break bang and burn 01
prison break bang and burn 02
prison break bang and burn 03
prison break bang and burn 04
prison break bang and burn 05
prison break bang and burn 06
prison break bang and burn 07
prison break bang and burn 08
prison break bang and burn 09
prison break bang and burn 10

Photos: Bill Matlock/FOX
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  • blabla

    Yeah can’t wait :)

  • Seb

    Freakin HOT & SWEATY!! I wish i was Chris Vance!

  • upanina

    fist hihi bah en france c ‘est pas encore la saison 3 mais bon on peut quand meme suivre!

  • Laura

    First Zac, then Chace, now Wentworth… stop it JJ, I’m gonna have a heart attack!! (I’m kidding, don’t stop. Keep posting hotties).
    Oh, I almost forgot about Jonathan R. Meyers… another hottie!!

  • samira

    I would have liked well to be instead of whistler, if he could hang on me in that way lol!!! ;) :)

  • majchq

    yeah wentk :D ma koj pa smešn na 2. sliki. k de hoče posilt Whistlerjevo nogo heh :P komi čakam 12.nov. :D:D
    fan from **slovenia**

  • aNI

    hello from Bulgaria :) i`m went`s big fan :) i adore everything about him :) Went, wish you everything besttt :) kiss :)

  • hey

    i never knew his name was wentworth! lol he is sooo hot but defo 7th woohoo

  • talula

    For some reason, Wenty holding on to that guy just seems…right.

  • YummyMummy

    Chris Vance’s package. Very nice. Wish I Was Wenty.

  • LL

    I would love to trade places with Whistler, too… I think I chose the wrong career! ;)

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Went Looks hot as always..:D

    But Jared, post something about how great Britneys album “Blackout” is doing, it’s getting amazing reviews and doing GREAT on the world wide-charts!

    In your Faces HATERS!

    Britney Jean Spears, Is THE POP PRINCESS


  • shiloh nouvel


  • jessica

    thank u jared. you made me happy. u know wentworth is one of my favourite actor. I would like to hear more news about wentworth

  • LL

    Yes, thank you Jared!!!

  • Josh

    OMG look at whistlers package while wenworth is hold on, you know thats what wentworth wanted to grab a hold of. gosh theyd be such a hot couple.

  • samira

    ” 11, hi LL, i think i choose the wrong career too lol !!
    We have to put ourselves in it from now on lol ;) :)

  • Jennifer

    This is the best TV Show and in three years I have never missed a episode. Wentworth is so hot and so is Dominic.

  • Jennifer

    #16 your crazy that is nasty.

  • Jennifer

    #16 your so nasty and thats crazy talking.

  • http://n/a omaria

    Dominic ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  • Sbs


    Put a spoiler warning!!!


  • angell cakes

    lol #16, ewwwwww. that is crazy talk!!

  • LL

    Samira, we sure do! ;) lol

  • emma

    if you love prison break then check this out >>>>>

  • _

    he looks very comfortable hanging on to that guy around the hips. that needs to be a caption contest.

  • velma

    oh my Gosh, so Whisler will escape without Michael?will he stay in prison?

  • http://deleted ANON

    OMG! What a picture! Wents arms tightly around Chris this Prison Break or Brokeback Mountain The Sequel?

  • Mink

    Grief! Why on earth does anyone think that is Chris Vance’s (Whistler’s) “package”. That’s just his jeans bunching as they’re dragged on by Went’s arm around him. I’m always looking for the erotic in images, but even I’m only seeing an action still in this pic.

    Thanks for the lovely HQs, JJ! :D


    Did anyone notice? Check out pics 3 and 4 – You can see the suspension wires going in to and down the sleeves of Whistler’s shirt. The wires are, no doubt, attached to a waist band so that he is able to hold Went’s weight.


  • http://? AluoraH

    YIPPY!!!! Eime seigkinomevos!!!

  • somebody

    I bet he loved that moment right there. He loves p e n i s.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Good God Almighty! I’ve been spoiled beyond belief!!!

    Back to Went, hanging off of Whistler like that.. his bootay, his thighs, even his boots are just too sex-ay for words! :)

    ..Everytime I look at that pic, I can’t help but imagine Mahone running up and pulling Went’s pants down. ;)

  • bethanne

    I wish I was hanging off Wentworth!

  • m_m

    i love went!!!now and forever,he is sooooo cute!!!

  • Violaine

    Very nice JJ!! Great looking man

  • jessica

    I love this man, even if he’s gay.
    my pleasure to watch him every day

  • Morie

    Love this show and this man, he is hotter than a New York minute!

  • caro

    what man this went i love you

  • m-m

    Prison Break is awesome. And Went is SO hot, damn.

  • Wentfanatic

    For his sake I hope he’ll never meet me b/c that is exactly how I’ll hang on to him. :-) And Went can “bang & burn” me anytime! ;-)

  • LL

    I think it would be a much safer bet to invest in some good hand cuffs! ;) Then he wouldn’t be able to get away! lol

  • V2

    LOL @ Wentfanatic

    Love the pics, can’t wait for that episode. Thanks JJ! :D

  • pav

    I agree with #30 i can defintly see some wires aswel haha look at the strain on whistlers face its gone all red the poor thing that serves him right running away from micheal who would ever want to do that????. I think wentworth miller is the best actor and i absolutly love prison break. Wentfanatic you make me laugh soo true but a bit creapy for went.

  • paris hilton

    wentworth miller is soo fit lik omg i want him i want to do it!! ahhhhh push it in more ooooo ya !! i want to sex him u already know i want to sex him u already know should know !!!!oooooo ya push it in more oooo yaa !!!!!!!!!!

  • Yani

    Thank you so much JJ! I´d switch out Whistler with Went and then I could hang on to Went like that.. *sighs* Yes, that´s the way I want it..

  • Duke


    You are correct. Chris Vance is wearing a harness which is standard for these types of suspension stunts. However, not only does the harness wrap around the waist, it also uses a support BEWTEEN the legs. This is the reason for the apparent physical anomaly seen in the picture.

  • Wentfanatic

    @ LL, lol…I have the cuffs already but I’ll use it for something more kinky then keeping him against his will. Hi V2 :-) ! @ pav, that’s the price Went has to pay for being so damn hot…creepy fans like me!

  • Sam

    They always get the sweat marks wrong.