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Angelina Jolie @ Journalism Awards 2007

Angelina Jolie @ Journalism Awards 2007

Angelina Jolie (in Celine) arrives at the The International Women’s Media Foundation’s 18th Annual Courage in Journalism Awards held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The awards, established in 1990, honor women journalists who have shown extraordinary character while reporting under duress.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie @ 2007 Journalism Awards

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  • Jen’s folly

    Believe it or not, Angelina HAS ARRIVED. For all the ugly headlines the rags carry daily about her and Brad, including the National Ledger, Angie’s star continues to rise as we see her being invited to serious social and political events.

    She doesn’t go to events like Teen Choice Awards anymore, (most serious actors and actresses don’t) and the Angelina of 10 years ago would have. But kudos to Angelina for making an effort to leave her wild child days behind and grown as an adult and a human being. That’s the most anyone of us can do. Angelina is being taken seriously by serious people and Brad (who was one credit away frtom earning his journalism degree) must be so proud to be with someone who has a purpose in life.

  • Rose

    To# Mrs.Smith, I experienced the earthquake last night in
    California that one seemed a little longer and stronger than the one that I felt a couple of weeks earlier(they are so frightening)(after the 7.1 quake)I pray, they don’t get any stronger but we just never know with Quakes!!!Thank You Jared for the new pictures of Angie she is so Happy!!!!She deserves to be!!!!!Go ANGIE!!!!!!

  • alma

    She is beautiful. That dump ass Tramp is blind. She is way better than that wife of his too who looks like a statue all the time.

  • fajr

    289 Fajr : 10/31/2007 at 10:36 am
    No one here thinks Angie is without flaws. I am pretty sure we don’t worship her here…worshipping is left for your own particular deity. But you have to admit no one else is overly criticizes as Angie has been over the last two years or so. Believe you me, this has nothing to do with how she looks or that she is with Brad. This is about her unwillingness to conform (she is a non-conformist). This drives people off the wall, also to add to that let us not forget racism, jealousy and envy. Please her willingness to help non-whites is driving the traditionalists (haters) crazy.

    Case in point: #280 takeyourshots:
    Now I ask you, What is it about her that makes them judge her under a different set of rules? I guess its okay for others to use Angie for their own spotlights such as “comb-over Trumpster, X (don’t feel sorry for me), who else O’Reilly, her Dad, etc.

    What exactly is she a non-conformist to? she is not the first/last celebrity to mock at themselves, their trade, their enormous wealth, give to charity, act/be a rebel, have an intelligent comment, and in fact, she partakes in most of the “trendier” aspects of life, so hardly a conformist- she has her own style, but so do most – I can name 10 of the top of my head that have similar CV’s to Angelina
    And what does this have to do with Race?? that is just ridiculous-
    And deities definitely don’t get the time as this one :0-

    Also- She is disliked by most because they don’t see the big deal, dime a dozen- that doesnt detract from her or it shouldn’t- but most, if you look at the general population, don’t really care one way or another, the others are for lack of better words, envious no doubt, and that envy is not necessarily with traditional envy- but rather that everyday things are made extraordinary in these 2?
    Adoption in foreign lands, aid to refugees, and wearing fancy handbags all took place before and will continue to take place- so leave the pedestal at the door….
    One can not deny, that this type of sensationalism-
    After all the media hype, and all the “scandal” because, even if people can not admit it, their was a marriage, happy or sad, who knows, who cares, that ended, soon after these two came together, and what an unlikely pair, half the attention they recieve is still just playing off the oddity of it all- then we learn she is expecting, then they are adopting, and then, and then, and then :)
    I am not saying they asked for it, goes with their profession- exploitation of their personal lives-
    and The biggest driver in all of this is good cop/bad cop, in order for one person to like AJ they have to mock JA and it all just is silly-
    it is all just crazy, and seriously, learn to take a differing opinion,

  • fajr

    and Donald Trump is definitely an arse
    she is in the spotlight, alot, and his arrogance is probably just wondering what for( i know all the great deeds, but they are general qualities that many share)- what brings me back to my point, that is what the “haters” dont get, all the hype-
    but like one man posted a while back, who is to say, right, wrong, fair, whatever, it is just one of those mysteries – like Elvis… time to move on…

  • ver

    congats Angie!! Love you girl!

  • bdj
    (Video at site)
    Jolie honors female journalists
    (01:34) Report

    Oct 31 – Angelina Jolie honored the women journalists who risked all to uphold the freedom of the press.

    Jolie said she learned about the plight of female journalists from her new film “A Mighty Heart”. She plays the wife of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded five years ago in Pakistan.

    Lydia Cacho of Mexico, won one of the awards. She was attacked and beaten for exposing Mexican politicians and businessman involved with child pornography. Fellow award-winner Ban Adil Sarhan lost her family to violence when she reported on the situation in Baghdad. Her husband, daughter and mother-in-law were gunned down in 2004.

    Cindy Martin reports.


    Angelina Jolie, Actress
    Ban Adil Sarhan, Iraqi Journalist Award Winner, saying (English):
    “This will open more doors for women journalists. This will open more hopes, this will bring more stories, just to tell the truth about what’s going on in Iraq or Middle East or South Africa, or all over the world.”

  • samaniston

    Pitt’s Political Camp Sets the Record Straight
    WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31, 2007 09:40 AM EDT

    Contrary to reports yesterday that Senator Barack Obama said thanks but no thanks to Brad Pitt, the actor’s rep says Pitt never offered the Presidential hopeful his support.

    “Not only is the rumor not true, Brad has never even talked to the Obama campaign,” Trevor Neilson, Pitt’s political adviser, tells PEOPLE. “Like many Americans Brad is learning more about the candidates and will make a decision about who to support in the coming months.” –Mary Green,,20155883,00.html

  • Aeon

    What exactly is she a non-conformist to?
    Listen, I can see what you are saying here and I agree. There is really nothing special about what she is doing because several other people have done it already. But, for whatever reason, people have elevated her to status that even she can’t comprehend. They have these expectations of her that she is not living up to. That is what makes her a non-conformist. This whole thing really started when they branded her the homewrecker who stole Brad away from Jen. Poor poor Jen. What the fcuk is that? Husbands leave their wives all over the world all the time but the Jen situation was blown out of proportions. I do agree with you on that part.

    And what does this have to do with Race?? that is just ridiculous-And deities definitely don’t get the time as this one :0-
    Let’s be clear on this if you are referring to the award and her presentations then you are right it has nothing to do with race. But, if you really want to know why she is targeted by haters then it has to do in part with her adoptions. The racist comments targeted at her kids from bloggers all over the world are blatant and clear. I think there are some people who are very upset with her because she adopted these “foreign” kids. That is a fact. That is why they give her a hard time and overly criticizes her parenting skills and adoptions. We are little sensitive here because of that.

    Adoption in foreign lands, aid to refugees, and wearing fancy handbags all took place before and will continue to take place- so leave the pedestal at the door….it is all just crazy, and seriously, learn to take a differing opinion,
    I agree. I have no trouble taking different opinions from mines. We are all entitled to them. But I just don’t like the epithets and spreading rumors to sell tabloids and papers…THAT IS JUST CRAZY….

  • bdj

    AMH is finding an audience in Video. It has made 9.1 in two weeks. I let our resident box office experts do the total math with International. It has definitely made its production budget and will generate a profit. It is a great film and people should check it out.

    Top Video Rentals Week of October 28, 2007
    Previous Week


    9 6 A Mighty Heart Shop 12 $4.4M $9.8M $9.1M 77%

  • palvasha

    love angelina xx and that woman with her she is wearing a beautiful traditional afghan coat from afghanistan.

  • Lili May

    Thank you Jared for the lovely pictures! As usual Angie looks great! Hello to all the fans, and special kumusta to all kababayans!

  • Z

    Always GORGEOUS.

  • Jan

    She is beautiful. I think she is happier in her life than she has ever been.

  • irma

    Why people keeps on criticizing Ange, they see everything & judged her due to her past. They should see Ange of today the present & the future.She is such a lovely person in & out but never gives her a chance nor see her good works. People are still bitter from the past & blamed her for everything. I’m glad she is such a strong person & never look back, her present right now is Brad & their kids, she is very happy & content with her found love & family. So proud of you Ange.

  • JaCkie


  • JaCkie


  • jaxon

    Thank you, JJ.

  • angie


  • hillary

    she looks like she got plastic surgery she is ugh how can you stand her

  • hillary

    she looks like she got plastic surgery ugh how can you like her

  • Jaq

    Kia Ora Angelina….great to see you at these awards!!!!!!!!